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Thu 2022.05.05

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Eighties Housekeeper Little Wife disabilities, Familial love, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Interstellar, Marriage, Military, Romance, Transmigration Childcare

Wed 2021.09.29

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Beauty of Thebes Abusive Characters, Aggressive Characters, Amnesia, Appearance Changes, Aristocracy, Arrogant Characters, Beast Companions, Beasts, Betrayal, Bodyguards, Calm Protagonist, Character Growth, Complex Family Relationships, Curses, Cute Protagonist, Depictions of Cruelty, Determined Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Early Romance, Elemental Magic, Empires, Familial Love, Family, Family Conflict, Famous Parents, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, Female Protagonist, First-time Interc**rse, God-human Relationship, Goddesses, Godly Powers, Gods, Handsome Male Lead, Immortals, Jealousy, Kind Love Interests, Kingdoms, Leadership, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Love Rivals, Loyal Subordinates, Magic, Marriage, Mature Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Monsters, Mythology, Older Love Interests, Persistent Love Interests, Politics, Popular Love Interests, Possessive Characters, Prophecies, R-18, Reverse Harem, Romantic Subplot, Royalty, Siblings, Spirits, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Strong Love Interests, Survival, Sword And Magic, Sword Wielder, Tragic Past, Unconditional Love, Wars, Wealthy Characters

Sat 2021.07.03

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It’s My First Time Being Loved Child Protagonist, Childcare, Comedy, Cute Children, Cute Story, Doting Family, Doting Parents, Doting Siblings, Drama, Familial Love, Family, Fantasy, Heart Warming, Korean, Magic and Swords, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life