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Tue 2014.04.01

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Conti New’s here! Let’s get started with “Lonely Shit” Albums and Items, conti new, continew, Deco, Deco*27, english, english lyrics, Hatsune Miku, heartbreak, lonely, Lonely Shit, Love, Lyrics, Miku, Miku Hatsune, Romaji, translation, Vocaloid, Vocaloid Song Translation, 初音ミク, 縛り愛ゲーム Descent Subs

Fri 2014.02.28

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孫燕姿 “克卜勒” ~ Stefanie Sun, Kepler English lyrics, English Translation, Kepler, Mando-pop Songs, Stefanie Sun, Tian Hei Hei, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, 克卜勒, 孫燕姿, 歌词 Tumble Into Fantasy

Mon 2013.09.30

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“Genesis” Tripshots releases a new track featuring MikuV3 english lyrics, Hatsune Miku V3, Miku Hatsune V3, Miku V3, News, romaji, tripshots, Tripshots Genesis, Tripshots Genesis English, Tripshots Genesis Romaji, Vocaloid 3, Vocaloid Song Translation, 初音ミク, 初音ミクV3 Descent Subs

Mon 2012.11.05

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HeavenzP’s amazing use of Miku Append in Telomere’s First Cry and the gekkabijin. album Albums and Items, english lyrics, gekkabijin., Heavenz, HeavenzP, Keeno, Miku, Miku Hatsune, monoca:factory, romaji lyrics, Telomere, Telomere's First Cry, Teromea no ubugoe, Vocaloid, Vocaloid Song Translation, Vom@s 22, テロメアの産声 Descent Subs

Sat 2012.11.03

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IA’s Adorable “Photoshoot” in new Jin PV “World Calling” (English/Romaji) Adorable, Connections, Cute, english lyrics, IA, IA Song on the Planetes, Jin, News, romaji, translation, Vocaloid, Vocaloid Song Translation, Voice Fes, VoiceFes, World Calling, じん, ワールド・コーリング Descent Subs
40mP’s “Usotsuki Maker” ft. Miku (Album now available on Itunes!) 39+1, 40meter, 40meterP, 40mP, Albums and Items, english lyrics, Jenga, karaoke, KarenT, Kimiboshi, Life Size Note, Miku Hatsune, Piano, Producer Review, romaji, Scrap & Buid, Sing My Love, Step to You, Usotsuki Maker, Vocaloid Song Translation, ジェンガ, 初音ミク, 嘘つきメーカー Descent Subs
Passing through the months of “Love Calender” on to a translation of “27” ft. Deco*27 27, Albums and Items, Amayadori, Deco, Deco*27, Deco*27 Vocal Mix, Egomama, Egoselfish, english lyrics, Kouki, Light Lag, Love Calendar, Love Calender, Marina, Producer Review, romaji, Shiori, Shoko Nakagawa, Taking Sweet Shelter, Topi, Vocaloid Song Translation Descent Subs

Mon 2012.10.29

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End of October Translation Updates Brain Explosion Girl, Clean Tears, Cute Cute Cat, Daniwell, english lyrics, Fireworks, Gumi, KarenT, Lyrics, Maple, Miku Hatsune, Obscure Questions, Pinocchio-P, Reruriri, Schrodingeiger's Cat, Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl, translation, Vocaloid, Vocaloid Song Translation, れるりり, ピノキオP, 歌詞 Descent Subs