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Mon 2019.07.29

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Denouement 1 – Commencement (Heretical Edge) 33 Named Characters In The Tags Of One Chapter. I Might Have Issues., Apollo, Athena, Avalon Sinclaire, Bobbi Camren, Columbus Porter, Deveron Adams, Douglas Frey, Duncan, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Gabriel Prosser, Gordon Kuhn, Haiden Moon, Heretical Edge, Ian Gerardo, I See Scout Is Going For A Foolproof‚ Truth-Spell Beating‚ 'What Did You Shoot Him With‚ Miss Mason?' 'Nothing!', Jake Lane, Jazz Rhodes, Lillian Patters, Miranda Wallbern, Misty, Pace, Risa Kohaku, Roxa Pittman, Sands, Scout, Shiori Porter, Tabbris, Theia, Tristan Moon, Twister, Vanessa Moon, Virginia Dare, Vulcan, Wait‚ I Thought The Choo-Maneuver Was Looking Indescribably Adorable As You Sneeze Electricity., Zadriek Heretical Edge

Wed 2019.05.15

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Patreon Snippets 8 (Heretical Edge) Abigail Fellows, Alcaeus, Britt Himes, Elliot Grier, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Frode Jensen, Gaia Sinclaire, Hercules And Artemis Fighting Genetically Engineered Monsters To Save 1800's America Is Like A Whole Story By Itself., Heretical Edge, Ian Gerardo, Is It Asking Too Much For One Of You To Build A Working Version Of Lillian's Bracelet Weapons And Send It?, Lillian Patters, Lincoln Chambers, Mateo, Of Course Ian Is A Cool Brother‚ He Was Named For His Cool Uncle, Reading Tabbris's Bit Makes It Clear That She Still Has Not Received All The Hugs She Needs. Someone Get On That., Roxa Pittman, Sariel, Tabbris Heretical Edge