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Thu 2019.08.15

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Mini-Interlude 81 – Joselyn and Denuvus (Heretical Edge) Denuvus, Heretical Edge, Joselyn Chambers, Oh Boy Oh Boy I Can't Wait To Find Out What Denuvus's Plot Is. I Bet It's--Wait. Oh Yeah‚ I Already Know., One? If They Have To Fight Neo‚ This Whole Series Is Screwed. And There's The Contractual Matrix Joke Required Every Time 'One' Is mentioned., Several People In The Audience Are Already Trying To Figure Out If Ammon's Death Hurts Or Helps Denuvus's Plot. Heretical Edge

Wed 2019.05.01

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Summer Epilogue 6 – Trice and Denuvus (Heretical Edge) Barrus Kinder, Denuvus, Heretical Edge, If It Turns Out This Whole Bit Started Because Denuvus Swore Blood Vengeance Against A Guy Who Spoiled Don Quixote‚ I Swear..., Noemi Stokes, Porter Gilmore, Theo Camp, Trice, Vera Coleman, Well‚ Trice‚ Let's Just Say The Girl You Remember As Pace Is Rather Beside Herself. Heretical Edge

Mon 2018.07.23

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Interlude 36A – Trice Denuvus, Freddy Nicht, I'm Pretty Sure That Waiting Until Most Readers Forget She's A Thing And Then Randomly Showing Up At The End Of A Chapter Is Denuvus's REAL Superpower., Meanwhile‚ Justifying Murdering Avalon Despite All Evidence Against That Point Is TRICE'S Power., Trice, Trust Me‚ Trice‚ You Were Lucky. Isaac Isn't Being Treated Nearly As Nicely. I mean‚ He Gets Books. But They're Of The Kylie Jenner Autobiography Variety., Uncategorized Heretical Edge

Wed 2018.03.21

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Mini-Interlude 56 – Klassin Roe Denuvus, Klassin Roe, Let's Just See Exactly How Much Paranoia I Can Instill In The Entire Audience At This Point., Professor Kohaku, Russell Bailey, See‚ Sometimes A Person Having A Total Personality Change In Between Semesters Isn't Because They Were Possessed., Uncategorized Heretical Edge

Sun 2018.02.25

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Mini-Interlude 55 – Joselyn Ammon, Denuvus, Dictating When She's Allowed To Wear Clothes? I Didn't Think The Man Who Has Zombies Prepare His Meals Could Get Even Ickier. And Yet Here We Are., Fossor, Joselyn Chambers, Uncategorized, Where You Currently Are On The Scale Of 'Who?' To 'Oh Shit!' Is Directly Proportionate To Your Memory Of The Many Characters Mentioned In This Story. Heretical Edge
Interlude 19 – Nevada Congratulations Wyatt And Abigail - You Two No Longer Have The Most Tragic Twins Life Story., Denuvus, Gaia Sinclaire, Let's Be Honest - This Would Not Be The First Time A Woman Did Something And Everyone Thought It Was A Man., Nevada, Uncategorized Heretical Edge