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Fri 2019.09.13

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Denouement 11 – Polemical Kin (Heretical Edge) Apollo, Avalon Sinclaire, Elias Garardo, Elias Gerardo, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Heretical Edge, Ian Gerardo, If You Want To Insult Flick‚ Elias‚ Comparing Her To Her Mother Is Probably Not Your Best Move., Jackson, Koren Fellows, Nevada, Of Course Apollo Has Spells Up To Tell Him If Anyone Says Words Like Devil Anywhere In His Vicinity So He Can Be A Smartass About It., Sands, Sean Gerardo, Sebastian Gerardo, The Only Bad Part About Nevada's Bit Is That She Didn't Kill Him By Dropping Her Theriangelos Elephant On His Head., Virginia Dare Heretical Edge

Wed 2019.02.27

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Exodus 44-07 Amitiel/Mercury, Avalon Sinclaire, Aylen Tamaya, Benji Carfried, Brody, Columbus Porter, Corporal Kickwhiskers, Damn It‚ We Were One Chapter Away From Getting Through This Year Without Jumping The Shark., Deveron Adams, Douglas Frey, Eiji Ueda, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Gabriel Prosser, Gabriel Ruthers, Gaia Sinclaire, Geta, Guinevere/Lancelot, Haiden Moon, Hisao, I‚ For One‚ Have Certainly Never Heard Of A Big Guy With A Hammer Falling For An Illusion Like That., Imagine Being One Of The Students Who Went To Sleep With The Privacy Shield Up And Slept Through This Entire Thing., Jabberjaw, Jackson, Jazz Rhodes, Jokai, Jue, Koren Fellows, Larees, Litonya, Misty, Nevada, Nimue/Athena, Princess Cuddles, Quint, Rebecca Jameson, Risa Kohaku, Sands, Sariel, Scout, Sherman, Shiloh Lexx, Shiori Porter, Simpson, Tabbris, Tristan Moon, Uncategorized, Vanessa Moon, Virginia Dare, Vulcan Heretical Edge

Mon 2017.10.16

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Album Review: GOT7 – 7 for 7 7 for 7, ars, bambam, defsoul, face, got7. youngjae, Jackson, JB, Jinyoung, JYP, Korean Entertainment, MARK, moon u, Music Reviews, remember you, teenager, to me, you are, yugyeom OH! Blog

Sun 2017.05.14

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GOT7 Global Fan Meeting in Australia: Top 7 Moments Bam Bam, Global Fanmeeting Australia, GOT7, Jackson, JB, Jinyoung, Korean Entertainment, MARK, review, Youngjae, yugyeom OH! Blog
The End of K-pop As We Know It Or Fear-Mongering At Its Best? A K-pop Fan’s Guide To THAAD 2PM, AOA, Editorials, Featured, GOT7, Jackson, Korean Entertainment, MIXX, nct, Nichkhun, SNSD, Super Junior, THAAD OH! Blog