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Thu 2024.04.04

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30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue Academy, Assassins, Award-winning Work, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Demon Lord, Demons, Dense Protagonist, Determined Protagonist, Dragons, Evil Organizations, Fantasy World, Firearms, Harsh Training, Heroes, Hiding True Identity, Magic, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Multiple Transported Individuals, Mysterious Past, Nobles, Organized Crime, Overpowered Protagonist, Past Plays a Big Role, Past Trauma, Politics, Possession, Pragmatic Protagonist, Proactive Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Reincarnated in a Game World, Reincarnated in Another World, Reincarnation, Religions, Royalty, Ruthless Protagonist, S*aves, Saints, Schemes And Conspiracies, Special Abilities, Strong to Stronger, Student-Teacher Relationship, Terrorists, Tragic Past, Transmigration, Wars, Yandere Cyborg-TL
How to Live as a Wandering Knight Charismatic Protagonist, Dragons, Dwarfs, Elves, Fantasy Creatures, Fearless Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Helpful Protagonist, Knights, Magic, Magic Beasts, Medieval, Mercenaries, Merchants, Misunderstandings, Religions, Strong to Stronger, Sword And Magic, Transmigration, Wars, Wizards

Sun 2022.12.18

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I Don’t Want to Attack You! European Ambience, Female Protagonist, First Love, First-time Interc**rse, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Kono Sekai ga Game da to, Ore dake ga Shitte Iru (WN), Older Love Interests, Priests, R*pe, R-18, Religions, Younger Love Interests