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Sat 2020.03.14

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Patreon Snippets 13A (Heretical Edge 2) Aerlicht, Alcaeus, Arthur Chambers, Aylen Tamaya, Bastet Had A Scathing Comment Or Two When Aylen Said They Had To Make Sure The Heretics Don't Turn Into Blindly Murderous Psychopaths Intent On Killing Everyone, Cameron Reid, Despite What People Who Read Both Stories May Believe‚ Cameron's Power Is Not Influenced By Pack In SP. Hers Was Described First In Mini-Interlude 47., Deveron Adams, Ferrdreis, Foster Remels, Grandpa Reaper, Grisson, Heretical Edge, Jiao, Joselyn's Lovers Should Form A Poker Group. Or Find One More And Have A Barbershop Quartet!, Koren Fellows, Layuerk, Let's Face It‚ There Are Worse Things The Earth Club Could Have Gotten Their Understanding Of Human Slang From., Maria Chambers, Remote Explosives Make A Fantastic Solution For People Who Take Advantage Of Your Sun Weakness By Stubbornly Refusing To Be Where You Want Them To Be At Night., Tad Cooper, Virginia Dare Heretical Edge

Fri 2018.03.16

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Lessons 32-06 Aerlicht, Felicity Chambers, Ferrdreis, Flick, Flick And Tabbris Actually Working In Unison To Each Control Part Of The Powers Is Going to Make The Next Real Fight They Get Into Preeeeeeeeeeeetty Interesting., For Anyone Wondering How The Hell To Pronounce The Names Of Grisson's Friends (Aerlicht‚ Layeurk‚ Ferrdreis)‚ It's Air-Liked‚ Lay-Urk‚ & Fair-Drice., Grisson, Layuerk, Nimue/Athena, Tabbris, The Fact That The Nintendo 64 Was Released Roughly Five Years Before Flick Was Even Born Makes Me Feel Incredibly Old., Uncategorized Heretical Edge