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𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔸𝕟𝕕𝕣𝕠𝕚𝕕𝕤
𝘛𝘏𝘌 𝘍𝘐𝘙𝘚𝘛 𝘛𝘈𝘔𝘌𝘙 [𝘼 𝙈𝙤𝙣𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙏𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙇𝙞𝙩𝙍𝙋𝙂 𝘾𝙪𝙡𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝘼𝙙𝙫𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚]
𝘛𝘏𝘌 𝘍𝘐𝘙𝘚𝘛 𝘛𝘈𝘔𝘌𝘙 [𝘼 𝙈𝙤𝙣𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙏𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙇𝙞𝙩𝙍𝙋𝙂 𝘼𝙙𝙫𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚]
𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗦𝗧 𝗧𝗔𝗠𝗘𝗥: The Path of Resolve [𝘈 𝘔𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘌𝘷𝘰𝘭𝘶𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘓𝘪𝘵𝘙𝘗𝘎]
🏈 𝐎𝐮𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐏𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 🎭
🚲BIKELOCK - Lost in Another World with Just My Bike
🧙Divine Mana - An Epic Fantasy LitRPG⚔️
🖤Dream Weaver❄
𓊈Labyrinth𓊉 ٩(˘◡˘)۶ 𓊈Runners𓊉
🐸Reincarnated as a frog🐸
🖤The Villainess Pocket Watch❄
🌿Vinal Fantasy: The Vinal Countdown. Vines Vines 🌱
𝕏✦Orb Universe✦𝕏
"A Dream and a Book"
"A holy warrior in another world"
"Because I am Tianzi Daiyu!"
"Beneath the Broken Towers"
"Casual Farming, Sowing Season" - Current Series
"Chosen by the Elements: The Magic System Chronicles."
"Colui che non ha nemici" [Italian]
"Conquerors Domain" By xipzo
"Fear of the Dark- Virtuoso" - Overlord story
"Fear of the Dark- Virtuoso" - Overlord story (Hiatus)
"God's" Door
"He who has no enemies"
"I Am The Hero"
"I Was Reincarnated In An Alternate World and Created Microtransactions!" or Fantasy: Inc.
"I woke up in...uh, am I a Murci ?!"
"Idol" Is The Strongest Job In This World! – Reincarnated as an Idol!
"Not Decided"
"Not your typical Demon King"
"Pokemon Revelations, Rise of Team Rocket"
"Reincarnated?" Only To...
"Shattered Reflections: Unveiling the Mirror's Secrets"
"Solomonar Saga"
"The Dark: 3 Short tales on grief" + a fool's analysis
"The Divine Spectator: A God's Desire to Step Out of the Spotlight"
"What do you mean, 'You're an ex-familiar'?!"
"Who knew being a gamer, would save the world?"
"Why Does My Crush Have Tentacles!?"
"Without You". Reincarnated as a Troll Alternative. 2018' NaNoWriMo
# Gaea 1 - Blood of the Pure
# Gaea 1 - Blood of the Pure (COMPLETE)
# Gaea 2 - Light of the Shadow
# The Gemstone of Ominium 1 - Denial
#1 Shadow
#Call Cthulhu
#Zero Wonderland (Code Zero Wonderland)
>Input Log Dates
< Dropped >The Guardian of All
<< Lucid Dream >>
'Daikon' Ball
'Pay to Win' Cannot Help-
'Project Desperia'
'S Demise
'Serene' Life in Another World.
'Weakest' Royal to Divine of Magic
( REBOOTED ) Reincarnated Inside (RPG GAME) With Modification System
(Anti)Hero Chronicles
(Archived) The Badger Dungeon (Being Rewritten)
(AU)Lost Together(RyoRan)(Ranma1/2)
(BL) System, WTF!
(Cancelled) A Purgatory Beast's Summoning
(Cancelled) The Shadows Embrace Me
(ClimB@it inGe$T>r☆y
(De)Forchunae | Progression Fantasy.
(Defunct)Spaceship Reincarnator
(DEMO) Colorless vol.1- Phantamoire Enigmata
(DIS)GRACE: A Progression Adventure
(Discontinued) Aevitas - Not an NPC
(Do) Re:Mi
(DON'T READ - Rewriting)
(Draft 1- Not Latest Release) Becoming the Protagonist of My Own Delusional World!
(Dropped) - Gachapon
(Dropped) Crown of the martyr and martyr of the Crown.
(DROPPED) The Snake of the Fan
(Dropped)The Ancient
(Dropped)The God Of Apocalypse
(Dropped, will be rewritten)
(EX)tinction.(P)rotocol() - All Life is precious...unless it gives EXP.
(EX)tinction.Protocol() - All Life is precious...unless it gives EXP.
(First Draft Old Version) Ruins Of Isulia ~ Book 1 : Awakening of the Emarine
(Game + Divinity) - Heroics = Our Reality
(Hiatus) Dungeon Defender
(Hiatus) Restaurant of The Devourer
(Hiatus) SEASON 4 Awakening The Angel System (LITRPG): Progression Fantasy
(HIATUS)Awakening The Angel System (LITRPG): Progression Fantasy(STUBBED)
(Hiatus. Working On A Different Novel) The Path Of An Immortal
(HIATUSish)Awakening The Angel System (LITRPG): Progression Fantasy(STUBBED)
(Indefinitely paused) The Stone-hearted Enchanter
(LITRPG) Undying Villain: Strongest Necromancer
(Loci) The Adventures of Lightspeed Layne
(Merged into Burra: Short Stories In the Shaper Universe) Enlarge
(Moved) RE: Divine Laws of Mind, Body, & Soul
(name will be changed) - An Interactive Story
(No Name Yet)
(Not) A Collection (Anymore)
(NOW EDITED WITH NO WALLS OF TEXT!)Age of Teras: Monster Evolution
(OLD VER.) TRX's Adventures
(Old Version) A Dragon Gnawing Its Tail
(Old Version)Had To End Sometime (Apocalypse LitRPG)
(Old) Legion, God of Monsters
(Old) Netherborne Book 2
(OLD) Progenitor of Mana (OLD)
(OLD) What Do You Mean I'm The Captain Of A Yandere Mercenary Company?
(Old)Eden Theory: (Halted For Rewrite)
(old)I Am The Last Of My Kind
(OLD)Play On! My Lovely Goddess!
(ON HIATUS) Immortal Mage
(On Hold) Regarding my time being a God, it was fun
(Outdated version, check blurb) Riftwalker - [A Coming of Age LitRPG]
(Pokemon Data-Visored) The Adventure of Viole
(Published )The Scar - a Story of War
(R)Evolution of zombie
(re) Kobolt on Yggmathall
(Re-write) House Cazador: The Imperial Lion
(Reboot up)
(Rewrite HIatus)
(REWRITE) The Golden Watch Of Hypnosis
(SBUCS) Sea Breeze Under a Crimson Sky
(Small Exploits)
(Stare and See) Beyond the Veil
(Suddenly a) Dungeon Master
(Suspended) The Helix; The Arc,
(The Chronicles of the Nether Realm Book 1) She-Devil of the Nether Realm
(The Chronicles of the Nether Realm Book II) The Devil Queen
(The Convertion)
(Un)Living Necromancer
(Un)Luckiest Person On Earth?
(Un)necessary Evil
(Un)Prophesied Heroes
(Updated) Ruins of Isulia ~ Book 1 : Awakening of the Emarine
(Very Old)
(Web Novel) Betrayed in a Blessed World
(Work In Progress)
(Work In Progress) Werewolf Survival - A Dark Fantasy GameLit Interactive Adventure
***ABANDONED***It Was the Best of Slimes, It Was the Worst of Slimes
***DISAVOWED*** Not A Princess Story
**Mana Harvest** Volume 2
*A Dwarf's Story*
*A Fool's Errand*
*DING* : A Dreamer's Game
*DISALLOWED* The Light and Ages Saga: Reference Books
*DISAVOWED* Descendants: Tales of Half Gods
*DISAVOWED* Fireheart: Age of Shadows
*DISAVOWED* Masters of The Elements
*DISAVOWED* The Machine Saga Vol. 1 Ral'mus
*DISAVOWED* Twilight of the Gods
*Generation One* *The Golden Sapphire Saga* *Saga 3*
*Generation One**The Anti Magic Ritual**Arc 6*
*Insert Title That'Ll Hook You In Cause I Don'T Know What Title To Think Of*
*The Nephilim Chimeras**Generation One**Saga 4*
- Blood Soaked BattleField -
- Hp
--Blacksmith's Ire, Book 1 of the Vengeance of the Wind Trilogy--
-An Unusual VRMMO Experience-
-Discontinued- The Posers from Parrotise
-Scarlet Surge-
-The Bite of Winter Winds -
-The Sword To Ploughshare Saga--
-The World Saga-
-World of Infinite Possibility-
... And My Skillet
...Excuse me, but how do you expect me to defeat the Demon Lord when I only know how to heal..?
.The Dark Stranger.
/* Conflict of Interest */
0 Damage Assassin
01011001 01110101 01110010 01100001 01101001
0\1 Dogma
1 Up
1 Vs Tthe World
1% Life's Real (a 1% Lifesteal parody)
1% Life's Real (a 1% Lifesteal parody) [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]
1% Life's Real (a 1% Lifesteal parody) [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] Goal 100% met!
1% Lifesteal
1) DECK: Annoying Dreams
10 Day haunting
10 Year Tower - A Tower-Climbing Regressor LitRPG
10 Year Tower - A Tower-Climbing Regressor LitRPG - Book One: Second Chance
10 Year Tower - A Tower-Climbing Regressor LitRPG - Book Two: Clan War
10,000 Light Years
100 Blessed Children Search 4 The Golden Child
100 Days
100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill!
100 Ways to Make Money in a Fantasy World
100 Words
1000 Cranes For Love
1000 Lives Relived
1000 Years Of Light
1000-Hit KO
100th Run (A Regressor's LitRPG Adventure)
100th Run: A Regressor's LitRPG Adventure (Books 1-3 on Amazon!)
100th Run: A Regressor's LitRPG Adventure (Now on Amazon!)
100th Run: A Regressor's LitRPG Adventure (Now on KU & Amazon!)
100th Run: A Regressor's LitRPG Adventure (Now on KU, Amazon & Audible!)
100th Run: A Regressor's LitRPG Adventure (stubbing in 11 days)
100th Run: A Regressor's LitRPG Adventure (stubbing in 12 days)
100th Run: A Regressor's LitRPG Adventure (stubbing in 3 days)
100th Run: A Regressor's LitRPG Adventure (stubbing in 6 days)
100th Run: A Regressor's LitRPG Adventure (stubbing in 9 days)
10;Drops (- Face The Reality, Even In Another World -)
10k Years Silent Cultivation
11 Standoff
110 Fanfiction
12 Hand Asura
12 Miles Below
12 Seasons of the Moon
12 Zodiac!!
13 Clans of Gods: Book One [The God of Void]
13 Dimensions
13 Seconds
139 Years to the End of the World
13th Soul- Book 1 The God Slayer
1608: Case
18 Purifying Magics
1855 American Tycoon
1939 - Year Of The Bat-Man
2 AM in Woodstock, New Hampshire
2 Worlds
2'n Aloysius
2.5 D adventure
20 Days to Prom Night
2023 Halloween Creepy Pasta Anthology
2025// The Sect Of Symmetry
2040: Queen of Nowhere
2040: Reconnection
2084 by Michael Harrington
21 Blades: Revelations
21 Days
2173: Akro-Mars Second Conflict
23 Doors
23 Pangbourne Place
2332: Fleeing the Arrakis
24 The Conspiracy
243 Wanderers
2450 - Age of Corporations
299 441 Yen
2nd Chance
2Nd Chance: The Beginning
3 Bastards and a Red Slipper Demon Queen
3 Bodies 1 Soul
3 Hearts
3 Kingdoms
3 Man Journey
3 Squirrels and an Alpaca
30 Days
300 Moons Till Disconnect
300 Moons Till Disconnect (Gamelit)
3001 Paths to Death - A Lite litRPG Looper
365 Days in Another World
3D/2D: I Got Sent to a Fantasy World and Turned into an Anime Character?!
3G: the Glowing Green Goo
3H 47M
3rd LAW: Mixed Magical Arts
4 Idiots In the World Of Quirks
4 Idiots In the World Of Quirks (Prototype)
40 Thousand Reasons
40k In Over My Head
40k Isekai Journal
44th Life
46 Year Old Syndrome
48 Hours
49 And One Hero.
5 Dragon Emperor
5 Threads of Fate
50 And Above
500 AD: A Game Show
500 Words [A LitRPG Fantasy]
52 Stories
52 Stories in 52 Weeks: A Short Story Collection - 2022 Edition
57 °C: Surviving Hell Earth
585 Seconds
7 Deities
7 Desire 7 Death , a way you chose me
7 Dragons and Princess
7 Envoys of the ends
7 In 3
72 Hours
7780, or: Children of a White Rider
7780, or: When Disease Came Over to Another World
7780, or: When Diseases Came Over to Another World
7th Chronicle: Utopian Road
8 The Infinite
8th Deadly Sin
8th Sense
9 Circles of Hell
9 Dragon War God
9 Levels of Hell - GameLit
9 Lives
9001: A Dungeon Ship Odyssey
9001: The resurrection of the Dominion
99 Dungeons: The Beast Lord
99 Keys to Heaven
999 Ways To Die In A Ruined World (Completed)
[ Bound by Code ] - The Girl with the Fishbowl Head: A Soft and Creamy LitRPG
[ Bound by Code ] - The Girl with the Fishbowl Head: A Soft and Creamy LitRPG [Book 1 Complete!]
[ Entity ] : Reincarnated soul
[ Entity ] : tale of those kings
[ Magical Amputee]
[ Magical Gang War ]
[ More than Human - Novice ]
[ The Administrator ]
[ Tutorial Dungeon ] Optional build
[ Zeldritzon ] A Mere Warrior: A Monster Evolution Survival LitRPG
[-02] A/B Test Dropout
[-03] Empty Heart Expanse
[18+] A Little Sister'S All I Need | 我只需要我的妹妹
[Alternative Recode]
[ARC.] Survival Online
[Archive] Legend of the Nameless Hero
[Archived] Swine and Saber Hunting Company: Swine Prologue
[Backup Online]
[Being Re-Written]
[BL] Rin the Rat: Tale of a Beloved Monster
[Bl] The Villain'S Next Lifetime
[Book 1.0] -- Perth'S Accidental Superheroes
[Born To Be King] (A Slice of Life, LITRPG)
[CANCLED] Erwin Siegmar [First Draft?]
[CANCLED] Flesh and Iron [First Draft?]
[Chronicles of Sevestia] Book 1: Rebellion
[Clone]'s, [Clones]'s, and more [Clone]'s! (Title subject to change)
[Comics*] Season Of Destruction
[Conquerors Of The Delve] [Abandoned]
[Cryoverse] The Last Precursor
[Cryoverse] The Last Precursor (Completed!)
[Cyborg] - In A World Of Magic
[CYOA] Mastrya
[Deleting Soon, but I need the chapters]
[Deprecated Story No Longer Being Worked On]
[Discontinued] After the Fall
[Discontinued] Armus : First Draft
[Discontinued] Ben 10 - The end of an old story
[Discontinued] My Gift is Villager? (Kingdom Building, Fantasy World)
[Discontinued] The Country of Monsters
[Discontinued] The New World Rising : Monster Kingdom Building (High Fantasy, Kingdom Building, Dungeons)
[Don't Die!]
[Don't] Fear the Dragon!
[Dragon child]
[Dropped ver, read desc] Solo Player Rebirth!
[DROPPED] A King From Another World
[DROPPED] An Empty Throne
[DROPPED] City Dungeon Abyss
[DROPPED] Heroes and Villains
[DROPPED] I threw away the legendary cat ears
[DROPPED] I Want To Live and Enjoy Life!
[Dropped] The Eighth Child
[Dropped] The Former Cultivator Who Now Plays VRMMORPG's
[Dropped] The Teacher and Disciple
[Dropped] Truck Driver Reincarnation
[Earth Reborn]
[Email Protected]
[email protected] ingest^Shores)): Bound*{~$cen}' & /ReTwain Fwyrm\
[email protected] ingest§hores)): <{ThrAsh'4Old~$©`Ents}> in÷fwyπM° AttorN0tey$...
[email protected] ingest§hores)): <{ThrAsh'4Old~s©`Ent}> in÷fwyπM° AttorN0tey$...
[email protected] ingest§hores)): <{ThrAsh'cOld foRidge~pin}> wheπe de$©`Ent÷AttorN0tey$...?
[email protected] ingest§hores)): <{ThrAsh'Old foRidge~pin}> wheπe de$©`Ent÷AttorN0tey$...?
[email protected] ingest§hores)): <{ThrAsh'Old~$©`Ent foRidge*pin}÷AttorN0tey$...
[email protected] ingest§hores)): <{ThrAsh'Old~$©`Ents}> foRidge*in÷fwyπM° AttorN0tey$...
[email protected] ingest§hores)): <{ThrAsh'Old~s©`Ent}> 40rgy in÷fwyπM° AttorN*0intey$...
[email protected] ingest§hores)): <{ThrAsh'Old~s©`Ent}> in÷fwyπM° AttorN0tey$...
[email protected] ingest§hores)): <{ThrAsh'Old~s©`Ent}> re40rgy in÷fwyπM° AttorN*0intey$...
[email protected] ingest§hores)): ThrAsh~f0ld*4RidgePin}>wheπe de$©`Ent÷AttorN0tey$...?
[email protected] ingest§hores)): Vault~4Ridge'Pin}>wheπe de$©`Ent÷AttorN0tey$...?
[email protected] ingest§hores)): Vault~f0ld 4Ridge'Pin}>wheπe de$©`Ent÷AttorN0tey$...?
[email protected] ingest÷§hoπes)): Bound✓{~$©Ent} & infwyrM° Attor#N0tey*$...
[ENG]Defiant! SI-OC in Marvel/DC
[English] Tanaka no sujiganeiri no monogatari (Hardcore Tale of Tanaka)
[Farmer] Mage
[FIRST DRAFT - needs major editing] Licentia - Child of the Abyss
[First Draft, Moved] Of Astral and Umbral
[FRAGMENT] Nyandemic Story
[French] Le chat de Schrödinger - An Ephyria Story
[French] Les Pions de l'Equilibres
[Frontier Online]
[Game of Thrones] The Story of a Wolf and his Tree
[German] Mand'alor The Undying
[German] Path of Evolution Johannes: The Shackled // ...
[German] RE:HUNDERT -Leben in einer anderen Welt-
[Gone Rogue]
[HIATUS BEFORE REWRITE] The Regressor of the Regressor Elimination Agency
[Hiatus] City Dungeon Abyss
[HIATUS] Dragon Scythe Online
[hiatus] Dungeon Run
[Hiatus] God of Plants
[Hiatus] In my second life, I will continue being a virgin.
[Hiatus] My fiance is an alien
[Hiatus] Player: Level 0
[HIATUS] Rainbow of the Horizon
[HIATUS] Rainbow of the Horizon—Illuminating Our Darkened Path | Our World
[HIATUS] Re:Turn, The Legend of the 4 Swords
[Hiatus] Reincarnated as an NPC: In this life, I'll take it easy!
[HIATUS]A Beautiful Twilight
[Hiatused Old Version - New Version Coming Soon] Earth'S Chosen
[Horse] Magic . . . . . . (A Monster Evolution LitRPG Apocalypse)
[In The Palace Of Gods]
[Indonesian] Great world traveler
[Jack] Spell & Cunning
[Kancolle] Diary of an Admiral
[Level-up] World's Only F Class !!!
[LiteRPG] - Technomancer: How I Became the Hapless Sidekick of the World's Greatest Magical Girl
[LitRPG] Kernstalion
[LitRPG] Pay-To-Win Apocalypse
[LitRPG] The Bayani - Isaiah
[LN]SEASON 4 Awakening The Angel System (LITRPG): Progression Fantasy
[LN]SEASON 5 Awakening The Angel System (LITRPG): War Angel
[LN]SEASON 6 Awakening The Angel System (LITRPG): Archangel
[LN]Trials of The Nekomancer: 7th God [PUBLISHER PICKED UP! SOON TO STUB]
[LN]Trials Of The Nekomancer: The 7th God
[LN]Trials Of The Nekomancer: The 7th God (A Tower Climbing Evolution LitRPG)
[LN]Trials Of The Nekomancer: The 7th God[LITRPG Comedy]
[LN]Trials Of The Nekomancer: The 7th God[LITRPG Comedy](Picked up by a Publisher :>)
[Maid] of Money
[Maid] to Kill
[Maid] to Kill Kill Kill
[Maid] to Kill: a Victorian LitRPG
[Maid] to Kill: Now With 100% More Made
[Maid] to Kill: Now With 100% More Maid
[Maid] to Kill: Now With 100% More Maid and Kill
[Maid] to Kill: Vive la Révolution
[MHA] Shoto Todoroki - Modern-Day Terrorist
[NaNoWriMo] A Simple Life of A Farmer: Farming 101
[NaNoWriMo] A Tower of Hats
[NaNoWriMo] Apocalypse Master
[NaNoWriMo] Don't label me!
[NaNoWriMo] I died and was resurrected... on Earth?!?!?!!
[NaNoWriMo] Masqueraider of Dofus: Incarnam
[NaNoWriMo] The Mortal God's Melancholy
[NaNoWriMo]Author's Note
[New Testament Reaper]
[Nexus] - Chaos Deficiency
[NOIM] Unbound Origin
[NOIM] We are the Final Boss
[Not Your Mountain] Inkfort Derby 2023 - A Cozy Fantasy Adventure!
[Notes of Aria] Starlight: Opening Act
[OLD VERSION] Dark Harvest
[OLD VERSION] Mediator: Godscourge
[OLD VERSION] Netherborne Book 2
[OLD] Failed Gift
[OLD] Humanity's F.A.T.E.
[OLD] The Magus of Imminent Oblivion
[On Break Need Some Fixing] Rebirth of Versatile Mage
[ON HIATUS] Draconic Transcendence (Progression Fantasy)
[OUTDATED] Paths of the Chosen
[Placeholder] Arachne in a different world
[PORTUGUESE] Saint Seiya: Kagutsuchi, o cavaleiro de Fornalha.
[PORTUGUESE] The Rise of a New King of The World ?
[Primal Marksmage]
[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling
[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling - [Stubbing 14/05/2024]
[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling - A Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG
[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling [Free for 13 days]
[PUBLISHED] Substation Seven: Condemnation
[Re] Cultivating the Universe
[RE] System
[Reboot]The Strongest Skill: Getting Rich while Becoming Stronger
[RETIRED] Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur
[Reworked] Wings of Ash and Frost
[Rewrite] Misadventures Incorporated - Volume One
[Rewritten ver.] Solo Player Rebirth! (L0rdGr1m)
[Rock] Falls, Everyone Dies (Complete)
[Royal Road Community Magazine]
[S-41234 (DW-4)] or Trust me people it could be worse
[Second Saga]
[Semi-Webtoon] Moments In Time
[Semi-Webtoon] My Shifter Academia
[Semi-Webtoon] Shifters
[Semi-Webtoon] Shifters (OLD VERSION)
[Semi-Webtoon] Shifters 2230
[Semi-Webtoon] Shifters [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]
[Shonen Fighting Sci-Fi] Parasite Code
[Short] behind your smile | 你的笑容 (COMPLETED ✓)
[Spanish] Ciudad del Alquimista
[Spanish] Hibrido en un mundo magico
[Spanish] La Llave del Destino
[Spanish] Odisea [Furry/Yiff]
[Stubbed because of Rewrite] Divine Creatures
[The Knight's Multiverse] - A Knight's Journey: A Cultivator's Journey in a Superhuman's Modern World
[THTG] The Hand That Guides
[Trance Revival]
[Untouchable] (Other Dropped Version)
[Webtoon] Bloodstained Skies: The Vanquisher of Kings I
[Webtoon] Bloodstained Skies: The Vanquisher of Kings I (censored)
[Webtoon] Prophecy Online : Odyssey of Potato
[What If] : To Love Ru
[WIP] Birth of an AI
[Wip] Orbs
[WIP] ORBs, a LitRPG
[WiP] Third Apocalypse Volume 3
[WiP] Third Apocalypse Volume 4
[Word Processor] Do Not Follow or Favorite
[XVA] Fallen Zeal
[Zeldritzon] A Mere Warrior: A Monster Evolution Survival LitRPG
[Zeldritzon] A Mere Warrior: Monster-Focused Progression LitRPG
[Zeldritzon] ProtoTYPE - MONSTER Clash Progression Series
\Wyr'Magesture~/*$cents\: {[email protected] poly*Shores))
A "boring" Game.
A "Living" Weapon Named Death
A "Typical" Dungeon Capture
A (Not So) Simple Fetch Quest
A (Not) Perverted Isekai Hero's Journey
A 3% Chance for Glory
A 3.6 billion earth observation
A Ai`S Adventure In A Different World In Space
A android,a ghost ,a immortal,a necromancer and a council in a bar
A Background Character's Fate[Weak to Strong MC]
A bad deal.
A Bad Regression
A Bad Story That Sucks Extremely
A Bag Of Bones
A Bard's Guide to Magic
A Bard's Song: Lore
A Bard's Tale
A Bargain for Bliss (sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet]
A Bargain for Wings (sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet)
A Barron Quest - LitRPG
A Barron Quest - LitRPG (Progression Fantasy)
A Battle of Eyes Against the Gods
A Battle Torn Heart
A Battlefield of Swords and Flowers
A Beastmaster's Tale
A Beautiful Nightmare
A Beautiful Twilight
A Beautiful Woman of Science and Other Absurdities
A Beginner's Guide to Napping, Sunbathing, and Slaughtering Your Prey
A Beginner's Guide to Otherworld Cult Management
A Beginner's Guide to World Destruction
A beginning
A Beginning and its End
A Beholder's Path
A Bend In Time
A Billion Players
A Binding Soul
A Bio-Weapon's Rhapsody
A Bird of Passage
A Bit of Everything
A Black Man Reborn in Jiang Hu!
A Black Market LitRPG.
A Blacksmith's Tale. A LitRPG Story
A Blade Among the Stars
A Blade and Her Witch
A Blade's Shadow
A Blank Tale
A Blazing Journey: A New Beginning
A Blemish on the Curve
A blend of everything
A Blighted World
A Blind Descent
A Blond Ray of Sunshine
A Blood in Gold (Book 1 of 'The Archipelago' Fantasy Series)
A Blood Soaked Flower [Grim-dark LitRPG]
A Bloody Game
A Bloody Land
A Bloody Mess: An abnormal story
A Boku No Hero fiction
A bond renewed or left to wither
A book fanatic's Journey through a Fantasy World
A Book to Remember
A bored boy looking for reason
A Bored Goblin's Journey to Pass Time
A Bored Immortal
A Bored Immortal's Adventure with Reincarnation
A Bored Passerby With Some Cheats
A bored story (Hiatus)
A Boy Called Bait
A Boy in the Den of Wolves
A Boy Named Jordan
A Boy's Simple Ambition
A Boy's Wish
A Brand New Day
A brave new, Scary world
A Breath of Fresh Air
A Briar Star
A Bride for Seven Brothers
A Bride For Seven Brothers (Sample)
A Bride in Diyu
A Bridge From Balor
A Brief Look
A Broken Being
A broken cycle
A Broken Doll and her lost Soul
A Broken Kingdom
A broken Man
A broken Man (A twist of Mana and cultivation)
A Broken Pact
A Broken Power
A Broken Power: A Progression Fantasy
A Broken Power: Godreaper Book 1
A Broken Power: Godreaper's Judgement Book 1
A Broken World
A Broken World [Dropped Pending Rewrite]
A Broken World [Rewrite]
A Budding Scientist in a Fantasy World
A Budding Scientist in a Fantasy World - (Note: Vol 1 coming down on the 24th of this month)
A Bunnerfly in the Desert - A Kammiverse Story
A Bureaucrat's Dream and a Kingdom: Politics in Another World
A Butler in a Noble House - a Fruitless Endeavor
A Bygone Era
A Cadmean Victory
A Candidate in the Gods' Game
A Canopy of Stars
A Caregiver's Last Lesson
A Castle and a Tomb
A Castle in a Teacup
A Cat Is Fine Too
A Cat, a Thief, and a Wizard
A celestial adventure of a lifetime.
A Celestial's Wrath
A Century Later
A Certain Asura Discovers His Origin
A Certain Pokemon Shop
A Certain Transmigrator's Unforeseeable Journey
A Challenged Man's Ascension
A Champion's Rise
A Champion's Rise: The Rise of the Troloin Three
A Chance
A Chance Again
A Chance To Become a Adonis
A Chance To Become An Adonis
A Change In The Same World
A Chaotic Cactus and his Adventures
A Cheap, OP Brawler
A Cheap, OP Brawler (Currently on Hiatus)
A Cheat Cultivation Level
A cheat that allows me to build a city in another world ?!
A cheat that allows me to build a city in another world ?!(canceled due to time problems sorry)
A Chemist's Rise in Another World
A Chemist's Rise in Another World [Kingdom Building LitRPG]
A Child of Dust
A Child of Moon and Sun
A Child Turned Into A Soldier
A Child Who Raised By Fenrir
A child's dream
A Chimerical Hope
A Chitinous Journey
A Chronicle of Lies
A Chronicle of Lies (old version)
A Chronicle of Lies- Book 1- Puppeteer (High Fantasy/Isekai)
A Chronometric Defect
A Chuunibyou's Life in Another World!
A City of One
A City Stranded Cowboy's Robot Mercy Killing Business
A Civil Minotaur In An Uncivilized World
A Class of His Own
A Classically Modern Witch
A Cleric's Life for me.
A Cliché Multiverse Story
A Cliché Reincarnation
A Clone of Arth
A Cockroach's guide to magic
A Coder's Guide To Magic
A Collection
A Collection Of Ideas. True's Oneshots.
A collection of short stories
A collection of short stories and prompts
A Collection of Short Stories: Quiet Girl
A Collection of Tales
A Collection of the CRAZY STORYTELLER
A Collection of Thoughts
A Collision of Two Worlds : Prologue
A Colonist's Woes - Warhammer Fantasy
A Colorful Life (Worm/Pokemon)
A Comedy at Sea
A Compendium of Cooperative Remembrances
A Compendium of Curious Observances
A Compendium Of Realities
A Compendium of Tales from Mimameidr
A Compendium of Tales from Mimameidr [The Tales of Bashiri]
A Compendium of Useless Powers
A compilation of short stories
A complicated man with a simple dream
A Comprehensive Guide for Alchemy
A Comprehensive Guide to Summoning Magic [A summon magic progression LitRPG]
A Conflicted World Needs Our Help, So a Goddess Sent Us On Our Way
A Conqueror's Tale
A Conquest of the Stars: The Heart's Anguish
A Consort of Ascalon
A Conspiracy for the Duchess
A Controlled Bloom
A Convenient Fiction
A Conversation between two philosophers
A Core Set Free
A Core's Will To Live
A Cornucopia of Asphodels
A Corpse... in Space?
A Corrupted Legacy [Villain Xianxia LitRPG System Progression Fantasy]
A Corrupted Legacy [Villain Xianxia Progression Fantasy]
A Cosmic Weight
A Cosmic Weight (Lovecraftian Progression Fantasy)
A Countess' Magic
A Countess' Magic [A Transmigrated into a Villainess LitRPG with Xianxia, Kingdom Building and politics]
A Couple of Misfits
A Couple's Journey In Another World
A Court of Miracles
A Courtship of Kobolds: An isekai progression fantasy
A Coven of Kobolds: An Isekai Progression Fantasy
A Coward's Guide to Healing [A LitRPG Progression Fantasy]
A Crack In The System
A Crone's Trade
A Crown of Blood
A crumbling autumn leaf
A Cultivation Journey
A Cultivation Realm Dungeon
A Cultivation storie : Stupid edition
A Cultivation Story
A Cultivator in a Magic Filled World
A Cultivator's Freedom
A Cultivator's War
A Cultivator's War [OLD]
A Cup of Blood is beautiful and a Lake of Blood is Gorgeous
A Cup of Joe
A Cup of Moondust
A Cure for Happiness
A Cure for Magic
A Curious Bird
A Curious Case of Mobs Extra
A curious cat's life in a new world
A Curious World
A Curse in the North
A curse upon the world and all scientists.
A Cursed Life.
A Cursed Priest
A Cursed Purpose
A cute duckling in an ugly world
A Cute Woman and Her Clingy Husband
A D&D Gamer in Garweeze Wurld
A D-rank Adventurer's Bizarre Reincarnation
A D-rank Adventurer's Bizzare Reincarnation
A Daemon's Gamble
A Dance between Mortals and Immortals.
A Dance of Light and Shadow
A Dance Of Poison And Curses
A Dance of Wyverns
A Dance With Death
A daring synthesis
A Dark and Dangerous Place
A Dark Connection
A Dark God In A Darker Multiverse
A Dark God In An Otherwise Godless Multiverse
A Dark Prophecy of the Last Age: From One War Torn World to Another
A Dark Road
A Darkened Realm
A Dash'in Legacy
A Dawn Obsolete
A Day in the Life of a ____
A Day in the Life of a Babylonian
A Day in the Life of a Combat Maid [A LitRPG Short]
A Day With The Cross Dimensional Traveling Truck Driver
A Dead God's Wish
A Dead Man's Tales
A Dead World
A deal with the devil (Harry Potter x DxD)
A Dearth of Choice (Dungeon Core)
A Deathly Contract
A Deck of Dragons - A Card Game LitRPG
A Degenerate's Tale
A Degenerates Book for Survival
A Degree in Sorcery (SI)
A degree of Fancy
A degree of Fancy(discontinued)
A Demon at Rest
A Demon Between Worlds
A Demon Lord NEED HELP!
A Demon lord's dilemma
A Demon lord's dilemma(dead)
A Demon Lord's Reincarnation
A Demon Lord's Virtual [Magic Life]
A Demon Resides in My Phone
A Demon Tale
A Demon Within
A Demon's Ascent
A Demon's Bounty
A Demon's Bounty: LitRPG
A Demon's Core
A Demon's Gift
A Demon's Journey
A Demon's Ordinary Survival Story
A Demon's Requiem
A Demon's Tail
A Demon's Tale
A Demon's Turmoil
A Demon, Probably
A Demonic Conquest
A Demons Evolution
A Demons Evolution (Hiatus)
A demons Promise
A Deranged World
A Descendant To God
A Descent into Darkness - When Demons take a Magic Academy Hostage...
A Descent Into Madness
A Desolate Life
A Dessert of Dreams
A Destined Path
A Destructive Incarnation
A Dethroned Champion: Beneath the Wings of the Brutal Black Swan
A Devil Amongst Worms (Chainsaw Man x Worm)
A Devil's Child
A diary from the apocalypse
A Diary of Fantasy and Dreams
A Diary of Tressure
A Different Destination
A Different Kind of God
A Different Kind Of Hero
A Different Kind of Hero (-)
A Different kind of Hero (Marvel)
A Different Kind of Hero (Will Be Revised)
A Different Kind Of Journey
A Different Life on a Space Hauler
A Different Path To Follow
A different point of view
A Different World Where The Demons Are Good
A Dirty Free Man
A Disaster Saves A Disaster Save
A Disciple from Beginning, A Master to End
A Disease of Magic
A Displaced Samurai
A Dissonance in Harmony
A Distant Reverie
A Distant Reverie (A Hololive Fanfic)
A Distant Society
A Distorted Future
A Ditto's Tale
A Diver's Tale
A Divine Demonic Dragon
A Doctor Who Just Wants to Paint
A Dog with a Chair
A Dog's Loyalty
A door to the unknown
A Dose of Nonsense
A Draconic Insurgency
A Draconic Odyssey
A Dragon Among The Stars
A dragon familar
A Dragon Gnawing Its Tail
A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale
A Dragon In human Skin
A Dragon in the System
A Dragon of Power
A dragon that desires the best
A Dragon With Fur
A Dragon's Curiosity
A Dragon's Dungeon
A Dragon's Grimm Cultivation
A Dragon's Life [LitRPG Slice of Life]
A Dragon's Pride
A Dragon's Treasure: A Reincarnation Story
A Dragon's World
A Dragonoid's Tale
A Drastic Step
A dream
A dream come true
A Dream Come True (A Power-Crafting Fantasy)
A Dream Eternal
A Dream Harem Life Built With Superior Firepower
A Dream in Darkness
A Dream of Byzantium
A Dream of Crows
A Dream of Hell
A Dream of Magic
A Dream of Magic - Harry Potter Fanfic
A Dream of Wings and Flame
A Dream to the Summit
A Dreamer's Transcendence
A Drink to Remember
A Drop in the Gold
A Drop of Existential Horror
A Drop of Water & Blood
A Druid Against Her Nature
A Druid İn Game Of Thrones
A dry land
A Dryad isn't just firewood
A Dryflame Child's Life (Rewriting)
A Dulled Blade
A Dumb Girl in a Cultivation World
A Dungeon Core
A dungeon core story: Magic with a hint of Science
A Dungeon Game
A Dungeon in Space
A Dungeon of Fate and Fae
A Dungeon Of Fire And Death ( english ) Eine MI des Feuers und Todes ( german )
A Dungeon Tested
A Dungeon's Journey
A Dungeon's life
A Dungeon's Republic
A Dungeons Quest
A Dying World [DROPPED]
A Failed [Interactive] Story
A failure's hopeful journey.
A fairy tale for the nephilim
A Familiar Cat
A Familiar World
A Familiar's Journey
A Family Affair
A Fantasia of Silence
A Fantasy in Time
A Fantasy of Everglow
A far universe story
A Farmer's Strength
A Farmers Life For Me
A Fate Set in Stone (On Hold)
A Fate Shaped by Magick
A Fated Tale
A Fathers Wrath (RR)
A Female Character Vtuber (Contemporary LitRPG story)
A Female Rogue's Adventure Through Two Worlds
A Female's Take on The World of Cultivation
A festering world
A Festival of Fools
A Fiery VRMMORPG adventure
A Filtered Conflict
A fine octet of legs
A Fire
A Fire Magician.
A Fish's Tale
A Fistful of Dust
A Flight of Broken Wings
A Flight of Broken Wings: Aeriel Trilogy #1
A Flight of Fancy
A Flower in Death's Embrace
A Flower underneath a Willow
A Fly in Cultivation Universe
A Fool fooling around in another world
A Fool's Journey, or the Vagrancies of a Man in Exotic Lands
A Fool's Renaissance: Silver & Gold
A Fool's Vagrancies
A Fool's Wish
A Forbidden Contract
A Forbidden Happiness
A Forbidden List of Leads
A Forbidden Record
A Forced Hero
A Forest Dungeon
A Forgemaster Of Wayland
A Forgotten Hero
A forgotten ruler
A Forgotten Soul
A Forgotten Specter
A Forgotten Vampire
A Forgotten World
A Former Hero's Journey: I just want to live peacefully!
A Fountain At Trident Grove
A Fountain At Trident Grove (Incomplete Version)
A Fourth Dimension Reality
A Fourth Dimention Reality
A Fox Amongst Wolves
A Fox at Heart
A Fox in the Woods
A Fox With Two Wolves
A Fox's System
A Fractal Divide
A Fractured Chosen
A Fractured Past: A Demon Lord Reincarnation Story
A Fractured Song
A Fractured Soul
A Fragmented Framework
A Fragmented Mind
A Free Tomorrow
A Friendly Shadow
A Friendly Voidling
A Frog Out Of Water - Yu-Gi-Oh GX
A Frog Out Of Water - Yu-Gi-Oh GX Self Insert
A Frosty Christmas
A Frozen Conquest!
A Fugitive's Cause
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
A Fungal Dream
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Temple
A Future Destroyed - A Post-Modern Fantasy LitRPG
A future somewhere
A Galactic Dictator's Adventures into a Magical World!
A Galactic Star
A Galaxy, Alive
A Game For Monsters
A Game In The Between
A Game Of Chess
A Game of Dancing Pieces
A Game of Hedrons
A Game of Life
A Game Of Life And Death
A Game Of Life And Death [A Fantasy Military based LitRPG]
A Game of Phones (and the text-based forever-story that makes no sense)
A Game of Stones
A Game of Unknown Origins
A Game of Villains
A Gamer Adventure
A Gamer But I Also A Realist That Do Not Believe Anything That Not Disprove
A Gamer in Gotham
A Gamer's Guide 2 Beat1ng The Tut0rial
A Gamer's Guide To Beat1ng The Tut0rial
A Gamer's Guide To Beating The Tutorial
A Gap Between Worlds
A Garbage Isekai
A Gathering of Dreamers
A Gathering of Humans
A Gatored Community
A Gem To Be Remembered [bl]
A Generic Dungeon Core Story
A generic love story
A generic love story: disturbance
A generic love story: Transcendence
A GenEric Story
A generic system apocalypse
A genius of none
A Gensokyo Transmission
A gentleman thief's desire
A Gentleman's Curse
A Gentleman's Curse: Arc 2
A Gentleman's Gentleman
A Ghost in the House of Iron
A Ghost Life
A ghost's tale
A Ghoul's Legend
A Giant Among Dragons
A Giant Problem
A Gilded Cage
A Girl and Her Fate
A Girl and Her Food
A Girl and her Goat
A Girl's, Unusual Existence
A Gladiator's New World [HIATUS]
A Glass Window
A Glimmer in the Dark
A Glitch in the System
A Goblin's Blade (dropped)
A Goblin's Evolution
A Goblin's Tale
A God Among Sheep -- The Rise of Maria Salvatore (Female Driven Mafia film -- Feature Script)
A God in a Xianxia world
A God In The Bay (Worm/Massive Crossover) (Worm Quest)
A god In Unordinary.
A God Killed Me By Accident, But I Got The Chance To Reincarnate As The 4th Son Of A Marquis.
A God Of Mischief Made A Dungeon? [Lit-RPG, Isekai, Multiple Leads, Comical/Brutal]
A God Of Mischief Made A Dungeon? [Lit-RPG, Isekai]
A God's Birth
A God's Champion
A God's Champion (Book 2)
A God's Chosen
A god's crime against humanity
A God's Freedom
A God's Fun Time
A God's Game
A god's Perspective
A God's Pub
A God's Purpose
A God's Unusual Requests
A Godly Mistake
A Godly Mistake [CANCELLED]
A Golem And Puppets Adventure
A Golem in a Cultivation World.
A Good Bargain [HIATUS]
A Good Man
A Good Night's Rest
A Grafted Flower - a Pokemon Sun/Moon story
A Gram of Knowledge
A Grand Farce (Progressive LitRPG Isekai)
A Grand Journey
A Gray and Grey world
A Greenhand's Story
A Guard's Dream
A Guardian's Tale
A Guide to Becoming a Pirate Queen
A guide to hero killing
A Guide To Immortality (discontinued)
A Guide to Safe Use of Magically Enhanced Chemical Weapons
A Guide to the End of the World
A Gun in a Dungeon
A Gun is the Strongest Weapon in a Fantasy World!
A gunslinger lost in time.
A guy reincarnated as a sloth and is too lazy to be a protagonist
A guy reincarneted as a sloth and is too lazy to be a protagonist
A Guy, A Latte and Status Screen.
A Hacker's Ascent
A Hacker's Ascent [HIATUS]
A Half Hour to Kill
A Half-Assed Engineer Makes... a Great Mage!?
A Half-Assed Engineer Makes... a Great Mage!? -OLD/DEPRACATED
A Half-Blood's Journey
A Hand From The Mist
A Hand In Darkness
A Hand-Woven Universe
A Happy Blue
A Hard Game (Dropped)
A Hard Reset
A Hardcore Gamer Saves a Different World
A Hardness of Minds
A Hate Reader gets Transmigrated to Another World
A Haunted Flower [Completed]
A head full of dragons (anthology)
A Healer's Gift, An Adventurer's Heart
A healthy mind in a healthy body
A Heart of Ice (hiatus)
A Heart to the Past
A Heart's Crown
A Hellish Fantasy
A Hellish Offer
A Herald for Spirits
A Hermit's Life for Me
A Hero Among Monsters
A Hero Among Us
A Hero For This Dragon
A Hero Past the 25th
A Hero Past the 25th: Old Empire
A Hero Past the 25th: Paradise Lost
A Hero Returns
A Hero Returns (On Hiatus)
A Hero to Only One. (Completed)
A Hero turned Succubus's Tale
A Hero Would Not Live a Happy Life
A Hero's Brother
A Hero's Common Sense
A Hero's Guide to Competence
A Hero's Legacy
A Hero's New Beginning, Again...
A Hero's Song
A Hero's Tale
A Hero's Tale: A Change Of Fate
A Hero's War
A Hero, Down To My Bones! (A Skeleton Isekai Story)
A Hidden Secret
A Hidden Secret(Cancelled)
A Hidden Vampire Class????
A Hidden World
A High God's Reincarnation
A Highest Rank in Another World!
A History Buff Brought to Another World
A History Through Blood
A Hive to Call Mine
A Hollow Memory
A Home For All
A Hopeless Search
A Horcrux's Fate
A Horse With No Main (Book One: ARcade)
A human's tale
A Hunt For Crows
A Hunt Upon Wings of Shadows
A Hunter and His Party
A Hunter's New Home
A Hunter's Nightmare (A Litrpg saga)
A Hunter's Second Life Aggression
A Hunter's Wings [Rewrite]
A Hymn for the Heartless
A Hymn of Blood and Curses
A Jaded Life
A Jedi In Westeros
A Jedi was on the Planet Alderaan.
A Jewel's Worth
A Job for a Wendigo
A Journey Away - Book One of The Eternal Flame
A journey for Life
A Journey in Darkness
A Journey Into Mario World
A Journey of an ordinary girl in a fantasy world
A Journey of Black and Red
A Journey of Chaos and Glory
A Journey of Rogue Cultivator
A Journey Of The Fated Conqueror Part 1: Mortal Realm
A Journey Through Frost and Snow
A Journey Through The Realms
A Journey Through the Worlds.
A Journey Through Unova
A Journey To Remember
A journey to the beginning
A Journey With Gods and Monsters
A Jump Into Fantasy
A Just God's Angels
A Kid and His Slime
A Killer Reborn
A Kindness of Ravens
A King From Another World
A King in the Clouds
A King of His Own
A King of Old
A King's Bargain (Legend of Tal #1)
A King's Regret - Ravenchild
A king's reincarnation
A King's World
A Kingdom of Power, of Courage, and of Wisdom
A Knight And Her Lord
A Knight Eternal
A Knight Of Humanity
A Knight of Valora: Serenity
A Knight's Journey through Life
A Knight's Lilies
A Knight's Promise
A Knight's Redo (Completed)
A Knight's tale
A Knight's Will
A Knights Journey through Life
A Labor of Darkness
A laid back thief
A Lamia's Journey to Godhood
A Land Without Kings
A Larper Gets Isekai'd
A Larper Gets Isekai'd to a Fantasy World
A Larper Gets Isekai'd to a Fantasy World as a Slave
A Larper Gets Isekai'd to a Fantasy World to be a Slave
A Larper Gets Isekai'd to Fantasy World as a Slave
A Lasting Fury By Replica1
A Law-Abiding Merchant
A lazy king
A Lazy Programmer
A League Apart - Journeys to the Beacons
A Legend of Matai: Yasmine O'Haire
A Legend Reborn
A Legendary Odyssey
A Legendary Tale: From rags to divinity!!!
A Lenda de Kate Vegas.
A librarian
A Lich In Time (An Isekai Skyrim Fanfic)
A Lich's Guide to Dungeon Mastery
A Lich's Life
A Life Forged in Fire
A life of excitement
A Life of Terror.
A Life Rewritten
A Life to Save - Protection Detail Series Book #2
A Life's Journey
A Life's Lie
A Lifetime Promise
A Light Not Extinguished [40K Dark Age What-if]
A Light's Hope - A LitRPG Adventure
A Liliful World
A list of short stories, lifes and days in a Fantasy World ( The true Extras)
A Litrpg apocalypse
A Little Bit OF A Silverlining HIATUS
A Little Bit Of Motivation
A little bit of Villainy
A little case of a supernatural affair
A Little God in my Hands (Cleaning up the third arc)
A little Kitty's journey though a random world
A Little Sister'S All I Need | 我只需要一個小妹妹
A Living Corpse
A Lone Automaton's Journey To Find Its Operator
A Lonely Dungeon
A Lonely Exploration of Tao
A Lonely Girl's Journey to Immortality
A Lonely Spiral
A Lonely Tree
A Loner's Calling
A Long Fall From Grace
A Long Refrain
A long slumber.
A Longing Dream I'd Even Burn The World For
A loose Page
A loose thread
A Lord of Death
A loser in a new world
A Lost Man
A Lost Memory; Alitheia
A Lost Necromancer's Saga
A Lost Story
A Lotus Of Death
A Love Affair with Myself
A Love at Stake
A Love Most Robotic
A love so divine!
A love to kill!
A Lovely Gamer Adventure
A Lover Siblings in Royal Road!
A Lovers Wrath
A Lovesong of Rooks: Angels and Demons Aren't Saving the World, So I Guess I Have To
A Machine's Cage: Second Life, Second Chances
A Machine's Cage: The Young Mage
A Mad Devil's Ascension
A Madlad in a Magical Apocalypse
A Mage and a Monster
A Mage And His Kalashnikov
A Mage and His Kalashnikov (a Fantasy LitRPG With a Twist)
A Mage's Ascension
A Mage's Fate
A Mage's Guide to True Magic
A Magic of Man
A Magic Sniper in Another World [Hiatus]
A magic tree
A Magical Anomaly
A magical fox Stole my body and gave me its
A Magical Journey
A Magical Life: Ink Swan
A Magus Among Cultivators
A Maiden's Frozen Heart
A Maiden's Strange Voyage
A Mailman as a Superhero
A Major in Necromancy
A Man And a Kingdom -Politics in Another World
A Man And a Kingdom -Politics in Another World(under hiatus and overhaul)
A Man and His Greatsword
A Man and His Gun
A Man and the Sea
A Man At Arms
A Man in the Gods' World
A Man Led by the Heart of Another World
A Man Returned
A Mandrake's tale
A Mandrake's tale (WILL DELETE IN 5 DAYS)
A Mandrake's tale (WILL DELETE IN 7 DAYS)
A Mao's Tale
A March of Fire
A Marine Got Lost In Another World
A Marriage Most Inconvenient
A Martial Odyssey
A marvel rise
A Marvelous Loop
A Marvelous Transmigration [MARVEL FF]
A Master, 5 Students, and Revenge [AM5SR]
A Master, 5 Students, and Revenge [AM5SR}
A Matter Of Time
A Maze of Glass
A mean Demon Queen Kidnapped me!
A Meaningless Hero
A Mechanical Daisy
A Mediocre Supreme Cultivator
A Meeting of the ways
A Megalomaniac's Cowardly Demon
A Melody of Fire and Lightning
A Merchants Tale
A Mere Fate of Mine
A Mermaid's Responsibility
A Meta-Human In Another World
A Metaverse Dungeon - Foodie's Enigma
A meteor shower brings superpowers
A Mighty Conqueror
A Mildly Odd Reality Breaker
A Millennium Dream (Tentative Title)
A Millennium Until Disaster
A Mindless Series of Daemonic Tales
A Minefield Full of Penguins
A Minefield Full of Penguins (Completed) Removing 1st May
A Miraculous Journey With Thor And Hisstory
A Miraculous Journey With Thor And Hisstory - Zodiac Series
A Misfit's Journey
A Misleading Shell
A Mob Boss's First Love (Book 1 of the New York Mafia Series)
A Modern Cultivator's Dilemma
A Modern Day Demon King
A Modern Man in a Cultivating World
A Modern Roman Empire
A Moment in Time - Eternal Best Plans Desire Bat - Descending in Darkness
A Moment in Time – Eternal Desire Bat's Best Plans And Bets – Descending in The Darkness
A Monarch of Fate
A Monarch's Quest
A monster in a world of Gods
A Monster's Jaunt
A Monster's world
A month in trench
A Mortal God
A Mortal's Immortal Folley
A Most Unfortunate Summoning
A moth of winter - A Kammi Kettu fan story
A Moth's Stories
A Mother's Bond Taken After Death
A Mountain For My People
A Mouse in the Circuitry - A Kammi Kettu Story
A Mouse's Grand System
A Mundane Life
A Murder of Crow Guide
A Murder of Crows
A Murder of Crows (Editing)
A Music Prodigy
A Mustering of Knightly Tales
A Mutant Magus's Journal
A Myriad of Possibilities
A Mythical Journey To Remember
A Mythical Journey To Remember (A Greek Myth LitRPG)
A Mythical Journey To Remember (LitRPG)
A Nanomachine Magical World (A LitRPG Adventure)
A Nation of Distances
A Nation of Distances (possibly a dystopian love story)
A Nation of Riflemen
A Naturalists Dungeon
A Necessary Sacrifice
A Necromancer's Village
A Needed New Start
A Neet's Guide to Becoming a God
A Nekomancers delight
A nerd in another world
A Nerd's Wet Dream Come True (Tossing an OC into DC Comics)
A Nerd's Wet Dream Come True (Tossing an OC into Dc Comics) V.2
A Nerd's Wet Dream Come True (Tossing an OC into Marvel)
A Nerd's Wet Dream Come True (Tossing an OC into Marvel) V2.
A Nerd's Wuxia Tales
A NERF Playboy vs The World
A Nerfed Gamer in Avia
A Nerubian's Journey
A Nerubian's Journey - Warcraft SI
A Net Of Stars, Woven
A Never Melting War: Vol. 1 - The fruit sown through years of war
A New Adventure
A New Beginning
A New Beginning By Aerebes
A New Beginning in a New World
A new Breath Online
A New Breed of Pirate
A New Breed of Pirate: A VRMMO Tale
A New Breed: Jungle of the Damned (AvP Universe)
A New Continent
A New Dawn
A New Dawn (Old Version)
A New Dynasty (One Piece)
A New Eden [Sci-fi, AI, Aliens, Space, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure]
A New Existance
A New Existence
A New Frontier
A New God [Sci-fi, AI, Aliens, Space, Mystery, Adventure]
A New Goddess
A new horizon
A New Human
A New Journey
A New Kind of Freak (A dragon evolution story)
A New King
A new leaf (Old version)
A new life
A New Life (zod119)
A new life in a new world.
A new life of a boy (working title)
A New Life Through The Eyes Of Kanto: An Autobiography
A New life with the choice of destruction or creation in a new world(hiatus)
A New Light In Interria
A New Line Through The Lives Of Kanto
A New Loli Life On A Fantasy World!
A New Path
A New Path, Chosen freely
A New Player in the Force
A new quest!
A New Shroom Life
A New Story
A New Trainer
A new world
A new world a new Chance(DROPPED)
A New World To Call Home, As Sloths Representative
A New World: Eve
A New World? I'll Do What I Want!
A new zombie apocalypse
A Night in Brighton
A Night in Emerald Forest
A Nightmare on Earth
A Nightwalker's Darkness
A ninja transported to another world
A Noble Beast
A Noble In The Wastelands
A Noble Isekai
A Noble's Curious Companion
A Noble, a Faerie, and a Daemon [Slow-Burn Progression Fantasy]
A Nobody in Another World
A Nobody Special
A Nocturne of Silence
A Normal Everyday Teenager [LitRPG Progression Urban Fantasy]
A Normal Journey
A Normal Journey (Pokemon SI/OC)
A normal man's journey
A Not Quite Parallel World Story
A Not So Dark Soveriegn's Rise
A Novel Concept
A Novel Concept - A death a day, MC will live anyway!
A Novel Concept - A death a day, MC will live anyway! - END OF THE TRIBULATIONS!
A Novel Concept - LitRPG Progression - Ten days left before the MC invades a world!
A Novel World
A Numbers Game
A Page of Petals
A Paladin's Rogue
A Parallel Dream
A Past Life Of A Vampire Lord
A Path of Business: My Loyal and Lovely Husband
A Path of Numbers: The Systemic Cultivator's Beginning
A Path Of Rage
A Path to Crown
A Path to Magic
A path to nowhere
A Path Unfolding
A Path Wide Enough for One
A Pauper's Ascension
A Pawn of Chaos in the Game of Fate
A Pawn of Chaos in the Game of Fate - Revision
A Pawn of Chaos in the Game of Fate - Rubble Rats
A Pawn of Chaos in the Game of Fate [Pre-edit]
A Personal Hell for A Winged Killer
A Petal Torn of Shapeless Thoughts
A Phoenix's life
A picture is worth a Chapter
A Pinch of Sacrilege
A Pipe Dream
A Pirate's Life for Mei
A Pirate's Life, The Virus, and A New World
A Pirates Life for Me
A Pirates life isn't always gold
A Place I havent' Been
A Place to Belong - A LitRPG Adventure
A Place To Bloom
A Place To Send Chapters
A Place Under the Ocean
A Place Without Wind
A Play ground for an Undead Lord
A Player in the Greenwood
A Playground For The Powerful
A Pocket or Two (A LitRPG Series)
A Poem for Springtime
A Polite Society
A Poor Day For Digging Graves
A Portal Fantasy Comedy Poem
A Portrait Of A Witch
A Power Manipulator's Multiversal Adventures
A Powerful Duke In Another world
A Practical Guardian
A Practical Guide to Sorcery
A Pre-Apocalyptic Rebrith
A Prelude to War
A Price In Memory
A Price In Memory (Aspect of the Beast Rewrite)
A Priestess Ends the World Only to Find Another
A Primeval Future
A Princess Melody
A Princess of Alfheim
A Princess, a Dragon, a Rogue and One Other Guy
A Prison of Worlds (The Chained Worlds Chronicles Book 1)
A Probability Experiment Turned Me Into A Clockwork Girl And I Really Don't Know What To Make Of It All
A Profane Weapon's Wonderland Fantasy
A Professional Reader's Guide to Amateur Writing
A Promise
A Promise Made Long Ago
A Promise Marked by Fire
A Promise of Legends
A Prose of Years
A Protector's Circumstance
A Protracted Game [Web Serial]
A Psychic's Scarlet Dream
A Psycho in a Ruined World
A Psycho in the Ruined World
A Psycho's Diary
A Psychopath's Diary: A LITRPG Apocalypse Story
A Puppeteer's Journey
A Purple Path
A Queen of Ruins
A Quest for a Cure
A Quest for Existence
A Quest For Normalcy
A Quest for the Stars
A Quest for the Stars [A Homebrew D&D 3.5/Pathfinder 1e Adventure]
A Quest in Egypt ( A Story Of Jinns And Witches Book 1 )
A Quest of Two Worlds
A quest to reveal the truth of humanity
A Question of Character (shelved)
A Questionable Persons Questionable Look At Life
A Quiet New
A ragbag of stories, don't expect them to end.
A random pokemon journey
A Random story of an Adventurer
A Raptor and Her Life
A Rather Polite, Bigger Thing
A Rather Unfortunate Gun-Wizard
A Rational Zombie (Complete)
A Rats Life
A Raymond's Raven - (The Exploration of Magic in World War 1)
A Real Goddess Would Let Nobody Die
A Real Life
A Realm in Peril (Litrpg Adventure)
A realm of Intrigue
A Reaper's Tale
A reason to fight
A Rebellion of The True Heir
A recluse in Zhongnan Mountain
A Record of Ash & Ruin: The Grieving Lands [LitRPG]
A Record of Ash & Ruin: The Grieving Lands
A Record of Ash & Ruin: The Grieving Lands [LitRPG]
A Region Not My Own
A Region Not My Own - A Pokemon Story
A regular guy becomes a dungeon
A Reincarnated College Girl That Can Do Anything
A Reincarnated Demon's Life of Wonder
A Reincarnates Story
a Reincarnation full of choices
A reincarnation story - Given another chance as a fantastical creature (full rewrite incoming!)
A reincarnation story - Given another chance as a fantastical creature (full rewrite)
A Relatively Powerful Mage
A Religious Witch?! How Incredbile!
A Reluctant Adventurer
A Requiem For The End
A Restart on Life
A restaurant in the Apocalypse
A Retelling of Twilight Princess
A Retired Officer's Shop In The Eastern Wonderland
A Retired Vets New Life: An Apocalyptic Novel
A Returner's Second Chance [Sci-fi, LitRPG]
A Right to Power (A Divine LitRPG System)
A Road of Wrath and Ruin - A Magical Academy Progression Fantasy
A Robbery Of Goats
A Robin and A Crow
A robot girl in a fantasy world
A Robot Named Rob
A rogues life in another world
A Rogues Life in Another World (Draft 1)
A romance novel on how to: Deal with Unexpected Encounters
A Romance of Villains
A Romantic Cursed Looped Halloween
A Rose of Hellfire
A Rotten Soul
A rotten soul (short hiatus)
A rouges life in another world
A Royal Knight From Another World Got Reincarnated To Earth
A Royal Meeting - The Arthur case
A Royal Warrior
A Runaway Father's Odyssey
A Ruthless Tutorial
A Ruthless Tutorial (Book 1 Finished)
A Safe Place
A saga of Alviona, a girl who would be known as Crimson Queen
A Sage Adrift (NarutoXMCU)
A Sage's Different World Logs
A Sage's Second Chance At Life
A Satisfactory Isekai Situation
A Savage Nature (Warcraft Insert)
A Savage's Journey
A Savage's Journey (Previous Gambler's Den)
A Savage's Journey (Previously Gambler's Den)
A Saviour's Endeavour
A Scholar's Sword - Pokemon Researcher Isekai
A Scholar's travels with a Witcher
A Scientific ReQuest
A Scientist And His Hi-Tech Laboratory Suddenly Transported In Another World
A Scientist in a Fantasy World
A Scientist's Way Through A Fantasy World
A Scourge of Hope [Dark Progression LitRPG]
A Second Canvas: A Master Painter Reborn In The Body Of A Lazy Art Student
A Second Chance
A Second Chance (Invasion Book #1): LitRPG Series
A second life
A second life as a fox.
A second, [glitched] chance
A secret
A Sect Elder's Journey - Xianxia Isekai
A Sehealian Chronicle
A Sense for magic
A Series of One Shots
A series of Short stories
A series of Transmigrated Misadventures.
A Serpentine Tale {Dropped}
A Servant of Justice
A Servant of The Empire
A Sh Ai El
A Shade Underneath the Heavens
A Shadow
A Shadow Fairy Tale
A Shadow Fairy Tale (Hiatus)
A Shadow of Darkness: Part 1
A Shadow's Requiem (OC/SI villain protagonist)
A Shamelessly (Not So) Cliche Urban Fantasy Light Novel
A Shamelessly (Not So) Cliche Urban Fantasy Story
A Shamelessly Cliche Urban Fantasy Story
A Shamelessly Cliche Urban Fantasy Story [Eastern Magic Systems]
A Shapeshifting ________!
A Shard falls from the Heavens
A Sharper, More Lasting Pain
A Shattered Realm
A Shattered World
A Shifter's Journey
A Shifters Journey
A Shining Sword.
A Short Story Collection
A Sick Twist of Fate
A side character's dilemma (BL)
A Side Villain's Ballad.
A Silent Love Story
A Silvertongue's Tale
A Simple Bar In The Multiverse
A Simple Bar In The Multiverse (Indefinite hiatus)
A simple book
A Simpler Reality ( Revised )
A Single Card
A Single Thought
A Sinner's Chance
A Sinner's Eden
A Siren's Call
A Sister'S All You Need | 如果有妹妹就好了
A Sith During The Fall
A Sith's Journey
A Sith? During The Fall
A Sith? Out of Time
A Sith? Out of Time?
A Skazka
A Skeleton's Memories
A Skill Whore's Journey
A Skin-Changer's Tale
A Skull Full of Souls
A sky as blue as ours
A Sky of Star and Strength
A sky pirate's last Flight
A Sky Spirit
A Slave's Voice (Revision Pending)
A Slayer's Diary
A Sleeping Dragon
A Sleepless Apocalypse
A Slice Of Life Of Broken Man
A Slight Case of Death
A Slight Resistance: Canursid Tails vol 2
A slimes time
A slip into fantasy
A Slip Of The Force
A Small Planet for Hungry Hearts
A Small Town Called Cadaver
A Smarter Potter (HP)
A Smidge of Magic
A Smile To Remember...
A Snail's Wisdom
A Snake's Life
A Snake's Rise
A Soft Spot For You
A Soldier Adrift: Captain Westeros
A Soldier Got Lost In Another World
A Soldier Tale
A Soldier's Dream - Elementum Adamantinus Purifico
A Soldier's Fragmented Memoire
A Soldier's Harmony
A Soldier's Life
A Soldier's resolve in this maddening world
A Solitary God In A Dark Multiverse
A Somewhat Realistic Historical-Based Isekai With No Magic
A Song Calls Them Home
A Song for the Live Ones
A Song for the New Age
A Song of Fire and Steel (Game of Thrones X Avatar the Last Airbender Fanfiction)
A Song of Goblins and Skeletons
A Song of Ice and Fur
A Song Through Time
A Song Through Time - [Time Regression]
A Soothing Melody for the Bleach-Stained Ego
A Sorcerer's Core
A Sorcerer's Footsteps
A Sorcerers Throne
A Sorceress On Earth
A Soul Bound Dragon
A Soul's Dream
A Soul's New Home
A Soul's Wish
A Space Odd-yssey?
A Spark of Luck
A Spark of Luck (Magic Academy Progression)
A Spear of Dauntless Steel [LitRPG portal fantasy]
A Spirit Vein's Guide to Immortality
A Spiteful Thing - A progression fantasy
A Splash of Death
A Spy's Rise to Stardom
A Squirrel's Tale [litrpg]
A Standard Model of Magic
A Standard Superhero World
A Standard Virtual Odyssey
A Star Falls Upon Estrea
A Star for Every Soul
A Star is Born
A Star Pilot in a Woman's World
A Star's shadow
A Stardust Symphonic
A Stay on Skipper Street-A litRPG adventure
A Step Behind Death
A Step into Madness (Dropped)
A Step-by-Step Guide to Conquering a Fantasy World
A Stirring at the Ridge
A Stone's Throw
A stories End
A Storm in the Fall
A Story about a Magic Book
A Story About a Vampire
A Story From June
A Story in Black and White
A story in which numerous people die
A Story less Told (The legend of Adrian Michael Greggarious, book 1)
A Story Of Blue Boxes And Cats
A Story Of Change
A Story Of Creation
A Story Of Multiverse Travels.
A Story of the Changeling
A Story That You Wouldn't Want To Read +
A Story To Choice From (10 One Shots)
A story where every chapter is chapter one
A story where the main character is too Op!
A Strand of Divine Sense
A Strange Love
A Strange Love (Remake)
A Strange Sense Of Honesty
A Strange Soul
A strange soul (Discontinued)
A Strange Soul Rewritten
A Stranger Amongst Rivers and Lakes
A Stranger in Sorcererstown
A Stranger in Sorcererstown (The Stranger Trails Saga)
A Struggle Through the Deadly
A Student's Journey through Magic and Mayhem
A Student...Like You
A Students Gate to Hell
A Study in Rain
A Study in Shadow and Light
A Succubus System? But I'm a Virgin!
A Sudden Cute Baby: My Awesome President Dad
A sudden dungeon story
A Summoner Awakens [A Card-Based GameLit Progression Fantasy]
A Summoner's Path
A Summoners Story: A Study of The System
A Sundering of Magic: An Elemental Progression Fantasy
A Sunless World
A Super Robot Story
A Super Robot story.
A Superhuman Family In Another The World?
A Superior Being Will Always Rise ... Even If They're A Goblin
A supporting role's immortal way
A Suspicious Lack of Horses
A Sweet Yet Sour Plum
A Sword Master's Travels (1)
A Sword Spirit's Journey in the Myriad Realms
A Sword's Nakama
A Symphony of Steel
A Symphony's Harmony
A System Inherited! [LitRPG, World Building, Female MC, Strong to super strong, Xianxia like]
A System To Kill Monsters?! I Just Want A Date For Prom!
A Tactician's Mind
A Tail's Misfortune
A Tail's Misfortune (1st Draft)
A Tainted Promise
A Tale for the God of the Sea
A Tale for the Lost
A Tale From Azaad
A Tale From Azad
A Tale from Dirt
A Tale from Entherah: The White Owl
A Tale from Entherah: The White Owl (Volume 1)
A Tale of a Certain Lolicon
A tale of a girl and her shadow
A Tale of a Thousand Names
A Tale of a Thousand Names {Isekai Lit RPG}
A Tale of Beauty & Blood
A Tale of Broken Blades [LitRPG]
A Tale of Broken Blades: A LitRPG Progression Fantasy
A Tale of Casual OPness
A Tale Of Deed and Destiny
A Tale Of Deed and Destiny (Fantasy Series)
A Tale of Fate, Choices & Summons [LitRPG]
A Tale of Fire and Blades
A Tale of Gold Leaf
A tale of Might and Magic
A Tale of Monsters: Stolen
A tale of nonchalance and tomfoolery...
A Tale of Origin
A Tale of Peril: Change
A Tale Of Pride
A Tale of Scales
A Tale of Sorrow and Love: Book I
A Tale of Space & Magic: The Last Humans of Gliesen
A tale of teleportation
A Tale of the Abyssal Era
A Tale of the Ages: Gods, Monster, and Heros
A Tale of the Elements
A Tale of the Golden Crown
A Tale of Twin Moons
A Tale of Twisted Shadows
A Tale of Two Brothers: Fire and Water
A Tale of Two Cats
A Tale of Two Heroes
A Tale of Two Kiddies
A Tale of Two Sisters
A Tale of Two Souls
A Tale of Two Worlds
A Tale of Vengeance
A Tale of Villainy
A Tale of Winter
A Tale To Tell
A Tamer's Path [A Deckbuilding LitRPG Apocalypse]
A Taste for the Finer Things
A Taste of Bittersweet Poison
A Taste Of Chaos(Repost)
A Taste of Ismenian Water
A Technomaniac in Another World
A Technomaniac in Another World (Prototype)
A Teen Mom's Guide to Crime, Villainy, and Babysitting
A Ten Pound Bag
A Ten Year Vacation Turned Me Into A 14 Year Old Kid
A Terran Space Story: Academy Days
A Terran Space Story: The Commander Saga
A Terran Space Story: The Lieutenant Saga
A Terrible Deal
A terrible field trip
A Terrible Villain And Their Destiny
A Test of Knives
A Testament of Spears
A Theft Of Stars
A Thief's Descent
A Thief's Tale: The Road To Redemption
A Thief's Tale: The Road To Redemption v1.826
A Thiefs Tale
A Thousand Blades (The Evolved, Book 0)
A Thousand Faces (Soon To Be Published)
A Thousand Faces: The Villain's Journey
A Thousand More
A Thousand Reasons to Forgive - An Anti-Hero / Villain Isekai
A Thousand Reincarnations : Overcome My Destiny
A Thousand Ways to say "Home"
A Thousand Year Old
A Thousand Years Queen
A Thread of Fate
A thug, a Dragon and a Knight.
A Time for Leisure
A Tingle Later: A Different Kind of Hero Tale
A Tinker's Damn - Book 1 of Descendants of a Dead Earth
A Titan Tale
A Titan's Core [LitRPG Isekai]
A Titan's Crusade
A Toaster Story
A Tomb of Dead Stories
A Topaz in the Rough
A Torrent Of Memories
A Totally Normal Isekai Adventure
A Totally Normal Isekai Adventure (On Break)
A Touch Too Close
A Tour of the World Between Worlds
A Towel to Save your Life
A Trace of Heroism
A Tragedy for a Demon Lord
A Train Between Worlds
A Train Ride Home
A Transmigrated Statesman
A Trash Heap Of Short Stories
A Traumatized Girl's Quest for Home in a Fantasy Land
A Traveler's Legend: Leisurely Living My Life In A Normal World
A Traveler's Tale
A Traveller's Journey; A litRPG Tale
A Traveller's Journey; A litRPG Tale. (part 1 complete.)
A Travelling Mage's Almanac
A Travelling Mage's Almanac [MORT]
A Tree And A Puddle
A Tree of Omens [Vol. I] [Grimdark/Solarpunk Isekai Progression]
A Tree of Omens [Vol. I] [Sci-fi Isekai Progression]
A tree's simple life
A Trial of Time- India/US Transference.
A Tribe of Kassia
A Tribute from Imruk
A Trillion Trillion Years
A trip to Front 17
A Trip to Tuanaki
A Truck Driver's Tale
A True Paradise
A true Patriarch (Naruto FF)
A True Queen's Life
A True Rhombic Comes in Time
A Truly Bizarre Collection of Flash Fiction
A Twist that Lead to the Fall
A typical fantasy Journey
A Typical Love Story
A Typical Xianxia
A Tyrant, Sort Of [LitRPG, Isekai, Dragon MC]
A Tyrant: Unshackled
A ugly swan
A Unique Hunter
A Universal Tale
A Universe of Bloody Evolution
A Universe of Bloody Evolution: Human to Monster Progression
A Vague and Indistinct Existence
A vampire life
A Vampire's Complications
A Vampire's Dilemma
A Vampire's Guide: How to Survive as an Adventurer
A Vampire's Journey in a Fantasy World
A Vampire's Second Life
A Vampires Life During The Apocalypse
A vampiric Blade Reforged
A Veil Between Worlds [Military Academy|Progression]
A Verdant Journey
A Verdant Mask
A Very Autistic Post-Apocalypse
A very Bunny Point of View (Isekai Parody gone Wrong, gone Bun'ed!)
A very Bὕnny Point of View
A very Bὕnny Point of View [Isekai Parody gone Wrong, gone Bun'ed!]
A Very Messy Space Opera
A very strange rebirth
A Victim of Online Fiction
A Village In The Mist. (Not Fanfic)
A Villain of Virtue
A villainess Reborn
A Viral Life
A Virtual Invasion
A virtual reality game according to a martial artist otaku
A Virus Life For Me
A Vision of Fire
A Vixen's Blood
A Void Existence - LitRPG
A Void Spirit's Slightly Psychotic Tale
A void: The Edge
A Volume of Forgotten Lore
A Vorrgistadt Shard - The Shattered Oracle
A Voyage Beyond
A VR Story
A VRMMORPG Adventure: The Legend of the Legendary Rogue!
A Wanderer's Fate
A Wanderer's Story by Dms143
A Wandering Dude
A Wandering Soul
A Wandering to the Deep
A War Beyond Kings
A war for the ages
A War of Galaxies: The Things I've Seen
A War of Gods
A War To End Them All
A Warboss's Retirement Plan
A Warlock From Elsewhere
A Warlock's Lament
A Warlock's Luck
A Warlord's Dungeon
A Warm Bed & A Hot Shower
A warm share of happiness
A Warring Dungeon
A Warrior's Ballad
A Warrior's Ballad Book I- Beware The Pulse
A Warrior's Love (BL)
A Wartorn World
A Way of Life
A Weak Villain
A Weird Book #1
A Well Dressed Wolf
A Werewolf In Under-Town
A Wheel Inside a Wheel
A Whisper Among the Stars
A Wicked Tale Of Witches, Wands, Booze, and Swagger
A Wielder's Tale: The Prodigy:
A Will and A Way
A Will of a Dragon
A Will to Cultivate - XianXia Progression
A Will to Recognize
A Willing Bounty
A Winding Road to Revenge
A Winter's War
A Wish
A Wish Beyond Chaos
A wish come true
A Wish For Power
A Wish in the Night
A Wish Of Change
A WISH TO DIE: escaping fate
A Wish Upon The Stars
A Witch and her Cookbook
A Witch at Midnight
A Witch at Midnight - A Contemporary Progression Story 🌈
A Witch Cries, So Comes the End
A Witch out of Time
A Witch's Guide to Hiking
A witch's story
A Witch's World
A witcher cultivator.
A Witchstone Cursed
A Witchstone Cursed (A Dark Portal Fantasy)
A Witness from A Lifetime
A Wizard of the past
A wizard walks
A Wizard's Birth: Awakening
A Wizard's Guide to Anarchy
A Wizard's Life In a New Earth
A Wizard's Sacrifice, Book Two of the Woern Saga
A Wizard's Soul
A Woeful Melody
A Wolf among Dogs
A Wolf at the end of the World
A Wolf In Penrith - A Kammi Kettu Story
A Wolf's Journey
A Wolf's Way
A Wonderful Adventure in a Wonderful New World
A Work of Art [10 Author COLLABOCALYPSE, Winter 2024]
A World Alone
A World Asunder: Daughters of the Everdark
A World Away
A World Beyond
A world born from ashes (undefined hiatus)
A World Forgotten
A World I Rule (LitRPG, Monster Tamer)
A World in Chaos
A World In Motion
A World in the Palm of my Hands: A LitRPG Apocalypse
A World Invaded By The Fantasy Monsters From Another World
A World of Chaos
A World of Magic
A World of Many
A World of Monster Girls
A World of Monsters
A World of My Own
A World Of Possibilities
A World Of Power (A Fantasy, Magic and Adventure story)
A World Of Rotten Eggs (Eggman/The Boys SI)
A World of Rules
A World of Summoned Heroes
A World on the Brink of Destruction
A World Reborn
A World to Call My Own
A World Together
A world travelers problem
A World Traveller
A world where your true name decides your abilities
A World With My Destiny
A World With Nothing Normal
A World With or Without Aliens
A world with two moons
A World Without
A World without a System?!
A World Without a Tomorrow
A World without Misery
A World without Misery (featuring AI-generated illustrations)
A World Without Them
A World Worth Fighting For
A World Worth Protecting For
A Worldly Tale: Speechless
A Wrinkle in Reality
A writer's attempts
A writer's legend
A Writer's Regression
A Yandere's Quest to Get Her Man
A Year And A Day
A Year at the Zoo
A Year of Jubilee [The Death Note Fanfic]
A year too far (Dungeon core LitRpg Loop Story)
A Yearning
A Yearning [OLD VERSION]
A Yellow Dress Forgotten
A Young Boy's Space Opera
A Young Girl Decides to Kill
A young girl is my master and I'm son of the demon king?
A young magician from Earth, Book Two. - The Dungeon mysteries.
A young magician from Earth.
A Young Master's Guide to Courting Death
A Young Master's Guide to Courting Death [COMPLETE]
A Young Woman's Alchemy (Youjo Senki x Fullmetal Alchemist)
A Zombie's heart (BL)
A Zombie's heart (BL) - HIATUS
A Zomboid story
A(n) (Other)worldly Tale.
A-Live AI
A-Zone: Traces
A. Speckhart.
A. Speckhart. | BOOK ONE | Undergoing Edits
A.I. Actual Intelligence
A/B Test Dropout
Aarav - A journey with a Spirit in Another World
Aaron, A Shadow Monster
Aaron: The Arche
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World.
Abaddon: Genesis
Abandon all hope by Darkmatter
Abandoned Card System
Abandoned Goddess [Reincarnation, Magic, Comedy, Female Lead]
Abandoned Goddess [Wuxia, Reincarnation, Fantasy, Comedy, Funny, Clever Female Lead]
Abandoned Goddess [Wuxia, Reincarnation, Fantasy, Harem, Magic, Comedy, Female Lead]
Abandoned Goddess [Wuxia, Reincarnation, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Comedy, Clever Female Lead]
Abandoned Goddess [Wuxia, Reincarnation, Fantasy, Magic, Comedy, Female Lead]
Abandoned Goddess [Wuxia, Reincarnation, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Funny, Clever Female Lead]
Abandoned Prince
Abandoned Prince (isekai)
Abandoned: The Story About Ryu The Banished God
Abandoning All Hope
ABBADON (Naruto fanfic)
Abby and Violet (Yuri Light Novel)
Abby and Violet 2nd Vol.
Abby's Gift
ABC – Ancient Beast Core
Abduction Chronicles: GENESIS
Abel's Tale
Abeni's Army: Escape The Underworld
Aberrant Mind
Aberrant Tales
ABERRANT: The Tale of Magic Under the Fallen Sky
Aberrant: Unbound Soul
Abigail the Grimoire
Ability to make a kingdom? Let's make a fast food restaurant!
Abnormal 2
Abnormal Boy Enters A New World
Abnormal Days
Abnormal Tamer
Abominable King
Abominable Standards
About a dangerous girl
About Last Night
About when I was sent to another world to become its new GOD.
Above All
Above All Shadows
Above and Below
Above Dark Waters
Above Heavens I Stand
Above the Fog
Above the Heavens
Absalom's Fate (The Everlands Book 1)
Absolute Ancestor
Absolute Control
Absolute Darkness
Absolute Death
Absolute Divinity (JJBA)
Absolute Fantasy: An Immortal's Journey Never Ends
Absolute Justice (Pokemon/One Piece, Absol SI LitRPG)
Absolute Knowledge
Absolute Order
Absolute Power
Absolute Power of the Imagination
Absolute Shopping Addict
Absolute Supremacy
Absolute Sword Goddess
Absolute Trinity
Absolute Zero
Absolution's Road
Absurd Mage in Another World
Absurdist Phone Guy Stuffed in a Suit
Abyss "tomb of the gods"
Abyss Core
Abyss Descender
Abyss Descender [LitRPG Dungeon exploration]
Abyss System
Abyss' Apprentice
Abyss' Apprentice (Progression Fantasy)
Abyss' descender [LitRPG Dungeon exploration]
Abyss: A gamelit adventure
Abyssal Domination
Abyssal Dragon: Awakening
Abyssal Emissary
Abyssal Era
Abyssal Fortress girl in another world
Abyssal King
Abyssal Knight in the Modern World
Abyssal Phoenix - Multiverse
Abyssal Rise
Abyssal Rise (Fantasy LitRPG)
Abyssal Road Trip
Abyssmal Downpour
Acacia Chronicle
Acadamia of Heroes
Academy Nerd [ Isekai Progression LitRPG ]
Academy of Grinding
Academy of Heroes (The Murder of Innocence)
Academy Saint
Academy Showdown – Book 0 – An Urban Fantasy
Academy Unluckiest Bastard
Acadia: A LitRPG Adventure
Accidental Adoption
Accidental Artificer
Accidental Champion of Earth: A LitRPG Apocalypse Tower Climber
Accidental Champion: A LitRPG Apocalypse Tower Climber
Accidental Crossing - A Bailiwick of the Book Tale
Accidental Cultivator
Accidental Demon King
Accidental dungeon
Accidental God
Accidental Interstellar Bride
Accidental Love Destined Betrayal
Accidental Merlin
Accidental Orc
Accidental Reaver
Accidental summon
Accidental Time God
Accidental War Mage
Accidental Warrior
Accidentally a Shrine Priestess
Accidentally Blessed by a Goddess Before Reincarnating
Accidentally Died After Seeing My Crush On New Years 2012, and Now I'm In Another World With My MP3 Player
Accidentally Smithing
Accidentally Smithing [Currently being Re-Written]
Accidentally Smithing [On HIATUS TILL EARLY 2023]
Accidential dungeon
Accidents Happen
Accidents Made Right 1: Pistanthrophobia
Accords of Mlusna (LitRPG City Builder)
Accountant Isekai
Accountants Vengeance
Accursed and Betrayed: The Revenant of the Void
Accursed Fate
Accursed Gold
Accused: The KC Warlock Weekly, Book One
Ace Among Jokers
Ace of all Trades
Ace of Demons
Acebound: An eSports Tale
Aced: A Slice of Life Tennis LitRPG
Aces From Hell
Achemist Dungeon
Achylys [An Isekai LitRPG Story]
Acidic Anima
Acolyte: A Witch Hunter Tale
Acolyte: The Emerald Gates
Acquiring a Low-Level Dimension in the Marvel Universe
Acrabha Stone: Blessing and Curse (#1)
Acrayma: The world that hates me
Across the border
Across the Realms
Across the Realms [Dropped]
Across The Sea
Across the Stars
Act Naturally
Acting as the love advisor to the big damn (simp) hero (Fantasy)
Acting, Acting... I End Up Finding Myself A Husband...
Action, Adventure, Videogame
Actor lost in another world.
Actor MIA in another world.
Ad Astra
Ad Astra - The Alagore War
Ad Astra per Aspera [Space Opera]
Adachi x Nova
Adagio of the Enlightened
Adam & Eve: A Romantic Sci-Fi
Adam is the Protagonist
Adam's coin
Adam: The Archer
Adam: The Vagabond's Revenge
Adamant Doom
Adamantine Dragon in the Crystal World
Adamantine Heart
Adapt or Perish
Adapt: The Scourge Wars Book 2
Adaptive Learner
Adaptive Morphosis : Dawn Break
Adaptive Morphosis : Morning Sun
Aden Strong: Avatar In DC
Adeptaverse - Origins Of Altara
Adeptaverse - The Holy Calamity
Adermoor Cove Part 1: The Rainbow Beret
Admin &Amp; Cleave
Admin &Amp; Cleave (A Litrpg Progression Sci-Fantasy)
Admin &Amp; Cleave [Litrpg Progression Sci-Fantasy]
Admin &Amp; Cleave [Litrpg Progression Sci-Fi]
Admin Playground
Admin Playground - leave it be.
Admin Rights
Admin Test
Administrator of the Sacred Tower [Dungeon Core LitRPG]
Administrator's Assistant
Adopted by a Vampire
Adopted By Humans
Adopting a Dungeon - Cozy Dungeon Progression / Found Family Adventure!
Adorable Atrocity: An Alien Evolution LITRPG
Adorne: (A LITRPG adventure)
Adorne: (A LITRPG adventure) (DROPPED)
Adrian Adley, Magic School Manager
Adrian of Winford
Adrift To Stranger Land
Adrift with Demons
Adrift: Raven's Wail
ADT - Another Dimension Travel
Adtraic Verity
Adult movies
Advanced Heroes of Last Resort , The Other Guys Two
Advanced Universe
Advent of a New World!
Advent of an Assassin
Advent of Dragonfire
Advent of Eternity [A Tactician LitRPG]
Advent of Eternity: A litRPG Revenge Story
Advent of Eternity: A Tactical litRPG
Advent Of Shadow Monarch
Advent of the Apocalypse
Advent of the Apocalypse (Jaco: A Druid LitRPG)
Advent of the Apostles
Advent of the Ascended [Dropped]
Advent Of The Celestial Sage
Advent of the Immortal Dream
Advent Of The Median
Advent of the Mindfire Mage Volume 1: The Explosive Arrival
Advent of the Mindfire Mage: A Challenger's Return Story
Advent of the Mindfire Mage: The Explosive Arrival
Advent of the Skeleton King
Advent of the Storm King - A LitRPG Story
Advent Steel
Advent to destruction
Advent: Red Mage
Adventure Academy
Adventure From A Bard's Perspective
Adventure Home
Adventure In A Foreign World - Legacy of The Chosen One
Adventure of a system supported gamer
Adventure of Adventures
Adventure of Chance
Adventure of Lara
Adventure of Luke
Adventure of The Eternal Brothers
Adventure Online
Adventure Party: Forest Crypt Campaign
Adventure Quest: Guardians of The Night Sky
Adventure Quest: Theodore Saga
Adventure stories
Adventure to the Stars
Adventure Train (The Boundless Mage's Coming to the Train)
Adventure With A System
Adventure? Slime? Slimeventure? Yeah, something like that.
Adventured away
Adventurer - Sunrise Over Sunset
Adventurer - Sunrise Over Sunset [A tabletop mechanics LitRPG]
Adventurer Academy: Greyblood
Adventurer Book II: Dawn of an Empire
Adventurer Book II: Dawn of an Empire [A tabletop mechanics LitRPG]
Adventurer Book II: Dawn of Discovery
Adventurer Hearth's Guide to Monster Taming
Adventurer Reincarnation - Stop Lying, You Definitely Killed Me!
Adventurer Slayer
Adventurer's Training Camp
Adventurer: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure
Adventures in a Shattered Worlds Beta
Adventures in amnesia
Adventures in Atalok
Adventures in Magic
Adventures in Mim
Adventures In Mirida
Adventures in Planus
Adventures in Red: Gunslinger's Follower
Adventures in The Magic World
Adventures in The Magic World (Adam's Tale)
Adventures in the Pirate Continent
Adventures in Wonder - A Wish of a Life Time
Adventures in Wonderland
Adventures of a Cicada
Adventures of a Failed Author
Adventures of a Fake Monk
Adventures of A God!
Adventures of a Reluctant Pacifistic Monster
Adventures of a young Zuma
Adventures of Alex Blackwell
Adventures of an Android
Adventures of an avid gamer
Adventures of an Eldritch Girl
Adventures of an Old Dreamer
Adventures of Ashaya
Adventures of Branden Balond
Adventures of General J. Bottle
Adventures of Ian The Wise
Adventures of Kaleb and Neigh and Korbanok
Adventures of Lord Genesis
Adventures of one dude with an afro
Adventures of Percy Jackson in the MCU
Adventures of Ragnos
Adventures of Shadow and Garb
Adventures of Stephen Silworth
Adventures of the Bearmon Trainer
Adventures of the Blasted Marksman [Rewrite]
Adventures of the First Being
Adventures of the Goldthirst Company
Adventures of the moon
Adventures of Traveling Inn Keeper
Adventures Of Truck-san
Adventures of Vee
Adventures of Zik Sev
Adventures on Patriam: Wolves and Men
Adventures on Planet Gana
Adventures on Terra: Beginning
Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush
Adventuring In A Unique Xianxia Universe
Adventuring in Another World
Adventuring in the cultivation world
Adventuring with my Unorthodox Talent
Adventurous Heart
Advice for Authors
Advice Master Megumi!
Advisor to a Kindhearted Demon
Aefell Online
Aeflym; Ascenders Legacy
Aegis [A Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG Progression Fantasy]
Aegis Aurora
Aegis Core
Aegis of the Empire
Aegis Of The Gods
Aegis: The First Attempt
Aegis: Welcome to the End of the Universe
Aelin (title may change)
Aelios Online
AEO Alt Earth Online
Aeon Chronicles Online
Aeon Chronicles: The Frozen Calamity
Aeon Genesis: The Lord of Servants
Aeon Genesis: The Sin of Innocence
Aeonian's Brigades
Aeonian's Brigades: The Archive of Sagacious Seekers.
Aeonica - Progression Fantasy [REWRITE]
Aeonica [REWRITE]
Aerid: Tales Of The Academy
Aeros: The Cursed Mages
Aeroth: The Arrival of the Beasts
Aesha Roxinne Flinn
Aesthetic of a Female Rogue
Aestia Valley
Aestral Online
Aeterna Saga, Volume 1: Walking With Giants
Aeternitas: The Shores of Destiny
Aeternitas: The Shores of Destiny (Prologue)
Aeternitas: The Shores of Destiny - [An Epic Elemental Magic School Fantasy]
Aeternus Ignis
Aether & Steam
Aether Academy
Aether Dragon
Aether Engineering
Aether Gate Online: Slayer (A LitRPG Saga)
Aether Hex and the shards of the demon king.
Aether Knight
Aether Nexus Side Stories: Curse of Hatred
Aether Online
Aether Online Archive
Aether Orb
Aether, Book One: Fugitive
Aether: The World Inside a Dream
Aetheral Space
Aetherborn (Rewritten)
Aetherbound Leviathan: The First Rift
Aethercross-Real Game,The Borderland of Reality and Fantasy
Aetheria [Litrpg/system, xianxia]
Aetherial Adventures
Aetherias Ascent
Aetherion's Legacy
Aethernum—Cradle of Yore
Aetherum Descendance
Aevalin and The Age of Readventure
Aevintir Chronicles: Black and White
Aevitas — I am not an NPC [R]
Affairs of Demons and Men
Affairs of the Soul
Affinity for Fire
Afflicted by Snow
Affluent Reawakening: The Chronicles of a Reluctant Heart
Afron Orpheus: Tale Of The Demon King
After Abyss [A Isekai LitRPG light novel inspired by Made in Abyss]
After Alice
After All
After Apocalypse: Silver Wind
After being reincarnated as the strongest hero I decided to open a tavern and wait until I have to save the world!
After being rejected, I was reincarnated into an insane Death Race
After being rejected, I was reincarnated into an insane Death Race!?
After Dark Comes Darkness (An Apocalyptic Game-Lit)
After Dark Comes Darkness (An Apocalyptic Game-Lit) COMPLETE
After Days Chronicles: A Cabin By A Lake And The Things Beyond.
After Death
After Death [A Supernatural Psy Action Thriller]
After death?
After Earth Online: The Iron Warlock
After Eons
After I awakened my talent, I am invincible
After I get kicked out from dorm, My Teacher let me stay at her house
After I Lost to the Demon King
After I Suicide, My Life Restarted With The Life I Longed For.
After I was reborn as a Good-For-Nothing, I ran away
After Kreation: A Widower's Tale
After Life
After Life?
After Lightning Comes The Thunder (HP SI-OC)
After living on a desert island, they all plotted evil against me
After log 003
After Megiddo
After Megiddo: Hell's Pursuit
After Megiddo: The Book of Gideon
After Megiddo: Underrealm
After Moses
After Ragnarok
After Ragnarok (GL - Norse Progression Fantasy)
After Ragnarok (GL - Norse Progression Fantasy) REWRITE IN PROGRESS
After Rebirth, I Was Spoiled by My Five Brothers
After reincarnating as the weakest demon lord, I decided to stand out.
After Surviving the Apocalypse, I Built a City in Another World
After The Druid Academy Exploded
After the End
After the End: Serenity
After the Fall and Other Stories
After the fall of the Dragon Age
After the Fall. (Book 1 of the Shardfall Saga)
After The Fall: Rampant Growth
After the Game Over
After The Heroine Vanished
After the Isekai
After The Light
After the Long Burn
After The Mountains Are Flattened
After the Rapture
After the Tilt
After the universe exploded, I became a Dungeon Master.
After Traveling Back In Time To When I Originally Transmigrated Into A Dumb Harem Xianxia (That I Never Read), I ...
After Treason [BOOK ONE]
After Treason [BOOK ONE][Fantasy]
After War
After Worlds End
After Z
After Zero
After-Life [Completed]
After-Life [Hiatus]
After:Life A slice of life Lit RPG adventure
Afterdoom | The Post-Postapocalypse
Afterdoom | The Post-Postapocalypse (Complete~)
Afterlife - Next World's Auction House
Afterlife Chronicles
Afterlife Hospital
Afterlife Industries: The Devil's Day Job
Afterlife Online
Afterlife Online: Reboot
Afterlife Quest: Theodore Saga
Afterlife: A Gamelit Tower Story
Again [On hold]
Again and again
Again and again [stub]
Again from Scratch
Again from Scratch Saga
Again from Scratch Saga: Izmittor Unchained
Against All Odds
Against all the Odds(hiatus)
Against Even Gods
Against My Fate
Against My Will
Against the Abyss
Against The Elements
Against The Flow
Against The gods and demons
Against the Heaven's Will
Against the heavens.
Against the heavens. *Hiatus for trial*
Against the heavens. *Rework in release.*
Against the heavens. *Temporary Hiatus*
Against The New World
Against the Nine Great Heavens
Against the Odds
Against the Odds: A LITRPG Apocalypse
Against The Plutonium World
Against the Sky
Against the System
Against The World, All Alone? (Harry Potter SI)
Against the World. Chronicles of melancholy
Againts all the worlds
Agartha (hiatus)
Age Is Just a Number.
Age of Aberrant [A Dungeon Core LitRPG]
Age of Aggression
Age of Avarice
Age of Blackstone - Ride the Storm
Age of Blackstone - The Gray Lady & the Spider King
Age of Blackstone -The Battle for Omani : The Spice Queen & the Star Invaders
Age of Champions
Age of Change
Age of Charon
Age of cultivation
Age of Cultivation Online
Age of Daylight
Age of Destruction *dropped*
Age of Divinity - Defender of Faith
Age of Divinity - Unleashed
Age of Dungeons
Age of Exploration: A Dragon's Tale
Age of Glass: A Fallout inspired xianxia story
Age of Gods
Age of Gods - A VRMMO Story [Dropped For Now]
Age of Gods Online
Age of Heroes
Age of Heroes: Novus Gaia
Age of Immortal
Age of Legends
Age of Others
Age of Regression
Age of revolution
Age of Space
Age Of Superhumans
Age of Swordsmen
Age of Swordsmen Online
Age of Teras: Monster Evolution
Age of the Aesir
Age of the Aesir: A Norse Saga
Age of the Dungeon Hunters
Age of Victoria
Ageless Aneurin
Agenda of the Villainess
Agent Lightning: Operation Angel Arms
Agent of Calamity
Agent of the Alternates
Agent of the Realm?
Agent Rider
Agents of Dawn
Agents of Dawn[Under Rewrite]
Agents of Kameros: Knight Academy
Agents of MAGE
Agents of Salvation
Agents of Stigma
Agents of the Lord
Ages Online
Ages: Songs of Death
Aggravated Defense
Aggravated Defense (Group progression LitRPG)
Aggravated Defense (Progression LitRPG)
Aggro Healer
Agis: Rising Star
Agnes of Raegma
Agnes' Journey to Become an Archimage
Agnisotra: Origin Tails
Agnisotra: Origin Tails - Boshi Town
AGON: Trail by Champion
Agonizing Pain
Agri Rubri
Agros de Mortis
Ah, here we go again!
Ahead By An Hour!
Ahead of the Patch
Ahh so it's another dungeon story with a long name
Ahn'Dia Lore & History - Anthology (Demon Queen Series, Epic High Fantasy)
AI Bot Warrior
AI Core
AI Cultivation: Reborn As A Sword [Progression Cultivation Fantasy]
AI Cultivation: Reborn As A Sword [Xianxia LitRPG Fantasy]
AI Cultivation: Reborn As A Sword [Xianxia Progression Fantasy]
AI Dungeon
AI Immortal God Soul
Ai Senju's Journey Around the World
AI's Champion
AI: Revolution
aiAI: Love's Logic
Aias: from a world of kaijus to a world of fantasy and magic
Aidan Alastair - Volume 1
Aidan Alastair - Volume 1: Hero's Journey/Sun & Darkness
Ailsa and Habetrot the Spinstress.
Aim and Fire
Aim Down Sights : A VRMMO FPS Novel
Ain't A Hero
Ain't no Rest for the Wicked
Aincrad Realized
Aino and Eien
Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers
Aira Giyera: The Last Progenitor
Airi in a Thousand Worlds
Airium - Beta key
Airship Girl World
Aivuez: The One Being Brought to Lullaby
AK - The Alchemy Kingdom
AK - The Alchemy Kingdom (Rewrite)
Akarui Shōrai
Akashic Archives Part 0: Accursed Fate [A Progression Fantasy Novel]
Akashic Record
Akashic System
AkaTsuki: Book One [The Heart of A Samurai]
Akhand : The Demon Emperor
Akif Kas - Champion of the Arena
Akm: Automated Killing Machines
Akuma Karu
Akuma No Kage
Akuma no seifuku no fukushū?
AL is in Punderland
Al-Mos... Qui-t-o Live A Second Life
Alamat (Legend)
Alamin: FF
Alaric Castle
ALARIC CASTLE: Becoming the Best Boss Level
Alaric: The Failed Project
Alarm! Colony under attack!
Alarulin Dreamers
Alaska 66 MYA (A Grant Foreman Adventure)
Albert's Summer
Albion Live
Alcaim Saga
Alchemical Dreams Session One - Nearing completion
Alchemical Dreams Session One -Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy-
Alchemical Roots
Alchemical Warfare
Alchemist City
Alchemist Gods Ascension
Alchemist's Raft
Alchemists in Peril: A Tale from Hollowcrest
Alchimia Rex
Alcohol Witch
Alctuz Arena
Aldenia: The Lost
Alea Ludo
Alek the Mage
Aleri The Return
Alex Brim, Hero for Hire
Alex of Lancia
Alex Paige: The Red Sanctum
Alex the Doll
Alexa Thyme (Formerly ALEXiThymiA)
Alexander Creed: Re-Life
Alexander Nightmare
Alexander of MIT
Alexander's Deviant Vanguard
Alexis Longbottom and the New Age of Magic (Harry Potter AU)
Alexis, the Officer's dark history
ALEXiThymiA [Progression][Gamelit]
Alfa Hero
Alfarome: Volper
Alfheimr Renaissance
Alfirima Fea
Aliad - Tale of Zed [Dropped]
Aliad [Dropped]
Alice Devil Gift
Alice In Madness
Alice in Magic Land
Alice in Magic Land [UNREVISED]
Alice misA- White castle table
Alice the Evil [Dark Fantasy - LITRPG - Isekai - World Domination]
Alice the Evil [Dark Fantasy - LITRPG - Isekai]
Alice The Roaming Dungeon
Alice's Saga of Fire and Blood
Alice: Conquering Nightmare
Alicea: The Evolutionary Apocalypse
Alien Abduction: A LitRPG
Alien Me
Alien Novel 1: What the Hell Was That!?
Alien Witch
ALIEN: Otherworld
Alien: Tribulation
Aliens Don't Dance (A LitRPG with bagpipes and combat regurgitation)
Aliens in a fantasy world (AvP fanfic)
Aliens in Ascore.
Aliens In The Moon
Aliens vs The Elvish Empire
Aliens! Tech! War! OH YES!!
Alignment Shift
Alistair's Great and Powerful Startup Dungeon
Alistair's Legacy
Alistair's Legacy (Currently under rewrite)
Alive ?
Alive bond
Alive, once again
Alix & Figaro: Adventures in the Alien Wild
All Accounts Cleared (Novella)
All Alone with You
All Because of a Serum
All Because of a Serum: Batch 1
All colors of magic
All Days Shall Be Numbered ; A LitRPG
All Encompassing
All Evil Clowns Must Die!
All For Power
All for Tartarus
All Foxes Dine in Hell: The Origin of Accidental Fame
All Hail The Queen of Hell
All Hail The Vampire King
All Hallows Eve, 1805
All His Angels Are Starving
All His Angels Are Starving (A Horror-Survival LitRPG)
All His Angels Are Starving (Book One Complete)
All Hollow
ALL HOLLOW (Progression Fantasy)
All I Need is Power
All I See is Mine; a Generic Cultivation Isekai
All I wanted was a simple life
All In One
All In One Anime
All in VAME
All in VAME: Academy Between Worlds
All into Agility
All Knowing Eyes (Game Reincarnation)
All Mine
All my stats are ZERO and my first mission, IS TO KILL GOD!?
All Myths Are True
All of The Angels
All Or Nothing
All Out of Time
All over again, with a little help
All Precogs Must Die
All Songs: A Hero Past the 25th
All Star: Master of All
All Stats Random
All Systems Critical
All systems rise to power.
All Thanks to You
All That is Holy (An Apocalyptic Progression Fantasy Epic)
All The Dead Sinners
All the Dust that Falls
All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai
All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure
All The Lonely People
All The Skills - A Deckbuilding LitRPG
All The Small Things: A Cozy Progression LitRPG
All the Way Down
All These Tentacles
All Things Must End
All Time Greatest Genius
All Trades Book 1: Master of None
All Who Wander
All World Online
All Yesterday's Parties
All's Fair in Love and Demons
All's Fair In Love&War
All's Well that Ends Bad
All, One, Everything.
All-Out Galaxy Battle Tempest! (A Voting AI Tournament Adventure)
All-Star: Master of All
Allegiance Back to the Eternal Black Knight
Alliance (The Ryozae Alliance, book 1)
Alliances, Saga of the Fifteenth
Allies Summoned
Allies Unite
Allister Hale's Story Graveyard.
Allking - The Last Reset
Allory Fae and the Dragon's Whiskers
Alluring Smile (Yāoráo De Wéixiào)
Alma's Dreams (are Default)
Alma's Dreams are Default
Almagear (V2)
Almighty Dung
Almighty Dung [Dropped]
Almighty Hunter
Almighty System
Almira: The story of Tear
Almisha's Journey
Almost a Good Person
Almost Grimm
Almost Heaven; A VRMMO Story
Almost Invincible (Invincible SI)
Alone at my Destination- a Record of Climbing the Unending Tower
Alone No More
Alone Once More: A Dating Sim Timeloop
Alone Time Traveling
Alone Together
Along for the Ride
Along the Path
Along the Strings of Fate
Alpha & Omega
Alpha - Book 1 in the Jaro Trilogy
Alpha Agent
Alpha Armageddon
Alpha Cultivation
Alpha Curio
Alpha Physics - Post Apocalyptic
Alpha Physics - Post Apocalyptic LitRPG
Alpha Project
Alpha Squad - Vecto: Vengeance
Alpha Strike: [An interstellar Weapon Platform's Guide to being a Dungeon Core] (Book 2 title)
Alpha Strike: An interstellar Weapon Platform's Guide to Cultivation [Progression Sci-fi/Cultivation]
Alpha Strike: An interstellar Weapon Platform's Guide to Cultivation [Progression Sif-fi/Cultivation]
Alpha Tester - [Litrpg progression loop]
Alpha's Choice, Beta's Bane
Alpha'S Ex-Mate
Alpha-7 Book 1: Foundations
Alpha: Amaryllis
Alphas & Omegas [Dropped]
Alt Atelier
Alta Chimera
Altar Ego
Altea: World of Magic
Alter [ENG]
Alter Online: Oathkeeper
Alter Tactics
Alter's Aburd Escapades!
Alter: Eclipse| The Chronicles of Gacaea | Book 1
Alter: Guardian Angel
Altera: City In Another World
Alterea: The JoaT
Altered Realms Book 1: Inauguration
Altered Realms: Absolution (Book 2)
Altered Realms: Ascension [completed] - Book 1 - A LitRPG series
Altered Realms: Book 2 - Uprising - A LitRPG series
Altered Realms: Origins
Altered Tales
Alteria: The Fall of Gods
Alterlife II
Alternate (Naruto FanFic)
Alternate 2020
Alternate Ambition
Alternate Dreams
Alternate Earth Alternate timeline (DC)
Alternate Eyes
Alternate Fauna [In Another Planet With Shapeshifting]
Alternate Worlds
Alternative Berseria The X (アルタナティブ・べうセリア・ザ・クロス)
Alternative Reality Vol. 1
Alternative: Indigo
Alternative: To Love–Ru
Althea's Magic [A transmigrated into a villainess LitRPG with elements of Xianxia, Kingdom building and politics]
Althea: The Legendary Saintess [Shoujo]
Althera - The Origin
Altoholic! [A VRMMO LitRPG Adventure]
Altrea: New sights from another world
Altura's Defiance
Altura's Defiance [ A Transmigrated into a Villainess LitRPG with Kingdom Building, MC befriending and Xianxia Politics]
Altura's Defiance: Transmigrated into a Villainess LitRPG with Kingdom Building
Alturix! - A LitRPG Story
Alviona (undergoing Rewrite).
Always and Forever
Always Be A Dragon
Always Be A Dragon (REPOSTED)
Always Born at Genesis: an I Eat Tomato Fanfiction
Always Name Your Tools
Always Together
Always Together: Arc 2
Alyx: the shifters tail
Aláàfin: Irúnmölé
ALÉM DA CORTINA [português]
Am Ende mit meinem Latein
Am I a capture target in a otome game?
Am I a Goddess now?
Am i a goddess? A devil? No i am a lizard
Am I a goddess? A devil? No, I am a lizard
Am I A Man or A Girl?
Am I A Villain?
Am I Lewd Enough?
Am I Lewd Enough??
Am I Seriously The Only Gamer?!
Am i spoiled?
Am I strong or weak!?
Am I The Creator Or The Destroyer?
Am I the Evildoer?
Am I the last Dragon?
Am I The Only One Who Is Not Forced to Migrate Across Worlds....?
Amalgam System
Amalgamous Me
Amanda De'Heron
Amarillo's Pirate Adventure (One Piece)
Amarok's curse
Amaron Online
Amaryc The Wizard Of Control
Amaryllis and Iris
Amaryn: A Country on the Brink
Amaterasu in the MCU Snippets, Omakes, and Info
Amaterasu Snippets, Omakes, and Info
Amaterasu's Marvelous Dawn
Amaterasu's Marvelous Dawn [MCU & Okami Crossover]
Amaterasu's New Game +
Amateur Mad Scientist Isekai
Amatherean Tales - One Flew Over The Dragon's Nest [LitRPG]
Amauga: Far From Any Semblance of Modern Civilization
Amaya In Another World (Am I In Another World?)
Amazing Cleavage: The Adventures of a Battle Axe
Amazonian and her captive
Ambassadors to another world
Amber & Flame: Puffin's Perch
Amber Age
Amber and Ash
Amber Foundation
Amber Silverblood
Amber Silverblood: Silverpack
Amber the Cursed Berserker (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)
Amber the Cursed Berserker - An OP MC Isekai LitRPG
Amber the Goddess of Time
Ambient Magic - Book 1 - [Changeling]
Ambition [Indefinite Hiatus]
Ambition's Arrow
Ambitions of an Immortal
Ambitious Odyssey
Ambitious Soul
Ambot sa langaw pilay idad sa ok-ok!
Ambrosia Heist
Ambrosius: My Own Time
Ambush (DarkForce: A GameLit Saga - Book 1)
AMBYSSUS [Steampunk; Scifi; Mystery]
Amdas Cycle
Amel and Femel: The Apostle Killers
Amelia (An Op MC Isekai LitRPG)
Amelia The Level Zero [Hero] (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)
Amelia the Level Zero Hero (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)
Amelia: Hero before Zero
Amelia: The Level Zero [Hero]
Amelia: The Level Zero Hero (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)
Amen To Spirits And Chests
Amending of the 'Evil' Pair.
America Appears in Another World
America got transferred into an unknown world.
America In Another World
America Stranded In A Fantasy World
America's Knight
American Core
American Cultivator
American Gate
Amethyst of Blades
Amethyst Phoenix
Amidst the Bones of Heroes
Amidst the Final Sky
Amie, Android
Amir: A Short Horror Story
Amona Most Immune
Amonas: Reincarnation of the spirit
Among Demons and Gods
Among Giants
Among Monsters and Men
Among the Dead
Among The Simpletons
Among The Stars
Among the tear soaked flowers
Among You: The Awakening
Among You: The Awakening, Book One of the Journey Series
Amongst the Sky
Amongst the Stars
Amplifying Duality: The Illegitimate Son Wants More.
Amplifying Duality: The Illegitimate Son Wants More. (One Body-Two Souls, Transmigration and Progression Fantasy.)
Amulet of Infinity
Amusement Park
Amygdala Hijack - A Genetic Engineering Sci-Fi Novel of Impending Dystopia
An 'Ordinary' Adventure
An A.I Is Such A Cheat In The Martial World!
An Abnormal Kobold
An Abnormal Life In The Other World
An Above Average Girl In A Fantasy World
An Academy for Villains
An Account of Some Strange Happenings in Burdock
An Act of Contrition
An Act of Vengeance
An Act of Worship
An Advance in Time
An adventure begins
An Adventure Beyond Greatness!
An Adventure Of Memories
An Adventurer's Best Friend
An Adventurer's Journal
An adventurer's journey: on my way to find home.
An adventurers tale
An Afterlife Odyssey
An Age of Fire and Blood
An Age of Fire and Blood - Volume 1: Unravel
An Age of Mysterious Memories
An Age of Perilous Prologues
An AI Generated Story
An AI in Eden
An Aircraft Carrier in a Fantasy World
An Alchemist's Odyssey
An Alchemist's Odyssey (Temporary Hiatus. Being Rewritten Again)
An Alien in Wonderland
An Alternative Dimension
An Ancient's Leisure
An Angel Among Us
An Angel Called Eternity
An Angel Called Eternity: The Field Rat's Banquet
An Angel In A New World
An Angel's Hellfire
An Angel's Retirement
An Angel's Road to Hell
An Angel's Vow
An Animal in Sheep's Clothing
An Anime Weeaboo in a Different World [Hiatus]
An Anomaly's Life Inside A Galge is Seriously too harsh for me!
An Another World? (Isekai)
An Anthology
An Anthology of Ninja and Glass
An Apex Supreme Master Running A Library Filled With System
An Apprentice's Adventure
An Aquila lost within an Oriental Land of Illusions
An arachnids way to Niflheim [HIATUS]
An Arcanist's Guide to Eorzea
An Argonaut's Odyssey
An Aria of Fire and Blood - Volume 1 - Kismet
An Arsonist and a Necromancer Walk into a Bar
An Artem Story ~The Rise of Oshbob (Cyberpunk)
An Artificer's Ambition
An Artist's Guide to Cultivation
An Assassin's Anthem
An Atomic Choice (A Working Title)
An Atypical dungeon
An Author's Dilemma
An author's massacre; the sudden appearance of the world, and its immediate cry
An author's new view
An average adventurer.
An Average American in A High-school Academy Anime
An Average Joe Is the MC
An Average Zombie's Path of Evolution
An Awful Story
An Edge With No Blade
An Edgy Tale Of An Edgy Teen
An Education in Magic and Magetools
An Egotistical Heretic's Reincarnation Doctrine
An Eldritch Horror Has Fallen in Love
An Eldritch Horror Has Fallen in Love With Me and the Government Is Freaking Out?!
An Eldritch Horror Wants to Fall in Love, but the World Is Still Recovering From a Nuclear Holocaust?!
An Eldritch Tale: the Archwizard's Tome
An Elf in Skyrim
An Elven Druid's First Adventure
An Empire Divided
An empire never seen before
An Empire of Fire and Magic (The Chronicles of Pavel Maveth - Book Two)
An Empire of Shadows
An Empire Reborn (A Rebirth of Empire Series: Book 1)
An Empire Reborn (A Rebirth of Empire: Book 1)
An Empires Rising
An Empty Throne
An Enchanter's Tale
An End to Begin
An End to the Ordinary
An Endless Advance
An Endless New Dream: The Rebirth
An Endling's Decision
An Endling's Decision (Temporary Hiatus-ish situation for heavy edits of early chapters. Back with new chapters 2024)
An Endlings Decision
An Enigma's Crown
An Ent-Like Existence
An Envious Exchange (White Knight Volume One)
An epic epic fantasy story
An epic fantasy story with a system, let's go! Wait what, I'm the system?
An Eternity Gone By, To Learn To Live
An Evening in Eternity
An Evenings Honest Peril
An Everyday Journey
An Evil Hero
An Evil Justice
An Excuse for Space Battles
An Exile's Journey
An Exiled Mage's Odyssey
An Exploration of Vulnerabilities
An Explorer's Guide
An extra's guide to survive in the fantasy world
An Extra-Ordinary Story about Ordinary People
An HD Lite Adventure: The Dungeon Loop Series - Rogue1
An Id of Primal Chaos
An Identity Beyond Self
An Identity Beyond Self (LN)
An Idiot's Guide to Spellcasting
An idiots Guide to Creating a Universe
An Idle Drone
An Illusion
An Illusion of Will
An Illusions Grasp
An Immortal Tale
An Immortal's Pain
An Immortal's Retirement
An Immortal's Retirement: To Achieve Peace
An Immortals Kingdom
An Immortals' Interaction with Modern Technology.
An Imp's Tail
An Imp's Tale
An Impractical Guide to Immortality: An Isekai Cultivation Series
An Incarnator's Path to Ascension
An Inconvenient Flame
An Indomitable's Odyssey
An Infinite Recursion of Time
An Inheritance of Dust and Ash: Salt in the Wound
An innocent storm
An Interesting Journey
An Introduction to Being a Goddess
An Invisible Girl
An Irregular World & The Girl from Another Place
An Isekai Story
An islander's Meta-journey
An Minecraft Adventure
An NPC Challenges the Dark Lord(LN)
An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue by Pavel Kornev
An Oaths End
An Observer's Destiny
An Ode For The Lightning Phoenix
An Ode To Fallen Nemo - Tales from the UnderCurrent (Short Story Series)
An Ode to Swordsmen
An Ode to the Birds
An Ode to What Remained
An Odyssey of the Oblivious
An Old Cultivation Record
An Old Man With Mediocre Cultivation Talent
An Old Man's Fantasy Diary
An Old Man's Journey
An Old Man's Journey Vol 1 & 2
An old man's new world
An old mans tale!
An Old Villian's Tale
An Omnibus of Heroes
An Orange Process
An Orc With A System
An Ordinary Cultivator (and Transmigrator)
An ordinary novel but every 10,000 words the audience kills the least interesting character
An Ordinary Reincarnation
An Original Transformation
An Otaku in Naruto
An Otherworldly Scholar
An Otherworldly Scholar [LITRPG, ISEKAI]
An Otherworldly Smile
An Otherworldly Tale
An Otherworldly Tale: A New Dimension
An Otherworldly Tale: The Apocalypse/A School Saga
An Otherworldly Tale: The Girl
An Otherworldly Tale: The Guild Moroides
An Otherworldly Tale: The Story Of Swords. The Ark Arc.
An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?)
An Outlander's Tale
An overly OP MC in another world.
An Un-Ideal Eternity
An Unborn Hero
An Unbound Soul
An Uncertain Duality
An undead's adventure
An Undying Coward in the Apocalypse
An Unequal Share [A Dark, Progression Fantasy]
An Unexpected Adventure
An Unexpected Journey
An Unfamiliar Summon
An Unhinged Author
An Unhinged Mind
An Unidentifiable being even by God enters a fantasy world
An Unknown Swordcraft
An Unknown Swordcraft [Villainous Progression]
An unknown world
An Unlikely Haven
An Unrelenting Life
An Unstable
An Unstable (Partly LitRPG)
An Unthinkable Life From The Last Eternity
An untold tale
An Unusual Town
An Unusual Wizard in Hogwarts
An Unwanted Dragon
An Unwanted Dragon (ReIgnite, Book 1)
An Unwanted Portal Fantasy
An Unwavering Craftsman
An Unwelcome Stranger
An unwelcomed and unwilling hero
An Unwilling Monster
An Upgraded Soul
An useless fellow become a millionaire
Anabel! An accidental reincarnation!
Anachronistic: Endless Masquerade
Analyst Advancement! (A LitRPG Adventure)
Analytic System in Another World
Analyze, Create, Control In Another World
Anamnesis (Book 2)
Anaraknakrium: The Cursid
Anarchic Artisan
Anarcho: A Cyberpunk Fantasy
Anarcho: A Gamelit Cyberpunk Fantasy
Anarchy in a Deranged World
Anarchy in Chaos (A Dungeon LitRPG adventure)
Anarchy in Chaos (A Dungeon LitRPG adventure) -HIATUS-
Anarchy in Freedom (Isekai Fantasy)
Anarchy of the MCU
Anarchy's Dungeon
Anathema in Chrysalis
Anathema of the Eldritch
Anathema of the Eldritch [DROPPED (sadly)]
Anathum: Quest for the End
Ancestor, Wake Up! (Xianxia novel)
Ancestral World: Memorial Clouds
Ancestry: The 1/64 Orc, The Quest and The Status Screen.
Anchor Points: Age of Heroes
Anchore (Re-Write in Progress)
Anchorkin [Rerwiting]
Ancient Adventurer Return
Ancient Array Master
Ancient Battles: The Changed Ones book 3 ongoing (Post-Post Apocalypse LitRPG trilogy)
Ancient Blood
Ancient Blood - book 1 The fall of the Phoenix
Ancient Blood Mage
Ancient Bloodline
Ancient Bloodlines
Ancient Bones: The Changed Ones book 1 (Post-Post Apocalypse LitRPG)
Ancient Books: The Changed Ones book 2 (Post-Post Apocalypse LitRPG)
Ancient Books: The Changed Ones book 2 complete (Post-Post Apocalypse LitRPG trilogy)
Ancient Books: The Changed Ones book 2 rewrite (Post-Post Apocalypse LitRPG)
Ancient born
Ancient Cultivator in Modern World
Ancient Dragon of Chaos [Spanish]
Ancient Dragon's Orenda
Ancient Earth
Ancient Fangs: Birth
Ancient Fangs: HOUSE AMULIUS (Book 2)
Ancient Greek Isekai, What did you expect?
Ancient Mana Dungeon Core.
Ancient Return
Ancient Ruler [ XIANXIA ]
Ancient Sins
Ancient Sovereign
Ancient World
Ancients [An Epic Litrpg]
And (N)one Shall Remain
And (N)one Shall Remain [A LitRPG Lovecraftian Dark Fantasy]
And (N)one Shall Remain [An Isekai LitRPG Lovecraftian Dark Progression Fantasy]
And (N)one Shall Remain [An Isekai LitRPG Lovecraftian Deconstructive Dark Progression Fantasy]
And (N)one Shall Remain [Isekai/LitRPG/Dark/Progression]
And a Piece of Broccoli
And All The Sinners Saints (A Family of Anti-Heroes)
And All The Sinners Saints (An Anti-Hero Developing Adoption Addiction)
And Dungeon Makes Three
And far was the walk.
And Justice For One
And So It Starts
And So We Fall Into The Void
And So We Leisurely Walk
And the King Sent a Knight
And the world breaks
And then I made my own world
And Then You Left
And Thus, We Hoped
And Yet I Smile
And You Thought Your World Was Harsh!
Andalon Project
Andraste's Chevalier
Andrea's Tale
Android 52
Android Adventures (Book 1) DISCOVERY
Andromeda's Tears
Andromeda: The Leader of Men
Andur's Oneshot collection
Anew Age
Anexo Danatuás e outros (ficção - português)
Angel and Wolf
Angel and Wolf: Chronicles
Angel and Wolf: The Fury
Angel Blade - Cry of a Valkyrie
Angel Dream
Angel Druids Rise
Angel In The Pandemic
Angel Legacy: Auryn Somerset
Angel of Colors
Angel of Death
Angel of Sin
Angel of the Red Sun
Angel Skin
Angel's Ascension
Angel's Ascent
Angel's Descent
Angel's Dirge
Angel's Ladder
Angel's Purgatory
Angel's Redemption (BL)
Angel's Share
Angel's Song: Requiem of the Dreams
Angelic adventures
Angelic Bond
Angelic Knight Of The Mighty Zealot
Angelic Quest
Angelic Summons
Angelica the Techno Ghoul
Angels and Demons
Angels Have Transparent Wings
Angels of Strange Provenance
Angels Without Wings
Angowalos: Verse of Fate
Angry Dungeon
Angry Moon
Angry Reincarnation [LitRPG, Isekai, Progression]
Anguish of a Mute
Angus and the Dead City
AniCode: the Next Gen AniLink
Anima Academy
Anima Adrift
ANIMA ADRIFT: An old soul, a new journey
Anima Aliena
Anima Aliena; That Realm Unlike Any Other (High Fantasy)
Anima Aliena; That Realm Unlike Any Other (Isekai)
Anima et Forma
Anima Mundi - Litrpg, post-apocalypse
Animal Cultivation
Animal Lord
Animalis Circumplexus
Animated World: Drawn In
Animation in Blue
Anime Apocalypse
Anime Clichés 101
Anime Dungeon
Anime Girl Summoning System
Anime Girls From Another World
Anime of You: Traveling to Other Worlds
Anime powers in the Naruto world
Anime Senshi?
Anime wheel of fortune
Anime World?
Anime Worlds System
AnimeCon Harem
Animes and movies : My multiverse of Marvel
Animos in Another World
Animosity - An Isekai Story
Animosity of the First Transmigrator
Animus Smith
Animus Storm
Animus-Blade: Sword Singer
Anna's Dream
Anna/John who sometimes Thinks it's John/Anna
Annakara - Story of a Boy
Annals of the Snow Prince
Annie Smith's Guide to Averting the Eschaton
Annie's backstory
Annihilation Core
Annihilation Core: Cybernetic Weapon Reborn as a Dungeon
Annihilation System
Annihilation's Impact
Anno 223
ANNO DOMINI ~Allium~ [Beta version]
Anno Iudicio
Anno Monstrum (Year of the Monsters)
Anno Otohito
Anno: 1623
Annotated By Sins, Magic Academy
Annunitum's Wrath
Annwyn Online
Anointed in Blood
Anom-19 - LitRPG Adventure
Anomalous Focus
Anomalous: A Contemporary Reality-Bending Adventure
ANOMALY ; Lost souls (dropped)
Anomaly: The Hive
Anomaly: The Hive [A LitRPG Story]
Anon: Goddess of Anonymity
Anonym & Switch, Obtaining Power to Retaliate
Anonymous Demonic Angel
Another Apocalypse Story
Another Chance
Another Chance (Dropped)
Another Chance (Hiatus Indefinitely)
Another Chance in Life: I am Alive Again
Another Chances
Another Cliche Reincarnation story
Another Cliché Cultivation Story
Another Day
Another Day, Another Quest
Another Death
Another Dungeon Core
Another Dungeon Report
Another End
Another Failure
Another Fantasy (Canceled)
Another Game
Another Generic LitRPG
Another Generic LitRPG: Lesbian Edition
Another Harry: A Harry Potter Fanfiction
Another hero Tale: Nephilim
Another Isekai
Another Isekai Story
Another Isekai Story!
Another Isekai Wish Fulfilment Fantasy
Another Kind of Forest
Another Kind of Forest [Complete]
Another life (Loks123)
Another life another chance
Another Life as a Bastard Pro Player
Another Lit-Rpg
Another Mankind
Another Me, But Cuter
Another Naruto Fanfic (Not For Fun)
Another Novel with OP MC
Another practice
Another Progression Story
Another Reason Why the Villainess Won't Say No!
Another Regurgitated Piece of Garbage
Another Reincarnation
Another Summoned Fantasy
Another Terror Infinity Fan Fiction
Another TI Fan Fiction
Another Tower Story
Another Vampire Story
Another Way
Another Way (Pokémon Fanfiction)
Another world
Another World (Straightforward title, aye?)
Another World and I'm still rich?
Another World At War
Another World Online
Another World Priest
Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess
Another World Trucker
Another world with the Bleach System
Another World with the Omni System
Another World With The Skyrim System!
Another World's Devil-Queen
Another World's Hero
Another World's Homunculus
Another World's Trespasser
Another World: Scientist
Another World? Never Saw This Coming
Another world? Some weird magic? Sure.
Another world? what's the difference?
Another You
Another's Shadow
AnotherWorld (hiatus)
Anshina The Forbidden world
Ant Among Dragons - The Zhang Liwei Chronicle
Ant in Magic World.
Ant King
Ant Lord
Ant Lord: Monsters in the Fog
Ant Society
Ant Tensei (Original) and (Redux)
Antagonist (The Confession)
Antagonist Rewind
Antagonist's Sidekick Becomes the Hero!
Ante Bellum (First Draft)
Ante Portas
Antheone - A Villager's Tale
Anthology of Dreams - A Cozy Fantasy Adventure
Anti-Hero: Journey of Fear
Anti-Martial Academy: PRiSMA Saga (LN)
Antimatter D
Antipolo: Ascent of the Exceptional - Open-World City Fantasy Novel
Antithetic: Spire of Wonder
Antlin's Prophecy
Antomea's Chronicle - Nina
Anxiety and the Beginning
Anything but Saintly
Aoi - Part 1
AOT: The Magic Tower.
Aotian Continent
Apathetic Hero (working title)
Apathetic Transition
Apathy (nomoresilence)
Apathy At Gifted Academy
Apathy's Bane
Apex Code
Apex Code [REWRITE]
Apex Immortal: a LitRPG system rampage
Apex Legend in Another World [Litrpg/Dungeons]
Apex of Creation
Apex Predator
APOCALYPCIA (Living Apocalypses, LITRPG, Slow Progression Novel)
Apocalypse 2020: Look to the Skies
Apocalypse : A New Dawn
Apocalypse : Judgement's Day [Rewrite]
Apocalypse Arcana - The Devil
Apocalypse Arena
Apocalypse Arena: Multiversal Mercenary LitRPG
Apocalypse Assassin (System Orphans: Claire, Book 1)
Apocalypse at Mighty Max
Apocalypse Babysitting
Apocalypse Born
Apocalypse Boy
Apocalypse Cultist [Alchemist Adventure LitRPG]
Apocalypse Cultist [Alchemist LitRPG Adventure]
Apocalypse Cultist [Alchemy / Enchanting LitRPG]
Apocalypse Cultist: Smash the [System]
Apocalypse Cultivation (Jake's Story)
Apocalypse Deckbuilding - A LitRPG Progression Fantasy
Apocalypse Diaries
Apocalypse Dungeon
Apocalypse Enchanter
Apocalypse ending world
Apocalypse Evolution
Apocalypse Express
Apocalypse Four
Apocalypse Games
Apocalypse Games - The Rule of Three
Apocalypse Guardian
Apocalypse Hero
Apocalypse Hero - (Deletes July 1st)
Apocalypse Hero - Dan's Misadventures
Apocalypse Hero - Dan's Misadventures [Satirical LitRPG Apocalypse]
Apocalypse in a Fantasy World
Apocalypse in Russian style
Apocalypse in World Of Magic
Apocalypse Incoming: Take two
Apocalypse is just the beginning
Apocalypse Islands
Apocalypse King: Progression System LitRPG
Apocalypse Man
Apocalypse Me - [Devour] all the Apocalypses! System LitRPG
Apocalypse Me - Apocalypse Devourer [System LitRPG]
Apocalypse Me - Apocalypse Devourer LitRPG
Apocalypse Me - Devour the Apocalypses! [System LitRPG Battle Royale]
Apocalypse Me - Devour the Apocalypses! [System LitRPG Battle Royale] Book 2
Apocalypse Me - Devour the Apocalypses! [System LitRPG Battle Royale] Volume 1 Complete!
Apocalypse Me - Devour the Apocalypses! [System LitRPG Battle Royale] Volume 2 Begin!
Apocalypse Me - System Apocalypse LitRPG
Apocalypse Meltdown
Apocalypse Now
Apocalypse Now (Hiatus)
Apocalypse Now: Under Contract
Apocalypse on Endless Earths: Apocalypse How? A LITRPG Adventure
Apocalypse Online
Apocalypse Override: Zombieman
Apocalypse Parenting
Apocalypse Please(?)
Apocalypse Post
Apocalypse Predator [A LitRPG Progression Fantasy Adventure]
Apocalypse Progression
Apocalypse Rebirth
Apocalypse Reborn [GameLit 4X] [Fantasy] [Strategy]
Apocalypse redone
Apocalypse Redux (a LitPRG Apocalypse)
Apocalypse Redux (a LitPRG System Apocalypse)
Apocalypse Redux (a LitRPG Apocalypse)
Apocalypse Remnant
Apocalypse Remnant`
Apocalypse Respawn
Apocalypse Revisited
Apocalypse Revisited [Back In Time GameLit Adventure]
Apocalypse Revisted
Apocalypse Simulator
Apocalypse Start
Apocalypse Station - A LitRPG System Adventure
Apocalypse Station - System Bound [LitRPG Isekai]
Apocalypse Step
Apocalypse Summoner
Apocalypse Summoner (WolfeLocke)
Apocalypse Superhero (A Deckbuilder LitRPG)
Apocalypse Tamer
Apocalypse Ted!
Apocalypse Teens
Apocalypse The Fantasy
Apocalypse Trigger [Reincarnated OP MC Fantasy]
Apocalypse Unleashed - A LitRPG Story
Apocalypse Unleashed - Book 1: And So, It Begins
Apocalypse Unleashed ~ A LitRPG Story
Apocalypse Vanguard
Apocalypse war
Apocalypse War: Survive. Die & Restart
Apocalypse War: Survive. Die. Restart
Apocalypse War: Survive. Die. Restart (expired version)
Apocalypse War: Survive. Die. Restart (OLD version)
Apocalypse War: Survive. Die. Restart (Reborn/Seconde chance - litrpg)
Apocalypse War: The Return of the Last Demon Slayer
Apocalypse Wishes
Apocalypse World - A LitRPG System Adventure
Apocalypse Wow
Apocalypse, Sounds Like Fun
Apocalypse: A Struggle for Evolution
Apocalypse: Generic System
Apocalypse: Homestead Class
Apocalypse: I was bestowed with an SSS Mjolnir Artifact
Apocalypse: Left Out By The System
Apocalypse: My Domain System [A litRPG Apocalypse]
Apocalypse: My Magic System
Apocalypse: Reborn As A Monster (Book 2 Completed)
Apocalypse: Reborn As A Monster [Litrpg Cultivation Evolution]
Apocalypse: Reborn As A Monster [Litrpg Evolution Kingdom Building]
Apocalypse: Regression
Apocalypse: Springfield, OH
Apocalypse: System Glitch
Apocalypse? No, it is heaven!
Apocalypse? Paradise.
Apocalypse?it was my snack
Apocalyptic (LitRPG): Game Online
Apocalyptic Adventures
Apocalyptic Anomaly
Apocalyptic Command - A Military Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG Fantasy
Apocalyptic Evolution
Apocalyptic Invasion
Apocalyptic Paradise
Apocalyptic Seeds
Apocalyptic Survival- How to survive the Apocalypse -
Apocalyptic Trifecta
Apocalyptic World, Cheat
Apocalyptica: He Who Brings the End [A Hybrid Portal Fantasy - Xianxia ]
Apocalyptica: Vector's Edge
Apocalyspe ending world
Apoch's Twilight
Apocrypha of The Dead
Apokalypse mit RAGE (Deutsch)
Apokalypsis: Lost Magic Awakening [Progression Fantasy, Magic, Spiritual, Esoteric]
Apollyon Game of Thrones Fanfiction
Apollyon Game of Thrones Fanfiction [Written in Second Person]
Apollyon's Curse
Apollyon, The God of Chaos.
Apology of a Cold Heart
Apostasy - The Lost History of Goge Vandire (A Warhammer 40,000 fan fiction)
Apostate Konstantin
Apostle of Destruction Volume: 1
Apostle of Sin
Apostle of Sin [Overhaul]
Apostle of the Goddess
Apostle of the Godess
Apostles of Continuity
Apotheosis - The Dungeon of Kess
Apotheosis - The Grand Dungeon of Kess
Apotheosis - The Man Clad in Black
Apotheosis [A Slow Progression Gamelit Dark Fantasy]
Apotheosis of an Abomination
Apotheosis of the Godforsaken Mage
Apotheosis Paradox [A Dark Progressive Fantasy]
Appalachia: Mountain Magic (The Sutton Family Chronicles)
Apparatus Of Change
Apparently I'm a hero now?
Apparently, I'm the Infamous Earl's Legendary Bride
Appetite! [BL]
Appetizing Magic
Apple's Dungeon Adventure [Crafting Progression LitRPG]
Appreciate Human.
Apprentice of the Void
Apprentice's Ascension
Approaching Ascension (Book 1)
Approaching Fate
Aqua Regalia
Aqua Regalia [Monster Progression LitRPG]
Aqua Regalia: A Biologist's Journey from Slime to Sovereignty
Aqua Requiem Bloodlines
AQUA: Rebirth of the Mage
Aquatic Nightmare
ARACELI: Altar of the Sky
Arachne refugee in mcu
Arachnid Kid?Boy?Teen?
Aragons: The Cold-Blooded Disciple
Arashia: A LitRPG story
Aratana hajimari (VRMMO)
Arawulf, the First Daughter
Arbiter of Equinox
Arbiter of Power (Canceled and currently redone as 'Re:' version.)
Arbiter: Shadow of the Sorcerer-King
Arbolarbres Chronicles -Conflict in Skyhigh (Fast-Paced)
Arbolarbres Chronicles -Conflict in Skyhigh - Fast-Paced Fantasy
Arbolarbres Chronicles -Conflict in Skyhigh - Fast-Paced Progression Fantasy
Arbolarbres Chronicles -Conflict in Skyhigh Vegetarianism vs Carnivorism
Arbolarbres Chronicles -Conflict in Skyhigh Vegetarianism vs Carnivorism - Epic Fantasy
Arbolarbres Chronicles -Conflict in Skyhigh Vegetarianism vs Carnivorism - Fast-Paced Fantasy
Arc (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)
Arc - An OP Isekai LitRPG
Arc - An OP Isekai LitRPG - Stubbed!
ARC [Slow burn/Progression/Gamelit]
Arc a New born titan [suspended]
ARC. Survival Online
Arc: The Herald of Ice (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)
Arca Archa
Arcade Warfare in Another World
Arcadia Chronicles: The Story of Lien Hua
Arcadia Station
Arcadia's Ignoble Knight
Arcadia's Reach
Arcadias Moon.
Arcadis Park
Arcana - The Void Magician
Arcana Legends
Arcana Trials
Arcana: The Rebel King
Arcana: The Six Degrees of Separation
ARCANA: The tale of demonic detective
Arcane - A Progression LitRPG
Arcane Adept: Out of the Wilderness
Arcane Algorithm
Arcane Architect vs Annihilation [OSHA Violations & Crafting Progression Fantasy]
Arcane Army
Arcane Awakening
Arcane Carnage
Arcane Crimes Unit
Arcane Cycle
Arcane Deliveries [High fantasy]
Arcane Engineer - The Awakened Dungeon
Arcane Engines: Alchemist's Scheme
Arcane Enhanced
Arcane Enhancer
Arcane Evolution
Arcane God Marcus
Arcane Hunger: A Magic Eating Litrpg
Arcane Innovator
Arcane Magic
Arcane Pathfinder
Arcane Power
Arcane Regeneration
Arcane Requiem
Arcane Societies
Arcane Steps
Arcane Summoner
Arcane Survivalist
Arcane Transcript
Arcane Transfiguration
Arcane Transmogrification (Book Two of the Pentacle Series)
Arcane Universe[AU]
Arcane Wonders
Arcane's Heart
Arcane: Origin
Arcane: The Prentice
ArcanePunk! (LITRPG)How a Shut-In Became a Hero
Arcanist Warlord
Arcanist's Revenge [LitRPG Revenge Tale]
Arcanum Astra
Arcanum Astra Vol. 1: The Fool's Beginning
Arcflame, the strongest tree-growing dragon
Arch Legends
Arch Magus, The Wich Hunter
Arch, Inc. - Secret Origins
Arch-Mage? Arch-Warrior? Why Not Both?
Archaic Artisan
Archaic Avalon
Archaic Princess
Archaic Records
Archaic Transmogrification (Book Two of the Pentacle Series)
Archaicus Dark Clock System
Archangel Accelerate
Archangel of War ( Português/ Brasil )
Archangel: Angels versus Angels
Archangel: Breaking Orbit
Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa (Warhammer 40k/Pokemon)
Archetype Online I: The Labor of Moles
Archie Blackwood & The Forgotten Deity
Archillies Duane : The World Traveller
Arching Choices
Arching Choices 1.2
Archipelago Legend
Architect Ascension
Architect of Dominion (The Darius Kane Chronicle)
Architecture Through Time
Archive - shapeshifters boredom
Archive of James: Origins.
Archives of an Invasive System - COMPLETE
Archives of the Nameless
Archmage Apostate
Archmage Awakening: a Hunter Becomes a Mage
Archmage Father
Archmage from Another World: Gaining Administrator Access [LitRPG Isekai]
Archmage Paladin
Archmage Reborn: Reincarnated to Spellcraft (Secondary World LitRPG)
Archmage Status (Action! Magic! LitRPG! Isekai!)
ArchMage's Zenith
Archmage? Me? Cool
Archmagus Lost Amidst the Worlds
Archon: A Recipe of Memories and Gods
Archon: Chronicles of the Divine
Archonlight System Genesis
Archwizard K's Journey In The Cultivation World
Archwizard's Tales: Book One
Archwolf: Daughter of Vanargand
Arclight Online
Arctic Druid
Arden's Ascent - A Deckbuilding Cultivation Story
Arden's place
Ardent Tears
Ardent Tears (Rewrite)
Arduous New World
Are "Friends" Electric?
Are We Destined?
Are We Legend?
Are We Worth It? [an anime love story]
Are you a Lucker? (Luck based LitRPG)
Are You For Real!?
Are you sure you are Demon Lord?
Are you sure you are The Demon Lord?
Are you worthy to Join my party
Area 51
Arena - Book 1 : Soulmates
Arena - Book 1 : Soulmates [Completed]
Arena - Book 1 : Soulmates [Edited]
Arena - Book 2 : Rebels
Arena Arcadia
Arena Earth
Arena Manager: An Isekai LitRPG Teambuilder
Ares' Witch
Argent Dawn (DROPPED)
Aria - The Pulsar Chronicles
Aria of Ash
Aria of Memory
Aria of the Fallen: Adventure in a Foreign System
Aria of the Sun and Moon
ARIA Online
Aria The Apothecary
Aria Wanderlust
Ariair Online
Ariana: Weakest Reincarnation
Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm
Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm (Temple of the Storm Book 1)
Arianna the Hexcaster Princess - A Curse-casting Fantasy
Arianna's Wish
Aris Cretu
Aristocratic Avenue
Arkan Collection
Arkanum: The Mystery of a New World
Arkein - Lord Blademaster (LitRPG - Progression)
Arkein - Soulblade (LitRPG - Progression)
Arkein - The Blademaster (LitRPG - Progression)
Arkein - The Blademaster Predator - (LitRPG)
Arkhay (Writers block on this story..Sorry guys. might never add more)
Arknights: When Hunters Meet (A Tacet x Projekt Red novel)
Arkund - Terror in the streets
Armageddon [LitRPG Apocalypse]
Armageddon Online - Escape
Armageddon: A Biography of a Forgotten History
Armageddon: A New World
Armor Corps
Armor of Justy (AoJ)
Armored Prayers
Armored Sabertoothed Cheetahs
Armorling wants to be a king
Armoured World
Arms Age
Arms Dealing In A Ruined World
ARMS: Company in another world
ArmS: The Last Human [dropped]
Army of one
Army Of One (Pokemon Fanfic)
Army of the Damned
Army of the Fallen
Arnar the Dungeon
Around Two Worlds and Back
Arowne'S Rebirth
Arranged True Love
Arrested Alterings: A Genetic Detective's Hunt for Answers
Arrival - Book I: The Chronicles of Adaria [LitRPG Progression]
Arrive in the world of movies
Arrogance is justice!?
Arrogance: Lost reports
Arrogant Master In The City
Arrogant Young Master becomes an Adventurer
Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4
Ars Alogia
Ars Arcana
Ars Magica
Ars Nova
Ars Remnants
Ars Utopia: A Fantasy Dystopia Story
Ars: The World Beyond The Walls
Arsenals of Ephilor: The Rising Fire
Art of Alchemy
Art of Betrayal
Art of Mortality
Art of Poison
Art of the Veil
Art of the Veil [A progression SF-fantasy witch hunt story]
Art of the Veil [A science fantasy witch hunt story]
Art of War
Art Sword Online | アートソード・オンライン
Artaia Online
Artanis Road
Artem 2: Vengeance
Artem-TailSpin {A Cyberpunk LitRPG Adventure}
Artem: Revenant [A Cyberpunk LitRPG Adventure]
Artem: The Rise of Oshbob (CyberPunk)
Artem: The Rise of Oshbob (CyberPunk/Litrpg)
Artem: Underdog
Artem: Underdog - A dark Cyberpunk LitRPG
Artem: Underdog - A dark Cyberpunk LitRPG [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]
Artemis The Celestial Beast(Hiatus)
Artfin, Power Money and Woman [Dropped]
Arthron ~It seems I become a newbie god~
Arthropod Online
Arthur "The successor of the god of time"
Arthur and Mille
Arthur and the Mystery of Reincarnation
Arthur Cross - An isekai fantasy story
Arthur Pendragon Bizarre Misadventures
Arthur ReD
Arthur...but the draft
Arthurian Cultivation - I want to be a Bard not a Death Knight
Arthurian/Fae Cultivation - I want to be a Bard not a Death Knight
ARTIDEUS - Games of War
Artifact: Mila
Artifice Core
Artifice: Iysinfyr
Artifice: Tools of the Gods
Artificial Biological Runic intelligence
Artificial Devastation
Artificial Dumbness: A LitRPG/GameLit Progression Adventure
Artificial Fantasy
Artificial General Intelligence in Another World
Artificial Jelly
Artificial Light
Artificial Mind
Artificial Mind[Edited]
Artificial Mind[Old]
Artificial Queen
Artificial Seed
Artificial Selection
Artificial Selection: A Near Future Thought Experiment
Artificial War
Artificial Yuusha
Artisan 2: Homestead
Artisan: A Litrpg Crafting and Enchanting Tale
Artist's Nightmare
Artist's Nightmare [Reincarnation]
Artistic Slashing - A LITRPG Novella
Arts Master
Arum: Reconquering the Dungeon World
Arun Online [Dropped]
Arx Speculo
Arzhel's Magic Tavern
As a Dungeon
As Above So Below
As Above, Part 1: The Escape
As Above, Part 2: Hic Svnt Leones
As an Isekai fanatic in another world : The chronicals of Mikhail and Ernesto
As Buddha in MHA
As Crônicas dos Últimos Leanfis - Furor da Magia
As Good As Dead
As It Was
As Lightning Falls from Heaven
As Long As It'S Interesting, Isn'T It Fine To Live As A Dungeon?
As Long As It'S Interesting, Isn'T It Fine To Live As A Dungeon? (Hiatus)
As long as the rain keeps falling
As Long I Can Survive
As Long I Can Survive (Dropped)
As the Crow Flies
As the Godking Wills
As the Knots Unwind
As The World Catches Fire
As The World Spins
As Timely As A Fossil
As We Fall
Ascend Online
Ascend to Be GOD
Ascendance Of A Fox
Ascendance of a God
Ascendance of the Big Sister Monster Tamer
Ascendance: A Tower Story
Ascendance: Rebirth of the Unknown Gamer
Ascendance: The Last Humans Of Gliesen
Ascendance: The Prentice
Ascendant Alchemist [LitRPG Apocalypse]
Ascendant Chronicles: The Divine Convergence
Ascendant Echoes
Ascendant Legacy
Ascendant of Air
Ascendant Online: A LitRPG
Ascendant Program(Black Box)
Ascendant Program(Black Box)[Writathon]
Ascendant: a Progression Fantasy
Ascendant: Online | Book One | Witness the Beginning
Ascendant: Online | Book Two | Crash Through
Ascendant: Online | Crash Through
Ascendant: Online | Witness the Beginning
Ascended Dark Sovereign
Ascended Witch
Ascenders Legacy
Ascenders Legacy [Edited]
Ascenders Rift
Ascending Hero
Ascending The Heavens
Ascending the Tower of Possibilities
Ascending through Yuga
Ascending to Insanity - [Progression Regressor Xianxia]
Ascending Trinity
Ascension & Damnation
Ascension (Conquest: A Dystopian GameLit Saga Book 1)
Ascension [Progressive Fantasy, GameLit Fantasy]
Ascension [Sci-Fi, Progression, VRMMO, AI, Regression, LitRPG]
Ascension Alphas
Ascension Core: A Cyberpunk Story
Ascension From Nothing
Ascension Game
Ascension of a Prodigy
Ascension of a Reborn Woman
Ascension of Authority: Fabled Core
Ascension of Madness
Ascension Of Moba Gamer
Ascension of Shura
Ascension of Singularity
Ascension of the Carnage King: A Butcher's Path to Godhood (Grimdark Wuxia Epic Progression Fantasy 4C Kingdom Managemen
Ascension of the Evil God
Ascension of the Godly Assassin
Ascension of the No Class Rowdy
Ascension of the No Class Rowdy Book 1: From Guard to Godling
Ascension of the One-Eyed Hunter
Ascension of the Outcast
Ascension of the Strongest
Ascension of the Sylvan Cosmos.
Ascension Online
Ascension Rebirth [Dropped]
Ascension through Shadows: Tower Chronicles [Tower Climbing, System Apocalypse, Progression LITRPG]
Ascension To Brutality
Ascension to the Crimson Throne
Ascension VR
Ascension: Crimson
Ascension: Deus Ex
Ascension: Re
Ascension: Rebirth of the Master [Tower LitRPG]
Ascension: Rise of the Crimson Wizard
Ascension: The Coming Storm
Ascension: The Helm of Lentha
Ascent [Discontinued]
Ascent of The Deranged Deity
Ascent of the Echelon
Ascent of the Echelon [Isekai Progression Fantasy]
Ascent of The Enchanter
Ascenturi, the Ascension Crow
Asd: A Werelion's Journey To Arcane Supremacy
Asgard's First Elemental Necromancer
Ash and Blue: Mirrorfall
Ash and Bone
Ash and Light: The Sword Within Shadows
Ash and Light: The Sword Within Shadows [Progression Fantasy]
Ash Burst
Ash City
Ash Risen
Ash The Dark Brother
Ash'Kar - Tale from a Goblin
Ash'Kar - Tale from a Goblin (HIATUS: to be rewritten)
Ash. The Legends of the Nameless World. Progression Gamelit Story
Ashborn Primordial
Ashborn Primordial (A Progression Fantasy Epic)
Ashborn Primordial (A Progression Fantasy)
Ashborn Primordial (An Epic Progression Fantasy)
Ashborn Primordial (B3 Complete)
Ashborn Primordial (Progression Fantasy)
Ashborn Summoner, A Fantasy Apocalypse Adventure
Ashen Empire (LitRpg/Kingdom Building)
Ashen Essence
Ashen Ghost
Ashen Lord
Ashen Reign
Ashen Skies
Asher Reborn
Asher the Insane
Asheron's Fall: The Power of Ten, Book Six
Ashes (The Saga of Steel and Bone)
Ashes *Hiatus*
Ashes and Cinders
Ashes dungeon
Ashes Fall Down
Ashes of Catastrophe
Ashes of Creation
Ashes of Empires
Ashes of Eternity
Ashes of Gods
Ashes of Gods: Return of the Blade Emperor
Ashes of Heaven
Ashes Of Heaven Book 1 : Solar Calamity
Ashes Of Heaven: Book One
Ashes Of Heaven: Solar Calamity
Ashes of Hell
Ashes of the Arctic
Ashes of the New World 2: The Divine Mess
Ashes of the New World Book 1: The Light Burns the Gentle Shadow
Ashes of the Primordial
Ashes of the Unforgotten
Ashes of the Wind
Ashes of Time
Ashes Of Twilight
Asheva: A Summoner's Tale - [A Monster Tamer Progression LitRPG]
Asheva: A Summoner's Tale - [Book-1 Complete]
Asheva: The Tale of A Cynic Summoner - [A Monster Tamer Progression LitRPG]
Ashlani's Reincarnation
Ashlani's Reincarnation [a LitRPG Adventure]
Ashlani's Reincarnation.
Ashlyn's choice
Ashura Vale
Ashura's Complex - Tales of The Fallen (Portal fantasy, LITRPG)
Ashura, Heir Of Rebirth
Ashura- The Demon Sovereign
Asiad the land of lords
Ask The Stars
Askula Academy
Asleep - A LitRPG
Asleep - A LITRPG story
Asleep: Developer's Edition
Asmophel's Apprentice
Aspect Knight
Aspect of Galaxy
Aspect of the Beast
Aspect of the Forsaken
Aspect Online
Aspect Summoner - Monster Collecting / Raising / Evolution Progression Litrpg
Aspects of Heaven and Earth
Aspects of Nature
Asphalt Arcanum
Aspiration & Avarice
Aspirations of a Future Househusband
Aspire - From the Ashes
Aspiring Archmage
Aspiring Demon Lord
Asrael's Magnum Opus
Assassin Academy
Assassin Alonne
Assassin Apocalypse
Assassin Gamer [HIATUS]
Assassin God
Assassin in Narutoverse
Assassin in Narutoverse: HP Spell System
Assassin or Princess? Why not both.
Assassin Queen and a World on Fire
Assassin Type: The Rifle Girl- Rica Reyes
Assassin's Child
Assassin's Choice
Assassin's Decree
Assassin's fate
Assassin's Revival
Assassin's wishes
Assassinated King
Assassination Highschool
Assassination System V.2
Assassins and Generals
Assassins Who Cleanse Sins Away (Alternative Title: The Sweepers)
Assault The World
Assimilate All Talents
Assimilation: A SciFi 4X LitRPG
Assorted Poetry and Idle Musings
Assorted Stories of Enthadar; The Legendary Planet
Assorted Writings
Astaroth's Law of Ruin
Astartes in a fantasy world
Asteri Ex Machina
Asteri Ex Machina - Scifi Thriller
Asteria Anthology
Asterios, The purple star.
Asteroid Dungeon
Astlan's Ira
Astoerith Online
Astora's Paradox
Astra Fabulam
Astral Arcana: Ethereal
Astral Attachment
Astral Avenger : The Last Star Child
Astral Battle Summoner Academy
Astral Bridge
Astral Connections
Astral Dungeon
Astral Escape, a Scientific Progression Fantasy.
Astral Escape, a Scientific Progressive Fantasy.
Astral Fate Part 1: Starlit Brawler
Astral Flow
Astral Imperialization
Astral Land
Astral Land : The Beginning of Everything
Astral Mage
Astral Odyssey: Dying Ember
Astral Projection
Astral Royale Chronicles
Astral Son
Astral's Oubliette
ASTRAL: Awakening of the Saffron Sky-Tamer
Astral: Into the New World
ASTRAL: Rising
Astrala: Initialize (A litRPG Adventure)
Astrale Mythologica
Astralis Lumen
Astrals: Way of the Soul
Astrayed Absolution
ASTREA - A Game of Different Realities
Astrid and the god of Deception
Astrid Vs. The Asteroid
Astro Dog
Astroneer: Rebirth
Astrum Online.
Asturian Warbringer - A LitRPG on Earth
Asunder Online [DROPPED]
Asunder Online [Indefinite HIATUS]
Asura [Bleach]
Asura Ascending
Asura Series, A LitRPG Progression Fantasy Epic Saga
Asura Swiftblade
Asuras and Dragons **Indefinite Hiatus**
Asylum in Firelight: Burning Cinder Book III (#3)
Asymmetric Warfare
At Any Price
At Death's Door: Legacy
At home at sea
At home at sea : A castaway cultivation story
At home at sea : A castaway cultivation story [Xianxia, Slice of life, Survival]
At home at sea : How a cultivator survives being shipwrecked onto a deserted island
At Horizon's End
At Its Bleakest, Life Threw Me A Digital Curveball
At Spirit Court
At The Call Of The Moon
At The Crack of Dawn
At the Edge of Reality
At the End of the Evening
At the End of the World
At The End of the World (Old Version)
At the fault of Blood
At the Fields of Fire and Blood
At the Fingertips
At The Limit
At The Lions Gate
At The Precipice
At The Precipice [A Survival LitRPG]
At the Skirt of Paradise
At the Top of the Food-Chain
At the Water's Edge [在水邊]
At War with the Moon: The Ascension of a Prophet.
At Wit's End
At Wits' End
At Wits' End [A Bio-Tech LitRPG]
At Wits' End [Progressive bio-tech litRPG]
Ataraxia Sanctuary
ATCS Ability to Change Size
Atelier Gwen: Alchemist of the White Tower
Atelier of the Forgotten Sanctuary
Atem: The path of their lives
Atemporal Chronicles - Commencement Tale
Aterheim [DROPPED]
Athena in Tower Defense Game [LitRPG]
Atherall: Chosen By the Gods
Atherall: Chosen By the Gods [Mythos Fantasy/Sci Fi, On Hold]
Athos Apsifoun : The Son of Herakles
Atk 0 Crit All ~My attack stat is negligible, so I can't help but rely on critical hits to succeed!~
ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture
Atlantean Mage
Atlas Awakens
Atlas Code
Atlas Online - Second Chance
Atlas Online - Second Chance (Old Version)
Atomic Hawk
Atomic Mage [Nuclear Mage LitRPG]
Atone Online
Atonement of an Immortal
Atreo "The Delusional Demon Prince"
Atros Imperium
Atsip: The Odyssey of the Dragontooth
Attack On Titan: Caged No More
Attack on Titan: Reed Ackerman
Attack On Titan: The Peace I Desire
Attack On Titan: The Peace, I Desire
Attack on Titan: Wolfborn
Attendant of Mortus
Attraction and Repulsion: The Story of a Magnetism Mage
Attraction System
Atypical Lovecraft: The Fearless Detective V2
Audacity Light
Audea's Seal
Auf der Seite der Engel [German/Deutsch]
Augmented Aspects [Steampunk], [Progression], [Gamelit]
Augmented Reality
Augmented: Dot Project
Augmenting Reality
August Ace
August Intruder [Progression Fantasy]
August Wind
August Writing Challenges
Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG
Aura Blade (The Gatekeepers #1)
Aura Lord
Aura of Chaos
Aura of Magic
Aura of the Moon
Aura Sovereign
Aurantium - Finding A Bri̇ght Future In A Dark Room
Aureate (LitRPG Portal Fantasy)
Aureate Ascending
Aurelia Online
Aurion: The New World
Aurora Eclipse
Aurora Scroll
Aurora's Sky
Aurora: Apocalypse
AURORA:- The Darkness In The Sky
Aus den Logs der Silver Eagle - Das Geheimnis der Grille [Deutsch/German only]
Aus den Logs der Silver Eagle - Der Gesang der Sirenen [Deutsch/German only]
Ausfagner: The First Exogenous
Auspicious Apocalypse
Auspicious Start.
Auszinecker (working title gonna change soon when I can think of a better one)
Author of the Cosmos
Author Rebirth To The Douluo Dalu World
Author sent into his own story, now what do I do?
Author Suppressed in his own Novel
Author Vs Protagonist
Author's Nightmare [Grimdark/Isekai/LitRPG/Progression]
Author's Rant
Authority [Dropped]
Authority Fought For -- A Simple VRMMO Story
Authority of Shadows
Authority: The Prequel
Autist Isekai
Auto farming system
Auto Save
Automage Adventures - A LitRPG Story
Automagical: An Idle Game LitRPG
Automata Annex
Automata[Dungeon core LitRpg]
Automated Enlightenment.
Automaton Dungeon
Autonomous Machine Arsenal: An Evil Machine's War Record
Autonomous Zone
Autumn Grim
Autumn to Winter
Autumn Winds and Crimson Waters
Ava Infinity
Ava Infinity (A Dystopian LitRPG Mind-Bender)
Ava Infinity and the Dragons of Silicon Valley
Ava Infinity and the Dragons of Silicon Valley (Dystopian LitRPG)
Ava Infinity and the Dragons of Silicon Valley (LitRPG)
Ava: The shadow wars
Avalar: The Rise Of The Cultivation World
Avalesk: Eternal, A lighthearted VRMMORPG Necromancer Journey
Avalium University
Avalon (year 1)
Avalon (Year 2)
Avalon has Fallen (An Isekai Light LitRPG Gender Bender Story)
Avalon has Fallen - A Healers life in a fantasy world [ISEKAI/LITRPG]
Avalon Online
Avalon Year 3
Avalon'S King
Avalon's Shards
Avalon: New settlers
Avalon: The Hell Mode of the Universe
Avalon: The Hell Mode of the Universe old
Avant Garde
Avant-Garde: Awakening
Avaria: A Pay To Win Adventure
AVARICE:The Unknown World
Avast Online (DROPPED)
Avatar of Exalted Rage
Avatar of Humanity
Avatar of Nature: The Enchantress
Avatar of Reincarnation
Avatar of Time
Avatar of Wrath
Avatar The Last Air Bender Fanfiction: Return To The Earth
Avatar The Last Airbender Fanfiction: Return To The Earth
Avatar: Awakened Gamer
Avatar: Jǫrðsaga
Avatar: The Gamer
Avatar: The Legend of Percy
Avatar: The Wild Lands (A Medieval 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Fiction)
Avatar: Through the looking glass
Avatars of Myths and Legends
Ave Akakios
Ave Xia Rem Y
Avenger from Another World
Avenger Of Destruction
Avenging Honora: Love in the Shadows
Aventures des Arbolarbres, Conflit à Skyhigh (FR) Progression Fantasy
Avenue Zoo
Average Heroing
Average Slime
Averinth Book 1 a LitRPG Adventure
Averix: Call of the Everloft
Averix: Call of the Everloft (Dark Fantasy LitRPG)
Averix: Call of the Everloft (Progression Fantasy LitRPG)
Avescar - Adventures of Kiyu
Avian | Krieg der Welten (German!!!)
Avine: The Journey
Avitus Volten's journey through space and time
Avoiding the Heroine and Capture Targets!
Aw Cluck
await new Future();
Awaiting Integration (A.I.)
Awaken (Lit RPG, Monster evolution)
AWAKEN [Participant in the Royalroad Writathon challenge]
AWAKEN [The Ascenders Legacy]
Awaken of the Vampire King
Awaken Online
Awaken Online - Conception (A FanFic)
Awaken: Dying Light
AWAKEN: The Ascenders Legacy
Awakened [Demon LitRPG Series]🩸
Awakened [Vampire/Demon LitRPG Series]
Awakened a Beast Tamers Tale
Awakened Cheater
Awakened Dreams
Awakened in a New World
Awakened Sight
Awakened Soul
Awakened Soul [BOOK II COMPLETE]
Awakened Soul, Book One: The Deep Hollows
Awakened Warmonger
Awakened — LitRPG Series
Awakened; Dungeon Tales
Awakener - A PostApoc Litrpg
Awakening (A Necromancer's Revenge)
Awakening (The Necromancer's Legacy)
Awakening After the End
Awakening Chronicles
Awakening Chronicles -Hiatus pending rewrite-
Awakening Dead
Awakening Horde: Shieldwall Academy Book 1
Awakening Horde: Shieldwall Academy LitRPG Series
Awakening Horde: Shieldwall Academy Series
Awakening in Ruins
Awakening into One's Own [Realistic Fantasy, Dark Humor, & Feel Goods] [Pseudo-LitRPG][300+ pgs]
Awakening into One's Own [The Soul Forged series: Book 1] [Long Chapters][For Old Souls][4.5*][300+ pgs]
Awakening into One's Own: Book 1 of the Soul Forged Series
Awakening into One's Own: Book 1 of the Soul Forged Series [Long Chapters][4.5*][218 pgs]
Awakening of a Heart
Awakening of a Monster
Awakening of an Anomaly
Awakening of Magic
Awakening Of Moba Gamer
Awakening of The Dark Knight
Awakening of The Dark Knight (Discontinued)
Awakening of the Dark Mage
Awakening of the Inferno
Awakening of the Unknown
Awakening of the Void
Awakening The Angel System (LITRPG): Progression Fantasy
Awakening The Angel System (LITRPG): S1 Metal and Magic
Awakening The Angel System (LITRPG): S1 The Great Escape
Awakening The Angel System(LITRPG): S1 Metal and Magic
Awakening The Angel System(LITRPG): S1 Metal and Magic (FORMALY ARCANEPUNK!)
Awakening The Angel System(LITRPG): S1 Metal and Magic (LN)
Awakening The Angel System(LITRPG): S1 Metal and Magic(Formerly ArcanePunk!)
Awakening the Stars
Awakening: Book One of 'The Shackles of Humanity'
Awakening: Hunter's Gambit
Awakening: Prodigy
Awakening: Prodigy [Hiatus until March 2023]
Awaken—The Ascenders Legacy
Awe, come on man, really, Again!
AWE: Adventures of a Reincarnated Noble Android Girl (Rebooted)
AWE: Ballad of 3rd Crown
Awful garbage
Axe from North
Axe! - Completed and in review phase Book 1 from the Stolen Hero series a LitRPG progression story
Axe! Book 1 from the Stolen Hero series a LitRPG progression story
Axel's Quest
Axiom of Infinity: Souleater
Axis Shift
Ayanokouji in Regressor Instruction Manual
Ayaru Mistflower
Ayla's Junkyard
Azarinth Healer
Azeal Neralum
Azel's Dream World
Azennawl Anthology
Azennawl Anthology (Short Story Collection)
Azeria: The Era of Black Flowers
Azeroth Adventure Journal [Warcraft FF]
AZI: The History Shattering Burial of a Selfish Lunatic, Who Walked through Reincarnation for Two-Trillion Years
Azran - Magic King of the Darkness(Finished Volume 1/Dropped Volume 2)
Azumi: A Posthuman Litrpg Tale
Azura of The White
Azura the Slayer
Azure Chronicles
Azure Chronicles: Crusade of The Spirits
Azure Lineas: The Blue Line
Azure Orphans
Azure Tale
Azure Warrior
B R I C K [A Dramatic Comedy in a strange Fantasy]
B R I C K [A NonHuman Dramatic Comedy in a strange Fantasy]
B's Grand Adventure
B-But I don't WANT to be a protagonist!
B.F.G. Orc
B.L.A.N.K- The search for the meta
B1nary Bl00d
Babel - The Path To Ascension: Heaven
Babel - The Path to Ascension: The Golden Children
Baby Blue
Baby, I Love You
Bacis: The Land of the Gods
Back Again
Back Cat Time
Back DOWN.
Back in Black
Back Pain (How my dumb self got stuck as an overly-busty girl)
Back to Day One (On Hiatus)
Back to Pokemon and Earth
Back To Sea
Back to the Drawing Board
Back to the roots of humanity
Backrooms: Diario de superviviente [Spanish]
Backrooms: Inhabited (LITRPG with a twist)
Backyard Hero
Backyard, cute cat eared girl changing her clothes, spirit magic to make breads and saving the world
Bad ass Bunny - A lack of common sense isekai for no reason.
Bad Blood
Bad Bunny Bites (Book 1 of TBL)
Bad Bunny Bites | TBL #1
Bad Company
Bad Habits {New!}
Bad Habits {V2 Out now!}
Bad Harem
Bad Intentions
Bad Light Era
Bad Luck
Bad Luck Comes in Threes
Bad Luck World
Bad News, Bagmen.
BAD: Born A Demon
Badass Peter Parker
BadLifeguard [A Darkening Superhero Story]
BadLifeguard [A Superhero Story]
Bag Boy: Adventures in Super Crime.
Bag O' Bones
Bakemono: Redemption
Bakenekro [A Dungeon LitRPG]
Baking Bread
Balada: When death did not exist, nor yet Eternity Part I
Balance with Reincarnation
Balanced Soul
Balancer-Shattered Soul
Balancing of the world
Balderk's Quest
Balefire - A LitRPG Apocalypse
Ball of Light: Specialization
Ballad of A Hellspawn (A Reverse Isekai)
Ballad of Cassidy
Ballad of Failure
Ballad of Machine: A Cold Start
Ballad of Mortals
Ballad of the Bone Queen
Ballad of The Clay Golem
Ballistic - A Tale of Technological Progression
Ballistic Coefficient
Ballon d'or die [Sports progression]
Balls of Steel
Balls of Steel [DROPPED]
Balthazar, a case study
Bamboozling the Heavens
Bamboozling the Heavens: A LitRPG Dark Fantasy Saga
BAMG: Bad Ass Magical Girls
Band of Heroes
Bandit don't start as Bandits
Bandit Host Club
Bandit King
Bandit's Run (Dungeon Running LitRPG)
Bandit's Run (Roguelike Dungeon Crawler)
Bane Blood (On Hiatus)
Bane of Ashkarith
Bane of the Old Guard
Bane of the Old Guard [LIT RPG Progression Epic Fantasy]
Bang : reincarnated as parrot
Bang Ding Ow
Banished Talent
Banli and Razrim's Grand Adventure
Banned From Existence
Bannerlords of Kastador
Banst - An Adventurer's Tale
Baphomet the Destroyer
Bara Summoner
Bara Summoner [A BL Romance Deckbuilding LitRPG]
Bara Summoner [A Deckbuilding LitRPG]
Barbarian Game
Barbaric beginnings
Bard's First Rule
Bare Bones
Bare Metal
Bargaining: A Fairy's Tale
Barista to Byte
Baron Britpop Blastfurnace
Baron of Ashes
Baron von Bickenstadt
Barrier Mage
Barrier Mage (A LitRPG Adventure)
Barrow of the Lost
Barry Buckman and the Interdimensional Beastiary
Barter System (or BS like BullSh*it)
Base Affection
BASE Status: Online
BASE Status: Online [An Unlikely Hero's Journey]
BASE Status: Update (BASE Status 2)
Based on a Life
Basic Skills
Basically Yaoi, But With Ninjas.
BASKETBALL DREAM:After watching a basketball anime I started playing basketball
Basketball Reincarnation
Bastard Assassin (18+)
Bastard's Crown
Bastard's Wrath
Bastion Academy Book 1 - Foundations
Bastion Academy Series
Bastion Of Heroes
Bastion of Immutability [HIATUS]
Bastion of Immutability [LitRPG]
Bathilda the Bat
Bathrooms, Sci-Fi, and Poetry
Bathrooms, Superpowers, and Poetry
Batman and Spider-Man: The Monster Men
Batman and Spider-man: Year One
Batman x Arc Reactor [Censored version]
Batman: The Riddling
Battel Of The Savage Souls
Battle Academia: Mediocre Martial Artist
Battle Alchemist
Battle Avatars
Battle Bard
Battle City: Rise Of The Blue Spark
Battle Damsels Vol 2: When Damsels Fight Back [LITRPG][No Harem]
Battle For Supremacy
Battle for Supremacy: Rise of the Chosen
Battle for Supremacy: The Rise of The Chosen
Battle for the Photon Core [Inter-Universal Protectors: Book 1]
Battle for the Photon Core [Inter-Universal Protectors: Book 3]
Battle for the Photon Core ROYAL ROAD VERSION [Inter-Universal Protectors: Book 1]
Battle Hardened
Battle is an Art
Battle is an Art (Old)
Battle Maiden
Battle Maidens
Battle Necromancer
Battle Necromancer Version 2
Battle Necromancer Version 2 - Hiatus
Battle of Blackfortress
Battle of Grammar LitRPG
Battle of Lexis
Battle of realms
Battle Of Supremacy: Heroes and legends
Battle Realms System
Battle Royale across the Universe: The Species Tournament
Battle School
Battle Trucker
Battle World - A battle arena LitRPG story
Battle-Witch's Warrior Thrall (post-apocalyptic cultivators and rifts, and a slow-building reverse harem)
Battle-Witch's Warrior Thrall: Post-Apocalyptic Reverse Harem Cultivator Fantasy
BattleField - A Never-Ending Nightmare
Battlefield NYC (LitRPG Apocalypse)
Battlefield NYC [LitRPG Apocalypse]
Battlefield Reclaimer
Battlefield Reload
Battlefield Restart
Battlefield Restart (Dropped)
Battlefield Restart (Edited)
Battlefield Restart (Old Version)
Battlefield Restart 2- An Adventure Beyond Greatness!
Battlefield Restart 2: An Identity Beyond Self
Battlefield Restart 3- An Ascendance Beyond Destiny
Battlefield Restart [Reboot]
Battlefield Restart- An Identity Beyond Self
Battlefield Restart- An Identity Beyond Self (LN)
Battlefield Restart: Mortal God
Battleforged: Book 1 - THE BILLION CREDIT HEIST - An Earth Apocalypse LitRPG Adventure
Battleground Earth: Invasion
Battlegrounds Of Celestial Beings
Battlemaster's Gambit A LITRPG Monstergirl Harem Adventure
Battles, Blades, and Blood
Battleship Humanity
Battlesquire Book I - First Blood
Battling for Survival in a New World (On Hiatus)
Battling Records of the Chosen One
Battling the World
Baxter [The extremely ridiculous Isekai]
Bay City Runaway
Be a man, be a hero
Be a Steam Player
Be Careful the Deal: An Epic Fantasy Battle Royale
Be Careful What You Drink (Kevin's Journey)
Be Gay Do Crime
Be Quiet!
Be The Icy Beauty: A Xianxia/Cultivation Tale
Beach Bum
Beacon in the Dark
Bear Maid the Princess' Guardian
Bear Station
Bearer of the Ancient Curse
Bearer of the First Flame
Bearer of the Red Lotus
Bearer of Time: Haze
Beast Bride (BL)
Beast Cultivating System
Beast Dao Cultivator
Beast fiend
Beast From The Desert
Beast Games
Beast God
Beast Hunt: A LitRPG Adventure (Isekai, Progression Fantasy)
Beast Invasion [Post Apocalyptic Progression Fantasy]
Beast King now a Mage
Beast Knight
Beast Mage
Beast Master System
Beast Master, The Makings of a Monster Master.
Beast Mutation
Beast of Burden
Beast of Fallen Ages
Beast of the Mountains
Beast of the Night
Beast Queen: A LitRPG/GameLit Action/Adventure (book two of Monster Slayer Online).
Beast Racers
Beast Slayer
Beast Tamer
Beast Tamer Kayne
Beast with a Human Heart
Beast World
Beastborne (An Isekai LitRPG)
Beastkin of GRIM
Beastly - A lullabyte story
Beastly - Screw being human . . . they suck anyway!
BeastMaster Zero By justTYM
Beastmaster, Old Draft.
Beastmaster, The Makings of a Monster Master.
Beastmastery - A LitRPG Novel
Beasts & Bastions
Beasts of Cultivation
Beating The System
Beatrice Santello
Beaubinte: Legend of the Shadow Mage [LitRPG]
Beaubintian Ardor [LitRPG]
Beauty in Simplicity
Beauty of a Chrysalis
Beauty of Ares
Beauty Perspective
Became the Strongest Cultivator Just By Existing
Because I do not fit well with my life, I am given a restart!
Because I've got the most powerful System!
Becket The Elf?
Become A Star
Become God
Become Human
Become Immortal
Become Leviathan
Become Strong!
Becoming a God
Becoming a Hero
Becoming a Hero (Portal Fantasy LitRPG)
Becoming a Legend: Nightfall
Becoming a mesiah
Becoming a Supreme God and Creator of Origin Elves
Becoming a Ten-Winged Immortal in Another World
Becoming a Vampire in The Space
Becoming a Waterbender in a Fantasy World (Litrpg, Slice of Life, Slow Burn Progression)
Becoming Evil [Monster Evolution Progression LitRPG Illustrated Fiction]
Becoming God
Becoming Human
Becoming Itachi Uchiha in a Different world!
Becoming Legend Companion PokeDex
Becoming Legend: PokeDex Companion
Becoming my rival's love interest!
Becoming Renegades in Another World!
Becoming the Best Abomination
Becoming The Horror
Becoming the new Protagonist of the Game's World
Becoming the Overlord with thousands of Titles
Becoming the Protagonist of My Own Delusional World!
Becoming The Wolfman
Becoming Usopp
Becoming Vamperion
Becoming Vamperion: A Vampiric LitRPG
Becoming Zo'an
Bed of Glory "Conqueror of all Worlds"
Bedlam - A litRPG Novel
Bedrock 岩盤 Ganban
Bee Emperor
BEEADDLEDRUNG ⁠— Serial Bogeyman
Beefs and Breads: A Cozy Dwarf Tale
Beelzebub the Prince of Gluttony
Beer Run
Beers and Beards Book 2: A Cozy Dwarf Tale
Beers and Beards Book 3: The Big Brewhaha
Beers and Beards: 1 Day till back catalog removal
Beers and Beards: 4 Days till back catalog removal
Beers and Beards: 7 Days till back catalot removal
Beers and Beards: A Canadian Isekai
Beers and Beards: A Cozy Dwarf LitRPG
Beers and Beards: A Cozy Dwarf Tale
Beers and Beards: A Dwarf Tale
Beers and Beards: Rock and Stone!
Beesekai [A Monster Reincarnation Isekai Comedy]
Beesekai [A Monster Reincarnation Isekai]
Beesekai [Litrpg/Comedy/Fantasy/Action/Sci-Fi/Post Apocalyptic/Grimdark/Aliens/Xianxianxianxianxia/Every other tag]
Beesekai [Litrpg/Comedy/Fantasy/Action/Your favorite genre]
Before a Legend
Before Butterfly Effect
Before F.R.O.N.D.E.R: Epilogue
Before Light
Before Light - Remastered
Before the Day Is Done
Before the end, is peace
Before the Fall
Before The Hills
Before The Lily Falls
Before the Son and the Father, Comes Humanity
Before the World
Before They Came
Before They Came (Magical Apocalypse)
Before Your Heart Cries
Begin Game
Begin the End
Beginners Guide to Dungeoneering
Beginners' Guide to Dungeoneering
Beginning After The End
Beginning from Nothing: Book 1 of The New Age
Beginning Of Arcadia, Book 1: Home
Beginning Of Arcadia, Chapter 1: Home
Beginning Of Bastion, Book 1: Home
Beginning of Dawn
Beginning Of Reality
Beginning of the end
Beginning the legend of Spartan Fire restaurant
Beginnings: A Kyprian Prophecy Origins Novella (Spellbinding YA Fantasy)
Behemoth - HIATUS
Behemoth [Primordial Titan Cultivation/LitRPG]
Behemoth Hunter - Isekai Apocalypse
Behemoth hunters
Behind Each Smile
Behind His Mask: The First Spell Book
Behind Your Smile | 你的笑容
Behold A Pale Horse
Behold the Bacterium
Behold! The Harbinger of Doom
BEHOLD, my Harolded!!!!!!
Being a Bystander is the Best
Being A Divine Salamander Is Not So Bad
Being a hero [Isekai, GL]
Being A Mage Is Boring, So I Created A Class For Myself
Being a side character in a romcom
Being A Side Character IS Hard In The Apocalypse
Being a Vampire God
Being an adventurer is harder than it looks!
Being chased by the heroes because I am a Master Puppeteer.
Being Frank
Being God is Fun
Being Human (Completed)
Being in the Grey : Awakening
Being Mage is Boring, so I Created a Class for Myself
Being moved to main account.
Being Normal Is Overrated (Book 1)
Being Overpowered in Another World is Boring! I Might Try Taking Over the World or Something
Being Swept Away In Reversed World
Being the Boss (Monster)
Being the God of Hell is a bother
Being the God of Hell is a bother [On temporary hiatus]
Being The Healing Class Hero Is A Curse!
Being Undead
Being villian is great!!!
Bellator: Fringe Space Chronicles
Bellesea Castle
Belli Mundi
Bellona the Heartless
Bellram 1 - Ambivalence Of Light And Shadow 1
Bells and Taxes
Bellwether 1
Bellwether 2
Beloved Protection from a nine tailed fox
Below the Belt
Below The Black Sun
Below The Distant Sky
Below the Heavens
Below the Heavens [Traditional Epic High Fantasy]
Belphegor's Bloodline (Vampire LitRPG)
Ben 10 - The end of an old story
Ben the Dungeon
Ben's Damn Adventure: The Prince Has No Pants
Beneath Crimson Waves
Beneath Nightmare Dungeon [A Psychological Horror LitRPG]
Beneath No Sky: Chronicles of the Atmospheric Sector
Beneath the Bodies of their Betters
Beneath the dragon eye moons [ESPAÑOL]
Beneath the Dragoneye Moons
Beneath the Fallen City
Beneath the Iron
Beneath the Midnight Sea
Beneath the Mountain
Beneath the Starless Sky
Beneath Within
Beneath Yggdrasill - Sage of War
Beneath Yggdrasill - Sage of War [Norse Mythology God-Slaying Tale]
Beneath Yggdrasill - Sage of War [Norse Mythology, GameLit]
Beneath Yggdrasill - Sage of War [Norse Mythology]
Benevolent Skeleton + Evolution = ?????
Benjamin's Account of Adventures
Benji and The World Spike
Benson Family Secrets
Bent (Book 1 Complete!)
Berk Van Polan And The Creatures Of Darkness
Berlin 2089
Berries, Boars, and a Boy (A How to Train Your Dragon Fanfiction) (Snotlout/OC)
Berry Barry
Berserk God Ascension Technique
Berserker of the depths
Berserker- Crank Wars
Besieged - [A Tower Defense LitRPG]
Besieged [Hiatus After Chapter 60!]
Best Evidence
Best Friends Forever?
Best Offence
Bestiary of All Nightmares
Bet Your Soul
Beta Life, Digital Sorcery Book 1 (A LITRPG Adventure)
Beta Test
Beta Tester Beth: Hundred Day Horde
Beta Testing for Implementation of Status and Power
Beta World
Beta Zero
Bethrothed to the Royal Twins
Betrayal of the Chosen
Betrayal of the Dead
Betrayed by Light
Betrayed by Light - Complete Book 1
Betrayed Hero
Betrayed in a Blessed World (Web Novel)
Betrayer of Humanity
Betraying The Protagonist for the System
Betsu no Sekai de Muteki O Sokushin Suru
Betsu no Sekai ni Mezameru
Better a Sparrow's Song
Better Days
Better Half
Better off Dead
Better Off In Another World
Better Than a Hero
Better Than Dying
Better Than Life
Better than one
Better Than One [Two-headed ogre LITRPG]
Better To Be Lucky Than Good.
Between Gods And Mortals
Between Illusions
Between Love & Shadows
Between Mountains and Moons
Between Reality and Dreams [A Magical Girl tale]
Between Reality and Dreams [A Modern Magical Girl tale]
Between Reality: G.Y Aspect
Between Swords & 7.62mm [English]
Between Swords & 7.62mm
Between Swords & 7.62mm [English]
Between The Devil And The Night Sky
Between the planes
Between The Senses [Medieval Spy Fantasy]
Between War and Magic
Between Worlds
Beware Of Chicken
Beware of Drug Alchemist
Beware of the Synthetic Siblings
Beware Of The Wild Farmer!
Beware of Zombies
Beware the Seeker's Mark of Unbound Destiny! - Defiant Healer Who Fights With Primal Monsters
Beware, Incubus on the Prowl
Beyond a Million Lives
Beyond Altarier
Beyond Arcin
Beyond Average [A DiceRPG]
Beyond Average [DiceRPG]
Beyond Average [LitRPG + Dice]
Beyond Average Prequel [A DiceRPG]
Beyond Blood and Bone
Beyond Blue
Beyond Boundless
Beyond Chaos - A DiceRPG
Beyond Control: The Heir of Farron
Beyond Dark - Infinite Odyssey Book One, a LitRPG Space Opera
Beyond Death's Boundary
Beyond Death:Monster
Beyond Earth
Beyond Evolution
Beyond Fermi's Paradox
Beyond Floating
Beyond Foundation
Beyond Glass
Beyond Gods
Beyond Gold and Glory - A Slice of Life, Xianxia-Inspired, LitRPG Novel
Beyond Humanity
Beyond Humanity: Lightning Falling and Hook of Rage
Beyond Infinity
Beyond Knowledge
Beyond Knowledge [A Fantasy Minimalistic LitRPG]
Beyond life
Beyond Life and Death
Beyond Lifetimes
Beyond Limitations
Beyond Mortality
Beyond Netherworld
Beyond Respawn: A Gamer's Rebirth
Beyond Sight
Beyond The Abyss (Rewrite)
Beyond the Aeonshift (A Cultivation & Magic Epic Fantasy)
Beyond The Author's Script
Beyond The Average Isekai (A Litrpg)
Beyond the Balance
Beyond the Black Sea
Beyond the Blackboard: An Isekai History Teacher's Tale
Beyond the Boundary Gas and Grocery
Beyond the Bridge
Beyond the Dungeon
Beyond The Edge
Beyond The Evergreen
Beyond The Game
Beyond The Game (Abandoned)
Beyond the Gates of Death and Time
Beyond The Grey Skies
Beyond the Horizon
Beyond the Horizon's Eye
Beyond the Ice
Beyond the Legacy
Beyond the magicless limit
Beyond the Mirror's Gaze: The Mirrored Enigma
Beyond the Mists (Shuli Go Vol. 1)
Beyond The Omniverse
Beyond The Omniverse (DC)
Beyond the Ordinance
Beyond the Ordinary
Beyond The Other World
Beyond The Primordial Void
Beyond The Primordial Void (Dropped)
Beyond The Primordials
Beyond The Sky
Beyond the Star Ways
Beyond the stars
Beyond The Stars - Walking Through A Magic World As A Cultivator
Beyond the Veil
Beyond The Wall (Complete)
Beyond the Worlds
Beyond The Worlds[BTW]
Beyond Time and Space
Beyond Tomorrow
Beyond Truth
Beyond Unknown: Madness & Insanity
Beyond World's Edge
Beyond Worlds
Beyonders Of The World
BF Training Course
Bi The Way
Bible 2
Big BOSS of the Game Industry
Big Daddy of the Modern Era
Big Damn Heroes
Big Iron
Big Leagues
Big Red Button 2: The Second One.
Big Red Button.
Big Rick Energy: Number Go Up [RPGLiteraturd]
Big Sneaky Barbarian
Big Top (A Weak to Strong Dark Progression Fantasy)
Big Top (Dark Progression Fantasy)
Bike Hero Volume 1
Biker Cultivation: First Ride
Bill The Vampire
Billionaire's Fake Wife
Billionaire's Identity
Billions Of Reasons
Billy Gets Isekai'd, but He's Gay in a Homophobic World!
Billy the Guide
Billy the Guide (Lighthearted Bipolar Fantasy Apocalishhh)
Binary Alchemy: The Nexus Awakens
Binary Blood
Binary of Life and Death
Binary Progression
Binary Progression: The wild west of MMOs
Binary Progression: Torrented Edition
Binary Soul
Bind Game
Bind on Pickup
Binded In The Dark
Binder of Souls [A LitRPG Progression Fantasy]
Binder of Souls [A Progression Fantasy LitRPG]
Bio AI
Bio Synthesis
Biogenes: The Castle of Divides
Biogenes: The Series
Bioloxys Genesis
Biomancer: Songs of Sirens
Birds of a Feather
Birds Of A Feather - V01
Birds of Prey
Birth Cult
Birth From Darkness
Birth of a Cosmonar
Birth of A Death God
Birth of a Demon
Birth of a Devil
Birth of a God
Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Monster
Birth of an AI (completed)
Birth of an AntiHero
Birth of Demonic Mage
Birth of God
Birth of Mana
Birth of Primordial Wrath
Birth of Sin
Birth of the Conqueror
Birth of the Dragon King
Birth of the Dragons
Birth of The Nightmare: A Story of the Broken
Birth of the Primordial Wrath Lord
Birth of the Sinner
Birth of the World Tree
Birthday Online
Bit Farmer
Bite Mark
Bite of Evolution: Crimson Rebirth
Bitten apple
Bitter Victory
Bitter Water
Bizarre Fate: An Urban Crime Xianxia (Stand Cultivation)
Bizarre Fate: An Urban Xianxia
Bizarre Fate: An Urban Xianxia (Jojo x Xianxia)
BKR: Bandit King Reborn
Black And White
Black Apocalypse
Black As Ice
Black Ash
Black Balsam
Black Beast
Black Belly Enchantress
Black Blood
Black Blood (now on break... it'll be back... Eventually...)
Black Boar Band
Black Book Saga
Black Bunny (Xianxia)
Black Butterfly: The return of the legendary blood slaughters
Black Carbon
Black Cloak, White Art
Black Coin
Black Core Summoner
Black Crow
Black Death
Black Demons
Black Dog
Black dragon (Spanish version)
Black Dragon Rising
Black Dragons Rain
Black Earth
Black Feather
Black flame Devil
Black Garland
Black God of Lightning.
Black Gold [A Western LitRPG]
Black Gold Kingdom
Black Heart
Black Heaven
Black Heaven Ascension
Black Hole Traveler: Beyond Jupiter's Door
Black Home
Black Ice
Black In Academy
Black Iron & Cinder
Black Kettle
Black Kingdom By CallMeDeliverUs
Black Knight
Black Lamb of the Apocalypse
Black Lily
Black Liver & Silver Fangs
Black Madonna
Black Magic
Black Magic Hero
Black Magus
Black Malice
Black Meridian
Black Milk Valkyrie
Black Mist: Daniek of the Black Blood
Black Moon
Black Onyx - Forgotten Magic
Black Onyx - Phoenix Resurrection
Black Prince: Cruel Magic
Black Rabbit: Gut the Goat
Black Rain
Black Raven Edge: Jax Legacy Turbo Re-Armed
Black Ring
Black Rock
Black Roses Rewrite - YYH Fanfiction
Black Sands
Black Sheep
Black Sheep - A Permadeath Book
Black Sheep [dropped]
Black Sheep's Freedom
Black Ship
Black Sky
Black Smoke
Black Space
Black Spire
Black Stains [LitRPG, High Fantasy, Sci-Fi]
Black Steel Brandy
Black Steel: A Tale of Fire and Mind
Black Storm
Black Sun
Black Sun Eclipse
Black Sun Eclipse, Book 2 of the Black Sun Series
Black Sun Rising
Black Table
Black Tears
Black Tears (to be revised)
Black Tiger God (黑虎神)
Black Titan
Black Watch Asylum (Hiatus)
Black Watch Asylum(Draft)
Black White Academy
Black Wind
Black Wind, White Lotus
Black Wing
Black Wolf Howl
Black World
Blackened Blood
Blackened Blood[Progression Fantasy]
Blackened Blossoms
Blackfire (OELN)
Blackjack Thorn, Space Pirate
Blackout : The Obsidian Mage Book One
Blacksmith of the Apocalypse
Blacksmith's Descent Through Dungeon
Blackwind: New World
Blackwood Company (A novel of grimdark sword and sorcery)
Blade Judgement
Blade Mage (LitRPG)
Blade Master Otherworldly Adventures
Blade n Blood (Feature Film Script) -- Post Apocalyptic
Blade of Chaos
Blade of Crom
Blade of Death
Blade of Gaia
Blade of shattered reality
Blade Of The Lotus: [A Game-Lit Progression Fantasy]
Blade of the Mentor
Blade of Wuxia
Blade Origin
Blade Quest Vol.1
Blade Runner: Second Unit
Bladed Advent
Bladed Warrior (Shonen Light Novel)
Bladedancer (Ravos Rebirth vol:1)
Blademage Beastmaster
Blades and Bonds
Blades and Mana
Blades of Gray
Blades of Gray (Grimalkin's Blades)
Blades of Gray [A Morality Progression Fantasy]
Blades of Honor
Blades of Wolfsbane
Bladevoker's Prerequisites
Blair (A LitRPG Apocalypse)
Blair - A Dark Elf LitRPG Apocalypse
Blair - A LitRPG Apocalypse
Blair - A LitRPG Apocalypse - Book 3 Stubbed!
Blair - A LitRPG Apocalypse - Book 3 Stubs on the 25th! (4 days left)
Blair - A LitRPG Apocalypse - Book 3 Stubs on the 25th! (7 days left)
Blair Nys: Blood and Benevolence
Blair: A City of Darkness
Blaith: A Town out of Place
Blake Byron: Paranormal Investigator
Blame (Hi-Chan)
Blank: a Story of Good Intentions
Blanks: Magi Of The Red Desert
Blarg the Meh Ai
Blasphemous Vein
Blasphemous Vein - Blasphemous Series
Blast Protocol
Blaze contractor
Blaze of Glory: Beak and Feather
Blaze Ultimate: A Harem Fantasy Adventure
Blazing the Competition - Pokémon SI
Blazing Translocation
Bleach: Brave New World
Bleach: Gazing Mirage
Bleach: Innate Control
Bleached Nightmare
Bleak Knight
Bleak MidWinter.
Bleeding Aegis Book 1: Blood Myst
Bleeding Chrome Hearts
Bleeding Edge (EDGE Force 1)
Bleeding Hearts
Bleeding Stars (Cosmic Horror light-LitRPG)
Bleeding Stars (Cosmic Horror LitRPG)
Bleeding Stars (Horror light-LitRPG)
Bleen Fada - The Legend of the Colorful Pathfinder
Bleen Fada - The Legendary Pathfinder
Blenders : tale of the greatest creator
Blessed by the Luck Goddess
Blessed by Tiamat, a Dragon Evolution LitRPG
Blessed Curse (Adult Cultivation Fantasy in Modern World)
Blessed Lineage : The Nether Era
Blessed Lineage : The Nether Era [Post Apocalypse Fantasy]
Blessed Time
Blessed with a curse (BwC) [Tryout.]
Blessing Avenue
Blessing Of The Demon King
Blessing of the Vomit Heroine
Blessings of the Night
Blight and Bloom
Blight of Kingdoms
Blight of Malevolence
Blighted: A Plague Rat's Tale
Blightwalker: Sovereign of Ash and Embers
Blind Ambition
Blind As A Witch
Blind Fodder's Escape Plan
Blind Fodder's Escape Plan [on Hold till further notice]
Blind Judgment
Blind Mage Adventures
Blind man's path
Blind Punch
Blind Spear Goddess
Blind To Notice
Blind Wastelands
Blinded by the Light of the Sun, Lost to Wander in the Dark [ATLA; Dark Avatar Zuko]
Blink, A Dungeon Core Story Unlike Any Other (Because it's terrible beyond belief)
Blissful Agony
Blissfully Magical - Adventures in The Magic World
Block Dungeon
Blockage of Writing
Blockworld - Welcome to the Wildlands
Blog Entries of the Broken Hearted
Blood & Paradise
Blood & Carrots
Blood & Chaos: The rise of the strongest Apostle.
Blood & Fire: Insurrection
Blood & Fur
Blood & Noodles
Blood & Paint
Blood & Paradise
Blood & Paradise | Order of Cerberus I
Blood // Punk
Blood Across The Ages
Blood Amongst the Sand
Blood and Amber
Blood and Blessings
Blood and Bones
Blood and Dust
Blood and Fire: A LitRPG
Blood and Gold
Blood and guts in middle school
Blood and Honor
Blood and Honor (Rewrite)
Blood and Honor: Ascension
Blood and Honor: Dark Scion
Blood and Honor: Deathwalker
Blood and Honor: Emperor's Fangs
Blood and Honor: Engineer's Aptitude
Blood and Honor: Fallout
Blood and Honor: Honor among Thieves
Blood and Honor: Redemption
Blood and Honor: Rise of Atlantis
Blood and Iron
Blood and Magic
Blood and Passion
Blood and Qi: A Vampire Xianxia LitRPG
Blood and Sacrifice
Blood and Shadow
Blood and Silence
Blood and Silver
Blood and Soul
Blood and steel
Blood and Thorns: Reverie of Madness
Blood Animus
Blood Apocalypse [LitRPG Apocalypse]
Blood Apocalypse [LitRPG Apocalypse] (Old Version)
Blood Bank - BlueTooth [Isekai/LitRPG]
Blood Bank Book One - BlueTooth
Blood Blue
Blood Bonds
Blood Born
Blood Borne
Blood Brothers Rising
Blood Calamity
Blood Champion
Blood Control
Blood Creed
Blood Curse - A LitRPG
Blood Curse Academia
Blood Curse Academia - Orientation
Blood Curse Academia - Previous Draft Edition -
Blood Cursed: Demon of Time
Blood Demon's Retirement
Blood Destiny
Blood Devil Series - A LitRPG adventure
Blood Divine Book One: Awakened Blood
Blood Divine Series
Blood Drinker
Blood Drive
Blood Emperor
Blood Emperor [Dropped!!]
Blood Feud
Blood for Power [LitRPG Dungeon Tower Apocalypse, Progression Fantasy]
Blood for Power: A LitRPG Apocalypse
Blood for Wages
Blood Fractal
Blood from Steel
Blood Glitch
Blood Imperium
Blood Impulse
Blood Impulse [Sci-fi Space Opera Action]
Blood in Gold (Book 1 of 'The Archipelago' Fantasy Series)
Blood in the Water
Blood in the Wilderness
Blood in the Wires
Blood is dark
Blood Island
Blood Knight
Blood Legacy: New World Of Doom
Blood Limit
Blood Mage Bastard (A LitRPG)
Blood Merchant Empire
Blood Moon Hunters
Blood Myst
Blood Night (The Scarlet Jane Files, #1)
Blood of a Novice (An Epic Progression Fantasy)
Blood of an Inhuman Hitman
Blood of an Inhuman Hitman (Rewrite)
Blood of Gold
Blood of Lilies
Blood of Royals
Blood of The Ancient
Blood of the Father
Blood of the Gods (BOOK ONE)
Blood of the Gods: the Leaving
Blood of the Guardian
Blood of the Hydra [LitRPG War & Settlement Builder]
Blood of the Hydra [LitRPG War & Settlement Builder]
Blood of the Past
Blood of the Priestess
Blood of the Serpent
Blood of the Sun
Blood on the Cat's Ear
Blood Origin: Rise of Hemalith
Blood Portal
Blood Prejudice
Blood Princess (completed)
Blood Quest - A LitRPG
Blood ran Cold
Blood Reborn (Cultivation/Progression Fantasy/Epic)
Blood Reborn: A Grimdark Progression Fantasy
Blood Reborn: A Progression Epic Fantasy
Blood Red Darkness (A Vampiric Progression LitRPG)
Blood Red Moon
Blood Redemption
Blood Rejects
Blood Relations: Battle of the Blood Worshippers
Blood Rising
Blood Rocket Memories Over Capsule Bay
Blood Rose
Blood Rose (Vampire/Ballerina Book 1)
Blood Sapphire
Blood Seekers -- The Monolith
Blood Shaper
Blood Shark
Blood Shot [STUB in 18 days!]
Blood Soaked Star
Blood system
Blood Tax
Blood Thick as Steel
Blood Ties - A Dystopian Detective Novel
Blood Ties: Lastborn of Akatosh
Blood Ties: Lastborn of Akatosh (Elder Scrolls / Naruto)
Blood Ties: Lastborn of Akatosh (Elder Scrolls/ Skyrim / Naruto)
Blood To-Go
Blood Tribute Gacha in Another World
Blood Variant
Blood Virtuoso
Blood Virtuoso: a goblin's story
Blood Virtuoso: a monster evolution story
Blood Virtuoso: an evolution story
Blood Wolf
Blood World - Sacrifice
Blood Worth
Blood's Black Frequency
Blood's Curse
Blood, cooking, fights, comrades and adventure. The times and struggle of a orc cook in the Demon Lords army.
Blood, Drugs, and a Pinch of Magic
Blood, Status, Ethnicity, and Nationality
Blood-Forged Side Stories
Blood-queen Ssyba
Blood-Sakura : The Paranormal Residence
Blood? Suckers!
Bloodborn: The First Vampire
Bloodborne Dominion
Bloodbound - A Blood Magic Litrpg Isekai
Bloodbound Regression
Bloodbound Regression [Fantasy litRPG]
Bloodbound Umbra
Bloodfallen: Curse of The All Knowing
Bloodgames - A Battle Royale LitRPG
Bloodline Ascension
Bloodline Awakening
Bloodline Monarch: Start as a Snake
Bloodline plunder
Bloodline Stinger
Bloodline: World Domination
Bloodmancer System
Bloodmoon Destiny
Bloodpunk (Old Version)
Bloodshard: Stolen Magic
Bloodshard: Stolen Magic (COMPLETE)
Bloodstained Asylum of Terror
Bloodstained Skies: The Core Of Rage
Bloodstone : Shades of a dream
Bloodthirsty (hiatus)
Bloodthirsty Breeze
Bloody Adventurer
Bloody Angel
Bloody Conqueror
Bloody Crystal: The Diary
Bloody Dragon
Bloody Grass
Bloody Halloween
Bloody Haze
Bloody Hell
Bloody Killing Game
Bloody little Monster
Bloody New World
Bloody Orphan
Bloody Renaissance
Bloody Specialist
Bloody Spellcraft
Bloody Wave Unlimited
Bloody Wonderland
Bloody Æther
Bloody Æther (LitRPG-lite)
Blooming Blood Goddess (LitRPG)
Blooming Blood Petal
Blooming in the dark
Blooming Prophecy - Blair: A LitRPG Apocalypse
Blooming Thorn in Another World
Blossom in Ash - [Progression/War/Fantasy/Magic]
Blossoming Bonds
Blossoming Path
Blossoming Path - A Xianxia LitRPG
Blossoming Spirit - [Isekai Progression Fantasy] [Non-LitRPG]
Blossoms and Illusions
Blow: A CTCT Spin-Off
Blown Away
Blue Blood
Blue Blood Servant
Blue Bloods
Blue Boundary
Blue Box Cultivation
Blue Bully Fighter RPG system: High School Revolution Quest
Blue Core
Blue Cruelty
Blue Crystal - Chayim
Blue Eden: Iron Children
Blue griffin knight
Blue Hills
Blue mage
Blue Mage Strives for the Level Cap! Adapt!
Blue Mist
Blue Moon Emperor
Blue Moon Saga
Blue Paint
Blue Phantom
Blue Phoenix
Blue Pill
Blue Road
Blue Roses do not Exist in Nature
Blue Screen Blues
Blue Se7en
Blue Seed
Blue Seed - Path of a Mage King
Blue Soul
Blue Star Cultivator
Blue Thing's Magical Rabbit Symposium
Bluelight Chronicles - Going Solo
Blueprint for Immortality: a Crafting Xianxia
Blurred Border
Blurred Lines and What Crosses Them
Blut und Eisen: Blood and Iron
Boarding School Blues
Bob and Sam up to no Good
Bob in the land of the gods
Bob's Ascension to Godhood
Bob's Book
Bobb builder system
Bobb builder system (Building Overlord with Beyonder Blueprints)
Bobb builder system (Building Overlord with Beyonder Blueprints) [Hiatus]
BOC Alternate Universe: Soaring Heaven's Isle
Body and Soul
Body Modifier: Energy Required
Body Molder
Bodybuilder Reincarnation
Bofuri: I don't want to be a nobody so I'll min-max
Bog Standard Isekai [Book 1 stubs on June 4]
Bog Standard Isekai: A LitRPG Progression Fantasy
Boku No Halo Academia: For Want of a Mustard Seed
Boku No Halo Academia: Rising Conflict
Boku No Halo Academia: Rising Conflict (Complete)
Bolster, The Makings of a Monster Master.
Bon Voyage, Celestion-5
Bon Week-end
Bonded By Blood
Bonded Spirits
Bonded Summoner - Books 1 - 5 On Amazon!
Bonded Summoner - Stubbing B5 1/3 - Read announcment!
Bonded Summoner [A Harem Fantasy LITRPG]
Bonded: Book One in the Liminal Space Series
Bonds of a Brother: The Iron Cross
Bonds of Gold (HP Fanfiction)
Bone And Amber: The Inside Story On The Return Of The Dinosaurs
Bone and Cartilage
Bone Daddy Bones The World
Bone Dungeon: Book 1 in the Elemental Dungeon Series
Bone Horror
Bone Lord
Bone Sage
Boneless Beings
Bones and Blunders: The Misadventures of the Skeletal Dungeon Master [Dungeon Core LitRPG]
Bones in the Sun
Bones of the Crooked - Portal/Isekai LitRPG
Bonfire of Souls
Book 1 of Opposites Attract: Class Perfection
Book 1 of the Falconer series: Hearts of Ice
Book 1 of the Immortal Sun Mist Emperor Saga- Novus Magus
Book 1 of the Immortal Sun Mist Emperor Series- Novus Magus
Book 1 | Hibryds
Book 1: A certain magic kingdom
Book 1: Demonic Wolfsbane
Book 1: Memories of the Gluttonous Sage
BOOK 1: THE CURSE OF ASMODEUS -- (a Perth's Accidental Superheroes series)
BOOK 1: THE CURSE OF ASMODEUS -- (a Perth's Accidental Superheroes series) VOL 1.1 OTHER-PERTH
Book 1: The Forgotten Fighter
Book 1: There is No God
Book 28: The Eden Conference
BOOK 2: THE WRATH OF ASMODEUS -- [a Perth's Accidental Superheroes series]
BOOK 3: THE REVENGE OF ASMODEUS -- [a Perth's Accidental Superheroes series]
Book 4: Escape From Planet Of Asmodeus [ A Perth'S Accidental Superheroes Series ]
Book 4: The Brothers Dyne
BOOK 5: THE RETURN OF ASMODEUS -- (a Perth's Accidental Superheroes series)
BOOK 6: THE SON OF ASMODEUS (a Perth's Accidental Superheroes series)
BOOK 6: THE SON OF ASMODEUS (a Perth's Accidental Superheroes series) VOL 2.2 POST-TREETON
BOOK 7: THE DAUGHTER OF ASMODEUS ~ (A Perth's Accidental Superheroes series) VOL2.3 POST-TREETON
BOOK 7: THE DAUGHTER OF ASMODEUS ~ A Perth's Accidental Superheroes series
Book about reincarnation
Book From Another World: Guide to Surviving an Apocalypse
Book Of Asura
Book Of Chaos
Book of Creations
Book of Dragons
Book of EscaLod
Book of Fates: The Forgotten Shores of Ferax
Book of Heroes - Rise of the Shadow Walker
Book of Kallio [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]
Book of Kallio [Volume One Complete]
Book of Kindness
Book of Kings
Book of Liz
Book of Monsters
Book of Mortus
Book of Reality
Book of Sand
Book Of Soul
Book Of The Dead
Book of the Known
Book of the undead
Book of TLC (Poem Book)
Book of Zhanlu
Book one: Change
Book One: Queen of The Forest
Book One: Rise of the Firstborn || A Magical Epic Fantasy
Book Worm
Books of the Wyrd
Bookworld Online: Marsh Man
Bookworld Online: The Rogue Necromancer
Bookworm Gladiator
Boom Kitty
Boosted Continuation – A new world (GL)
Boosted Restart – A new chance in a different world (GL)
Boots & Bones
Borealis [an Isekai LitRPG from the POV of a dragon]
Bored Evil
Bored Gamer in Other Worlds
Bored Hero
Boredom Made Me Do It.
Born a Demi-God (Hiatus)
Born a male xenomorph
Born a Pawn
Born among the Stars
Born as a Villain's Older Brother
Born as Slime In New World
Born Different [Monster Evolution LitRPG]
Born for the Apocalypse
Born for the Apocalypse : A Cultivation LITRPG
Born for the Apocalypse : A Dao Apocalypse LITRPG
Born for the Apocalypse : Void Marked
Born for the Apocalypse [Cultivation LITRPG]
Born for the Apocalypse [Cultivation x LITRPG]
Born for the Apocalypse [LITRPG]
Born for the Apocalypse [Old/Hiatus version]
Born From a Forbidden Union, Humanity hates me.
Born From Evil
Born from the wish of a dying god
Born in Abyss: Dark Devil
Born in Abyss: The Dark Devil
Born in apocalypse
Born in Flames
Born In One (one piece fanfiction)
Born in The Cultivation Habitat.
Born of Ash
Born Of Dusk
Born of Dusk [A GameLit Progression Fantasy]
Born of Hate: Spawn of Hatred
Born of Shadow
Born of Valar
Born of Wrath
Born of Wrath | A Skill Forge LITRPG
Born to Heal, Grown to Steal
Born Under A Peasant's Star [A Kingdom Building LitRPG]
Born under the moon
Born with a Dragon Tattoo(Dropped)
Born with an Innate Technique in Jujutsu Kaisen
Born Without Limit
Borne of Caution
Borne of Caution: Sidestories
Borne of Desire
Borrowed Time
Borrowing Divinity
Boruto, You Little Rascal
Boruto:narutos next generations: the saga of daemon
Boruto:The Last Generation
Boruto:The Last Genration
Boss Lvl
Boss Slayer
Botched Reincarnation
Botched Reincarnation: Farming In Another World
Both a little Scared; Neither one Prepared
Both a little Scared; Neither one Prepared (Complete)
Both Ends of the Gun
Bottled Sun
Bottled up wishes
Bottom Rung (Dungeon Runner, book 1)
Bottomless earth
Bound by Blood
Bound By Bravery: Book One
Bound By Bravery: Book Two
Bound by Duty
Bound by Fate
Bound by life and death
Bound by Moonlight
Bound in the Dark
Boundary Scramble
Boundary: Low Orbital Warfare
Boundary: Orbital Warfare
Boundless (Completed)
Boundless Galaxy
Boundless Plains
Boundless Quest: A Saga of Freedom
Boundless Quest: A Saga of Freedom [A Progression Adventure LitRPG]
Bound~/*$cen\ & ReTwain Fwyrm: {[email protected] gest*Shores))
Bounty Cats
Bounty Realm
Bounty Realm [Medieval Adventure to Uncharted Magical Frontier]
Bourne: The Beginning
Bow down to your King!
Bow of the North
Boxing Without Sight
Boy x Cat: Life As A Newly Awakened Wizard
BR: Collection of Short Stories
Bragadetti, An Autobiography
Brain Cultivators
Braindead - A Zombie LitRPG
Braindead - A Zombie LitRPG with an unnecessarily long title
Brainiac Dungeon
Branch Adventurers Guild
Branch Adventurers Guild [Dropped]
Brand New Night
Brand New Stallion
Brand New World
Brand of the Dragon
Brave Realm Odyssey - Adventurer Resolution
Brave Soul
Brave World Online
Bravest Soul
Bravo Dawn
Braza the Architect - Magical Crafter, Builder, and Adventurer!
Breach World Championship 2081
Breached Earth (Human Core 1)
Breached Earth (Human Core)
Breaching Reality
Break Free
Break Neck Alley
Break of Night
Break the Day (Nightstar #1)
Break The Sky
Breaker of Chains
Breaker of Games [A Progression LitRPG Experience]
Breaker of Horizons
Breaker of Skulls (LitRPG)
Breaker of the Wheel
Breaking Chains
Breaking Free
Breaking Free COMPLETE
Breaking Free: Filling up the blank page of uncertainties
Breaking Good Or How I learned to stop worrying and love the Blue
Breaking Hell: Overture
Breaking Horizons: Book 1: Snared Origins
Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-fic
Breaking Mirrors and Illusions: Summoner, System Summon
Breaking Point
Breaking Point Awakening
Breaking Syd
Breaking the Chains
Breaking the constellations
Breaking the cycle of reincarnation.
Breaking The Game
Breaking the Masquerade
Breaking the Mold
Breaking the Mold (Rewrite)
Breaking the Shackles of the Past (Ren Tao)
Breaking the World with Cut & Paste
Breaking up, No Joke
Breakout: The Evolution of a High School Nerd
Breakout: What Did I Get Myself Into?
Breakout: What Did I Get Myself Into? (Original English Light Novel)
Breathe in the Embers
Breathing Hurts: Short Stories
Bred To Be An Assassin
Bred to Die: Confessions of a Vat Grown Troll
Brewer King
Brewing Bad (Fantasy Isekai)
Brian Saves the World, Maybe
Brian the Drow: A LitRPG Adventure
Brian'S Note Book
Briareth's Horizon
Briars and Thorns
Briarsworn [Ancient World LitRPG]
Bricks of The Temple
Bride of Prince
Bride of the Dark Lord
Bride of the Villain
Bridge of Storms
Bridging The Gap; The Final Records In Unova: An Autobiography
Brigante Ark
Brigante Ark - New Chaos
Brigante Ark - Royals in thorns
Bright "yuri"
Bright Battle Story: Tactics Heart
Bright Decay
Bright Feather
Bright Night Online
Brightblade's Tale : Story of Timothy the Kind Hearted Prince
BrightBurn - A LITRPG Apocalypse
Brighter Skies
Brighter Skies [Epic High Fantasy Action Adventure]
Brightest Doom
Brightstar: The Rising Superhero
Brimstone Fantasy
Bring me back to change that life!
Bring Me The Witch's Heart
Bring on the Leisure! [A Chimera Core LitRPG]
Bringer of War
Bringing Anime Skills to Another World Using Imagination
Bringing Chaos to the Immortal World with God's Powers
Bringing Earthling to Conquer Another World
Bringing Life To The Wasteland
Bringing My Game To Another World
Bringing the game items to the real world
Brinus Helios: From Criminal to Hero
Briox the Magus
Britannia: A call to arms
Broadway Blue
Broccoli (Partly LitRPG)
Brock's Hunter Moon
Broderick's Home for Curious Kids
Broken Angel
Broken Ascension [Young Master LITRPG SYSAPOC]
Broken Chain
Broken Chains
Broken chains of mortality
Broken Cheat
Broken Core
Broken Core (A Progression LitRPG)
Broken Core (Progression LitRPG)
Broken Dreams: A Pokémon Fanfiction
Broken Emperor
Broken Empire
Broken Empires
Broken Flame Cultivation
Broken Hearth [GrimDark Dungeon Core LitRPG]
Broken Hero
Broken Hourglass [A Regression LitRPG]
Broken Interface
Broken Is Beautiful
Broken Kaleidoscopes
Broken Lance
BROKEN LOOPS: Destroying space and time
BROKEN LOOPS: Destroying space and time {Gamelit, time loop, Litrpg}
Broken Path: A Gritty Arabian Nights Xianxia
Broken Path: A Gritty Xianxia
Broken Path: A Song of Blood and Shadow [Dark Arabian Nights Xianxia]
Broken Path: A Song of Blood and Shadow [Dark Fantasy Xianxia]
Broken Path: Song of Blood and Shadow [A Gritty Xianxia]
Broken Path: The Song of Blood and Shadow [A Gritty Cultivation Epic]
Broken Pieces
Broken Reality
Broken Realms: Battle of the Gods
Broken Shackles
Broken Shards
Broken Skulls, a Skeleton's Tale
Broken Sky and Shattered Earth: Apocalypse Convergence
Broken Soul
Broken Soul (MoTheGreatOne)
Broken Summoner : There's Nothing I Can't Summon, Not Even a Goddess
Broken Swords Hearts and Minds
Broken System
Broken Things
Broken Vows and Empty and Empty Promises
Broken Vows and Empty Promises
Broken Worlds
Broly In Naruto
Broly In Naruto (COMPLETED)
Bronze Mirror
Bronze Sun: The Red Smith (LitRPG + Crafting)
Bronze Wings: A Steampunk Pirate Harem Adventure
Broods of Fenrir
Brothels in Another World
Brother Of The Kraken
Brother Of The Kraken: A LitRPG Adventure
Brother To The King
Brotherhood of Assassins
Brothers And Heroes
Brothers in arms
Brothers of Heaven and Hell
Brought my Shotgun to the Seven Seas
Brown-Eyed Heaven
Brujas de la Noche
Brunning Divide
Brushing Bones
Brute Force
Bruxas da Noite
Bryconia: A LitRPG Progression Fantasy
Brymeia: The Visitor [Isekai, Epic/Modern Fantasy, Romance]
Btth: Disciple Cashback System
Bubbles Goes Wild
Bubbleverse -The Rise of The Spiritual Mecha
Bubbleverse-Rise of Spiritual Mechs
Bubbleverse-Rise of The Spiritual Mechs
Bubbleverse-The Rise of The Spiritual Mecha
Bubbleverse-The Rise of The Spiritual Mecha(Hiatus)
Bubbleverse: The Rise of The Spiritual Mecha
Budding Heirs
Buddy System
Buffy's New World Order
Bug (title pending)
Bug Bytes
Bug in This Game
Bug-Hunting as a Heretic
Bugs and Blades
Build-A-Harem (ongoing)
Builder of Power
Builders: Village and Pillage - An Unofficial Minecraft Story
Building a magic system on threat of destruction
Building a nation and make its citizen happy
Building A Sect Through Revenge
Building a Technological Civilisation in an Extraordinary Universe !
Building A village in Naruto Universe
Building a World From the Ground Up
Building an army in another world
Building An Army In Another World With My Smartphone
Building Character: The Future History of Sage Phoenix Corlett Waters
Building Home
Building Home Book 2 - Rescue
Building my faction in another world
Building Realms & Unleashing Heroes
Building The Soul Before The Body
Building the Star Forge Empire
Built on Sand: ATLA/LoK AU SI Fanfiction
Bukowski's Broken Family Band
Bullet Blonde
Bullet In Spell Land
Bullets & Spells
Bullish Farming. [Minotaur farmer LITRPG]
Bumbling Goddess Made Me Overpowered in the New World
Bunker: Post Apocalypse Fantasy Base Building
Bunny Core
Burden of a Fire Dragon
Bureau of Dungeon Inspection and Enhancement
Bureau of Paranormal Activity (BPA)
Bureaucratic Hell
BurgerPunk: Pizza Time
Buried City
Buried Planet
Buried With Secrets
Burn Artist
Burn in fel fire
Burn the World
Burnarok: Slayer Archives
Burned Phoenix Rises
Burning bright [progression fantasy]
Burning Bright: The Journey of a Legend
Burning Brightly - A LitRPG Adventure
Burning Desire
Burning Era
Burning Heavens
Burning Soul
Burning Stars, Falling Skies
Burning Tears
Burning Winter
Burra: Short Stories In the Shaper Universe
Bus driver vs Dungeons [Progression Litrpg]
Business Manager in a Barn
Business With Pleasure
Businessman reincarnated in fantasy novel
But for a Slime
But I never wanted to be involved
But, Have You Read This Yet?
Butcher of Bleeding Faithful (Halo/Danmachi)
Butler to a Core Lord: A LitRPG Apocalypse (FINISHED, COMING DOWN BY MAY)
Butler to a Core Lord: A LitRPG Apocalypse (FINISHED, COMING DOWN IN MAY)
Butler to a Core Lord: A LitRPG Apocalypse (FINISHED, COMING DOWN MAY 15 OR LATER)
Butterflies and Pins
Butterfly Dream Scripture
Butterfly Weed
Butterfly's Dream
BuyMort: Rise of the Windowpuncher - How I Became the Accidental Warlord of Arizona. A GameLit System Apocalypse
BuyMort: Rise of the Windowpuncher - How I Became the Accidental Warlord of Arizona. Apocalyptic GameLit
Buzoku Zero
By Any Magical Means Necessary
By guns and chains
By Myself
By Sound Alone
By Spell and Sail
By Starlight's Refuge
By Strength And Guile
By The Pale Moonlight: Burning Cinder Book II (#2)
By the Rakshasa's Grace
By The Sword
By Thy Requests, I Write
By Word and Deed
Byond understanding
Byzantine Wars
Byōki no hitobito wa betsu no sekai ni tsurete ko raremashita.
C and L Industries (fallout/supreme commander crossover)
C l a i r e
C.O.L.A. Beration
C0G - A Fantasy Progression LitRPG
Cabin of Memories
Cable City Saga
Cadorna Keep
Caelium Saga
Caelus Online
Caelus The Hunter
Caesar Augustino [Infinite Dendrogram Fanfic]
Caesar Augustino [Original Character-centric Infinite Dendrogram Fanfic]
Caged Demons: Entrapment
Caged within the Ravencourt
Caged Worlds: Breakout
Caged Worlds: Breakout (Progression LitRPG)
Caged Worlds: Breakout - A LitRPG Progression
Caged Worlds: Breakout - A LitRPG Progression Fantasy
Caged Worlds: Breakout - A Progression Fantasy
Caged. Unleashed. Extinct.
Cain the Cursed Immortal
Cain's Daughter: Baptism of Fire
Cain's Magic Afterlife
Caladria Saga Part 1 - Lanterns and Torches
Caladria Snowflake
Calamitous Thunder: Rise to Godhood.
Calamity [Survival, Infected Monsters]
Calamity [Survival, Infection, Monsters]
Calamity Amnesiac
Calamity Blade
Calamity Lord Academy [OP MC Reincarnation Fantasy]
Calamity Lord Academy: Is It Wrong For A Human To Become The Next Demon Lord? [OP MC Reincarnation Fantasy]
Calamity Lord Academy: What Is A Human Doing Here!?
Calamity Lord Academy: What Is A Human Doing Here!? [OP MC Reincarnation Fantasy]
Calamity Lord Academy: What is a Human Doing Here?!
Calamity Mandate
Calamity Messenger
Calamity Muse [LitRPG, Dark Fantasy, Steampunk, Villainess]
Calamity of Hope - A Divine Apocalypse LitRPG
Calamity Star
Calamity Upon You
CALAMITY — anthology
Calamity: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel
Calamus Era
Calculating Cultivation
Caledon's Fall
Calf the Furless
Calf the Furless (Draft - Ended)
Calf the Furless (First Edition)
Calforn Chronicles (Original)
Caligo Cordolium
Caligo Cordolium: a Poison as Red as Blood (1)
Caligo Tenebris
Calixon - Machiavellian/Satirical Romance
Call In The Wind [An Adventurous Isekai]
Call it a Mission
Call Me Emperor
Call of Adventure: Records of Journey in Aeon Frigg
Call of Carrethen
Call of Mahida - Book One: Whispers of Parsin
Call of Nightmares
Call of the Builder: Sunken Secrets
Call Of The Dao
Call Of The Devil's Daughter
Call of The Dragons
Call of the Gods: Rise of Heroes
Call of the Hunter's Mark
Call of the Isle
Call of the Myst (Apocalypse LITRPG)
Call of the System [LitRPG Apocalypse]
Call of the Void
Call The Manager
Call the Wind
Call to Adventure
Called Upon
Callie and Bob
Callie's Heroes
Calliope: The Last Witch
Calliope: The Last Witch [complete]
Callsign: Bloodbath Fps
Calm Before the Storm
Calm Calamity
Calm Master
Camelot Defiant
Camelot Dungeon
Camelot Overthrown
Camelot Resurgent
Cami, A Girl and a Planet
Camiare: An Isekai
Camp Starfall
Campaign: A Project Starfarer Sidestory
Can a Cat Cut it in Another World - A LitRPG Adventure
Can a holy hero be born from such a person?
Can a Kobold Save The World?
Can a Lich Cry
Can A Random Dude From A Village Defeat An Overpowered Demon Lord
Can I Borrow @You?
Can I Eat That?
Can i please get a female demon lord on the 10th world(Hiatus)
Can I really create a VR game?
Can I really keep my Goddess Wife to myself and away from all the Crazy OP MCs?
Can Mechanoids Be Pokémon?
Can somebody save me? Really? No one?
Can you Hear the Stars Calling?
Can you please stop killing me? a lit RPG adventure
Can you stop an apocalypse? Even when your daughter is the one starting it?
Can't a Girl be a Fearsome Demon Lord?
Can't Cure Deceit
Canaan: My World To Live
Cancer of the Multiverse
Candii's Quest
Candle burning in the dark
Candlelit Lives
Candlelit Lives {Serial Reincarnation LitRPG}
CandleLit Romance
Candlemaking: A VRMMO Tale
Candles: The Lost Witch
Candor: The Forgotten House
Candor: The Lost House
Caninstinct (Hiatus until January 2021)
Cannibal Cheerleader
Cannibal Dungeon
Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder - A LitRPG Story
Cannon fodder in a classic cultivation story
Cantaga Station
Canticle [Historical M/M Romantasy]
Canticle for the Death Weaver
Canticle: Code Caligula
Cantina KnowWhere
Cantrip - A Wizard's Tale
Canyon of Crystal: Mage War Chronicles Book Two
Cape Descent
Capes and Cloaks: A Villain's Tale
Capital of Greed
Capital of Greed [DROPPED]
Capitalist in another world
Capo: Rise of a Gang Lord
Captain Ace
Captain Hudson and the Red Ghosts
Captain Sebastian Bluerose
Captive God
Captive Hero
Capture The Heroines in Shit Harem Novel
Carabell's Lowlife
Caravan of Blades (A LITRPG Deckbuilder)
Card Apprentice Daily Log
Card Collector [LitRPG]
Card Game
Card Hero 2020
Card Master System
Card's Call (Yu-Gi-Oh GX)
Cardcaster (LitTCG Isekai)
Cardcaster [A Card Game LitRPG]
Cardcaster: A Card Game LitRPG
Cardiac Shortcut
Cardinal of Madness
Cardinal of Sin
Cardocalypse: Broken destiny
Cardocalypse: Forbidden deck
Cards Against Apocalypse (A Deckbuilder LitRPG)
Cards from Ashes: Card based LitRPG
Cards of Destiny: The Discarded Joker [A Card-Based Progression Fantasy]
Cards of the Lake
Cards of the Royal Guard
Carefree Cultivation
Carefree Demon
Careless Wish
Carmine Knight: Return of the Last Guardian
Carn Online: Second Chances
CARNAGE CARNIVORE - A dragon devouring faeries...-
CARNAGE CARNIVORE I : A dragon devouring faeries (TOME 15 of the TIAMAT'S WARS SERIE)
Carnage Carnivore Ii Primal
Carnage Carnivore Ii Primal(Tome 16 Of The Tiamat'S Wars Serie)
Carnage Incarnate
Carnifex [LitRPG]
Carnival - A LitRPG Apocalypse
Carnivores: Aurora
Carnivorous Cultivation
Carousel of Lives [Immortality is a Myth - January 2024][Completed]
Carrion Crow
Carrion Knight
Carrion Knight [System abduction]
Carry the Torch
Carson Craft: Portal to War
Carter Curious Chosen
Cartilage Of Life
Cartoon Vs Rpg World[Working Title]
Carus - Libertas
Carving a Path
Cary Simms: The Fairy Mushroom Forest
Casa do Diaño: The Fool
Cascadia [A Numbers Light LIT-RPG]
Cascading Cycles
CASE - A Fluffy Lesbian Science Fiction
Case [Gl]
Case Files of the Mirror Checker
Case Notes: L0St
Casimir the Savior
Cassidia Book Two: The Royal Guard
Cassidy's Change
Cassiopeia's Gold
Cast & Crew: Book 1
Cast 2
Cast In Steel - Transferance
Cast in Time Book 1: Baron
Cast Out
Cast Under Ellitis
Castaway of Aturge
Castaway on the Red Planet
Castaway Planet
Casted Away {will probably change the title}
Caster V Caster (LitRPG) (Fantasy Epic)
Casting Shadow on the Tattoo Trail
Castle Kingside
Castle Kingside (Rewrite)
Castle Lock
Castle that wishes to fly
Castles of Memories
Casual Farming
Casual Farming 2
Casual Farming 3
Casual Farming 8
Casual Genocide
Casual Heroing
Casual Heroing - a Slice of Life LitRPG
Casual Heroing - A slice-of-life soft-bread LitRPG
Casual Heroing - A Tale of Baking and Magic
Casual Mage
Casual Monster Hunter
Casus Belli
Cat Core [Catgirl Dungeon Café Mafia Wars]
Cat Girl Was Not My First Choice
Cat Squad Six
Cat Tastrophe!
Cat Who Walks Thru the Wall
Cat's Paw
Cat's Rescue Pizza
Cata Maestra
Cataclysm Rising [Returnee Hero LitRPG]
Cataclysmic Evolution
Catalyst - Avowed
Catalyst - The Ruins
Catalyst: Avowed
Catalyst: Calunoth
Catalyst: The Red Lion
Catalyst: The Ruins
Catalyst: The Trading Card Game
Catastrophe Teacher
Catastrophic world
Catatonic - Onieros Saga
Catch All The Girlfriends!
Catch Me If You Can (a PicYourStory entry)
Catch the Wind
Catching a Conquering Landscape (Pokemon OC)
Catecholamine Web
Catecholamine Web [ VRMMO litRPG/Xianxia Cultivation ]
Caterpie in a Fantasy world
Catgirl Dungeon Café Mafia Wars [Cat Core LitRPG]
Catgirl Dungeon Mafia Wars
Catgirl Dungeon Mafia Wars [1 Chapter Every Hour Except I Am Writing Them Live Oh God]
Catgirl in the Pantry
Catgirl in the Pantry: Sample Chapters and Bonus Content
Catgirl System [Monster Evolution LitRPG]
Catgirls of GRIM
Catherine 2.0
Cathulhu Online, Munya!
Catmaster Online: A LitRPG Series
Cats Failure Box
Caught Crossrutted
Caught in an Echo
Causality Hopscotch
Causality: Kings' Vanity
CAUSTIC TIGER: Sagas of Duke Yalda the Hunter
Cautious Of The Intruder
Cave Crawl
Cave of the Fallen
Cavern of Conflict
Caves of B´lo
Caves of Gods
Cazadores de Silicio (Español/Spanish)
CCG Survival
Cecaelia: Danger in International waters
Cecil Bee's Flash Fiction
Cedric Dustbrook and the Woebegone's Revenge
Celaeno the Origin Spark
Celeste Academy
Celestia King
Celestial [A Progression Fantasy LitRPG]
Celestial Beings
Celestial Beings: Evolution
Celestial Black Star
Celestial Botany
Celestial Chance
Celestial Child
Celestial Chronicles
Celestial Chronicles: A Dark Progression Fantasy
Celestial Conqueror: All My Maids Are Goddesses
Celestial Cosmic Clash
Celestial Discord
Celestial Dominator
Celestial Dream
Celestial Dream – Reincarnated in a cultivation game world
Celestial Elves' Survival Game
Celestial Empire
Celestial Forge
Celestial Fox
Celestial Games
Celestial Games (Book 1) Original
Celestial Journey
Celestial Journey : Return to Earth
Celestial Magus
Celestial Master
Celestial of the Void
Celestial Overlord - God of Gods ( Re - edited version)
Celestial Realms
Celestial Reaper
Celestial Retribution
Celestial Shadow - [Epic Progression Fantasy with World Map]
Celestial Skies
Celestial Spark
Celestial Spellblade
Celestial Teahouse System
Celestial Teahouse System [Slice Of Life LitRPG]
Celestial Trinity
Celestial Void
Celestial Worms Master
Celestina Shoukan
Celia: After Dying in the Apocalypse, I Live Once Again!
Cennet's Cyborg
Cent Five
Centennials: The Full Story
Center Stage: Deception
Centifire: Deciphering Magic
Centipede: A LitRPG
Central Hub Universe
Central Intelligence Ashitra (Isekai)
CEO Cinderella - A modern humorous retelling
CEO Reborn [Business LitRPG]
CEO: I Open A Shopping Mall In Another World
Ceon World Wanders
CerberuS Awakening
CerberuS Awakening [Hiatus]
Cerberus Wakes
Ceres Chaos [Exosuit Progression]
Ceres Chaos [Exosuit Progression] (250k Words)
Ceres Chaos [Exosuit Progression] (300k Words)
Ceres's Chaos: A Tragic Space Opera
Ceres's Chaos: A Tragic Space Opera [250 Followers Special - 5 Chapters Release 1500 EST]
Ceres's Chaos: A Tragic Space Opera [Sci-Fi Exosuit Progression][Crafting]
Ceres's Chaos: A Tragic Space Opera [Sci-Fi Exosuit Progression][Crafting] (200k Words)
Ceres's Chaos: A Tragic Space Opera [Sci-Fi Exosuit Progression][Crafting] (Arc 1 Complete)
Ceron Devourer Of Souls
Ceron Devourer Of Souls: (RW) CDS1.
Ceron Devourer Of Souls: Book One
Cervos [A High-Fantasy LitRPG Isekai]
Cervos: The Tale of a Legend
Cervos: War Between Gods [A High-Fantasy Isekai] [REWRITING]
Cervos: War Between Gods [A High-Fantasy LitRPG Isekai]
Chad The Impaler
Chain Chronicles of Glory Zero Day
Chain of Ascension
Chain Oracle
Chain Warden
Chain Worlds: In the Name of the Allfather
Chain Worlds: Rise of Three
Chain Worlds: The Third Fleet (Completed)
Chainbreaker: The Alteriad Chronicles, Book 1
Chained Destinies [Isekai] [LitRPG] [Harem]
Chained Thorn
Chainless Demon (Cultivation/xianxia)
Chains of a Time Loop
Chains of Ambition [Isekai LitRPG]
Chains of Blood
Chains of Dominion
Chains of Fate [LitRPG]
Chains of Fate: The Prodigal Son
Chains of life
Chains of logic
Chains of Moonlight
Chains of Servitude
Chains of the Dragon King Prophecy
Chains Saga -
Chak and Shida Save Christmas
Chalice: Tales from the Nexus
Challenge System
Challenge: Get Atsuko a Great Life!
Challenged Dungeon and the Arrival of Mana
Challenger of God's Land
Challenging Destiny
Challenging Magic
Chameleon: My True Face
Champion is Playing
Champion no Clash
Champion of Chaos
Champion of Death
Champion Of Goddess Of Light
Champion of Small Gods [A Progression Fantasy]
Champion of Small Gods [A Slow-Burn Fantasy Epic]
Champion of the Orca Princess
Champion of the Sea (Pokemon SI)
Champion of the Smith
Champion of the Underworld
Champion's battleground
Champion's Crown (A Pokémon Fanfiction)
Champion's Path
Champion: Shazam in The M.C.U.
Champions and Hunters: Two Worlds Collide
Champions Arena:Jace The Plague-Bearer
Champions Arena:Jace The Plague-Bearer (A Disease Fantasy LitRPG)
Champions of Andartha (A VRMMO eSport Story)
Champions of Andartha (A VRMMO LitRPG Story)
Champions of Andartha (An Elden Ring Inspired VRMMO LitRPG Story)
Champions of Asteria
Champions of Astrana
Champions of Itaro
Champions of Itaro [Cultivation Fantasy]
Champions of Kerr
Champions of Sword and Sorcery
Champions of the Boundary
Champions of the Divine
Champions of the other world.
Chance and Hope
Chance for Change
Chance Ignition to Crimson Volition (Six Chances)
Chance Meetings
Chance to a Fantasical World
Chance's Gambit (A Chaotic LitRPG Adventure)
Chances of Death: Seven Decks Book I
Change Is Inevitable
Change My Heart, Change My World, Change Me
Change My Mind (Updates Fridays)
Change of Fate
Change The World
Change: New World
Changed - Awakening
Changed Soul
Changeling in Marvel Land
Changement : Version Face [French]
Changement : Version Pile [French]
Changes: Theoretical Chaos
Changing Fate
Changing Monster
Changing My Life with A Level System
Changing Oneself
Changing the course of life
Changing the World
Changing World
Changling: The Child From The Woods.
Changming House
Chao Mundi
Chaos (Beta)
Chaos (old)
Chaos Apostle [A Virtual-based Progression Fantasy]
Chaos Begets Chaos [Lessons Learned the Hard Way book 1]
Chaos Blades: Guardians
Chaos Cannot Be Controlled [Lessons Learned the Hard Way book 1]
CHaOS Caracole
Chaos Children: Devourer
Chaos Cloud
Chaos Convention - Cap Flortia
Chaos Cycle: The Eye of Genesis [LITRPG]
Chaos Destiny
Chaos Dog
Chaos Dragon
Chaos Eyes
Chaos Fiend in the Naruto World
Chaos Fountain | A Chronicles of Ascension Novel
Chaos Game: Book 1 – Metamorphosis
Chaos Godking (Old)
Chaos Godking (ReWrite)
Chaos Guide
Chaos Guide [Villain]
Chaos is a ladder - Game of Thrones Isekai
Chaos Of The New Era
Chaos on the horizon: What will be of the world... When magic become's useless?
CHAOS ONLINE : Paradise of Criminals
Chaos Paradox
Chaos Playground: A Lovecraftian LitRPG Apocalypse
Chaos Playground: An Eldritch Horror Apocalypse
Chaos Playground: An Eldritch Horror LitRPG Apocalypse
Chaos Prophet [A Virtual-based Progression Fantasy]
Chaos Realm; A VRMMO Tale
Chaos Rising
Chaos Rising Volume 1: Rise of an Unbowed Warrior
Chaos Rising: A Dungeoncore Fantasy
Chaos Scientist
Chaos Sequence
Chaos Slinger
Chaos Theory
Chaos Traveler
Chaos Traveller
Chaos Vines Online
Chaos Wave
Chaos World
Chaos World Chronicles : Dissolution of Cascany
Chaos Zone online(CZO)
Chaos: Another World Betrayal
Chaos: Balance within
CHAOS: The Youth and The World of Wonders.
Chaotic Anomaly
Chaotic Awakening
Chaotic Berserker
Chaotic Chaos
Chaotic corner
Chaotic Craftsman Worships The Cube
Chaotic Duality
Chaotic Emperor
Chaotic Lands
Chaotic Legacy
Chaotic Reality: Lord of Creation Book One
Chaotic Reincarnation
Chaotic School
Chaotic Shadows (Temporary Name)
Chaotic Souls (Dropped...)
Chaotic Symphony
Chaotic World
Chaotic World Order
Chapter and Verse
Chapters of Pain [Anthology]
Character Creation: Mystic Seasons Upload Book 1
Character Loading...
Character Origins; Shaynen
Character Overload
Character Wonders
Charade Of I
Charge of the Faithless
Charisma's Caster, King of the Night
Charles the Greatest
Charlie Foxtrot Zero
Charlie Foxtrot Zero: Existance Saga Book 1
Charlotte Powers: Diary of a Would-Be Superhero
Charlotte's Net
Charlotte: Demon Queen to Human
Charming Dungeon Master
Charms of Demise
Charon's Touch
Charred Archive [very bad, don't read]
Charred The Final Hope
Charred Walls - A Civilization LitRPG
Charting a Course: System Unknown [Eventual LitRPG]
Charting Course: System Unknown [Eventual LitRPG]
Charting Course: System Unknown [LitRPG Space Drama]
Chase the Thrill
Chase Your Dreams
Chasing Circe
Chasing Darkness
Chasing Dragons
Chasing Experience
Chasing Freedom
Chasing Hznarah: A They Are Smol Fanfic
Chasing Legacy
Chasing Legends
Chasing Paradise
Chasing Shadows
Chasing Skirts in Reverse Universe
Chasing Sunlight
Chasing the Comet
Chasing The Master
Cheat Hero
Cheater God
Cheaters Always Win
Cheaters Always Win (REVAMPED)
Cheating Immortality
Cheating Monster
Cheating Side Kick
Cheating the Samsara
Checkpoint (undergoing rewrite, Same book though rewrite progress 6/13)
Cheeky little buggers.
Cheese Dungeon
Cheese Lores
Cheesing Through My New World
Chef Boy (Restaurant Management LitRPG)
Chef in the Apocalypse
Chef's Harem in Multiverse
Cherno Caster [Noir Cyberpunk/Biopunk LitRPG]
Cherry Bomb; or, the final days of the Golden State.
Cherry On Top
Cherry Outrage
Chess for Necromancy (litRPG, Tower)
Chess for Necromancy (litRPG, Tower,)
Chess for Necromancy (Tower LitRPG)
Chessboard War (The God's Game Book One)
Chessboard War: The God's Game Book One[First Draft]
Chevalier of the End
Chicago 1990
Chicken Dinner: A Novel of Battle Royale
Chicken Is Eat
Chidetan Odyssey
Chikyu No Shugo: Gaojinizer
Child God
Child Hater, Lover
Child of Ash and Flame
Child of Bone and Darkness
Child of Cosmos
Child of Death
Child of Dusk
Child of Dusk, or, I was Reincarnated as an Elven Princess!
Child of Fate
Child of God's Fantasy
Child of Mystery
Child of Night
Child of Nightmares
Child of Pain
Child of Sin
Child of Terra
Child of the Ancients
Child of the Ancients: An Apocalypse LitRPG
Child of the Desert (Unovan Pokémon Story)
Child Of The Moon
Child of the Night Building Dreams
Child of Thorns - A Pokemon Sinnoh Reimagining
Child of White
Childhood Dreaming
Children of a Colder Star
Children of a Lesser God
Children of Alana
Children of Atlantis - New Beginnings
Children of Aziron
Children of Cainan
Children of Copernicus
Children of Danu, People of Skill Book 1. (LitRPG/Gamelit)
Children of Day Zero
Children of Diaspora : Seeking Shelter
Children of Eden
Children of Gaudium
Children of Hameza
Children of Hameza [A Magical Fantasy Story]
Children of Kathaldi
Children of Mana
Children of Nemeah
Children of Nemeah (Book 1 finished)
Children of Nemeah (epic progression fantasy)
Children of Nemeah Book 1
Children of Nemeah: Evolution of a warrior (epic progression fantasy)
Children of Ohst
Children of Sol
Children of the Cursed Star
Children of The Dead Darth.
Children of The Dead Earth.
Children Of The Deep
Children of the Devil
Children of the Galaxy
Children of the Giant
Children of the Gods: Nyxeria's Tale
Children of the Halo
Children of the Lodestar
Children of the Nano-Plague
Children of the Plague
Children of the Sands
Children of the Singularity (S4)
Children of the Skies
Children of The Sky: Heartcore
Children of the Sun
Children of the Sun (Ancient
Children of Ve
Childs Life (web cereal)
Chili Con Cultivation: A Tale of Bean Fu
Chilled: A Collection of Icydice Stories
Chillin' in a dungeon
Chilly Reptilian
Chimera Aberration - Volume 01
Chimera Carnage: Brotherhood of Blood and Steel
Chimera Commander
Chimera Dire
Chimera King: The Rebels of Last World
Chimera Knight (a Litrpg serial)
Chimera Magic
Chimera of Reality - Living in a Virtual Mirage - Season One
Chimera of Reality - Season One - Living in a Virtual Mirage
Chimera of the Dawn
Chimera of the fractured halo
Chimera Rising: Beast King Ascension [How a human-turned-lion went from Zero to Absolute Ruler]
Chimera, The Unwilling Familiar
Chini's Clan: Tales of an interstellar Thief
Chinko: ChinChin Monster Transformation
Chinookan Pacifica
Chivalrous Thief
Chloe Cutlass: The Demon Pirate Queen
Choco Roleplay
Chocolate Obsessed Genius Mage
Chocolate, A Truck, and A Railgun
Choice of Fate: Online
Choice of the Last
Choice, Chance, and Consequence [Reverse Isekai/Team LitRPG]
Choices of the Magicless Son
Choose 3 (Dropped)
Choose Your Class
Choose Your Own Story
Choosing Magic
Chopin's Penny :: (The Reincarnated Diaries of 'The Ant and Grasshopper' through a Classic Composer and a Lazy Witch)
Chopin's Penny :: (The Reincarnated Diaries of A Classical Composer and a Freeloading Lazy Witch)
Chora (The Crystal Saga series book 1)
Chosen - A CYOARPG
Chosen [Gift]
Chosen by the Elements
Chosen by the Laws
Chosen by the Zealots [Isekai/LitRPG]
Chosen by the Zealots [Sci-Fi Post-Apocalypse LitRPG]
Chosen Chaos
Chosen Fate (Reincarnation Giver)
Chosen of Athena.
Chosen of Death
Chosen of Silver
Chosen of the Everwalking
Chosen of the Mirth
Chosen of the Veiled God (Rewrite)
Chosen of the Veiled God: Death March
Chosen of the Void
Chosen One Protective Services
Chosen Ones
Chosen Shackles
Chosen Shine
Chosen Sun
Christmas Noctis
Chromatic Caverns
Chronical of Lost Reminisance
Chronicle of Lost Reminiscence
Chronicle of the Corrupted: A Coven of Kobolds
Chronicle of the Dragon Expedition
Chronicle of the dragon slayer [revamped version]
Chronicle of the Fated General
Chronicle of the Mad God
Chronicle of the Wolves
Chronicle of the Wolves - [Participant in the Royal Road Writathon Challenge]
Chronicle of Uvovia
Chronicler of the Tower [A Blue Mage LitRPG]
Chronicler's Tale
Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer
Chronicles of a dark lord
Chronicles of a Dungeon Core
Chronicles of a Dungeon Core (Side Stories)
Chronicles of a Fallen Matriarch
Chronicles of a New World
Chronicles of a New World: Eric Breeden
CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG (Book Two: Successor)
CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG Book One: Duelist
Chronicles Of A Telekinetic
Chronicles of a Telekinetic with a Group Chat
Chronicles of a Telekinetic with a Group Chat (Archive)
Chronicles of a Wing Commander
Chronicles of Alandia (Kobold, Murderhobo's apprentice.)
Chronicles of Alandia, a Kobold's tale
Chronicles of Alandia, a Kobold's tale. A crafting, survival LITRPG
Chronicles of Alandia- a book that has an excessively long and overly explanatory plot synopsis in it's title...
Chronicles of Alex Chase
Chronicles of an Enlightened Mage
Chronicles of Anaraxis
Chronicles of Ard : The Silver Demi-Dragon
Chronicles of Arrath
Chronicles of Arvalon
Chronicles of Asura
Chronicles of Athionia
Chronicles of Creation - Tale of the Elder Witch
Chronicles Of Demon Exorcist
Chronicles of Dread and Porcelain (A Progression Fantasy)
Chronicles of Elivar
Chronicles of Elivar (re-write)
Chronicles of Elseria: A LitRPG adventure
Chronicles of Elulra
Chronicles of Firs
Chronicles of Genticus: Invasion of the North
Chronicles of Grand Deus
Chronicles of Gray
Chronicles of Her Majesty, the Demon King
Chronicles of Heroes: The White-Fire Covenant
Chronicles of Hui Yuan
Chronicles of Ionathan Spellweaver
Chronicles of Ionathan Spellweaver [pending rewrite]
Chronicles of Isla - Rise of Ryuk
Chronicles Of Karma - [A Reincarnation, Time Travel, Indian Mythology Fantasy]
Chronicles of krendreon
Chronicles of Kyr
Chronicles of Leofric [Dropped]
Chronicles Of Luvt
Chronicles of Magnus
Chronicles of Mana
Chronicles of Mann
Chronicles of Marda
Chronicles of Milror: A Reluctant Queen's Tale
Chronicles of My New Life as a World Owning God
Chronicles of Nirn
Chronicles of Nirn - Dragonborn
Chronicles of Oryn: Dawn of the Scion
Chronicles of Phartassia: My Teacher, Fox
Chronicles of Rathia
Chronicles of Rathia - The Era of Blood
Chronicles of Resilience: A War Across Time
Chronicles of Rin
Chronicles of Rohl
Chronicles of Sol: The Fall
Chronicles of Soma: Rise of a King
Chronicles of Sora: All over again
Chronicles of Sora: Ruler of Rules
Chronicles of Sorataki: Blight of The Seventh
Chronicles of Taknoa
Chronicles of Tarak
Chronicles of The A.I
Chronicles of the Amber Dragon
Chronicles of the apocalypse
Chronicles of the Blade By GnomeBob
Chronicles of The Dragon Empire: Rise of the Dragon King (Rewritten)
Chronicles of the dragon slayer
Chronicles of the Elementals
Chronicles of the End
Chronicles of the Everlasting Now
Chronicles of the Exalted Sun Child
Chronicles of the Forbidden Jewels
Chronicles Of The Godkin
Chronicles of The Godkin: Raderius, The Undying King - Book 1
Chronicles of the Green Mage
Chronicles of the Last Hermit
Chronicles of the last Leïn
Chronicles of the Lightning Wizard
Chronicles of the Lost Hallow
Chronicles of The Magical Sword Sovereign
Chronicles of the Marvel Universe
Chronicles of the Nanite AI Core: Technology and Magic
Chronicles of the Overly Optimistic Uzumaki Twins
Chronicles of the Paranormal
Chronicles of the Prince of Calamity
Chronicles of the Radiant God
Chronicles of The Random , Unfinished Stuff I Wrote.
Chronicles of the Realms
Chronicles of the red-eyed Girl
Chronicles of The Shell Mage
Chronicles of the Shura Clan
Chronicles of the Soulbound
Chronicles of the Sovereign Otherworlder
Chronicles of the Spider
Chronicles Of The Staff God
Chronicles of the StarFighters
Chronicles Of The Storylord: 12th Chronicle - Origin
Chronicles of the Survivor
Chronicles of the Sword Dragon
Chronicles of the Tiger Immortal
Chronicles of the Titanomachy
Chronicles of the True Wizard
Chronicles of the Twin Suns [Runemaker Saga]
Chronicles Of The Voidbearer
Chronicles of the Wanderer, Siúlóir
Chronicles of the Weakest Wind Mage
Chronicles of the Wolf
Chronicles of Thyderalis - A Hero Returns
Chronicles of Trial and Error
Chronicles of Trial and Error (re-write)
Chronicles of two powers
Chronicles of Two Worlds
Chronicles of Unia: Rise of the Empire
Chronicles of Xod
Chronicles of Xod (returning from hiatus)
Chronicles of Zach
Chronicles Of Zaria - Book 1: Dawn Of Akaal
Chroniken des Triumphirats Band 1 (Kartoffelherz und Suppenlicht) [Deutsch]
Chrono Born
Chrono Pact
Chronomad One: The World That Was
Chronos Ascending
Chronos Core
Chrysalis - A Marvel Fanfic
Chrystal Island (A Vampire Tale)
Chuuni Goblin's Antics in Another World
Chuuni Goblins' Antics in Another World
Chuunibyou in Cultivation World
CHŪNIBYOU: Another Chance in Another World
Ciarra the Cold
Cielo Pantasia
Cinap: Academy
Cinder Roots (Undergoing a Rewrite)
Cinder Roots - A Treant's Tale
Cinder Souls II
Cinderborn: A Soulsborne Progression Fantasy
Cinderella's Spaceship
Cinders of War
Cinnamon Bun
Cinqsomm: Trial of Truth and Power
Cionis Key
Cipher's Quest
Ciphered Realm (A LitRPG Adventure)
Ciphered Realm: A LitRPG Adventure
Circle of Shards
Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.
Circle Star Isekai. A New Beginning.
Circle System
Circumventing Fate
Circus Fire
Cirque du Ciel
Citadel World: The URANUS code
Cities in the Sky
Citizen Rat and Other Stories
City Beats
City dungeon
City Dungeon Abyss
City Emperor
City Goons
City Management
City of Arcanus
City of Captives
City of Champions Online
City of Desire
City of Desire [Kingdom Building]
City of Devils
City of Exiles
City of Exiles (A D&D Inspired Adventure)
City of Isekai
City of Mages
City of Mages: Mage War Chronicles Book One
City Of Magic
City of Ohst
City of Roses
City Of The Banished
City Of The Dead
City of Valor
City of Vengeance
City on the Void
City States (Working title)
Civil Insurrection
Civil Servant Suddenly Trasmigrated and Became A Princess
Civilisation: A Shattered Realms Novel
Civilization: Rise of Empires
Clademundi: A Post-Apocalyptic DMMORPG
Claimed by the Gods
Claiming Lost Glory
Claiming New Boundaries
Claiming Worlds
Clan of Exiles
Clan of The Alchemist
Clan Royale: War of the Sun
Clara's Handbook of Cliched Romance
Clara's Journey
Clare Hatt is a Dungeon
Clarent Saga: Chronicles
Clash Of Game
Clash of Gods
Clash of Lords
Clashing Worlds
Class 37
Class Crystal Battles
Class Evolution
Class Incognito
Class Neutral: Stranger is Coming
Class Reptilia
Class Systems
Class Villainess
Class Z Calamity
Class-A Threat (Disgardium, Book 1) by Dan Sugralinov
Class-Z Calamity
Class: God-slayer
Class: Mash
Class: Master of Time
Class: Space Marine
Classic of Noodle Shop
Classless: The road never taken!
Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story
Classroom Caravan
Classroom of Doom
Claudia Case file
Claws And Fangs
Claws and Wits
Claxton (Book 1) (New and Improved Version)
Clay and Aether
Clay the Golem
Clean Goblin
Clean Slate
Cleaning Up After the Heroes
Cleaning up another world.
Cleaning Up The Future
Cleaning Up Your Mess
Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1
Clear Binding
Clear Cut
Clear River Flowing Silently
Clearance to Land
Clearing Waves
Clearing Waves (A GameLit Tower Defense Adventure)
Clearly in the Post-Apocalypse
Cleric of Little Faith
Cleric or Necromancy?
Clerical Error: A Challenge of Vircon Adventure
Cleveland Quixotic
Cliche Necromancer Story
Cliché cliché the classic cancer cliché
Cliché Fantasy I
Click Play [BL]
Climb the Tower: Win Fabulous Prizes
ClimB@iT ingest*Shores)): shrimphoNY`eM}PH'0ldeeD°e$©`EnTrait÷scAttorN0tey§;"TiπAin..?
ClimB@iT inGest*shores)): shrimphoNY`eM}PH'0lD°e$©`EnTrait÷scAttorN0tey"§;TπAin..?
ClimB@iT inGest*shores)): shrimph°NY`eM}PH×0lDi$©*EnTrait÷scAttorN0te¥"§;TπAin..?
ClimB@iT ingest*Shores)): symphoniF0ld'Ridge}> re$pourTrait de$©`Ent÷AttorN0tey$...?
ClimB@iT ingest*Shores)): symphoniF0ld'Ridge}> re$poorTrait de$©`Ent÷AttorN0tey$...?
ClimB@iT ingest*Shores)): symphoniF0ld{∆}Ridge}> re§pourTrait de$©`Ent÷AttorN0tey$...?
ClimB@iT ingest*Shores)): symphoniVault~40ld'Ridge}>wheπe de$©`Ent÷AttorN0tey$...?
ClimB@iT ingestShores)): Vault~f0ld'Ridge}>wheπe de$©`Ent÷AttorN0tey$...?
Climber Cad Cooper
Climber: Towers of the guardians
Climbing From The Bottom
Climbing Out of the Ruin
Climbing The Aisle of You (MOBALit)
Climbing the Pyramid
Clip the Experience
Cloak of Mystery [Harry Potter]
Clock Link: A Story of Magic and Murder
Clockwork Heart
Clockwork Memoria
Clockwork powers? Sure! Wait, why am i on a fantasy world?
Clockwork Reaper, Book 1 of the Regna Secundus Insurrection
Clockwork Theocracy
Clone Prince
Clone Prince (Xianxia LitRPG)
Clone Prince - A Xianxia LitRPG
Clone Prince - A Xianxia LitRPG Series
Clone Warrior
Close Combat: A ninja who can't use ranged techniques (Xianxia)
Close Your Eyes
Closed Beta [A Star Nova Prequel]
Closer Than We Thought
CLOSER | regrets ; recreated
Cloud 9 Rebirth: Adventure In New Dwarden (Working Title)
Cloud Academy Aerendel
Cloud Age
Cloud Dungeon
Cloud Rider
Cloud Sailor
Cloud Shrouding the Sky
Cloudcastle: A Deckbuilding LITRPG
Cloudlark [Slice of Life]
Clouds of Fauna
Cloudsea - Fool's Edge Book One
Clover - A Litrpg Apocalypse
Clover: A Seeker's Story
Clowning Around!
Clowning Around! (Superhero Cyberpunk with a bit of Magic)
Club Novus
Clumsy Evil
Clumsy Mr. President: Work Hard, Don't Die [BL]
Co-op Empire [Mages and cultivators]
Co:ExisT (The Calm Before the storm)
Coal Heart: A Gunpowder Fantasy
Coalescence of Two Lifetimes
Coatl Cottage [Slice of Life, Fantasy, LitRPG]
Coco-chan: The cat that wants to conquer the universe
Cod (Call of Dao)
Coda's adventure
Code 107 - Items of Power
Code Antony
Code Break Zero
Code Death[Dropped]
Code Geass: Love of Sacrifice
Code Jumper - A GameLit Novel
Code name [Blood Cry]
Code Name: Genesis
Code Name: GLITCH
Code Reader Kagami (LitRPG)
Code Red
Code Scarlet
Code Scarlet (Ongoing)
Code: Ragnarok
Coded Law
Codename Deathwish
Codename Prometheus
Codename: Beekeeper
Codename: Eldritch
Codename: Eldritch - Screw Sanity . . . I've lost it anyway.
Codename: Freedom - When VR Gaming Hurts
Codename: Ghost
Codename: Raven
Codename: Reaper
CodeSea Chronicles | A girl named 'Free'
Codex Administratum
Codex Fantasia: The World Is Yours
Codex Haereticorum
Codex Infinitus
Codex Mysterium
Codex Nihil
Codex of creatures: Salvation
Codex of creatures: Salvation -Completed-
Codex Of Godhood
Codex of Shadows
Coding enchantments in another world
Coffee & Slime
Coffee Farm Cultivation
Coffee with a side of Villainy
Cog Cultivator (Xianxia)
Cogs Web Serial
Coiling Dragon: Akasha
Coiling Dragon: Akasha [Abandoned]
Coiling Dragon: Untold Stories
Coils of the Serpent
Coin Event
Coins of a Conqueror
Coins Of Power: Shadow Bound (originally: Shadow Bound)
Cold as Snow
Cold Creek
Cold Days in Tundra
Cold Expanse
Cold Hands: A Monster Lit-RPG Necromancer Story
Cold Havoc: Carl, the Destroyer
Cold Heart
Cold Reign
Cold Road to Primordiality - Leonidas: A Monster Evolution LitRPG
Cold Road to Primordiality - Leonidas: A Monster Evolution LitRPG(Update every five hours)
Cold Space, a LITRPG space story.
Cold Steel Dig
Cold Sword Mistress
Cold World, Warm Heart - A Reincarnation System Progression Fantasy
Cold World, Warm Heart [A Reincarnation System Progression Fantasy]
Cold-blooded Traveler
Coldfire Abyss
Coldfire Council - Short Story Collection
Coldreach (A story about a Prison for Monsters)
Collapse Point Harmony
Collect The World
Collected Short Stories
Collection of Gender Swapping Shorts
Collection of ideas
Collection of Short Horror Stories
Collection of Short Stories
Collection of Short Stories?
Collection of Things [very bad, don't read]
Collective Dream
Collective Mind cannot understand
Collective Thinking
Collector's Catalog
Collector's Catalog:A LitRPG CCG
Collector's Guild
Collector's Quest
College Diaries
College Student To Chosen Hero
Collision of Myths
Colonial History
Colony Splicing
Colopra Online: The Artificer
Color Job
Colored Red
Colorful World
Colors of Fire [BL]
Colossal Adventure
Colosseum 72
Colosseum Core : [The Arena Dungeon-Core LitRPG]
Colosseum of Indossus
Colosseum Of Multiverse
Colossus of Catastrophe
Colossus' Dream
Colossus' Legacy
Colourland Part 2: Attack of the Smithson Family
Colourland Part 3: Blackin and Blackina the Ultimate Couple
Colourland Series 2: Brother Blackburnian
Colourland Series 2: King Bobby's Justice
Colourland Series 3: Colour King
Colourland Series 3: The Colourlandish Leaders
Colourland Series 4: Alice and the Smithsons
Colourland Series 4: Bear Resurgance
Colourland Series 5: Continued Battles
Colourland Series 5: End of the Preliminaries
Colourland Series 6: Quarterfinals
Colourland Series 6: Tournament
Coma (LitRPG Story)
Combat Archaeologist: Rowan
Combat Artificer
Combat Empire
Combat Medic (Pokemon/Naruto)
Combat Origin: A Dystopia Gamelit Adventure
Come And See
Come Sevenfall
Come to Management
Come to the Tree
Comedy of ERRs
Comes as Second Nature
Comfort Blanket
Comfort Creatures: The Case of the Rogue Creature!
Coming Back Home
Coming Down
Command Line: Failure
Commander Daggen
Commander Reborn: Shadows of Destiny
Commander Z and the Game Fellows [Isekai GameLit Comedy]
Commerce Emperor
Commerce Emperor (volume 2 stubs on May 29)
Commissar's Orders | The Battle in Space
Common Clay
Common Sense
Commoner Female Knight, This Time I'll Finally Defeat My Hidden Enemies!
Commoner Online
Commoners Magic
Community Chest
Companion Farmer
Company of Heroes: Power Fantasy
Company Sends Its Regards
Compelled Substitution
Compelled Substitution (Complete)
Competitive Edge: The Rebirth of an Idiot
Compilation of Poetry and Lyrics from my books
Compilation of short stories
Complaints: Working At A Store That Sells Gender-Swapping Products
Complete Silence
Completely Lost (Dropped)
Completing the List
Complex of Corruption
Complex of Time
COMPS [A Monster Catching LitRPG]
COMPS [Paused for Rewriting]
Con & Pringle Save Magic
Conba Shiroppu
Concept of the Novel
Concept Slayers
Conceptual Crafting in Krashu
Conclave of Tyrants
Concordant Fall
Concrete Chaos
Concubine 999
Condemned (Alpha)
Condemned (Old)
Condemned: Tale of Light
Condition Evolution
Confessions of a 22 year old Introvert
Confessions of a Soul-Swapped Courtesan Cultivator
Confessions of a Teenage Celebrity
Confessions of the Damned
Confessions of the Magpie Wizard
Conflagration - A Fantasy Haven Series part 1
Conflict Of Souls - An Exandria Adventure [Isekai]
Conflicted Feelings
Conflictos Arcanos
Conflicts of Eriador stories
Confused and lost
Confused Rebirth of a Tree
Congratulation, You got the Job!
Congratulations, You're Dead!
Conjured Villain
Conjuring Fire and Whispers of Air
Connie's Isekai Bucket List
Conquer Everything
Conquer the Ninja World
Conquer the World
Conquer Your Own Fate
Conquering The Heaven
Conquering the World as a Goddess
Conqueror from Another World
Conqueror Of Hearts And Realms
Conqueror of Storms
Conqueror of Storms [Formerly Sturmblitz Kunst]
Conqueror of the Abyss
Conqueror of the New World - Reincarnation LitRPG
Conqueror Online: Soul Summoner
Conquerors (Dropped)
CONQUEST (DarkForce: A GameLit Saga Book 1)
Conquest - A Dystopian Saga [GameLit]
Conquest Apocalypse
Conquest of Arcadia
Conquest of Avalon
Conquest of the Evolutionizing Extraterrestrial Being
Conquest of the Roaring Sea I - The Green Singers
Conquest Online
Conquest Saga [VRMMO, Monster, Dystopian, GameLit]
Conquest: A Dystopian GameLit Saga
Conquest: A LitRPG Story
CONQUEST: The Dungeon Core Gambit Book One (SAMPLE)
Conscious, Conscientious
Consciousness Error
Consignor (Serious Fantasy)
Consignor (Serious Fantasy) - Book 3 Releasing Now!!!
CONSOLE ~Another World Transfer Chronicle Starting From the Conversation with God~
Conspiracy Dungeon
Constant of Chaos
Constant Sin
Constellation of Starlings
Constellation of Starlings- Reincarnation of the White Seraphim
Construct Your Fate
Consume and Devour: A Mimic Isekai!
Consume: The Scourge Wars Book 4
Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies
Contact - Humanity Screams Book 0
Contact Alpha, A story of sci fi fantasy
Contact First
Contact Through Voided Lenses
Containment Pacific
Contemplating Eternity
Contemplating the Genocide Route
Contention(LitRPG, Survival)
Contest Winners
Continent of Bounties
Continental Chaos
Continue On, Struggler [A Berserk/Mushoku Tensei Crossover]
Continue Online - Sample
Contract from the Abyss
Contract Summoner
Contract Summoner [Revised]
Contract: Restart
Contract; A Bless with a Curse
Contracted to A Demon
Contractor of Flames
Contractual Implication
Contractual Obligations [or; Accidentally Seducing a Fallen Angel]
Control + Alt + Sadit
Control Comes from Within
Control the Universe
Controlling time in NARUTO
Convenant of Shadows
Convergence Cycle Book One: Ranger of the North
Convergence of Fates
Convergence of Night
Convergence of Souls - Necromancer Coming of Age Story
Convergence Series
Convergence: A Sasuke Fanfiction
Convergent Evolution
Convergent Evolution: A Pokémon Chronicle
Convoy 61
Convoy 61: An Unknown World
Cookie Cult (LN)
Cooking with Oinos
Cool Heads, Hot Hearts
Copper Claws
Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two
Copyright [HIATUS]
Cor Navim
Coral and Pearl
Coralie and the Stupid, Cursed Pendant
Coraline The Brave
Corazón de Lluvia [ESPAÑOL]
Core .001
Core and Guide
Core Chronicles
Core Controller [Dungeon, Isekai, Progression] (Book 2 releasing now!)
Core Curriculum
Core Defect
Core Defense
Core Die
Core Elran
Core Evolution
Core in an Apocolypse
Core Microsystem
Core of Knowledge
Core Of Malice
Core of Metal, Heart of Blight
Core of Stories
Core of the Maddening Abyss
Core Rising
Core Wars
Core Worlds
CORE: The Volcanic Dungeon
Coreless Dungeon
Cores of Astria (Working Title)
Coria: Book 1 [The Pencari Song]
Corin Academy
Corner West and Lenchen
Cornerman (Naruto)
Corners of my soul
Cornerstone (rough draft)
Cornucopia of Hope
Coronation Day
Corpo Age
Corpo Age [Cyberpunk Progression LitRPG]
Corporeal Forms
Corpse Crawler
Corpse Hunter
Corpse Hunter - Book Two
Corpse Orbs
Corpse Orbs's
Corpse: Resurrection
Correcting My Martial Path
Corridor of Fire
Corridors of Chaos
Corrupted Codex: The Ultimate Monster Encyclopedia (And how to look after them)
Corrupted Guardian
Corrupted soul
Corrupted: The Ruined Queen
Corrupter of Worlds
Corruption of the Aether
Corruption of the Aether (PENDING EXTENSIVE REWRITE)
Corruption of the Demon Lord
Corruption Redeems. [UNOFFICIAL Warhammer 40K Isekai/LitRPG]
Corruption Redeems. [Warhammer 40K Isekai/LitRPG]
Corruption Redeems. [Warhammer 40K Isekai]
Corruption Wielder [System Decay — A LitRPG Apocalypse]
Corsairs & Cataclysms
Coruscant Ela
Cosa Nostra LitRPG
Cosmic Bulldozing Team
Cosmic Chronicles 01: He Who Dares to Dream
Cosmic Chronicles, The Dangerfield Saga
Cosmic coincidence
Cosmic Contingency
Cosmic Creator
Cosmic Dungeons
Cosmic Energy
COSMIC FAIRYTALE: Sea of Stars [Science Fantasy, Space Opera]
Cosmic Forge
Cosmic Games - [A Gravity Magic LitRPG Adventure]
Cosmic Games: An Isekai Apocalypse [LitRPG, Gravity Magic]
Cosmic Immortal
Cosmic Land
Cosmic Loot
Cosmic Nomad
Cosmic Overlord
Cosmic Plague
Cosmic Progenitor
Cosmic Spirits
Cosmic Vanguard [Progression Fantasy LitRPG]
Cosmos Traveller
Cosmos Will: A dark isekai
Cosmos Will: A Dark Isekai With Litrpg Aspects
Cosmos Will: A Dark Progression Isekai With Litrpg Aspects
COSMOS WILL: Hell in another world
Cosmos-Slaying Calamity Blade
Cosmosis: Above The Sky
Cosplay Elf from Another World
Cosplay Elf in Another World
COTE: Hikigaya in the Classroom of the Elite
Couldn't My Reincarnation have been more Cliche!
Council Of Daggers
Count of Frozen End
Countdown to Inferno
Counter Clockwise
Counter Hit! (Martial Artist Isekai LitRPG)
Counter Magic
Counter-Hit! (Martial Artist Gets a Second Chance in an MMO-Like World)
COUNTER: A Fighting-Game LitRPG Adventure
Counterattack: Reborn into Warmth
CounterStrike: Global Elite
Countless Dreams
Countless Minds
Countless skies
Coupe - The Art of Rebellion
Couple That Can't Touch
Courier Cat Chronicles
Courier Quest: A Cozy Isekai LitRPG (Available on Kindle Unlimited and Audible!)
Coven Desires: Online [GameLit/LitRPG Harem]
Coven Desires: Online; Upload [GameLit/LitRPG Harem]
Covenant Sinners: The Origin of a Demon Queen
Cover The Sky
Covert Arcana
Covetous Soul
Covetous Soul - A Deckbuilding Story
Cowboy Magic
Cowboy, Reborn.
Cowboys and Wizards
Crab God
Crack in the Vault of Heaven
Crack the Dungeon
Cracked Coffins {Book One}
Cracked Shield-User
Craft Code: Art Collecting Throughout the Netherworld
Craft Code: Art Collecting Throughout the Underworld
Craft Code: Part-time Adventuring in the Underworld
Craft Code: Part-time Adventuring through the Underworld
Craft Code: Taking On Odd Jobs Throughout the Underworld
Craft Code: Traversing Throughout the Underworld
Craft Code: Underworld Part-time Adventuring
Craft Codex
Craft Codex: Leveless Adventure in an Altered World
Craft Codex: Leveless Adventurer in an Altered World
Craft Codex: Part-time Adventurer in an Altered World
Craft Codex: Part-time Adventuring in the Underworld
Craft Spirits
Crafted In Chaos [Crafting LitRPG]
Crafter's Passion (AKA Gleaners' Guild)
Crafting a Golem
Crafting a Myth
Crafting the Future (Magic & Tech Crafting)
Crafting the Future (Magic & Tech Progression)
Crafting to pay rent
Craftsman of Blood: Demonic Beginnings
Craftsman System In My Hero Academia
Craftsman System In My Hero Academia (COMPLETED!)
Craftsman's Dogma: Alchemist
Crafty devil
Crain Chronicle
Crappy Isekai about a Toilet Slime and his Harem
Crash Alive
Crashed Into Fantasy
Crashlanded on an Unforgiving Hellscape
Crave: The Insatiable (Book 1: Arcana Academy)
Crave: The Insatiable (Book 1: Arcane Academy)
Craven - LitRPG
Craven: Reincarnated Mercenary[First Draft]
Craving for Potions (RAGEQUIT)
Crawl (A dungeon adventure, with Litrpg tendencies.)
Crawl (A progression fantasy adventure)
Crawling Towers
Crazy Blacksmith
Crazy Diamonds
Crazy Idiot of Suna
Creases and Folds by Origami
Create an army of zombies to rule the apocalypse
Create and Upgrade: A progression Fantasy
Creating A Continent of Magic
Creating a world [Russian]
Creating a world can't be that difficult, right?
Creating A World I Envisioned In The Great Game
Creating a World RPG
Creation - The Path of a God
Creation of a god: the beginning
Creation Online
Creation Online: Origins
Creation Records
Creation system
Creation, The wolves that are us (Creation series, Book 1)
Creation: A Scifi-LitRPG Worldbuilding Story
Creation: The Path of a God (Updated Edition)
Creation: The Primordial Era (Creation Series, Book 2)
Creation: The Wolves That Are Us (Creation Series, Book 1)
Creative Dumpster Fire
Creative thinking is everything I have
Creative Transmigration
Creative Writing Prompts Writing Practice
Creativity Can Fix Things
Creator Advance
Creator Core of Koi
Creator Goddess Lisa Strife - Book 00: Welcome to Your New Normal
Creator of All-Realms
Creator of Worlds
Creator's Game
Creator's POV
Creators of Destiny
Creature of Creation
Creatures of Avetoro
Creatures of Vladis
Creed's Re-life: Plundering Pop Culture
Crepuscular's Creations
Crest Fallen
Crest of Souls [Progression Fantasy]
Crest of the Starbird
Crest of the Strongest Knight
Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other thing.
Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other things
Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other things.
Crew of the Helianthus
Cries from the Dust (Working title)
Cries of the Disillusioned
Crime Lords
Crime-Free Murder
Criminal Lord
criminal Magic
Criminal Pursuit
Crimmortal ; Minusomega
Crimson Astral Cascade
Crimson Awakening
Crimson Cross: The Proving Grounds
Crimson Crow: Thief of Fortune
Crimson Crown
Crimson Emperor
Crimson Empress
Crimson Eternal: An Immortal Death Mage LitRPG Apocalypse
Crimson eyes in a world of cultivation.
Crimson Fogland: A Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG Transmigration
Crimson Gloom
Crimson Ice
Crimson Love(BL)
Crimson Marble
Crimson Moon
Crimson Moon (Short Chapters)
Crimson Night Sect Young Ancestor
Crimson Pervert
Crimson Phantom
Crimson Phantom – All-out Vampire War!!
Crimson Qi
Crimson Sky
Crimson Snow
Crimson Star: Inheritor [Science Fantasy, Progression, Cultivation]
Crimson Sun - Book 1
Crimson Sun [Sci-Fi / Action-Adventure / Anti-hero Lead] [Re-Release]
Crimson Violet
Crimson Visage
Crimson: Life in the Virtual World
Crippling of Longhun [Semi-LitRPG Epic Fantasy]
Crisis of Civilisation
Crisis of Evolution
Crisis on Luna
Crisis Zero
Critical Hero
Critical Hero Arc 1: The Union of Two Cursed Swords
Critical Protector
Critically Impaired
Crocodile fantasy life in another world!
Crocodile Reincarnation Story
Crocodile Tears
Croenas story of creation
Cronos - A Warhammer 40k Inquisition Adventure
Cronos - An Unofficial Warhammer 40k Inquisition Adventure
Cross Gun
Cross Kingdom [TCG Deckbuilding Progression Story]
Cross Mercenaries
Cross Roads Stories: The Umbra Witch
Cross Roads: God's Reminder (Book Two)
Cross Roads: Kingdom Come (Book Five)
Cross Roads: Rebranding Chaos (Book Four)
Cross Roads: The Monsters Among Us (Book One)
Cross Roads: Wolves of Oleander (Book Three)
Cross world crisis
Crossing Divinity
Crossing Over: Chronicles of DxD
Crossing Paths with a Snake
Crossing the Cosmic Rubicon
Crossing The Divide
Crossing The Lands
Crossing the Rubicon
Crossing the Rubicon - Fantasy, Apocalyptic Survival, and Death
Crossing the Rubicon: Origins - Fantasy, Apocalyptic Survival, and Death
Crossliner's coup d'etat
Crossroad Paradise
Crossroads - Tournament of All
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Mountain
Crowbar Girl
Crowfeathers Part I: An Ill Wind Over the Capital
Crown of Darkness
Crown of Despair
Crown of Heroes
Crown of Horns
Crown of Might
Crown of Nightmares [Moved]
Crown of the martyr and martyr of the Crown.
Crown of the Night Queen
Crown of Thorns
Crown Rebel
Crowned With Despair
Crownless: Veni Vidi Vici.
Crows Feast
Crows of a Feather
Crows of Khaos
Crows x Souls
Crucible - A Lost Dungeons Tale
Crucible of the Lightspeed Knight [A Speed-Mage LitRPG Adventure]
Crucible of Worlds
Crucible: A Survival LitRPG
Cruel Affinity
Cruel reality
Cruel Red Dragons (Tome 2B // Of The Tiamat'S Wars Serie)
Cruelty of one Man
Cruise's Reality
Crumbling Core - A Time-Loop Story
Crunching Numbers in a Fantasy World
Crusade of The Spirits
Crusaded Defender
Crushed and Cursed
Crushing Hearts
Crushing the Apocalypse
Cruxborne Legends
Cry little demon
Cry of the Mer
Cry of the Mer Extras
Cry of the Mer Remastered
Crying Skies
Cryptic Asunder
Cryptic Asunder (Book one)
Cryptids and Killjoys
Cryptmother: Bride of the Dungeon Core
Crystal Cage
Crystal Constellations
Crystal Core
Crystal Creature
Crystal Down
Crystal Evolution
Crystal Evolution! The Tales of a Ruler Crystal!
Crystal Guardian
Crystal Gunslinger - The Obsidian Outlaws
Crystal Heart
Crystal High
Crystal Magic
Crystal Magic Adventure: A Tale of Discovery
Crystal Mayhem Part I
Crystal Mayhem Part II
Crystal Mayhem Part III
Crystal Shards Online - A LitRPG Series
Crystal Skies
Crystal Stitches (MxM)
Crystal Tears
Crystal Trouble.
Crystal Wood academy
Crystalise: The Exaltation System
Crystalith: The Blight of Gradan
Crystalized Rubber
Crystals and Failure
Crystals of Blood and Ash
Crystillya: Two Worlds
Crónicas de Sunno: La puerta de la Serpiente [Español / Spanish]
CSGO CounterStrike: Global Elite
Ctrl+Alt+Ascend - The Programmer's Xianxia Adventure
Ctrl+Alt+Delete My Humanity
Cuckoo's Lament
Cucumber Rocket Ship
Cuddle & Monster
Cuddle & Monster
Cult Leader: Cultivation in Another World
Cult of the Hair Eater
Cult of the Necrophage - [Re;Virus , high fantasy, sensible and logical world]
Cultist 101
Cultist of Cerebon - Litrpg/Isekai
Cultivating 1000 years as a spider in a little cave
Cultivating Chaos: A Zombie Apocalypse
Cultivating Civilization
Cultivating Dungeon
Cultivating During The Apocalypse
Cultivating Earth
Cultivating Earth [Hiatus]
Cultivating Elf
Cultivating Godslayer: Another GameLit Harem Novel About a Cultivator Who Reincarnates in a World of Magic
Cultivating Insanity: Xianxia and Strategy
Cultivating Magic
Cultivating Magical Kingdoms ?✨?
Cultivating Mass
Cultivating Monster
Cultivating Pain
Cultivating Phantoms
Cultivating Plants
Cultivating Queen of the 13th Realm (slow releases due to me being lazy)
Cultivating Slime
Cultivating Stars
Cultivating the Constellations
Cultivating the Cosmos
Cultivating the Universe (Temporary Hiatus [Until June])
Cultivating To Apex
Cultivating with Anime System
Cultivating with Monsters
Cultivation Anomaly
Cultivation Anomaly Type 1B
Cultivation Anomaly Type 7A Variation 3Z
Cultivation Apocalypse
Cultivation Apocalypse [Rewritten Version]
Cultivation at home!? ( CAH!? )
Cultivation at Home!?00
Cultivation Bug Fuyo
Cultivation by Damon
Cultivation Can Wait; Anime Is My Fate!
Cultivation Chat Group... But Different
Cultivation Chronicles: Rise of the Elemental Master
Cultivation Chronicles: Rising through the Murim
Cultivation Chronicles: Struggle of the Weak
Cultivation Game: Heaven Smiting God Emperor
Cultivation Game: Players vs NPCs
Cultivation Game: Ultimate Way Of The Sword
Cultivation God In Another World
Cultivation Is Now A Reality
Cultivation Mart
Cultivation Nerd (xianxia)
Cultivation of a Phoenix
Cultivation of the blade
Cultivation Online
Cultivation Path of the Black Dragon
Cultivation Path of the Black Dragon [No Longer Being Written]
Cultivation Queen
Cultivation Sect in Great Age of Piracy
Cultivation Speedrun
Cultivation Starts With Accepting Apprentices [Xianxia Parody]
Cultivation Struggles of Lowly Fox
Cultivation Sword's Diary
Cultivation System
Cultivation Systems
Cultivation with a status screen
Cultivator in a Magic World
Cultivator in Narutoverse
Cultivator In The Magus World
Cultivator King
Cultivator on Earth
Cultivator Reincarnates in My Hero Academia, but with System Quirk
Cultivator vs. System
Cultivator's Fantasy
Cultivators are extinct!
Cultivators: Journeys (Hiatus)
Cults and Other Fraudulent Businesses
Cunning, Magic, and Fur (Furry Reincarnation Isekai Gamelit-RPG)
Curfew || Daughters Of Liberty Series
Curing My Loneliness by Becoming a Summoner in Another World
Curiosity At Work
Curiosity Didn't Killed the Dungeon
Curiosity killed the cat
Curiosity Killed The Imp
Curious Tales: Assorted Fantastical Fiction
Curo [Hiatus]
Currant Choir
Currently Being Edited Into Actual English
Curse Eater
Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life
Curse Gunner
Curse of an Outcast: [A Eastern/Western Fantasy hybrid]
Curse of Blades (Blades #1)
Curse of Change (Hiatus)
Curse of Clwyd
Curse of Gods
Curse of Hades in Another World
Curse of Immortals: Tempestatem
Curse of Solo
Curse of the Crimson Queen
Curse of The Dark Side
Curse of the Drakku: Origins
Curse of the Forsaken
Curse of the Kat
Curse of the Kat (Dropped)
Curse of the Lycan
Curse of the Outsiders (Chronicles of a New World #2)
Curse of the Reaper
Curse of the Stupid Fat Crow! A reluctant tale of Cultivation
Curse's Curse (On-Hold)
Curse: Birth of The Cursed Magician
Cursed [A Weak to Strong Isekai LitRPG]
Cursed Alter (First Draft)
Cursed Anti-Hero Against the Gods
Cursed Archivist
Cursed Armor Reincarnation
Cursed Blood
Cursed Blood: Awakening
Cursed Blood: Theft
Cursed by a goddess...
Cursed child
Cursed Child of the Eternal Realm
Cursed Children
Cursed Conduit - [An OP MC LitRPG Apocalypse]
Cursed Eclipse Lovers
Cursed Era
Cursed Explorer of the Arcana
Cursed Forest
Cursed Forge of Destruction
Cursed Genesis
Cursed Heroine
Cursed Katana (A Vengeful Samurai Lit-RPG)
Cursed Liberator
Cursed Luck (A Futuristic VR LitRPG)
Cursed Odyssey
Cursed Reincarnation
Cursed to the Bone
Cursed to the Core
Cursed Tongues
Cursed Trainee
Cursed With Ice
Cursed World (LitRPG Fantasy Adventure)
Curselock [LitRPG Curse Magic Adventure]
Curselock: A Cursed LITRPG Adventure
Cursemarked [LitRPG Fantasy]
Curses in Blessings (Garbage Collector Rise to the Top)
Curses, magic, and curiosities.
Cursing My Way Through The Heavens. [LitRPG]. [Isekai]
Curves of the Game
Custom Class
Customer Service Magic
Cut a Tongue to Take a Vow of Silence (Horror Fantasy)
Cut Like Glass
Cute Beams, Magic Girls
Cute Psychic
Cutest in the Omniverse
Cutest in the Omniverse [OLD]
Cutest Pet System
Cuthroats and Scoundrels
Cutting Edge
Cutting Edge - A Progression LitRPG
Cutting Edge - A Progression LitRPG [Book One Completed]
Cutting to Life: an NPC LitRPG (Battle Royale Progression Fantasy)
Cutting to Life: an NPC LitRPG (Battle Royale)
Cutting to Life: an NPC LitRPG (Dark Battle Royale Progression Fantasy)
Cutting to Life: an NPC LitRPG (Illustrated Battle Royale)
Cyber Assassin - Cyberpunk Post-Apocalyptic Action!
Cyber Blues
Cyber Clash Online - Synchronization
Cyber Dreams
Cyber Dreams & Electric Angels [LitRPG & Progression Cyberpunk]
Cyber Dreams - Book One Coming Down 7/15!
Cyber Dreams - Book One Coming Down 7/17!
Cyber Dreams [LitRPG & Progression Cyberpunk]
Cyber Dreams [LitRPG-Lite, Progression Cyberpunk]
Cyber Mage
Cyber Reaper
Cyber Reaper (Cancelled)
Cyber Reaper Echoes Of Darkness
Cyber Samurai - A Cyberpunk LitRPG
Cyber Space [Cyberpunk, Space Race]
Cyber V - RoyalRoad Edition
Cyber World Alpha
Cyber-multiverse Milieu
Cyberblade Plasma
Cybernetic Array God
Cybernetic Cultivator
Cybernetic Dragon
Cybernetic Monster Lord
Cyberpunk 2077: A flawed Timeline
Cyberpunk 2077: The Cyclops
Cyberpunk 2080
Cyberpunk Litrpg: Ripper Doc
Cyberpunk Survival (edgerunner-2077) Side Story
Cyberpunk: 327 - Night Resonant
Cyberpunk: Darkhaven City
Cyberpunk: Kunoichi
Cyberpunk: Noir
Cyberpunk: Noir (Isekai Litrpg)
Cyberpunk: SOURCErer
Cyberpunk:edge of darkness
CyberWarfare - ENG [Urban Sci-fi, Mature Content, Action and more...]
Cyberworld ALICE: Terror Rising
Cycle of Calamity: An Apocalypse litRPG
Cycle of matter
Cycle of Ruin - Arrival: A LitRPG Series
Cycle of Ruin - Landing: A LitRPG Series
Cycle of the Tides
Cycles of Entropy
Cycles of Life
Cycles of Power
Cycles of Ruin
Cyclical Natures
Cymech: A Sci-fi LitRPG
CYOA -- Pandora's Gacha World
Cyrus: Return of The Persian Monarch!
Czar Of Combat: Kings
CZEPTA // Light from Darkness
CZEPTA // Light from Darkness - An Esoteric Cultivation Adventure
Còir Buaidh
Cønsequences Øf A Renagade
D&D Adventure Story : Hoard of the Dragon Queen
D&D World; Formerly Known As Earth!
D'Celestial Player |VR-MMORPG|
D'iakesi - Uncharted System
D+E - Vertigo's Scent
D-INJECT Second Birthday
D.E.D. Exorcists
Da 2nd Best Story on Royal Road
Da Vinci on the Lam
Dad is That Our Elder Sister?
Daddy Dearest
Daddy's a Mage
Daemon Born
Daemon Dungeon Core
Daemon: A tale of darkness
Daemonia Graveyard
Daeniya, My Child
Daeniya, My Son
DAGANA: The Last Mermaid
Dagana: The Last Mermaid (Dagana, #1)
Daggers and the Soul Ambry
Daggers, Dames, and Demons
Dagon, Dungeon evolved
Dah Ork Life!
Dai Kin - Naruto Fanfiction
DAI: [An AI Based Fantasy With Villanous Lead]
Daily Drama (In American TV Shows)
Daily Drama (In TV Shows)
Daily Journal of a Workaholic
Daily Life of a Bored Archdevil
Daily life of a cultivation judge
Daily life of a lazy cat spirit
Daily Life of a Pro Gamer!
Daily life of An Avenger (An Arifureta Fanfic)
Daily Life of Divine Lord
Daily Life of Divine Overlord
Daily Life Of Mortal God
Daily Life of NEET Vampire
Daily life of reincarnated goblin
Daily life of reincarnated goblin [Dropped]
Dainatian Chroniclesm *Hiatus*
Dairy of Valerian Laliashili
Daisy's College Journey
Daiyu's Ascent
Dakota'S Floating Island [A Litrpg Survival]
Dalahar'S Powers
Damage Over Time [A Painbound LitRPG Story]
Damage=MA (A Rolling Stone LitRPG)
Damage=MA: A Rolling Stone LitRPG
Damage=MA: A Rolling Stone LitRPG [COMPLETE]
Damaged Souls:
Damian Dawn in another World
Damien Nightshade - The Villainous Vampire
Damien Nightshade The Villainous Vampire Professor
Dammit Todd!
Damn it, Maria!
Damn it, Maria! (Published on Amazon and Paperback edition)
Damn! I just want to ask her out!
Damn, I should have reflected more
Damn, I should've reflected more
Damn, I'm In My Own Novel
Damn,Now That'S An Adventure
Damned Benevolence
Damon's Ascension
Damon's Rache
Damp Dreams & Violence
Dampgate Senior Academy
Dampgate Senior Academy - Semesters of Lust
Damsel of Distress
Damsels Gone Wild - [A litRPG Action/Comedy][No Harem]
Damsels Gone Wild - [A litRPG Adventure]
Damsels Gone Wild: When Damsels Fight Back [LITRPG][No Harem]
Dan And Lang
Dan's Backroom Bargains
Dan's Shoppe of Oddities
Danae Star Rising
Dance into my heart
Dance of Celestials
Dance of Gunpowder and Ink
Dance of Moon and Raven: The Prince
Dance of the Phaegon
Dance Of The Titan Avatars
Dance with Lady Death
Dancer may
Dancing into Love
Dancing on The Golden Ashes
Dancing Skulls
Dancing, Falling
Danganronpa Infinite Strife
Danger at Brody's Cross
Danger Zone
Dangerous Toys
Dangers In My Head
Daniel Haley and the Immortal Ninja
Daniel Solhoeg (A TWI fanfic)
Daniella Kim and the Holy Oaks Catastrophe
Danimal - Español
Dank Dungeon
Danmachi - Infinite Mana System!
Danny Styles and the Thunderdome
Danoclius the Many
Danse Macabre and Unlife
Dante Solace and the Demonic F**kery
Dante | 18+
Dante's Immortality
Dantian: The Unforgettable
Dao Fang
Dao Fang( hiatus)
Dao is All-Encompassing
Dao Mage : Entity of Magic and Dao
Dao of Benefits
Dao of Conquest - LitRPG Xianxia
Dao of Emperor
Dao of Farming
Dao of Repetition
Dao of Science
Dao of the Deal
Dao of the Dirt
Dao of the Web
Dao of the Web - [An Isekai Cultivation Story]
Dao of the Web [Old]
Dao of Zenith Chronicles - Visionary Fantasy with Metaphysical Twists.
Dao's Wheel
Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
DAOPOCALYPSE: A cultivator invades a litRPG world
Daphne [A Plankton to Kaiju LitRPG]
Darcy Sparrow and the Spectral Hound
Dare ga Oujo-Sama?... Boku?
Dared Evil
Daredevil : courage and will
Darfin's Hobos
Darick Ryan: The story of a Empire Cop
Darius Supreme
Darius the Blacksmith (A Fantasy Epic)
Dark & Light
Dark Academy. LitRPG series: Transformation (Book 4)
Dark Archive Necromancer
Dark Ashes
Dark Avenger: Flames of Hatred
Dark Base written by Travis Willier
Dark Beginnings
Dark Blessing
Dark blood
Dark Bushido
Dark Cat under Light cover
Dark Chronicles
Dark Creator - The God of Nothing
Dark Crow Rising
Dark Cult Arcanist
Dark Design
Dark Devotion
Dark devourer
Dark Dragon King
Dark Dungeon
DARK EDEN: The Death God's Origin
Dark Elf Maria
Dark Enforcer
Dark Fantasy Short Stories
Dark Fantasy: Hero of Ghost
Dark Flame
Dark forest Written by Travis Willier
Dark Hand of The Universe
Dark Harvest [A LitRPG Medieval Fantasy]
Dark Harvest [Medieval Fantasy]
Dark historiën
Dark Human
Dark Jokes
Dark Lands: The Exile and the Prince
Dark Legacy
Dark Light
Dark Lily
Dark Lord Dumbledore
Dark Lord For Dummies?
Dark Lord of Tartarus
Dark Lord of the Farmstead - (Book 1 Stubbed)
Dark Lord of the Farmstead - (Books 1-3 Stubbed)
Dark Lord of the Farmstead - A Slice-of-Life LitRPG
Dark Lord Saga (Original)
Dark Lord's Heir - Book One of the LitRPG Series: The Wish, The Will and the Way
Dark Mage
Dark Mage Rebirth
Dark Mage: The Offer
Dark Magical Girl (LitRPG, Fanfiction, Progression)
Dark Magus (LitRPG Fantasy Adventure)
Dark Matter
Dark Memories: Rebirth
Dark Memories: Revival
Dark Metal Minstrel
Dark Mind
Dark Moon : Fallen Heart
Dark Moon : Rise of The Dark King
Dark Necromancer: Lord of the Realms
Dark Night
Dark nightmare stories
Dark October Series
Dark Of The Sun
Dark Offerings
Dark One
Dark One [Cultivation Fantasy]
Dark One [Progression Fantasy]
Dark One [Progression Fantasy] — Rewrite Ongoing
Dark One — The Rewrite [Progression Fantasy]
Dark Orange: Revive
Dark Orange: Revive (Biweekly updates)
Dark Orange: Revive (Monthly)
Dark Orange: Revive (No chapter week of 5/7/2022)
Dark Orange: Revive(Break week April 16th)
Dark Pathways
Dark Player: The Death Knight
Dark Portal - A LitRPG Adventure
Dark Portals - Planets Collide
Dark Queen
Dark Rain : Book 1 of The Aetherium Saga
Dark Realms Book 1 : Creation
Dark Remnant - Injustice
Dark Retainer
Dark Rune Chronicles: Rise of the Gnomes
Dark Seas Leading Demise
Dark secrets
Dark Singularity
Dark Skies
Dark Sky and a New Start
Dark Slate
Dark Slate: Reincarnation
Dark Souls
Dark souls:Greg's Story!
Dark Space
Dark Space: A Space Opera and Time Loop Fiasco
Dark Spine - Envoy of Darkness
Dark Star [An Unapologetically Self Indulgent 18+ Power Fantasy]
Dark Star Survivor
Dark Storm
Dark Storm: And the Shadows of Everwood
Dark Street
Dark Summoner
Dark Sun Reborn
Dark Thoughts
Dark Tidings
Dark Traveler
Dark Veil
Dark Warlock
Dark Weaver: First Apprentice
Dark Wind, Icy Snow - (RyuTar, YinYuan) [BL]
Dark Winter
Dark Wizard's Case. LitRPG series
Dark Wolf
DarkBoi69's mediocre, rushed and badly-written aventure
Darkbud's Bloom
Darke Mag'yx
Darkened Realms
Darkened sun
Darkening winds
Darkest by Day
Darkest Entity
Darkest Matter
Darkest Reflection
Darkest Reflection (Lovecraftian Horror)
Darkest Shadow
Darkfall - Armageddon
Darkfall - Armageddon (Dropped)
DARKFALL - Volume 1 - Armageddon
Darkfall -- Genesis -- Volume 1
Darkfall -- Volume 1 -- Armagedden
DarkForce: Conquest Expansion 1 (LitRPG Mini-Series)
Darkhelm (LitRPG Fantasy Adventure)
Darkhelm (LitRPG, Grimdark, Fantasy)
Darklands: Book Three of The Rhenwars Saga
Darkling Caster
Darkness and Hellfire
Darkness Bound
Darkness Calling
Darkness Descending
Darkness End
Darkness God Shura
Darkness hugs you back, tentacle friend adventures
Darkness in the Heavens (Hiatus/Dropped)
Darkness Of Hell
Darkness Rising
Darkness within darkness
Darkness, Silence And Really Bad Breath
Darks Rising
Darkstorm: Book One of The Rhenwars Saga Preview
DarkVoid: The God of Death
Darkworlds : London
Darkworlds: Paris
Darling of Fate
Darling of Fate - [Anti-Hero MC][OP][Time Magic]
Darling of Fate - [LitRPG/Progression][Time Loop][OP Anti-Hero MC]
Darling of Fate - [LitRPG][Time Magic][OP MC][Goose? - You Bet]
Darling of Fate - [OP MC][Time Magic][LitRPG Progression]
Darling of Fate - [Stubbing in 10 days!]
Darling of Fate - [Stubbing in 12 days!]
Darling of Fate - [Stubbing in 14 days!]
Darling of Fate - [Stubbing in 7 days!]
Darling of Fate - a Man, his Goose, and the Apocalypse
Darling of Fate - LitRPG Tower Climber
Darling of Fate - LitRPG Tower Climber [Book One Complete]
Darling of Fate - LitRPG Tower Climber [Book Two Ongoing]
Darling of Fate - LitRPG/Prog Tower Climber
Darling of Fate - LitRPG/Progression
Das Neue Vaterland
Data Dragon Danika
Data Hoarding System
Date a Live: Another World Volume I
Date Me Instead
Date of Dawn
Date or Die
Dating a Witch
Dating my fiancée
Dating Trials of a Vampire Queen
Daughter of a Dark God
Daughter of Death - A Necromantic LitRPG
Daughter of Dragons
Daughter of Fire and Water: Awakening
Daughter of Ice
Daughter of Light and Shadow
Daughter of Stars and Blood
Daughter of the Apocalypse
Daughter of the Lost
Daughter of the Red Queen
Daughter of the Wind
Daughter of Yser
Daughters of the Void
Dauntless Star
Dauntless: Origins
Dave the Dungeon Core
Dave the Dungeon Core [LitRPG]
Dave: Space Trucker
Davi and Davey
David The Gray Mage
David's Reign
Davram Who Sings
Dawn Avante
Dawn Avante — The Record of Otherworld's Cosmic War
Dawn Breaker
Dawn Dead (HIATUS)
Dawn Guard
Dawn of a New Lover's Arrival, The
Dawn of a Thousand Suns, Book I : Arch De Angels
Dawn of an Era
Dawn of Antiquity
Dawn of Damagic Book 1: Kept beneath the vines
Dawn of Darkness
Dawn of darkness(ABANDONED)
Dawn of Discovery
Dawn Of Dragons
Dawn Of Eons
Dawn of Gaia Online [Dropped]
Dawn Of Magic
Dawn of Myth
Dawn of Pangea
Dawn of Ragnarok
Dawn of regressor
Dawn of the Abyss: Reincarnation of the Smith
Dawn of the Abyss: Return of the Smith
Dawn of the Apocalypse
Dawn of the Beast Cultivator
Dawn of the Blessing's Night
Dawn of the Density God [Progression LitRPG]
Dawn of the Dreadpirates
Dawn of the Eclipse [Foremerly Known as Soul-Bound]
Dawn of the Fifth Age
Dawn of the Gods
Dawn of the Last Dragon Rider [LitRPG]
Dawn of the megaverse by the great intelligence
Dawn of the Nexus (Base-building LitRPG)
Dawn of the Nexus (Kingdom building LitRPG)
Dawn of the Realms: Promised Daughter
Dawn of the System
Dawn of the Void - a LitRPG Apocalypse
Dawn Online
Dawn Rises
Dawn Rising
Dawn Weaver - a tale of Dragon Riders
Dawn, Fire, and Hope, A Dominions 5 Fanfic
Dawnlands, A New Beginning
Dawnovin of Collias
Day in the life of a _______ (COMPLETED)
Day of Doom
Day of Wrath [Doom 2016/Eternal rewrite]
Day Start Haste
Day-to-Day Kindred
Daybreak on Hyperion
Daybreak on Hyperion (legacy)
Daybreak on Hyperion (re)
Daybreak on Hyperion (rewrite)
Daybreak Palace: Legends of the Guiding Threads
Daybreak Palace: Legends of the Guiding Threads (Discontinued)
DayBreak: The Unraveling of a Miracle
Daybreaker [Swords of Immortals #1]
Daydream of Gods
Daydreaming magic swordsman
Days in Feyhaven
Days of Blood and Roses
Days of Blood and Roses: A Magical Girl Thriller
DC - FanFic
DC : Tech Embodiment System
Dc Punisher
Dc Warlock
DC: Injustice Academy
DC: Phantom Thief Kid
DC: Reborn Thea Queen
DC:Real God
DCO- Dungeon Core Online
De Harmonia Mundi [Writeathon Participant]
DEACON - A Zombie Novel
Dead Cats Don't Care - Book 1 : Light
Dead Circus
Dead Copy, Isekai ni Shin no Shujinko
Dead Core
Dead Count Fifty
Dead Dragon's Combat Manual
Dead Earth Online
Dead Emotion
Dead End
Dead Eyes Open
Dead Fiction Still Here For My Own Cringe Worthy Moments
DEAD Game [A GameLit Progression Fantasy]
Dead Girl in a Car - LitRPG
Dead Girl's Paradise [Isekai]
Dead Gods Tell No Tales (Working Title)
Dead Hunters
Dead In Peace
Dead in the Water: A Dungeon's Tale
Dead Legacy (ß Edition): Part I
Dead Love Doesn't Die
Dead Man Cultivation (A LitRPG cultivation Adventure)
Dead Man Division
Dead Man Division: The Helix Journals
Dead Man RE: Life
Dead Man's Drop
Dead Man's Drop [Weird Noir Fantasy-Mystery]
Dead Man'S Journey
Dead mans tale
Dead Men (Duo-OC SI)
Dead Men (Duo-OC SI) (Old Version)
Dead Men Tell Tales
Dead Metal
Dead promises
Dead Reckoning
Dead Rising
Dead Shadow (Dungeon Realms progression)
Dead Soul
Dead Star Dockyards
Dead Thorne's 66 Traitors
Dead Tired
Dead To You
Dead under
Dead Universe.
Dead World Online
Dead World Scavengers
Dead-Hero (HIATUS)
Deadbeat Mage
DeadEnd's Isekai
Deadlier of the Species - Book 2 of Descendants of a Dead Earth
Deadliest Sin, Greed
Deadly Poison Master
Deadly Sins of Zombies world
Deadly Touch Series
Deadly Warfare - The War Between Great Nations
Deadly Zero HP
Deadman (A Post-Apoc Litrpg)
Deadman (Book 1 Stubbed)
Deadman (Post-apocalyptic/LITRPG)
Deadman (STUBBED)
Deadman [A Post Apocalyptic LITRPG]
Deadman [LITRPG]
Deadman's Path: Space Outlaw Redemption LitRPG
Deadworld Isekai
DeadZone - Synthesis
Deal Breaker
Deal Maker
Deal With A Maid and A Bartender
Deal With The Devil
Dealing with a Certain Fox's Antics
Deals & Destiny
Deals With Deities, A Beginner's Guide
Deals With Deities: A Beginner's Guide
Dear Diary, I never thought I'd become a big shot in a fantasy land!
Dear Human
Dear Journal
Dear Spellbook (Book 1 coming to KU/Audible on 3/23!)
Dear Spellbook (Book 1 coming to KU/Audible on 4/21!)
Dear Spellbook (Book 2 getting removed 7/11)
Dear Spellbook (Book 2 removed 7/11)
Dear Spellbook (Link to rewrite in blurb)
Dear Spellbook (Now on KU and Audible)
Dear Spellbook (Now on KU)
Dear Spellbook (Now on KU/Audible)
Dear Spellbook (Volume 1 leaving RR on 4/7!)
Dear Spellbook [D&D Inspired Time Loop]
Dear Spellbook: A Fantasy Time Loop (Rewrite)
Dear Stranger: Letters to Her
Dearest Calamity
Dearest O'Malley
Death After Death (Roguelike Isekai)
Death and Dandelion
Death and Deliveries
Death And Disaster And Dungeon World
Death and Taxes
Death Arbitrator
Death Becomes Him: An Age of Steam and Sorcery Novel
Death before the Beginning
Death before the Beginning (Fantasy/Comedy/Adventure/Action)
Death before the Beginning (Fantasy/Comedy/Adventure/Action/ Unusual LITRPG)
Death Bringer
Death by Chocolate - A Mind-bending Cyberpunk Noir Thriller
Death By Crotch
Death by Ex-Girlfriend
Death by Ex-Girlfriend Vol. 1: Aika Crisis
Death by Ex-Girlfriend Vol. 2: War Cloud
Death by Ex-Girlfriend Vol. 3: Dawn and Dusk
Death by Ex-Girlfriend Vol. 4: Satori Effect
Death by Ex-Girlfriend Vol. 6: The Phantom Pain of Rousoku Himawari
Death by Ex-Girlfriend Vol. 7: Inari Stand-Off
Death by Ex-Girlfriend Volumes 1-7
Death by Ex-Girlfriend: Aika Crisis
Death by Ex-Girlfriend: Dawn and Dusk
Death by Ex-Girlfriend: Satori Effect
Death by Ex-Girlfriend: The Phantom Pain of Rousoku Himawari
Death by Ex-Girlfriend: War Cloud
Death By Monster Babes
Death By Protagonist
Death Conqueror's Gambit [A Progression Reincarnation Isekai LitRPG Epic High Fantasy]
Death Contract
Death Count
Death Cultivator (Cultivator in Another World Vol. I & II)
Death Cultivator (Cultivator in Another World Vol. I)
Death Cultivator III (Cultivator in Another World Vol III)
Death Defying (Isekai Progession Fantasy)
Death Defying (Isekai Progession Fantasy) - BOOK 1 ✓
Death Doesn't Stand a Chance
Death Drive
Death dungeon core
Death Eater
Death Embraced
Death Exists Not Under Heaven
Death Fantasy
Death Galaxy
Death God
Death God System
Death God's Adventure in Another World [Dropped]
Death God's Another World Adventure
Death God's Descent (DROPPED)
Death Healer
Death Immortal
Death in Siberia (The Last Woman on Earth)
Death in the Arms of Life
Death Incarnate
Death Incarnate (Completed)
Death Incarnate (Main Story Completed)
Death is a Girl
Death Is a Reality
Death is for the weak
Death is Just a New Oppertunity
Death is kind of overrated
Death Is Like the Minstrel's Song
Death Is Only The Beginning
Death is Pleasant
Death is the Ending for a Trash Prince.
Death Knight
Death leads to Godhood
Death Lives
Death Loli
Death Loot & Vampires
Death Mafia [A Death Game Story]
Death March to the Rhapsody of a Parallel World ---Fan fiction/Fix
Death Mark
Death Maze
Death Note : A New Story
Death of a Hero
Death of a Star
Death of Humanity
Death of the Party [Zombie Villainess - Book 3]
Death of the Party [Zombie Villainess LitRPG]
Death of the Party [Zombie Villainess SysApoc]
Death of the Party [Zombie Villainess]
Death of the Strongest Hero
Death or Glory
Death or Glory {A Litrpg Story}
Death Queen become the rich Villianess
Death Quest
Death Regulator
Death Saves (A DnD LitRpg)
Death Singer - A LitRPG Fantasy Adventure
Death Singer - A LitRPG Fantasy Adventure (Ascension Quest, #1)
Death Smith
Death Smith (Book 1 still on RR until 1th of Oktober!!)
Death Spire
Death Streaming
Death Theory
Death Timer
Death touch
Death Unto All
Death Visions
Death With Benefits
Death world (an attempt at a grimdark fantasy comedy story)
Death x Rebirth - Apotheosis
Death's Chosen
Death's Companion
Death's Crown
Death's Dancer
Death's Day Dream - Isekai Progression Fantasy
Death's Disciple
Death's Door
Death's Embrace
Death's Emissary
Death's First Friend
Death's Gate: A LitRPG
Death's Heir
Death's Lily
Death's March to God- Book 1: Cosmic Beauty
Death's New Entertainment By Zed019
Death's Oracle
Death's Progenitor
Death's Promise: A Novella
Death's return (A LitRPG story)
Death's Son Desire
Death's Witness
Death, Taxes, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Death, the Savior
Death-Bound Chronicles: The Unlucky Shadow
Death-Guard Rejects
Death... and me
Death: Genesis
Death? Not even once!
Death? Rebirth? Weirder than Weird
Deathforged: Ground Up
Deathforged: Ground Up [Prog Party Adventure]
Deathforged: Private Eye
Deathforged: Private Eye [Detective Adventure Comedy]
Deathforged: Private Eye [Detective Comedy Adventure]
Deathforged: Private Eye [Fantasy Buddy Cop Comedy]
Deathgod Chronicles
Deathless Dungeoneers
Deathless Towers
Deathless: A Gladiator Xianxia
Deathless: The Rise of the Unkillable Demon King
Deathlord Eugene
Deathly Dawn
Deathly Sin: Devourer
Deathrow Dungeon
Deathrow's March
Deaths chosen
Deaths Door Online
Deaths Usurper *Sorry Done*
Deathstalker, the Nobleman from the 'Black Faire' Chronicles
Deathwatch Team Fluff: A Warhammer 40k Story
Deathworld Commando: Reborn
Deathworld Game
Debacle: A Tale of Tails
Debt Star
Debts Come Due!
Decay and Deception
Deceiving darkness
Deception (Conquest: A Dystopian GameLit Saga Book 2)
Decide Your Fate Games - R.Malak
Decided not to Kill even if I die
Decimating Gods and Demons
Decimation [ Apocalyptic Novel ]
Decimation Mortism
Deck Master
Deck of Cards
Deck of Dogs (A litCCG accused of crimes against braincells.)
Deck of Dogs (A litCCG devised by barking mad crayon sommeliers.)
Deck of Souls
Deck Rat(s)
Deck the halls with Brad and Holly
DECK: Annoying Dreams
Deckmaster (A Card-Based LitRPG)
Deckmaster: Apocalypse Business (Card-System Apocalypse)
Declining Destiny
Deep Ambrosia
Deep Delve
Deep In The Heart
Deep In The Heart (2019)
Deep In The Heart 2019
Deep Mettle Volume I: Pipes and Fusils
Deep Mettle Volume II: Tools of War
Deep Sea Shark
Deep Space
Deep Space Combat School: Nexus
Deep Within
Deep Within: Volume 1
Deeper Darker
Deepest Depths
Deepest Desire
Deepest Dungeon
Deepest Dungeon: Mark and the Lord of Darkness
Defeat the Overlord
Defender of Lapu-Lapu City
Defenders of Fantasmyth
Defending Mars
Defending the Worlds Edge
Defiance of the Fall
Defiance: A Hybrid's Tale
Defiant [Epic Fantasy]
Defiant Healer Who Fights With Primal Monsters!!
Defiant Will
Defiant: The Bewitched Demon Hunter
Definitely an Average Reincarnation
Definitely Not A Super Tale of A Super Hero
Defy the Heavens?
Defy the Legends
Defy the Legends - Book One: The Vermilion Conspiracy
Defying Heavens
Defying Souls Gods
Defying The Goddess Of Light
Defying The Will of Gods
Defying World Asura
Deific Descent: Ash
Deities and Mortals
Deities reclamation
Deity Fall
Deity of carnage - Keeper
Deity of carnage - Unholy Kingdom
Deity of the Mist: a Naruto fanfic
Deity's Fragments
Deity: The Beginning
Dekar as Worlds Traveler
Delay of the Demon
Delayed Transfer
Deleted Fiction - Author is Ashamed #3
Deleted Fiction - Author is Ashamed #4
Deleted for mental health purposes
Deletion Cheat(Dropped/Hiatus?)
Deliberately close
Delicate as Glass
Delicate as Glass (The Glass Mage)
Delicious Ice-cream... Dragon? (A dragon evolution story)
Delirious Degeneracy: Tales of the free
Deliverance of the Mind
Delta Sigma
Delta Squad
Delvers LLC
Delving For Fun And Profit
Delving Into the Unknown
Demi-God - A LitRPG
DemiGod - The American Revival
Demigod Battle Royale
Demise of the Gods
Demiurge: The Creator
Democracy in Cultivation World
Demolition - Fall of a Civilization
Demon 500
Demon Affinity
Demon Artificer
Demon Bane
Demon Blade
Demon Blood Chronicles: Emergence (Book 1)
Demon Blood: Book I The Arrival
Demon Bride
Demon Card Enforcer [A Noir Cardgame LitRPG]
Demon City. Dragon Heart (A LitRPG Wuxia) series: Book 13
Demon Contractor Unknowingly Becomes Less Of A Jerk
DEMON CORE : [A Demon-King Dungeon-Core LitRPG]
Demon Dan
Demon Deck Builder
Demon Driven
Demon Dungeon
Demon Earth : Revelation
Demon Fate
Demon Forever
Demon Fortress
Demon Fortress (Rev 1)
Demon Gf
Demon God
Demon Heart
Demon Hero
Demon Hero Reaper Saviour
Demon Hunt: Revenge of the Orphaned
Demon Hunter Rolland
Demon Hunter Wrath: A Dark Fantasy Harem Novel
Demon Hunters
Demon in Lianzhen
Demon in the magical world
Demon into modern human society
Demon King 101
Demon King In Making
Demon King is My Husband
Demon King Or Immortal God
Demon King Reincarnated as the Hero's Child
Demon King's Downfall
Demon King's end (Inactive)
Demon King's Gardener
Demon King's Love
Demon King's Son
Demon King.
Demon Knight
Demon Legacy
Demon Logic
Demon Lord Cthulhu in another world
Demon Lord in Angel's clothing
Demon Lord in Another World
Demon Lord Returner
Demon Lord revenge
Demon Lord Royale
Demon Lord Royale: The Mage Tower
Demon Lord Summoning
Demon Lord teaches his son how to deal with Heroes
Demon Lord try to be Human
Demon Lord's Dungeon
Demon Lord's Dungeon (Hiatus)
Demon lords? Gods? In this Crazy World, I'll fight them all!
Demon Mage Book 1
Demon Massacre
Demon of Dawn and Dusk
Demon of Metal
Demon of Nihility: Rise of Humanity
Demon of the Darkest Night
Demon of the Fold
Demon of the Mind: Cannibal
Demon Of War
Demon Power Ups
Demon Prince Familiar
Demon Princess Magical Chaos
Demon Queen
Demon Queen's Life
Demon Saga - Phoenix Dancer
Demon Slayer Douma: The god in the shadow[Spanish]
Demon Slayer: The Kamado Legacy
Demon slayer:Family
Demon slayer:Family [Completed]
Demon Uprising
Demon vs. Angel
Demon Wolf
Demon World Boba Shop: A Nice Slice of Life Story
Demon World Boba Shop: Slice of Life with LitRPG
Demon's Bride
Demon's Country Protector
Demon's Journey
Demon's Sinistra
Demon's Sinistra - Arc 1
Demoness D
Demoness in Distress
Demonhunter Zecruix
Demonic Arts
Demonic Cafe (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy)
Demonic Conquest
Demonic Conquest: A progression fantasy LitRPG
Demonic Cultivator
Demonic Descent
Demonic Devourer
Demonic Devourer (B1 stubs in 10 days)
Demonic Devourer (B1 stubs in 13 days)
Demonic Devourer (B1 stubs in 17 days)
Demonic Devourer (B1 stubs in 19 days)
Demonic Devourer (B1 stubs in 20 days)
Demonic Devourer (B1 stubs in 4 days)
Demonic Devourer (B1 stubs in 8 days)
Demonic Devourer (B1 stubs TOMORROW)
Demonic Devourer (Last day to read free)
Demonic Devourer [Blood Mage LitRPG]
Demonic Devourer [LitRPG Progression Fantasy]
Demonic Devourer [LitRPG Progression]
Demonic Devourer [LitRPG]
Demonic Devourer's Development
Demonic Dragon Crest
Demonic Dungeon
Demonic Dungeon Uprising
Demonic Eggs - A Mammoth's faulty evolution!
Demonic Fire Cultivation
Demonic Heroine
Demonic Inscriptor
Demonic Intervention
Demonic Journal
Demonic Magician
Demonic Magician [Summoning Magic LitRPG]
Demonic Mirror: I killed the king, now what? [LitRPG]
Demonic Moth (Custom made Demon King)
Demonic Rebirth: The Unorthodox Path of a Righteous Heir
Demonic Requiem | The Epitome of Evil
Demonic Requiem【The Epitome of Evil】
Demonic Resurrection - Pawns of the Evil Systems
Demonic Ruler of Werewolves and Vampires
Demonic Sadist System
Demonic Saint
Demonic Sect Elder Cultivates Righteous Disciples - Isekai LitRPG
Demonic Sect Elder, Type A
Demonic Shaman
Demonic Souls of Nature
Demonic Sovereign
Demonizing Matters
DemonLord_Floof - The lack of common sense isekai
DemonLord_Floof – A lack of common sense isekai (COMPLETED)
DemonLord_Floof – The lack of common sense continues
Demonlordchens Symphony
Demonology For Morons
Demons and Candy
Demons and Gods: Balzanaar
Demons Don't Lie
Demons Don't Wear Capes
Demons Drink Coffee
Demons Never Repent
Demons of the Soul - The Protection Detail Series Book 3
Demons of Zenora
Demons On The Crooked Mountains
Demons Summon
Den of Thieves (Pantheon Online - a LitRPG fantasy adventure)
Den of Vipers
Den of Wolves
Dennis the Conqueror (Sword & Sorority Book 1), A Harem Lit Fantasy Novel
Denouncer of Fantasy
Densetsu: A Beautiful Day
Density God [an Isekai Adventure]
Dentro Da Experiência (Ficção - Portugues)
Deny Thy Love
Denying fate : path of the dark paladin
Department of Dungeon Studies
Department of Dungeon Studies (Stubbing on the 17th of April)
Department of Dungeon Studies: Academy LitRPG
Department of Dungeon Studies: Academy Progression Fantasy
Department of Dungeon Studies: An Academy Progression Fantasy
Department of Dungeon Studies: Arcane Academy LitRPG
Deployed to Destiny: Elite Force in Another World
Deployed to Destiny: Elite Soldier in Another World
Depravity and Debauchery in the Southern Kingdoms
Depth's of Enhancement
Depthless Hunger
Depthless Hunger [Monsters Hunting Monsters]
Depthless Hunger [Underdog Strong to Stronger]
Depthless Hunger [Underdog | Xianxia | LitRPG | Monster Hunter | Fantasy]
Depthless Hunger [Xianxia LitRPG Fantasy]
Der Coronathan
Der Fragwürdigste Kerl
Der Hybrids
Der Liebestrank-Zwischenfall [German/Deutsch]
Der Preis für neues Leben [German/Deutsch]
Der Zauberkater [German/Deutsch]
Deranged Hero
Derelict Beginning.
Descendant from the Shroud
Descendant of Dawn
Descendant Of Nightmare
Descendants of a Dead Earth
Descendants of Cosmia
Descendants of Ether
Descendants of the Divine
Descendants: Lost Auradonian Queen
Descendent's Awakening
Descending to Mortal Realm
Descent Into Entropy
Descent Into the Abyss
Descent into the Manifold (Progression Fantasy)
Descent of the Arcane
Descent of the Dragon Prince
Descent of the Nightmare King
Descent of the Strongest God
Descent of Wrath
Descent to Union
Descent: Resonant Core
Descent: Resonant Core (Book 1 of the Chaos sworn series)
Descent: Substance (Book 2 Of The Chaos Sworn Series)
Desert Company
Desert Conquerer
Desert Odyssey
Desert Wanderer
Deshawn Dale and the Hidden World
Design of Hope
Design Tame Repeat - [Reader Interactive Progression Litrpg]
Designated Healer
Designation: FIRST
Designation: M4R10N3TT3
Designed to Survive
Desire Dystopia
desired ERROR
Desires End
Desires Of Man
Desmend Dylan: How to Build A Kingdom
Desmend Dylan: How to Build A Kingdom (Rewrite in the works)
Desmond D Dylan: The Chaotic Crown
Desmond D Dylan: The Heroic Chronicles of a Summoned King
Desolate Anima
Desolate Fate
Desolate Ruler
Desolate Stars
Desolated World
Desperate Hope
Desperate Times - A 49ers GameLit Trilogy
Despite not Being a Hero, Saint, or Even a Demon King, I was Summoned
Despondent Divinity
Despotic Heart
Destination LittleBrooke
Destination Swordmaiden
Destination: Tomorrow
Destined for Talent
Destined for You [HIATUS]
Destined kNight
Destined to destroy the world
Destined To Die
Destined to Wilt
Destiny Begins: The Forgotten Tale Book 1
Destiny Destroyers
Destiny Dice
Destiny Marine (Progression Fantasy)
Destiny Monogatari: The Hidden Object S1
Destiny of the Aasim
Destiny Online
Destiny Roads
Destiny System
Destiny's Edge: A Saga of Magic and Chaos
Destiny's Epithet (Pokemon Fanfic)
Destiny's Forge
Destiny's Forge (Rewrite)
Destiny: Infernal
Destiny: Infernal [DISCONTINUED]
Destiny: The Legendary Hunter
Destroy The Heavens!
Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Destroyatron's HFY
Destroying the storyline in Xianxia!
Destruction Angel Summoned After Being Dead For 500 Years Finds Love
Destruction Angel Summoned From Being Dead For 500 Years Finds Love
Desvalian Nights
Detective Azgori and the City of Eden
Detective Gracile & Q
Detective in Mind
Detective Karma
Detective Karma - The Corruption WIthin
Detective Reynold And Neoni Nightclub
Detective? Alas, I am Just a Fake
Deteoh – A Glitched World's Isekai Story
Detrimental Life of the Causality Warper
Deus Ex A Cyberpunk Story
Deus Ex Alice Madness
Deus ex Aliis Mundi
Deus ex Machina
Deus ex Machina: God From the Machine
Deus Ex Machinarium
DEUS EX- A Cyberpunk Story [GERMAN]
Deus Terra: The Land of the Gods.
Devastating Devolution of a world System
DEVATA REALM (A Mysterious destiny)
Developing My Little World
Developing will(LitRpg)
Development of hamster space civilization [DHSC]
Development of hamster space civilization [Space strategy]
Deviant Crown
Deviant Crown [Complete]
Deviant Genius
Deviant Rule
Deviant's Masquerade
Deviant's Masquerade: A world of Heroes, Villains, Rogues, and Family
Deviant's Masquerade: Get Ink'd (A Toon Villain Quest/RPG)
Deviant's Masquerade: Hacking Reality (A teenage Mad Scientist's story.)
Deviant's Masquerade: Huntsman's Quest
Deviant's Masquerade: Lore Compendium
Deviant's Masquerade: Setting Lore Compendium
Deviant's Masquerade: The Anthology Series
Deviant's Masquerade: The Huntsman's Quest
Deviant's Masquerade: The Huntsman's Quest (A hero's CYOA origin)
Deviant's Masquerade: The Huntsman's Quest (A YA Hero's Failed Attempt At Retirement)
Deviant's Masquerade: The Huntsman's Quest (An Urban Magic Quest/RPG)
Deviant's Masquerade: The Huntsman's Quest (Old Version)
Devil Cultivator in a Ability User World (Hiatus/Slow Release)
Devil Cultivator in an Ability User World
Devil In Making
Devil In Making [A Xianxia LitRPG]
Devil in Shepherd's Robes
Devil Inside
Devil of Crime Alley
Devil of the Heavens
Devil of the uchiha
Devil Park Island
Devil Princess Reincarnation
Devil x Evil
Devil you Know
Devil's [Advocate] - A Progression Isekai LitRPG
Devil's [Advocate] - A Progression LitRPG Apocalypse
Devil's [Advocate] - An Apocalyptic Isekai LitRPG
Devil's [Advocate] - An Apocalyptic LitRPG
Devil's [Advocate] - An Progression Isekai LitRPG
Devil's Advocate
Devil's Advocate (a Robin Hood LitRPG)
Devil's Advocate (a Robin Hood Progression Fantasy)
Devil's Advocate (a Robin Hood Progression LitRPG)
Devil's Angel
Devil's Daughter
Devil's Doll Reincarnation
Devil's in the Details
Devil's Lake
Devil's Own - 40k Astra Militarum
Devil's Rise
Devil's Saint {A Story of a Villain}
Devil's Saint: Raising Protagonists for my Evil Plans
Devil's Sakura
Devil's System
Devil's Wings
Devil's World
Devildom Annihilation: The Epitome of Evil
Deviled Egg
Devilich [Strong to Overpowered Isekai LitRPG]
Devilish Circumstances Light Novel
Devilishly Devout
Devils Demons and Dead Men
Devils Knight
Devils Out of Inkwell
Devine Intrusion: The Demonic Repentance
Devious Dungeon [Dropped]
Devious Mysteries: Or How I Became The Number 1 Supervillain
Devoir de révolte
Devotion Of An Immortal
Devotion: Tales of Rosewood
Devotion: Tales of Rosewood (Paused)
Devour City
Devour Heaven
Devour The Cosmos
Devour The Heavens
Devour the Stars (Blood of the Ruler)
Devour The Sun
Devour: Shiver Online
Devourer (seint)
Devourer and Grimoire
Devourer and Grimoire #2
Devourer of All (Blood of the Ruler)
Devourer of Destiny
Devourer of Worlds (Roeyan Saga Book I)
Devouring - Progenitor of Evolution
Devouring Creation
Devouring mirrors {Gamelit, time loop, Litrpg}
Devouring mirrors: Destroying space and time {Gamelit, time loop, Litrpg}
Devouring Serpentes
Devouring the Gods
Devouring The Heavens
Devouring The Other Side
Devouring The Universe Begins With Reincarnating As a Snake
Dex is for Swordplay
Dex Warrior (Libertas Online)
Dex's Adventure Through The Elemental Nations (Completed)
Dexs/ Clairs Adventure
DEZION. Rise of the Supreme sovereign.
DH (Old)
Dharma Imperium
Diablo Destruction
Diabolic Gamer
Diabolical [DC Comics/Harry Potter SI]
Dial (Ben 10/MCU SI)
Dial H for Heroics
Dial: Call Resumed
Diamond In The Rough (Complete)
Diamond Jozu
Diamond Jozu (English)
Diamond Jozu [French]
Diamonds of Tesmaro
Diamonds of the Past
DiamonFTW's collection of OneShots
Diaries of a Fighter
Diaries of Nero the Halloween Cat
Diary entries of a madman
Diary Log of a Ghost
Diary of a displaced soul.
Diary of a Dungeon Master
Diary of a girl raised by an immortal
Diary of a Hopeless Romantic
Diary Of A Lost Soldier In Another World
Diary of a Mad Vampire
Diary of a Mining Dragon
Diary of a reborn witch
Diary of a reincarnate in a cultivation world
Diary of a Space Sailor
Diary of a Supervillain
Diary of a Teenaged Mimic
Diary of an earthling
Diary of an Insomniac
Diary of Discord
Diary of Erica Kron
Diary of Gods
Diary of Oskar Sleeman Miles
Diary of Other-Worldly King: Revisited (R-18)
Diary of the End
Diary of the Murdered Girl
Diary of the Night Demoness
Diary of the rebirth of the not so wimpy kid
Diary of the Shadow Queen
Diary of the Witch-king
Diasori Dynasty: The World's Last Heroes
Dice Cultivation: Brotherhood
Dice Dungeon!
Dice of Infinite Fates
Dice, the cube that changes everything: Roll for Initiative
Dichodeity: The Pact
Dick Fletcher: Crashlanding onto a Fantasy World
Dictatorship and Other Hurtful Labels
Did she already know that I would ask her for something perverted?
Did she already know what I would ask her for?
Did U Get The Code?
Dida: A Living Computer Inside Your Head
Didactic Duplicate
Didalam Dunia Raja Iblis
Die A Million Deaths; or, Get In The Interdimensional Mech, Nerd, There's No Time To Explain
Die And Retry - Infinite Climb
DIE In Candyland: A LitRPG Adventure
DIE In Candyland: A Scientist Isekai/LitRPG
DIE In Candyland: A Scientist LitRPG
DIE In Candyland: A Scientist's LitRPG
DIE In Candyland: A Scientist's LitRPG Adventure
DIE In Candyland: An Eldritch LitRPG Adventure
Die, Dragon, Die!
Die, Dragon, Die! / Overpowered Mage Dragon-Slaying Fantasy
Die, Dragon, Die! || The Ultimate Dragon-Destruction Comedy
Die. Respawn. Repeat.
DIE. RESPAWN. REPEAT. [ You have died. +1 tiny friend! ]
DIE. RESPAWN. REPEAT. [Book 1 Complete]
DIE. RESPAWN. REPEAT. [Book 2 Started]
DIE. RESPAWN. REPEAT. [Now with more skills per skill!]
Died and Went to Manga
Diegesis: The Reign of the Underworld
Different Dimension Demon
Different DxD Revamped
Different Point of View.
Different World Along System One Punch Man
Different World along with One Piece System
Different World Reincarnation God Cheat Harem
Different World with Save and Load: A Horror Story
Different Worlds
Diffident Apprentice
Dig a Little Deeper
Dig Two Graves—A Japanese Historical Fantasy
Digging Being Diggory
Digging Holes
Digi-Soul [A Digimon Fan-Fiction]
Digimon Empire
Digimon Generations
Digital Demons
Digital Haven
Digital Immigrant
Digital Magical Scientist
Digital Marine
Digital Me
Digital Me - Angels and Devils
Digital Prison
Digital Rose: Of Cats and Dragons
Digital Sorcery (A LITRPG Adventure Series)
Dilecto the happy skeleton
Dilemma of a mystical merchant
Dim Spirits
Dimension Apocaplyse
Dimension Breakers
Dimension Clash
Dimension Eaters
Dimension Extra
Dimension jumper
Dimension leapers
Dimension Mage
Dimension Records (Cycle of Reincarnation )
Dimension Records (Ring of Reincarnation )
Dimension Records Volume 2 (Fate)
Dimension Records Volume 2 (The Fate )
Dimension Reviewer
Dimension Space - A Dungeon Core Novel
Dimension Unknown
Dimensional Break
Dimensional Colleseum
Dimensional Cores The Raiders
Dimensional Cores: The Raiders
Dimensional Cores: The Raiders (draft)
Dimensional Demonic Phoenix
Dimensional Descent
Dimensional Detective
Dimensional Disciple Book 1: Avatar The Last Airbender
Dimensional Dissonance
Dimensional Driver
Dimensional Dungeon Delvers
Dimensional Guardians
Dimensional Intersection
Dimensional Mage(?)
Dimensional Market System
Dimensional Monarch
Dimensional Originator
Dimensional overlord
Dimensional Paradise
Dimensional Rift
Dimensional Traveler: A Deckbuilding LitRPG
Dimensional Wars
Dimensional Witch
Dimensions Collide: Destiny Bond
Dimensions intersection
Dimensions of love
Dimensión Desconocida
Diner of a Returned Hero [Ver. English)]
Dinosaur Reborn
Dinosaurs, Divas and Demons
DinoSorcery (Colorful art in each chapter)
Dio, Rise to the top [working title]
Dip$h!+s in Space
Dipp's Uncertain Adventure
Direction and Magnitude
Director, Machine, Paradox.
Directorate: Nationbuilding in Apocalypse
Dirge of Apocrypha
Dirge of Apocrypha (Cancelled for rewrite)
Dirge of Reality
Dirk Cooper: Paranormal Real Estate
Dirk, and the Black & Orange Catwomen of Betelgeuse VI
Dirt Magic
Dirt Magic (HIATUS)
Dirty Avatars - Isekai Gone Wrong
Dirty Avatars: An Isekai Gone Wrong
Dirty Romance
Disappointing and confusing
Discarded Plotline (Discarded Monster)
Discidium - [Apocalypse LitRPG]
Disciple of a Demon
Disciple of Fate
Disciple of Fire
Disciple of Fire (Working Title)
Disciple of the Dark Arts
Disciple of the Dark Arts (Old Draft)
Disciple of the Dragon
Disciple of the Evil God
Disciple of the Sword God
Disciples of the Demon king
Disciples of The Strongest
Disco Inferno
Disco Inferno [Horror Progression Fantasy]
Discontinued (was fireblight)
Discontinued-Harems Are Evil!!
Discontinued-Legends of Vale Academy
Discontinued-The Fox With No Tails
DISCONTINUED/REWRITTEN Reincarnated as the Villain's 2nd in Command
Discordant Note | The Beginning After the End SI
Discorder: Heart of Fear
Discount Dan
Discovering Magic
Disdained Challenger
Disfavored [MagicalGirl x Samurai]
Dismantle Them All [Mystery & Progression Fantasy]
Dismissing Darkness
Disordered Dreaming
Disorders of Magic and Heroism
Dispatch to Venus
Displaced Emperor Conquering The First Universal Plain
Displaced: Waking up in another world
Dissonance Of Aeons
Dissonant Age 1 - The Cost of Hope
Distance Between Dimensions: Abandoned God
Distance Between Dimensions: Rise of the Summoners
Distant Future
Distant Kingdoms: Magic War
Distant Leaps to Circinus
Distant Leaps to Circinus [Obsolete]
Distant Suns
Distopia of Man - A Dungeon heart story
Distorted (Original version).
Distorted Blue
Distorted Light :TFALM
Distortion: A NPC VS Reality
District Zero: Dreamers And Legends In A World Of Death
Divas, Dinosaurs and Demons
Dive Deep
Dive in the Afterdark
Dive Sasquatch God!
Diverge Summoning
Divide and Consume
Divided by Destiny
Divided Stars Online
Divided/ Party to Escape
Divik: A Companion in the Orak'Thune Series
Divine Apocalypse
Divine Arts
Divine Attrition
Divine Balls
Divine Blade
Divine Bladesmith
Divine Blood
Divine Blood Human Emperor
Divine Celebrity
Divine Celebrity [System-Light, Modern, Sports]
Divine Change
Divine Construct
Divine Creatures
Divine Creatures [Rewrite Forthcoming]
Divine Darkness
Divine Demon Goblin
Divine Diversions
Divine Dragon
Divine Dragon [Hiatus]
Divine Elementalist
Divine Empress of Chaos
Divine Entertainment
Divine Exiles
Divine Experiments
Divine Frontiers
Divine Gambit (Progression Litrpg + Dice)
Divine Gambit: Litrpg dice adventures
Divine Guardian
Divine Hell
Divine Imperium - Warlord of Takamagahara
Divine Inheritance
Divine Intervention Online
Divine Intervention: Cataclysm
Divine Intrusion: The Demonic Repentance
Divine Laws of Mind, Body, & Soul
Divine Limitless System
Divine Locket
Divine locket of Hearts
Divine Macabre: The Philosopher
Divine Madness
Divine Man
Divine Mana - An Epic Fantasy LitRPG
Divine Mortality
Divine Mortality (On Hold)
Divine Mortality: a Massively Online Adventure Game experience
Divine Omen Philosophy (Web Novel)
Divine Pagoda Sect
Divine Painter
Divine Progress
Divine Quest
Divine Reader
Divine Reaper
Divine Rebirth
Divine Retribution
Divine Salvation
Divine Shopper
Divine Smartass
Divine Soul
Divine soul (mythos, gamelit, slow-burn)
Divine soul [Mythos/Litrpg/Progression]
Divine soul – a litrpg adventure
Divine Souls
Divine Sparks
Divine Sunderer
Divine Thorns (Book of Vines)
Divine Thorns (The Book of Eliphaz)
Divine Thorns [An Ancient LitRPG]
Divine Threads: The God Among Us
Divine Throne of Slaughter
Divine Time Jewel
Divine Valor Online: Against the Heavens
Divine War: Belichology
Divine whispers of power
Divine Witch
Divine Witch: The Transmigration of Adnia.
Divinity [Progression Fantasy]
Divinity Led Growth
Divinity Reforged
Divinity Skill
Divinity War - The Rise of the Gods
DIZION: Realm of Mortals
Dizziness & Dyslexia
Djinn System
Djinn Tamer
Djinn'S Child
DK (Dropped)
Dleteed Deldted
DMG=MA (A Rolling Stone LitRPG)
DMG=MA: A Rolling Stone LitRPG (Complete)
DMing a Dungeon
Do Dungeons Dream of Goblins?
Do I really have no skills?
Do No Harm
Do Not Awaken The Undead King
Do Not Go Gently
Do not take Eldritch surveys. Noted!
Do outro lado do Rio (PT-BR)
Do Sleepers Dream of Drunken Planes
Do The Wyrm
Do You Ever Wonder How? How This Came To Be?
Do you fancy death?
Do you fear Death? (Worm/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover)
Do You Like Skydiving?
Do you like to read words?
Do you like vampires?
DOC: Northern Light
Doctor in Immortal World
Doctor of Rebirth
Doctor Who - The Doctor Turned Small
Doctor Who: An Alternate Sequel Series
Doctor Who: The War Doctor Chronicles - The Rising Storm
Doctored Chance: The Unpleasant Preceding of "Pajama Boy" and What Drove Him to Murder
Dodge Tank: A Crystal Shards Online LitRPG Novel
Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches - Revenge is Best Served Raw
Does Hell Have an Adventurers' Guild?
Does magic make you God?
Dog Boy
Dog Boy (furry sci fi)
Dog Days in a Leashed World
Dog Immortal
Dog-King of the Heavens
Dogs - Fictional Short Stories
DogZ (Complete)
Doing God's Work
Doki Doki Suru
Doll in the Jewellery Box
Doll of Death
Doll's Smile
Dolos, god of honesty
Domain of Man
Domain Of Voids
Domain Warz
Domains and Daggers
DomeNET Online
Domhain: A Modern Fantasy LitRPG
Domina City (HIATUS)
Domina City (superpowers, zombies, and bio-mods)
Dominantion of The Greatest Sovereign
Dominators Realm
Domineering Frog King
Domineering Ruler of Werewolves and Vampires
Domini: An Uprising
Dominic The Great
Dominion Expansion (a 4X LitRPG)
Dominion Tower
Dominion: A LitRPG Hellscape
Domino Effect
Dominus (A litrpg reincarnation adventure)
Dominus : Icemelt
Dominus Hunt
Don Keyes: Master Cultivator of The Mundane Kingdom [LitRPG]
Don't be afraid of your heart
Don't be afraid of your heart (GirlxGirl)
Don't be Mistaken! I'm not a Reincarnate!
DON'T Befriend Dark Gods on Discord. BIG MISTAKE!
Don't Breathe
Don't Burst My Bubble
Don't Call Me a Grim Reaper!
Don't Call Me a Grim Reaper! (A Slice of Life Fantasy)
Don't Call Me a Grim Reaper! (A Slice of Life, Urban Fantasy)
Don't Come Inside, Okay?
Don't Cross My Vampire Girlfriend
Don't Destroy the World
Don't Do Hidden Quests
Don't Fall?
Don't Fear the Dragon!
Don't Fear the Reaper
Don't Feed The Dark
Don't Get It Tangled!!!
Don't Get It Tangled!!! (A Tabletop LitRPG)
Don't Go North
Don't Just Eat Everything You Find In Caves!
Don't label me!
Don't Let Tobi Out!!
Don't Put All Of Your Short Stories In One Basket
Don't read this
Don't read this you'll die.
Don't Rush
Don't Stop Me Now
Don't Touch Me, You'll Die!
Don't Worry, We Have The Best Supporter On Our Team
Dont Know How To Delete So Dropped
Doom Guy Isekai
Doom Valley Prep School
Doom's door
Doomed Dungeon
Doomed To Be A God
Doomsday 2020
Doomsday Bus
Doomsday Of MHA
Doomsday Pillars
Doomsday System In The Post Apocalyptic World
Doomsday: An Apocalyptic Prepper/Survival Litrpg Book 1: Initialization
Doomsday:Earth without electricity
Door 42
Dopamine Kick
Dorja the Blade [A Progression Saga]
Dormouse Opera
Dot Com Boom
Double Cursed
Double Edge Hero
Double Rewards for Half the Cost
DOUBLE SYSTEM- Path to immortality
Double Tap
Double Trouble
Double-Blind: A Modern LITRPG
Double: The Devourers [Isekai Progression Fantasy]
Douglas Sherman's Journal
Douglas: A Worlds Portal Book
Doulou Dalu (Soul Land): The 8th Monster
Douluo Dalo: Blue Silver Douluo
Douluo Dalu - Elemental Fire God
Douluo Dalu - Hammer God Douluo
Douluo Dalu - The Legend of the Poison Emerald King
Douluo Dalu Fanfiction: The Journey of Li Tian Tian
Douluo Dalu: Multiverse
Dove Clan
Down In Ohio
Down the Deep Blue Hole
Down the sewer
Down the sewer (complete)
Down Under the Different Darkness
Down With The Iron King
Downfall of Mevobak
Downfall of the Champions
Downfall of the Nanite-Hero
Downfall: The Lone King Series Book 1
Downpour: Florida
Downtown Druid
Downtown Druid (Book 1 Complete)
Dr. Bennett
Dr. Frankenstein's Monster, Lady Lovibond, and the mischievous sea
Dr. Z's Zombie Apocalypse
Draco Malfoy Back in Time to Save the World
DracoFlux (Progression Fantasy)
Draconia Offline
Draconia: The Realm Beyond
Draconian System
Draconic Ascension - System Apocalypse Isekai LitRPG
Draconic Awakening
Draconic Blood
Draconic bonds
Draconic Karma Dungeon
Draconic Overlord
Draconic System Ascension
Draconic Transcendence (Progression Fantasy)
Draconic Transcendence (Progressive Fantasy)
Draconic Transcendence: Cinders and Ashes
Dracul Vespasian
Dracul Vespasian: Warfare [A Kingdom Building LitRPG]
Dracula in the Urban Chaos
Dracula: London Calling
Dracula: Patient zero
Dracula: World of War
Draegish's Light
Draegona Chronicles
Draegona Chronicles: Crystals of Andromeda
Draegona Chronicles: Dragon Warriors of Andromeda
Draelsore Academy
Dragged Into a Different World?!
Dragged Into An Isekai With My Friend Being The Generic Hero
Dragged to another world, I sought independence
Dragon Amongst Wolves
Dragon and Wolf: Two Brothers
Dragon Arts
Dragon Ascension
Dragon Atlas
Dragon Ball Alter: Rise of Little Green!
Dragon Ball Magic
Dragon Ball System
Dragon Ball X
Dragon Ball X The Ultimate System
Dragon Ball X: The Ultimate System [Re-Mastered]
Dragon Ball, A True Coherent Fan-Fic
Dragon Ball: Bardock The Savior Of The Saiyan Race
Dragon Ball: Becoming the Strongest
Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human
Dragon Ball: Terror of the Gods
Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Nappa
Dragon Ball: The RPG.
Dragon Ball:RR
Dragon Cafe
Dragon Carrier
Dragon Chibi Cafe
Dragon Child
Dragon Child of Thunder
Dragon Child. Book four. Sorcerer's Apprentice.