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Mon 2019.12.30

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All-Out 3-04 (Heretical Edge 2) Asenath, Bobbi Camren, Bol Sampson, December, Eldridge Vichniac, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Gus, Having A Second Person In Your Head Who Can Take Over If You Space Out For Whatever Reason Really Is Cheating., Heretical Edge, I'm Starting To Suspect The Lizard Guys Aren't Really Going To Explain Where Jiao And The Kids Are., Jaq, Minuelen Pamner, Miranda Wallbern, Saeid Tahan, Sarez, Shiori Porter, Tabbris, The Fact That This Guy Was In The Middle Of Enemy Territory With Flick And Company As Unknown Factors And Still Managed To Get Out Of The Building Is Impressive Heretical Edge

Wed 2019.12.25

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All-Out 3-03 (Heretical Edge 2) Asenath, Bobbi Camren, Bol Sampson, December, Eldidge Vichniac, Eldridge Vichniac, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Heretical Edge, Minuelen Pamner, Miranda Wallbern, Remember‚ Flick‚ Even If The Vestil Didn't Have Three Other Species To Fight‚ They Would've Just Gone After Each Other For Having Different Opinions., Saeid Tahan, Shiori Porter, Tabbris, They're Gonna Feel Really Silly When This All Turns Out To Be An Elaborate Surprise Field Trip., Tristan Moon, Vanessa Moon Heretical Edge

Fri 2019.12.20

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All-Out 3-02 (Heretical Edge 2) Amethyst, April, Asenath, Bobbi Camren, Columbus Porter, December, Donatello K'reguh, Eldidge Vichniac, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Heretical Edge, Is It Possible To Hug December And Incinerate All The People Who Made Her Feel Like That At The Same Time?, Jason Furuya, Luiena, Minuelen Pamner, Miranda Wallbern, Person Able, Recka Teum, Saeid Tahan, Shiori Porter, So How Many Thought That The Group Being In Two Different Cars Was Going To End With Some Kind Of Attack Separating Them Even More?, Tabbris, Tristan Moon, Vanessa Moon, You Know‚ I Wouldn't Mind Getting A Tour From Person Either. Heretical Edge