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Wed 2019.05.15

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Patreon Snippets 8 (Heretical Edge) Heretical Edge, Abigail Fellows, Alcaeus, Britt Himes, Elliot Grier, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Frode Jensen, Gaia Sinclaire, Hercules And Artemis Fighting Genetically Engineered Monsters To Save 1800's America Is Like A Whole Story By Itself., Ian Gerardo, Is It Asking Too Much For One Of You To Build A Working Version Of Lillian's Bracelet Weapons And Send It?, Lillian Patters, Lincoln Chambers, Mateo, Of Course Ian Is A Cool Brother‚ He Was Named For His Cool Uncle, Reading Tabbris's Bit Makes It Clear That She Still Has Not Received All The Hugs She Needs. Someone Get On That., Roxa Pittman, Sariel, Tabbris Heretical Edge

Sat 2018.11.17

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Bonus Interlude – Aylen Uncategorized, Aylen Tamaya, Bastet, Brigham Elwards, Diana Kinder, First We See Eiji Suit Up In His Rhino Armor‚ Then Aylen In Her Hawk Armor‚ But STILL Don't Get To See Either Fight? I Feel Like I Cheated Myself., Gavin Rish, Hey‚ Seeing Through The Eyes Of Their Cyberform? Can Flick Get In On That‚ Cuz Spying With A Mouse Seems Like It Would Be Useful., Lillian Patters, Rebecca Jameson, Roderick Rish, Sovereign, Stephen Kinder Heretical Edge

Tue 2017.11.14

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Mini-Interlude 45 – Joselyn Uncategorized, At Least We Know ONE Of Those Innocent Alter Children Survived The Mafia, Deveron Adams, Freidra Konstant, Imagine How Much Would Have Changed If Joselyn Had Put Herself On The Assault Team Instead Of Playing Backup., Joselyn Atherby, Leo Torrio, Lillian Patters, Limnoreia, Roger Dornan, Seamus Dornan, Tribald Kine