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Wed 2017.11.22

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They have no roads, no electricity, no hospitals here. In a few years, they will run out of water… — Rest Of My Family Human Interest, Human Interest Article, India, Lambada Tribe, Miscellaneous from Wordpress, Social Injustice The Asian Cult

Mon 2016.03.28

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Chapter XIV – Ypres’s Conundrum Conclusion A Mayfair Conundrum, adventure, Asia, book, books, Britain, British, comic, creative writing, darwin, duchess, end, fashion, Fiction, funny, Girl, humor, Humour, India, Kama Sutra, kiss, London, Mayfair, novel, orient, orientalism, Parmesan, reading, romance, Satire, Tourism, Travel, twitter, United Kingdom, Vasa, West End, Women, writing, Ypres Vasa and Ypres
ASIAN AFFAIRS: World Celebrates International Yoga Day On 21st June Asian Affairs, India, Malaysia, Narendra Modi, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet, Yoga The Asian Cult

Wed 2014.06.25

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I-Drama : Mahadewa Drama, I-Drama, India, Indian, Lord Shiva, Mahadevas, Parvati, Sati, Shakti Azurro 4 Cielo

Fri 2014.05.09

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Language is always evolving evolution, evolve, foreign language, General, history, india, japan, japanese, Japanese Study: Advanced, Japanese Study: Beginner, Japanese Study: Intermediate, language, linguistics, spanish, Uncategorized, words Self Taught Japanese

Sat 2011.07.30

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Arab world, Human rights, India, Life, Middle East, Protest, randomness, Syria Turn the Page

Wed 2010.01.06

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Tattoo Book 5, Part 2.5 Action/Adventure, aura, camouflage, dark fantasy, dissection, fantasy, ghost, horror, India, invisibility, Miskatonic University, mythology, nagas, scholars, Science Fiction, serpent people, shadow, shapeshifters, starstone, tarnkappe, thermal vision, web serial, weird, writing Tattoo: The Books of Glory