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Mon 2019.02.25

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Exodus 44-06 Avalon Sinclaire, Aylen Tamaya, Columbus Porter, Deveron Adams, Douglas Frey, Duncan, Enguerrand, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Gabriel Prosser, Gabriel Ruthers, Gaia Sinclaire, Geta, GOOD GOD THIS IS A LOT OF TAGS, Gordon Kuhn, Guinevere/Lancelot, Haiden Moon, Hisao, I Think That Was Gaia's Way Of Saying 'You Can't Fire Me‚ I Quit', Jazz Rhodes, Jokai, Jue, Kaleigh Ruffin, Koren Fellows, Larees, Litonya, Miles Cleary, Misty, Nevada, Rebecca Jameson, Reid Rucker, Sands, Sariel, Scout, Shiori Porter, Tabbris, The Status Quo Is Rocking Back And Forth In The Fetal Position Crying Right Now., Travis Colby, Tristan Moon, Uncategorized, Vanessa Moon, Virginia Dare, Vulcan Heretical Edge

Mon 2018.07.09

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Desperate Times 36-03 All this time away from school and Flick STILL isn't going to class. At this rate‚ she's gonna get held back or something., Clearly Zeke's Worst Enemy Is Common Sense And His Sidekick: Shutting The Fuck Up., Columbus Porter, Deveron Adams, Douglas Frey, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Jeez‚ Flick‚ Have You Never Protagonisted Before? When You Have Drama With Someone‚ You're Supposed To Let It Fester For Weeks‚ Not Talk It Out That Night, Reid Rucker, Rudolph Parsons, Scout, Sean Gerardo, Shiori Porter, Uncategorized, Vulcan, Zeke Leven Heretical Edge

Mon 2018.06.04

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Interlude 34B – Wyatt Apparently Wyatt Has Played Prey And Had Just About Enough Of Getting Ambushed By Coffee Mug Mimics., Felicity Chambers, Flick, Gaia Sinclaire, October, Patrick, Peterson Neal, Reid Rucker, Sariel, Tabbris, Tristan Moon, Uh‚ Wyatt‚ I’m Preeeetty Sure You Don’t Want To Listen To Any Recording Of Teenagers Talking About Avalon And Flick., Uncategorized, Vanessa Moon, Virginia Dare, Wyatt Rendell Heretical Edge

Fri 2017.08.11

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Interlude 24B – Nevada After Seeing Pericles Again - I Kind Of Want to Find Manakel And Kick Him In The Balls Repeatedly, It's Kind Of A Toss-Up Whether Readers Will Actually Remember Who Reid Rucker Is., Nevada, Professor Kohaku, Professor Pericles, Reid Rucker, Uncategorized Heretical Edge
Interlude 11 – Wyatt Felicity Chambers, Flick, Flick On A Jungle Hike With Deveron - Koren - And Wyatt. Clearly This Will Be The Best Family Reunion Ever., It's Not Paranoia When They Really Did Kidnap You To Force Your Mother To Surrender And Erase All Memory Of Her From Existence., Koren Fellows, Professor Kohaku, Reid Rucker, Shiori Porter, Uncategorized, Wyatt Rendell Heretical Edge

Fri 2016.03.11

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Basic Training 7-03 Avalon Sinclaire, Columbus Porter, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Gavin Rish, Koren Fellows, Mahesh Karan, Malcolm Harkess, Plugging A Demon's Head Into A Machine That Makes It Cast Light Which Grants Anyone Who Sees It Superpowers After They See A Memory Of Their Ancestors. We Take Star Trek Jargon To The Next Level., Professor Ross, Reid Rucker, Sands, Scout, Sean Gerardo, Travis Colby, Uncategorized, Vanessa Moon, Vulcan, Wyatt Rendell, Yeah The Name Of Bosch's Mentor Has Been Lost. That's Probably Not Relevant And Won't Ever Be Important Again., Zeke Leven Heretical Edge