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⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢
1000 Lives Relived
100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill!
12 Zodiac!!
1 Vs Tthe World
2040: Reconnection
21st Century Lads
3 Bastards and a Red Slipper Demon Queen
3D/2D: I Got Sent to a Fantasy World and Turned into an Anime Character?!
46 Year Old Syndrome
49 And One Hero.
5 Dragon Emperor
7 Dragons and Princess
8th Deadly Sin
9001: A Dungeon Ship Odyssey
9001: The resurrection of the Dominion
9 Lives
A Ai`S Adventure In A Different World In Space
A android,a ghost ,a immortal,a necromancer and a council in a bar
A Bag Of Bones
Abandon all hope by Darkmatter
Abandoned: The Story About Ryu The Banished God
Ability to make a kingdom? Let's make a fast food restaurant!
Ab Initio
A Bizarre World.
A Black Man Reborn in Jiang Hu!
A Blade's Shadow
A Blazing Journey: A New Beginning
Abnormal Boy Enters A New World
A book fanatic's Journey through a Fantasy World
A bored boy looking for reason
A Bored Immortal's Adventure with Reincarnation
A Bored Passerby With Some Cheats
A Bored Soul
A bored story (Hiatus)
Above Heavens I Stand
Above the Heavens
A Broken Doll and her lost Soul
Absolute Knowledge
Abyssal King
Abyssmal Downpour
Abyss: Phantom Cosmos
Abyss "tomb of the gods"
Academe's Blood
Academy of Heroes (The Murder of Innocence)
A Cat's Purpose
Accidentally Blessed by a Goddess Before Reincarnating
Accidental Time God
Accused Hero
Ace of all Trades
Ace of Demons
Ace of the Unknown
A chance
A Chance Again
A Chang In The Same World
A Cheat Cultivation Level
A Cliché Reincarnation
A Clone of Arth
A Collection Of Ideas. True's Oneshots.
A Collection of the CRAZY STORYTELLER
A Collection of Thoughts
A Compendium of Useless Powers
A complicated man with a simple dream
A Contest of Lords
Across a different world
A Cup of Moondust
A Cursed Life.
Adamantine Dragon in the Crystal World
Adam's coin
Adam: The Archer
A Dance of Poison and Curses
A Dark Prophecy of the Last Age: From One War Torn World to Another
A Dark Road
A Day With The Cross Dimensional Traveling Truck Driver
Addorn: "The Freed of The Void"
A Demon lord's dilemma
A Demon's Gift
A Deranged World
A Descent into Decay
A Different Kind Of Hero
A Different Kind of Hero (Will Be Revised)
A dragon familar
A Dragon Gnawing Its Tail
A Dragonoid's Tale
A Dragon's Curiosity
A Dream to the Summit
ADT - Another Dimension Travel
A Dulled Blade
A Dungeon of Fate and Fae
A Dungeon's life
Advent of the Apostles
Adventure From A Bard's Perspective
Adventure In A Foreign World - Legacy of The Chosen One
Adventure of Chance
Adventure of Luke
Adventure Online
Adventurer Hearth's Guide to Monster Taming
Adventures in amnesia
Adventures in Atalok
Adventures in the Land of Amerikan
Adventures of a Fake Monk
Adventures of an avid gamer
Adventures of a young Zuma
Adventures of Kaelem Solich
Adventures of Ragnos
Adventures Of Truck-san
Adventures on Terra: Beginning
Adventurous Madman
Advice for Authors
*A Dwarf's Story*
A Dying World
[AEAC] Amazing and exciting adventure of Clavius
A Elf and Monsters Path
Aesthetic of a Female Rogue
Aestral Online
Aeterna Saga, Volume 1: Walking With Giants
Aevitas — I am not an NPC [R]
A fairy tale for the nephilim
A Fantasy in Time
A Fate Set in Stone (On Hold)
A Female's Take on The World of Cultivation
*A Fool's Errand*
A Forest Dungeon
A Forgotten Soul
A Fox at Heart
A Fox in the Woods
A Friendly Shadow
After Dawn
After Death
After death?
After Life
Afterlife Hospital
Afterlife Online
Aftermath : Creul Confine
After the Fall. (Book 1 of the Shardfall Saga)
After the universe exploded, I became a Dungeon master.
A futurist leader inside a fantasy world
Again [On hold]
Against all the Odds(hiatus)
Against The Elements
Against the Sky
A Galactic Dictator's Adventures into a Magical World!
A Game For Monsters
A Game of Hedrons
A Game of Life
A Gamer But I Also A Realist That Do Not Believe Anything That Not Disprove
Agartha (hiatus)
Ageless Aneurin
Agent of the Realm?
Age Of Adventure
Age of Aggression
Age of Champions
Age of Gods
Age of Gods Online
Age of Heroes
Age of Heroes: Novus Gaia
Age of Immortal
Age of Revolution
Ages Online
A Ghost Life
A Gift from the Heavens
A girl and her shadow
A girl's experience as an incubus
A Girl's, Unusual Existence
A Gladiator's New World [HIATUS]
A Glass Window
Agnes of Raegma
A God in a Xianxia world
A God's Fun Time
A God's Purpose
A God's War
A God's Whim
AGON: Trail by Champion
Agros de Mortis
A Guide to Rule the World
A hard life.
A Healer's Gift, An Adventurer's Heart
A Heart of Ice (hiatus)
A Hermit's Life for Me
A Hero Past the 25th
A Hero's Common Sense
A Hero's War
A Hero's Wish
A Hero to Only One. (Completed)
A Hidden World
A Hunter's Wings
A.I. Actual Intelligence
Ain't no Rest for the Wicked
Air and Nature
A Jester And Smile
A journey in another world.
A Journey of an ordinary girl in a fantasy world
A Journey of Chaos and Glory
A Journey to Another Land
AkaTsuki: Book One [The Heart of A Samurai]
Akif Kas - Champion of the Arena
Aki's Abnormal Life
A Knight's Redo (Completed)
A Knight's Will
Akuma no Rune/ Rune of Demons Vol 1
Akuma no seifuku no fukushū?
A Lasting Fury By Replica1
A lazy king
Albert's Summer
Alctuz Arena
Aldenia: The Lost
A Legendary Tale: From rags to divinity!!!
A Legend Reborn
Aleri The Return
Alex Mavros Chronicles (Dropped...)
Aliad [Dropped]
Aliad - Tale of Zed [Dropped]
Alice: Conquering Nightmare
Aliens! Tech! War! OH YES!!
A Life Like Fireworks
A Life Rewritten
A Life's Lie
Alistair's Great and Powerful Startup Dungeon
A Little Bit OF A Silverlining HIATUS
A little Kitty's journey though a random world
Alive, once again
All alone on the long dark way(hiatus)
All Alone with You
Allen: The Rogue A.I.
All's Fair In Love&War
All-Star Buddha
All World Online
Almisha's Journey
Alone No More
A long slumber.
Aloof Bard
A Lost Man
A Lover Siblings in Royal Road!
A love so divine!
A love to kill!
Alpha After Omega: God Has Charged Me With Creating New Life.
Alpha Armageddon
Alpha - Book 1 in the Jaro Trilogy
Alpha (dragonboy)
Alphas & Omegas [Dropped]
Alt Atelier
Alter: Eclipse| The Chronicles of Gacaea | Book 1
Altered Destiny
Altered Tales
AlterGame, Book 1: The First Player by Andrew Novak
Alternate Amalgamation
Alternative Reality
[Alternative Recode]
Alter Tactics
Alucard Online
Always forward
A man with seven powers
A Mao's Tale
Amaron Online
A Martial Game
Amber Silverblood
Amber the Goddess of Time
Amending of the 'Evil' Pair.
A Mermaid's Responsibility
Amethyst Phoenix
Amidst the Final Sky
Am I friendly or hostile?
Amnesia can be funny!
Among Demons and Gods
Among the Dead
Among The Stars
Among the tear soaked flowers
A Most Unfortunate Summoning
Amulet of Infinity
An Above Average Girl In A Fantasy World
An A.I Is Such A Cheat In The Martial World!
An Airplane Crashed into Me So I've Been Reincarnated as a Skeleton
Anaraknakrium: The Cursid
A Nation of Riflemen
An Authors Chronicle
An author's massacre; the sudden appearance of the world, and its immediate cry
An Average Zombie's Path of Evolution
Ancient Blood Mage
Ancient Ruler [ XIANXIA ]
Andromeda's Tears
And then I made my own world
Andur's Oneshot collection
An Edgy Tale Of An Edgy Teen
An Egotistical Heretic's Reincarnation Doctrine
An Egregious Gentleman
An Empires Rising
An ephemeral shroud
An Everyday OP Player
An Evil Hero
An Evil Justice
A New Beginning By Aerebes
A new leaf (Old version)
A New Life
A new life in a new world.
A new life of a boy (working title)
A New life with the choice of destruction or creation in a new world(hiatus)
A New Life (zod119)
A New Path, Chosen freely
A New World
A new world a new Chance
A new world for mad people
A New World? I'll Do What I Want!
Angelic Knight Of The Mighty Zealot
Angelic Quest
Angel of Death
Angel Wing
Anime Dungeon
Anime wheel of fortune
An Immortals' Interaction with Modern Technology.
Animus Smith
Animus Storm
An Indomitable's Odyssey
A ninja transported to another world
An Interesting Journey
An Minecraft Adventure
A Nobody Special
An Old Villian's Tale
Anon: Goddess of Anonymity
An Ordinary Man
Another Day.
Another Dungeon Report
Another End
Another Fantasy (Canceled)
Another Hero's Story
Another hero Tale: Nephilim
Another life another chance
Another life (Loks123)
Another Novel with OP MC
Another Ordinary World is Pink?!
Another practice
Another Regurgitated Piece of Garbage
Another Summoned Fantasy
Another World and I'm still rich?
Another world? never saw this coming
Another World Online
Another World: Scientist
Another world? Some weird magic? Sure.
Another World (Straightforward title, aye?)
Another World's Trespasser
Another world with the Bleach System
A Not So Dark Soveriegn's Rise
An overly OP MC in another world.
Antagonist Rewind
Anti-Hero: Journey of Fear
Ant Tensei (Original) and (Redux)
A Numbers Game
An Uncertain Fate
An Unexpected Adventure
An Un-Ideal Eternity
An Unlikely Jedi
An untold tale
An Unusual Town
-An Unusual VRMMO Experience-
A Peaceful World
A Peek of a Second Life
Apex Predator
A picture is worth a Chapter
A Player in the Greenwood
Apoaclypse. (DROPPED)
Apocalypse 2020
Apocalypse Judgement Day
Apocalypse? No, it is heaven!
Apocalypse Now
Apocalypse Now: Under Contract
Apocalypse, Sounds Like Fun
Apocalypse Step
Apocalypse war
'Apotheosis' By:Akirias
Apprentice of the Void
Approaching Ascension
A Practical Guardian
A Queen of Ruins
A Quest for Existence
A Questionable Persons Questionable Look At Life
A Question of Character
A quest to reveal the truth of humanity
A ragbag of stories, don't expect them to end.
Aratana hajimari (VRMMO)
A Rats Life
Arbiter of Power (Canceled and currently redone as 'Re:' version.)
Arcadia: Broken Paradise
Arcadia: The End Game
Arcana: The Rebel King
Arcane Cycle
Arc a New born titan [suspended]
Archaic Avalon
Archillies Duane : The World Traveller
Archipelago: Relics of Wonders
[Archive] Legend of the Nameless Hero
Archive of James: Origins.
Archmage Father
Archmage of the Future in the Past
Archmage Paladin
A Real Life
A Reaper's Tale
A Reason
a Reincarnation full of choices
Argent Chaos
Ariair Online
Ariana (On Hiatus)
Ari and her pet rock.
Arianna's Wish
Arkhay (Writers block on this story..Sorry guys. might never add more)
Arktoni - The Adventure
Armageddon: A Biography of a Forgotten History
Armageddon: A New World
Armor of Justy (AoJ)
ArmS: The Last Human [dropped]
Army of the Fallen
Arnar the Dungeon
A Road To New Discoveries by Glitch
Arp Shinano's World Slip
Arrogance is justice!?
Arrogance: Lost reports
Arrogant Master In The City
Artanis Road
Artemis The Celestial Beast(Hiatus)
Artfin, Power Money and Woman [Dropped]
Arthron ~It seems I become a newbie god~
Arthropod Online
Arthur ReD
Arthur's Quest
Arthur "The successor of the god of time"
Artificial War
Art of Alchemy
Arts Master
Arum: Reconquering the Dungeon World
Arun Online [Dropped]
A Rush and a Push
Asaris Online
A Saviour's Endeavour
Ascending The Heavens
Ascending Trinity
Ascend Online
Ascend to Be GOD
Ascension: Birthright
Ascension Core: A Cyberpunk Story
Ascension: Fall and Rise
Ascension of Shura
Ascension: Razor's Pass
Ascension Rebirth [Dropped]
Ascension VR
As darkness takes thee
A second chance in a new world
A Second Reality by Masadeer
A series of Short stories
A Serpentine Tale {Dropped}
A Servant of The Empire
A Shade of Timeless Retribution
A Shade's Joy
Ashura, Heir Of Rebirth
Ashura- The Demon Sovereign
Asiad the land of lords
A Sick Twist of Fate
A simple book
A Simpler Reality ( Revised )
A Siren's Call
A Skill Whore's Journey
A Slice Of Life Of Broken Man
A Slip Of The Force
A Small Boy's Dream (Dropped)
A Soldier's Fragmented Memoire
A Soldier Tale
A Song for the New Age
A Sorcerer's Footsteps
A Soul Bound Dragon
A Space Odd-yssey?
Aspects of Heaven and Earth
Aspiring Demon Lord
Assassin Gamer [HIATUS]
Assassin's fate
Assassin's Revival
Assassin Type: The Rifle Girl- Rica Reyes
A Step into Madness
As The World Spins
Astlan's Ira
Astoerith Online
A Story in Black and White
A Story That You Wouldn't Want To Read +
A Story To Choice From (10 One Shots)
Astral Bridge
Astral Desire
A stranger in a new world
Asunder Online [Indefinite HIATUS]
A Superhuman Family In Another The World?
Asura Ascending
Asura Swiftblade
A Sword Master's Travels (1)
A Tale of a Different Hero
A Tale of Casual OPness
A tale of forgiveness
A tale of Might and Magic
A Tale of Two Shadows
A Tale of Two Worlds
A Tale of Winter
A Tale To Tell
ATCS Ability to Change Size
At Death's Door: Legacy
A Ten Year Vacation Turned Me Into A 14 Year Old Kid
A terrible field trip
At Greater Than Asterisk Bracket equal to J circumflex Two Less Than C
A Thousand Year Old
A Time Where I Travel, In Time
A Tingle Later: A Different Kind of Hero Tale
A Tomb of Dead Stories
A Trace of Heroism
A Tragedy for a Demon Lord
A Train Between Worlds
A Trap in Another World
A tree's simple life
Atreo "The Delusional Demon Prince"
A Trinity of Passion,Mind, and Strength: Deception of Misdirection
Atros Imperium
A True Queen's Life
At the Top of the Food-Chain
A Tyrant: Unshackled
Audacity Light
Auf der Seite der Nacht (German / English)
A ugly swan
Augmented Insomnia: A LitRPG Novella
Augmenting Reality
A Universal Tale
Aurelia Online
Aurora Eclipse
Aurora's Sky
Author sent into his own story, now what do I do?
Author the book-world's creator
Avalon: New settlers
Avalon'S King
A Vamp's Ire (Hiatus)
Avast Online (DROPPED)
Avatar of Nature: The Enchantress
Avatars of Myths and Legends
Avian | Krieg der Welten (German!!!)
Avine: The Journey
A virtual reality game according to a martial artist otaku
A Vorrgistadt Shard - The Shattered Oracle
A VRMMORPG Adventure: The Legend of the Legendary Archer!
Awakened (A Precursor to the Pride X ReVamp Universe)
Awakening: Elemental World
Awakening in Ruins
Awakening of an Anomaly
Awakening of the Unknown
Awaken Online
A Wanderer's Story by Dms143
A War Beyond Kings
A Warlords Origin
A Way of Life
A Wicked Tale Of Witches, Wands, Booze, and Swagger
A wish for ordinary day
A witcher cultivator.
A Wizard's Birth: Awakening
A Wolf's Journey
A Wolf's Way
A world born from ashes (undefined hiatus)
A World Forgotten
A World of My Own
A World Reborn
A world with two moons
A writer's legend
Axe from North
Ayla's Junkyard
A young girl is my master and I'm son of the demon king?
A'Zaat The Ghorfa
Azran - Magic King of the Darkness(Finished Volume 1/Dropped Volume 2)
Azura of The White
Azure Warrior
Babel - The Path To Ascension: Heaven
Babel - The Path to Ascension: The Golden Children
Back Again
Bad Intentions
Bad Prey
Baka!! LYFE!
Balada: When death did not exist, nor yet Eternity Part I
Ballad of Mortals
Bandit Host Club
Baphomet the Destroyer
Barbarian Game
Barely Human
Barliona: Spiel ums Überleben (Der Weg des Schamanen, Band 1)
Battlefield Reload
Battlefield Restart
Battlefield Restart [Reboot]
Battle Maiden
Battling the World
B-But I don't WANT to be a protagonist!
Be a man, be a hero
Bearer of the First Flame
Beast Dao Cultivator
Beast fiend
Beast Knight
Beast mage
BeastMaster Zero By justTYM
Beast of the Mountains
Beast Slayer
Became the Strongest Cultivator Just By Existing
Because I do not fit well with my life, I am given a restart!
Becket The Elf?
Become Immortal
Becoming a God
Becoming a mesiah
Becoming Itachi Uchiha in a Different world!
Becoming Renegades in Another World!
Bed of Glory: Conqueror Of Worlds
Before the Day Is Done
Behold the Bacterium
Being Frank
Being Human (Completed)
Being summoned into another world isn't so great after all...
Being Undead
Belief Can Create Gods
Beloved Protection from a nine tailed fox
Beloved Sin
Below The Distant Sky
Benjamin's Account of Adventures
Best of Luck
Better Days
Between Heaven and Hell
Between the Border
Beware of Darkness
Beyond Blue
Beyond Death:Monster
Beyond Foundation
Beyond Gods
Beyond the Balance
Beyond the Horizon
Beyond The Other World
Beyond The Wall (Complete)
Beyond Truth
Binary Soul
Binge Eater [DROPPED]
Biomancer: Songs of Sirens
Bird of Ill Omen
Birthday Online
Birth From Darkness
Birth of a God
Birth of a Monster
Birth of Sin
Birth of the Dragons
BKR: Bandit King Reborn
Black And White
Black Beast
Black Blood (now on break... it'll be back... Eventually...)
Black flame Devil
Black God
Black Kingdom By CallMeDeliverUs
Black Knight
Black Magic
Black Mist: Daniek of the Black Blood
Black Moon
Black Pawn
Black Sheep - A Permadeath Book
Blacksmith of the Ancient
--Blacksmith's Ire, Book 1 of the Vengeance of the Wind Trilogy--
Black Space
Black Storm
Black Sun
Black Titan
Black Watch Asylum (Hiatus)
Black Wind
Black World
Bladed Advent
Blade Familiar
Blade of Avenel
Blade of Chaos
Blades and Bonds
Blame (Hi-Chan)
Blarg the Meh Ai
Blaze contractor
Blazing Translocation
Blessed be his name
Blessed with a curse (BwC) [Tryout.]
Blind Spear Goddess
Blood Amongst the Sand
Blood & Void Division - Broken Fate
Blood and Bones
Blood and Magic
Blood and Sacrifice
Blood Born
Bloodborne - A Fan Fiction
Blood Conqueror
Blood Emperor
Blood Emperor [Dropped!!]
Blood for Blood
Blood Fractal
Bloodmoon Destiny
Blood of the Evil God
Blood Pendant
Blood Princess (completed)
Blood Rising
Blood Shark
Bloody Angel
Bloody Conqueror
Bloody Creed: Mortem Iuxta Est
Bloody Dragon
Bloody luck
Bloody New World
Bloody Wonderland
Blooming Thorn in Another World
Blue Alchemy Law - Days of Reincarnation
Blue Cruelty
Blue Domain
Blue Mist
Blue Moon Saga
Blue Moon Saga (R&Y Edition)
Blue Pill
Blutopfer (HIATUS)
Blut und Eisen: Blood and Iron
Bob the mighty or fred the awesome
Body and Soul
Book 1 of the Falconer series: Hearts of Ice
Book 1: There is No God
Book 2: The Legend of the Four Guardians
Book of Creations
Book of EscaLod ~Blessing and Curses~
Book of Kindness
Book of Monsters
Book one: Change
Boredom Made Me Do It.
Born a Demi-God (Hiatus)
Born a male xenomorph
Born under the moon
Born with a Dragon Tattoo(Dropped)
Borrowed Time
Bound by life and death
Boundless (Completed)
Brave Soul
Bravest Soul
Brave World Online
Breaker of Chains
Break Fate
Breaking Chains
Breaking Syd
Breaking The Barrier
Breaking the Mold
Breakout: The Evolution of a High School Nerd
Brian'S Note Book
Brightest Alpha Star
Bright Night Online
Bringing Anime Skills to Another World Using Imagination
Bringing Chaos to the Immortal World with God's Powers
Bring it on
Broderick's Home for Curious Kids
Broken Edge
Broken Fate
Broken Horn: God of the Apocalypse
Broken One's New Life
Broken Reality
Broken Realms: Battle of the Gods
Broken Shards
Broken Soul (MoTheGreatOne)
Broken System
Broken : the story of a shattered soul
Bronze Mirror
Bruxas da Noite
Building an evil corporation for some prestigious soon-to-be pensioner in a fantasy world? (Prequel)
Building my faction in another world
Burning Heavens
Burning Winter
But I never wanted to be involved
Butterfly's Dream
Bystander effect(dropped)
Caelorum - Online?
Caligo Tenebris
Call of Geminus
Can i please get a female demon lord on the 10th world(Hiatus)
Can I really make money this way?
Cards of the Royal Guard
Careless Wish
Carnival of Curses
CarryOn Crowe
Carving a Path
Casted Away {will probably change the title}
Cast Out
Cause and Effect
Cave of the Fallen
Cecidit Mundi ; Fallen World
Celeste Academy
Celestia: Chronicles of Wyrmhaven
Celestial Beings
Celestial Black Star
Celestial Child
Celestial Wind (Book One of the Virtuous Series)
CerberuS Awakening
[Chained Abyss]
Chains of life
Chains of logic
Chains Saga -
Challenging Destiny
Champion of Death
Champion Of Goddess Of Light
Champion of the New World
Champions of the Boundary
Champion's Path
Change: New World
Change The World
Changing World
Chaos Cloud
Chaos Dragon
Chaos Fountain | A Chronicles of Ascension Novel
Chaos Godking
Chaos Rising
Chaos Traveller
Chaos Wave
Chaos World Chronicles : Dissolution of Cascany
Chaos Zone online(CZO)
Chaotic Berserker
Chaotic corner
Chaotic Emperor
Chaotic Soul
Chaotic Souls (Dropped...)
Character Wonders
Cheater God
Cheat Hero
Cheating Monster
Child of Fate
Child of Mystery
Child of Night
Child of Nightmares
Child of Terra
Child of the Empire
Child of White
Children of the Arcana
Children of The Sky: Heartcore
Children of the Sun (Ancient
Chimera, The Unwilling Familiar
Chocolate Obsessed Genius Mage
Choco Parfait
Choose 3
Choose Your Class
Chosen Fate (Reincarnation Giver)
Chosen of Death
Chosen (Temp Title)
Chromatic Caverns
Chronicle of the World
Chronicle Online
Chronicles of a dark lord
CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG
Chronicles of a Watcher
Chronicles of Creation - Tale of the Elder Witch
Chronicles of Genticus: Invasion of the North
Chronicles of Heroes: The White-Fire Covenant
Chronicles of Leofric [Dropped]
Chronicles of Mana
Chronicles of Nick Holster
Chronicles of Sora: All over again
Chronicles of Sora: Ruler of Rules
Chronicles of The A.I
Chronicles of the Blade By GnomeBob
Chronicles of the Dark Mage
Chronicles of The Dragon Empire: Rise of the Dragon King (Rewritten)
Chronicles of the End
Chronicles of The Random , Unfinished Stuff I Wrote.
Chronicles of the Survivor
Chronicles of the Sword Dragon
Chronicles of the Tiger Immortal
Chronicles of the Wanderer, Siúlóir
Cielo Pantasia
Cinap: Academy
Cionis Key
Ciphered Realm: A LitRPG Adventure
Circle of Shards
Circle System
City dungeon
City of Darkness
City Of The Banished
Claimed by the Gods
C l a i r e
Clash of Cards
Clash of Gods
Clasp of the Titans by Phatataz
Class Crystal Battles
Class: Master of Time
Class: Space Marine
Clean Slate
Clear Binding
Cleric or Necromancy?
Cliché cliché the classic cancer cliché
Click here..... Trust me its good :D
Clock Link: A Story of Magic and Murder
Cloud 9 Rebirth: Adventure In New Dwarden (Working Title)
Cloud Academy Aerendel
Cloud Shrouding the Sky
Coachman's Voyage
Coda's adventure
Code Death[Dropped]
Codename: Freedom - When VR Gaming Hurts
Code Name: Genesis
Codex Haereticorum
Codex Haereticus
[COE] blood moon
Coffee & Slime
Cognata: A Vampire Romance
Coiling Dragon: Untold Stories
Cold Expanse
Cold Space, a LITRPG space story.
Cold Sword Mistress
Collection of short Stories
Collector's Guild
Colosseum 72
Combat Chef
Combat Gods Reawakening (Remake)
Come Sevenfall
Coming Down
Command Line: Failure
Commoner Online
Compilation of short stories
Completely Lost (Dropped)
Conba Shiroppu
Concordant Fall
Concrete Chaos
Congratulation, You got the Job!
Conjured Villain
CONNECT: Martial Dimension
Conquering The Heaven
Conquering the World as a Goddess
Conqueror Online: Soul Summoner
"Conquerors Domain" By xipzo
Conquest: A LitRPG Story
Conquest Apocalypse
CONSOLE ~Another World Transfer Chronicle Starting From the Conversation with God~
Contient of Reims by Sibs
Continue Online - Sample
Contract; A Bless with a Curse
Contract from the Abyss
Contract: Restart
Control the Universe
Convergence of Night
Core .001
Core Wars
Corrupted Ones
Coruscant Ela
Cosmic Planes
Counter Magic
Countless Minds
Craft Spirits
Crafty devil
Crain Chronicle
Crashed Into Fantasy
Craving for Potions (RAGEQUIT)
Crazy Blacksmith
Crazy Diamonds
Creases and Folds by Origami
Creating A Continent of Magic
Creating a World RPG
Creator of Worlds
Creator's Mistakes: Martial Realms of Elements
Cries from the Dust (Working title)
Crimson blade
Crimson Contact
Crimson Night Sect Young Ancestor
Crimson Pervert
Crimson Sky
Crocodile Reincarnation Story
Cross Gun
Crossing Bullets
Crowned Divinity
Crows Feast
Cruel reality
Crutch: Origins by Spoon
Crystal Core
Crystal Guardian
Crystal Guardians: Light Novel: Volume 1: The Girl With Eyes Of Blue
Crystal Heart
Crystal Realm Online
Crystal Trouble.
Cultivating Dungeon
Cultivating Monster
Cultivating the Cosmos
Cultivating the Universe (Temporary Hiatus [Until June])
Cultivation Bug Fuyo
Cultivation Is Now A Reality
Cultivators are extinct!
Cultivator's Fantasy
Curo [Hiatus]
Cursed by a goddess...
Cursed by hatred
Cursed by mistake
Cursed child
Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life
Curse of Change (Hiatus)
Curse of Eitr
Curse of The Dark Side
Curse of the Forsaken
Curse's Curse
Curse X Prayers
Curves of the Game
Cyberworld ALICE: Terror Rising
Cyber World Alpha
[Cyborg] - In A World Of Magic
Daemon Born
Daemonia Graveyard
Dagon, Dungeon evolved
'Daikon' Ball
Daily Life of a Bored Archdevil
Damn! I just want to ask her out!
Damon's Rache
Dance of the Phaegon
Dancer may
Dan's Shoppe of Oddities
Dante the demon
Dao of Emperor
Dao of Immortality - The Path of Crafting (Hiatus)
Dare ga Oujo-Sama?... Boku?
Dark advisor
Dark Avenger: Flames of Hatred
Dark Beginnings
Dark Bushido
Dark Chronicles
Dark Dragon King
DARK EDEN: The Death God's Origin
Darker than Black
Darkest Entity
Darkest Shadow
Dark Gamer
Dark historian
Dark Jokes
Dark legacy of Ren Fen
Dark Light
Dark Lily
Dark Lord Saga (Original)
Dark Mage: The Offer
Dark Messiah : The Cleansing
Darkness Devour [PAUSED]
Darkness God Shura
Darkness in the Heavens (Hiatus/Dropped)
Darkness: My Bitter Enemy
Darkness, Silence And Really Bad Breath
Dark Night
Dark Paladin: The Beginning by Vasily Mahanenko
Dark prime
Dark Retainer
Dark secrets
Dark Shade Chronicle
Dark Sky and a New Start
Dark Sol
Dark Souls
Dark Souls 4
Dark souls:Greg's Story!
Darks Rising
Dark Weaver: First Apprentice
Daughter of a Dark God
Dawn Dead (HIATUS)
Dawn of darkness
Dawn of Gaia Online
Dawn Of Magic
Dawn of Pangea
Dawn Of The Dragons
Dawn of the Eclipse [Foremerly Known as Soul-Bound]
Dawn Rises
Daydreaming magic swordsman
Day in the life of a _______
Dead Copy, Isekai ni Shin no Shujinko
Dead Count Fifty
Dead Dragons Combat Manual
Dead Fiction Still Here For My Own Cringe Worthy Moments
Dead Gods Tell No Tales (Working Title)
Deadliest Sin, Greed
Deadly Zero HP
Dead Rising
Dead Soul
Dead to the World - Immortals
Dead World Online
DeadZone - Synthesis
Dealer of Roads
Deal With The Devil
Dearest Online
Death Bringer
Death Dealers By Wi1dBi11
Death God
Deathgod Chronicles
Death God's Descent (DROPPED)
Death-Guard Rejects
Death Incarnate
Death Is a Reality
Death is Pleasant
Death Knight
Death leads to Godhood
Deathless Jack: Soul Games
Death Lives
Deathly Sin: Devourer
Death? Not even once!
Death of a Wallflower.
Death's Companion
Death's Crown
Death's Disciple
Deaths Door Online
Death's New Entertainment By Zed019
Deaths Usurper
Death, the Savior
D.E.C.C - Demonic Expeditionary Consortium Council
Deck of Cards
Deep Ambrosia
Deepest Desire
Deep Space Combat School: Nexus
Defiant Will
Defying Fates: I devion
Defying The Heavens
Deity of carnage - Keeper
Delete by Shunnedanon
Delete please.
Delvers LLC
Demise of the Gods
Demon Artificer
Demon Bane
Demon Blood Chronicles: Emergence (Book 1)
Demon Hero Reaper Saviour
Demon Hunter Rolland
Demonhunter Zecruix
Demonic Arts
Demonic Deliverance
Demonic Dungeon
Demonic Intervention
Demon in a dream
Demon King 101
Demon King Downfall
Demon King Or Immortal God
Demon Knight
Demon Prince Familiar
Demon Saga - Phoenix Dancer
Demon's Journey
Denying fate : path of the dark paladin
Depth's of Enhancement
De Sanguine Noctis
Descendants: Mask of the Phantom
Descendants: Tales of Half Gods
Descent Into Entropy
Descent of Supreme Void God
Desert Odyssey
Desolated World
Desolate Stars
Desperate Hope
Despite not Being a Hero, Saint, or Even a Demon King, I was Summoned
Despotic Heart
Destiny Dice
Destiny Ignition Exceed
Destiny: Infernal
Destiny Online
Destroying the storyline in Xianxia!
Deus Ex Alice Madness
Deus ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina [Dropped :'( ]
Devil of the Heavens
Devil's Crown
Devil's daughter
Devils Knight
Devil summoner: Emotion
Devious Dungeon
Devoid of Luck
Devourer (seint)
Devour: Shiver Online
Devour The Cosmos
Dex's Adventure Through The Elemental Nations
Dexs/ Clairs Adventure
Diakazia: Laughter of Voiceless Slaves
Diamonds of the Past
DiamonFTW's collection of OneShots
Diary Log of a Ghost
Diary of a Dungeon Master
Diary of an Insomniac
Diary of a reborn witch
Dias's Chronicles
Dice of Infinite Fates
Did I just ...?
Did I just become OP?
Died, but not dead.
Different Point of View.
Different World along with One Piece System
Digging Holes
Digimon Empire
Digital Demons
Digital Haven
Digital Me
Dilecto the happy skeleton
Dimensional Convergence
Dimensional Exchange Program
Dimensional Intersection
Dimensional Rift
Dimensión Desconocida
Dimension Extra
Dimension leapers
Dimension Traveler
Dio, Rise to the top [working title]
Director, Machine, Paradox.
Dirk, and the Black & Orange Catwomen of Betelgeuse VI
Dirty Secret
Discarded Plotline (Discarded Monster)
Disciple of a Demon
Disciple of the Evil God
Disciple of the Sword God
(Discontinued) Aevitas - Not an NPC
[Discontinued] After the Fall
[Discontinued] Armus : First Draft
Discontinued-Harems Are Evil!!
Discontinued-I'm Not My Father Son!!
Discontinued-Legends of Vale Academy
Discontinued-The Fox With No Tails
DiscontinuedThe High School Gang Leader
Discontiuned-Troubled Cat
Dismissing Darkness
Divergent Cosmos
Diverge Summoning
Divine Beasts of Nature
Divine Bladesmith
Divine Blood Celestial
Divine Elementalist
Divine Empress of Chaos
Divine Entertainment
Divine Hell
Divine Hell (Sovereign Haast)
Divine Imperium - Warlord of Takamagahara
Divine Laws of Mind, Body, & Soul
Divine locket of Hearts
Divine Pagoda Sect
Divine Painter
Divine Progress
Divine Soul
Divine Souls
Divine Transformations.
Divinity: Forsaken
Divinity War - The Rise of the Gods
Do Dungeons Dream of Goblins?
Does it even matter?
Do I really have no skills?
Doll's Smile
Dolos, god of honesty
Domain Warz
Domineering Frog King
Dominion in the Cerulean Sky
Don't Burst My Bubble
Don't Fear the Reaper
Don't Feed The Dark
Don't Kill The Magic
Dont Know How To Delete So Dropped
Don't Stop Me Now
Doomfall Alpha
Dormant Beings (Tower of Eternity)
Double Edge Hero
Doulou Dalu (Soul Land): The 8th Monster
Downfall of the Champions
Do You Dare to Dream?
Draco by Flame
Dracula: Patient zero
Draegish's Light
Dragged Into a Different World?!
Dragon Amongst Wolves
Dragon Arts
Dragon Ascension
Dragon Cheat.
[Dragon child]
Dragon Child
Dragon Child of Thunder
Dragon Cross [Old Version]
Dragon Cross [Reworked]
Dragon Fairy
Dragonfall: Enchantment
Dragon Fragment of the Celestial
Dragon God
Dragon Gods Bride ? I think you have the wrong soul ...
Dragon Guardian
Dragon Harem Bulletblade King - Strongest Story on RoyalRoadLegends!
Dragon Heart
Dragonic By person
Dragon in another world
Dragon King *FINISHED*
Dragon Mastery: Daybreak
Dragon Princess
Dragon Princess Reborn
Dragon Rails: Renaissance
Dragon Rising
Dragon Road: How I Rise in My New Life
Dragonscale Online Book One: Gilded Dragon Slayer #6
Dragon's Dagger
Dragon Sign: Gold & Glory
Dragons Inheritance (HIATUS)
Dragon Slaying
Dragon souls
Dragon Sovereign
Dragon Spirit
Dragon's Regalia
Dragon's Road
Dragon's Roar
Dragon's Soul
Dragon Stole My Cookie!!!
Dragon Sword God
Dragon Throne
Dragon Town
Dragunov by YoYo
Dreaded Duke
Dream Chaser
Dream Connect(Stopped)
Dream Engineer
Dream Game: Fighting for my Desires
Dream of Eternity
Dream Online
Dreamscape (Working Title)
Dream's Key
Dreams of a Forest
Dream's of Auore
Dreams of Dragons
Dream Walkers Fight
Dream Weaver~ The Cursed & The Blessed ~~( Act. 1 )
Dream Weaver ~ World Liberation
Dream World Online
Dream World Project
Drew Nance, Girl Detective Book 01: The Secret of the Old Clock
Drezo Regalia
Drezo Regalia: Rebirth
Drifting Clouds, Sheltered Storms (DROPPED)
Drive: Discovery Arc
Drive Time
Dropped :(
Dropped into a Xianxia World
(Dropped)The Ancient
Drunk Temptation
Drusus The Mighty
Dryad Relife
Duel Anthology
Du Fyrn Vanyali
Dullest Adventure Ever
Dungeon Accident
Dungeon Alive
Dungeon Architect
Dungeonborn - Double Down
Dungeon Builder
Dungeon Code
Dungeon Conqueror [12+] (On Hiatus)
Dungeon core
Dungeon Core: Alex
Dungeon Crawler
Dungeon Games
Dungeon Goblin
Dungeon God
Dungeon Heart
Dungeon Instinct
Dungeon Isolation
Dungeon Madness
Dungeon maker out of the dungeon
Dungeon Maou
Dungeon Master in a New World
Dungeon monster (dropped)
Dungeon of Apples? (Completed)
Dungeon of Destruction
Dungeon Of Mass Destruction
Dungeon Of the Void
Dungeon Runner
Dungeon's Ascension
Dungeon's Decsent (DROPPED)
Dungeon Siege
Dungeon's Legacy
Dungeons. Why You Might Ask? Because I Can!
Dungeon Tale
Dungeon Tales: Lands of the North
Dungeon: (Unknown entry)
Dungeon Wars
Dungeon War: The Rise of Unknown Dungeon
Dungeon Without A Name
Dungeon World Creator Online
Duolou dalu:another story
Durandel Online (DO)
Dust to Dust
Dusty the Demon (On Hold, possibly indefinitely)
Dyson Approaches
Each Determined Child
Eadenara Online
Earthen Beckoning
Earthen Journey
Earthen Lord
Earth Moving Out
Earth's Core
Earth Tactics Advance
Earth: The Gods' Playground
Earth XIV
Eau de Toilette
Echoes of the Cosmos
Edean World Online
Edenawe by Rulpra
Eden no Sekai
Edge of Magic
Edge of Reality (Phantom Server: Book #1) by Andrei Livadny
Educating E.T.
Eidolon : Martial Familiar
Ein Gard
Eir - The Immortal
El Aventurero Maldito
Elbards uppror (Swedish)
Elbard's Uproar
Elder Lich Saga
Eldritch Immortal
Electronic Pulse
Elemental God
Elemental Monster Tamer
Elemental Online
Elemental Pheonix
Elementals: Crystal Garden
Elemental Soul
Elemental Sword
Elemental User in the world of one piece.
Elemental Warrior
Elemental World Chaos
Elementarem Vim
Elements Saga
Element Zero
Elitian XVI
Elk Road
Elm's Horizon
Elskria Online
Elurin's Tale: Extinguished
Elven Blood
Elven Garden
Emily's Diary
Emperor of the Era
Emperor Saga
Emperor Saga : Slaves Covenant
Emperors Path
Emperor Tale
Empire at War
Empire of Glass - The Heroic Legend of Heron
Empire of Souls
Empress's Emprise
Empty as tomorrow
Empyrean Ascent
Empyrean Blade Kira
Empyrean Monarch
Emulation of chronology
EndGame Online
Endless cage
Endless Dungeon
Endless Lands
Endless Planet Online(Haitus)
Endless Universe
Endless Waltz
End of Civilization, First Emperor.
End of Tales: life and death
End World
Engineer Army
Engineering Civilization
Engine: Online
Enjoying My Second Life in a Fantasy World
Enru: Accursed Child
Ensis Core
Enslaved Souls
Enter the System
Enter The Warlock
Ent of Pyromancy
Entries and Logs.
Entropy (Formerly: Who exactly Am I?)
EOS (Element of Survival)
Eoum: The Tenth Summon
Ephemeral: A Journey of Souls
Ephemeral Cycle
Ephemeral Shards
Epic of Esloria
Epiphany Online
Equilibrium (Crypto)
Era of Mutants
Ered Kilmah, Overlord
Eros Libera
Errant(Original light novel)
Erroneous Quest
Erthen Chains
Escape or Death
Esoteria: The Planes of Man
Esper In Magical World
Esper the marauder
Eternal Chronicles: Vampire
Eternal Divinity
Eternal Dream
Eternal Horizon
Eternal Ice Mistress
Eternal Lullaby
Eternal Magneta
Eternal Pact *DROPPED*
Eternal Peace And Chaos
Eternal Pheonix
Eternal Regalia
Eternal Saga : Book One - The Beginning
Eternal Soul
Eternal Teacher
Eterna's Source
Ethereal Sovereign
Ethereal Space
Ethereal World
Etherial Gates
Etryria [discontinued]
Ett Tu Tre
Eulalia's Adventure
Evening Shadows
Even in the afterlife, I still hate mondays ...
Even the heavens will shudder
Everybody Loves Large Chests
Everyday Life As A Prison Guard
Everyday Life of a Otherworlder
Every Hero's Thorn
Everyone Else is a Fantasy Character
Everyone is my friend
Everyone's World
Eve to Eternal
Evil Dragon Against the Heaven Online
Evolution Arts
Evolutionary Slime
Evolution of a Ball of Light
Evolution of the Lazy Gamer by Bruticus
Evo:lution online
Evolution-revolution ! ( On Hiatus.... I will never give up... just need time. )
Evolve and Adapt
Evolved: The Apocalypse of White Light
Evolve or DIE !!
Ewan story
Excitement Turned Real
Excursion Book 1, The Goblin Curse. First arc.
Exgainer (Dropped)
Exiled Humanity: Exsilium Imperialus
Exiled Nomads of the Galaxy
Exile Online
Existence of The Irregular 2 - Reincarnation
Exitium (dropped)
Exodus™ Online by B4DDI3Z
Experimental human in the new world
Experimental Omnipotence
Exponential Mana Regeneration
Extracurriculars: Fantasy Meeting You All Here
Eye of Adventure
Eyes of Infinity
Eyes of passion
Eyes of Time: New World
Fabula Tactici
Faded Grey
Faerwald - Rise Above
Faery Knight - A Mirai Suenaga Adventure
Failed Hero
Failed Suicide
Fairy Tale of Demon Queen
Fake it till you become Perfection itself
Fallen Celestial ~ Traveler Of Worlds
Fallen Crow
Fallen Divine Online
Fallen from the Moon
Fallen God decides to live a little
Fallen Immortal
Fallen Lands
Fallen leaf
Fallen Lord: The Start of A Demon Lord Tale
Fallen Star
Fallen star - A Dragon's tale
Falling from Earth
Falling Grace
Falling into Crazy!
Falling into oblivion
Falling Rain
Falling Star of Evolution
Fallout: Project Osiris [Fallout]
Fanfic Ideas
Fantasia Online [VR Game]
Fantasia Saga - Book 1: Rise of monsters
Fantasia: The odyssey of magic
Fantasy Dead
Fantasy In A Turtle's Shell.
Fantasy Inbound
Fantasy into Fallout
Fantasy Online: Hyperborea
Fantasy Road Trip
Fantasy Unlimited (Dropped)
Faraday [Worm]
Far Behind
Far from lost
Farmer's Dungeon
Farmland Saga
Fateburn: Chaos uploaded
Fated Encounter
Fated Realms: A Tale of Two Siblings (Working Title)
Fate Epsilon
Fate Overcharge (Stalled)
Fate's Assassin *dropped*
Fate's Choice (ABANDONED)
Fayde of the Void: The Immortal King
Fear: Ever-Changing and Evolving
Fear Rune - The Abandoned Realms
Felicia's Second Life
Fell Deeds
Fell down into a dungeon
Feminist reincarnated in a fantasy world
Femme Fatale - An Element On the Run
Feral Shadows
Fiddler in Another World
Fiend Master
Fifth Life: Scarlett
Fighting Back The Tide
Fighting fate
Fighting for the Lord of Earth
Fighting God
Final Boss
Final Destiny Online
Final Earth
Final Hour
Final Rebellion
Firakha - Of Monsters And Gods
Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword
Fireheart: Age of Shadows
Fire in the Blood
Fire Lord Seti
[First Draft, Moved] Of Astral and Umbral
First Light
First Of My Kind
First RE:Guards
First Waves
Fishing Priest
Five Pointed Star
Five souls, 1 body
Fjorgyn: A Rebel Rises (Complete)
Flags of Rebellion
Flame-Eyed Immortal
Flashback: Siren Song
Flash Step
Flesh and Metal
FLESH: Distorted Soul
Flightless Phoenix
Flight of Icarus
Floriena: The Start of a Journey
Flower in Ice
Flowers change
Flowers on a Broken Path
Flute Immortal
Fly With Us
Fog of War
Follow the Reaper
Food Revolution in the other world
Fools of Fate
Forbidden seduction
Forced into a vr world
Forced To Join Army And Fight Dragons And Demons!
Force of Nature
Forcer By maskdragon
Forest Dweller
Forest of Teeth
Forge of Heroes and Legends
Forget Her Not
Forge Your Destiny
Forging a Digital History
Forging his own destiny
For Glory
Forgotten Conqueror
Forgotten Emperor
Forgotten Memories
Forgotten Reincarnation in another world
Former Ice Princess
Forsaken and Forgotten Son
Forsaken Blood
Forsaken Hope
Forsaken Soul
Forsaken World
Forsaking Reality
Fort Geranium
For the Man who had Everything
For There is Will
Fortress Seven
Forward is The Day
For whatever reason, I seem to have reincarnated.
Founding Eden
Founding of Humanity - Animalist
Four Rhytm Across The Blue DJ - Fly For Once More
Fox girl in another world
Fox Goddess
Foxxy girl in another world
Fractured Stars
Fragments Of Aeon
Frau NoSur
Frays in the Weave
Free Characters For Others
Freedom Awaits
Freedom online
Freedom: Virtual Reality Evolved - (Codename: Freedom Trilogy)
Free Fanfic ideas
Freelance Saga
Freemen of the West!
Freestyle [DROPPED]
Free World Online
Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer
Frog bug kingdom
From a Neet, To The Emperor's Wife, To.....Eh, The Demon Overlord?!
From a phoenix to a dragon
From a World of Fantasy to a VMMORPG
From Bards and Poets
From Beast to Man and Back Again
From Cultivation to Magic
From Dreams to Magic
From Dust
From FPS Game to Another World
From God to goblin
From Paladin to Pawn [HIATUS]
From RPG-like World to a Xianxia World.
From The Black (dropped)
From Winter's Ashes
Front Tide
Frost Dragon Cultivation
Frozen Ascension
Frozen in time
Frozen Liquid
Frozen Soul (Completed)
Frustrated godly gaming
Fujoshi love story
Fun With Abduction
Furia Encarnada
Fused Power
Fuuko: The Fox-Masked Hero
Gaia Awakens
Gaia Campaigner
Gaia- Legend of CC
Gaia's Garden
Galactic Fist of Legend
Galactic Showdown!
Galactic Waltz
Galataea Crystallim: Chronicles of the Lonely World
Galataea Crystallim: Redux
Gallanor (On hiatus)
Gambled World
Gambler's Fallacy
Gambling warrior
Game Changer - Day Dreams
Game Cheater Reincarnated
(Game + Divinity) - Heroics = Our Reality
Gamed (Re : Cycle)
Game Makers
Game Master - Unlocked (Terror Infinity)
Game of Edge
Game of Reality
Game of the Mad God
Game of the six
Game On
Game On!
Game... Over?
GAME OVER a daily life of a video game boss
Game Piece
Gamer Girl
Gamer Kind
Gamer of the Dead
Gamer of the Dead (Europe Edition)
Games of Galdric
Game systems abilities in a fantasy world
Game world or A different world?
Gaming the Tower
Ganda'lfr – The Left Hand of God
Garden of Ark
Gate Guardian - Tale of the Blazing Heart
Gate of Spirits
Gates of the Gamer
Gate to Utopia
Gateway to Nexus (Dropped)
G.E.A.R - The Study Of Nanomana
Gehenna (Dropped due to MY LAZINESS)
Gem Wars - The α crystal
GemZ: Chronicles of Le'Tayah
Generation: Alpha
Generika 0Ffline
Genesis Accord
Genesis Arcadia
Genesis: Journey of the Creator
GENESIS PRIME- New Beginning
Genjitsu no Kyoukai
Genjutsu Made Real
George Brown and the Uth Stones by Duane L. Ostler
Getting Hard
GG Newb- A LitRPG Saga ($200 in prizes! Naming contest!)
Ghost alchamist's sinister witch [dropped]
Ghost of Versailles By Moridin
Ghosts in the Glass-- A Lesser Dark: Book II (Complete)
Ghoul Rising by(Tailspindark)
Gifts From Morpheus
GIG: God In Gold
Gi: Imera
Glass Cannon
Glass Cannons
Gloria Infidelis -Glory Beyond the Madness-
Glorius Adventure Online
Glory Of The Hunt
Gluttonous little crow
Gluttonous Prince
Goal of a Cultivating Beauty
Goblin Conqueror
Goblin Flood
Goblin Lord
Goblin Musicians
Goblin Rising
Goblin: Tower of Gates LitRPG Book One
God Complex
Goddess of Beauty
Goddess of Crystal
Goddess of the Sun and Moon
Godefiance: Audun
Godfall: The Lost and the Damned
Godfrey the Legend
Godhood: Info Dumps
Godlike Reborn
God looking for love
God of Chaos
God of Heroes [GoH]
God of Magic & Martial Arts
God of Magic and Creation
God of Music
God Of The Arts Book 1: Captive of Alberdos
Godpunk: A Tale of Swords, Sorcery, and the No-Good Journalist Who Saw It All
Godric Levi Moria
Godric Magni
Gods and Creators
Gods and Worlds
Gods Be Wary
Gods Conqueror
God's Design
God's Diary
God's Domain
Gods Domain
God's domain (bodyrefiner99)
"God's" Door
God's Eye
Godsfall (Ash Drake Series)
God's fiction (CANCELLED)
God'S For Hire
God's Game
God's Game : Player [72]
God's game: Those at the apex
G.O.D.S - Great Overlords Dominating Stuff
God's Island
God's Journey To Be The Best Craftsman
God Slayer
Godslayer (Krndark)
Gods, please help me. I don't want to die!
God, Stop that! Chaos Happened When She Became a He.
God's Trial
God's Trials
God's Whims
God Vessel Online
God Yuje
Golden Age
Golem Soul (CANCELLED)
Good Evil
Good Game
Good or Bad. What's the difference?
Gotta Gacha
Grahlgar the Ogre
Grand Adventure
Grand Dream Online
Grand Fantasia Gates - He who Bled
Grandsmith - Art of Forging
Grand Weaver: Renewal
Granny God-mode
Grasping Destiny (Temporary Hiatus)
Grasping for the Heavens
Gray Color HoC
Gray's Crucible
Greatest Alchemist
Greatest Gamer (Dropped)
Great sin
Green Mountain
Green Sky
Grey Eyes
Grey Worlds
Grimm Lord
Grimm, The Mythical Detective
Grimoire Bound
Grimoire: Retake
G.R.I.M - This Grim Journey Of Ours
Grin The Cheat
Gris Evighet
Growing Puppets
Grudginer Tales by the WorldsTreeCommittee
Guardian Heroes
Guardian of Nature
Guardian of the World
Guardian of Wicked Sphere
Guardian Online
Guardian Reincarnation
Guardians Awakened
Guardians of Midgard: The Legend Begins
Guardians Of The Helm
Guiding the Way
Gun X Princess
Guthix, The Devourer
Gwyn's Pet Life
Hades XII
Hail Storm
Hai! My name is Satan!
Half a Step Away from Love
Half-Blind Master(temporary title)
Half Demon, half human.
Haliel's Adventure
Hall of the Immortals
Halloween Specials
Halo: Spartan-021
Hanging on Bones
Happy Fantasy World
Harbinger [18+]
Harbinger of the Damned
Hardcore Online
Hardcore OP-ness
Harem infinity
Harem King
Harem Reaper
Harems Are Evil!!-REVAMPED
Harmony: An Assassins Tale
Harry Gamer (Revamp)
Harry's New Hobby
Harry-Stu Gamer by Zed019
Harvester Wolf
Hatred: The journey of the Madman
Have I Become a Vampire?
HavenFall (Thousand Lands)
Hazard Frontier
Hazard Lands (Dropped)
Hazard Online
Headshot! - A Zombie litRPG novel
Healers Path
Healer' Story
Heart of a Dungeon
Heart of Creation
Heart of the Dungeon
Heart of the Earth
Heart of the Forest (Hiatus)
Heaven and Hell
Heaven and Hell Online
Heavenly Blood Monarch
Heavenly Dao Of The Sword
Heavenly Evolution
Heavenly Mage Shura
Heavenly Martial Harmony
Heavenly Sovereign
Heavenly Yang Emperor
Heaven Made Travelar
Heaven Realm
Heaven's Awakening
Heaven's Conqueror
Heaven's Cry
Heaven Sealing Art
Heaven's Flute
Heaven Trial
Heavenward on Golden Wings
Hedonistic Mage
Heidi vs The Free Nations(dropped)
Heir to a Lost Sun
Heir to the Throne
Held in the Quiet Night
Heleg en Eryn [ GERMAN / SINDARIN ]
Helena's Plane
Heller: New World
Hello, You're Through To Hades, How Can I Help You Today?
Hells Pit
Hells pits
Her Crusade
Heretic King
Heretic: Unbound
Here We Go Again
Her Highness Only Wants To Train
Her New World
Hero? Again? No Way
Hero aiming to be the next Demon Lord concurrent
Hero Chronicles:
Hero Epic in Another World: First Life
Heroes & Villains
Heroes' Burden
Heroes of Ghese
Heroes of Jorg
Heroes of the Collapsing World
Heroes Online - Rosy Undead
Heroes Return
Hero for Hire
Hero Hunter
Hero Hustle: Symbiotic Combatant
Hero Hustle: Volume 1- The Beginning of a Warriors Melody
Heroic Necromancer
Heroic World
Hero In A Monster Academy
Hero Of Demons (Hod)
Hero of Naught (Original edition)
Hero or Demon Lord?
Hero or Monster
Hero or Villain?
Hero's Ballad
Hero's breaking
Hero's Gear Online
Heros Of 21st century !
Hero's Symphony
Hero Status: Revoked
Hero Status: Revoked - Rewrite
Hero's Trouble; How did i end up as Hero?
Hero summoning ?? NO... it's are free soldier summoning !! (Discontinue)
He Who Fought The Gods
He Who Have Sinned
He Who Sits on the Throne
He Who Slays by Stevenoth: Discontinued
(Hiatus) Dungeon Defender
[hiatus] Dungeon Run
Hidden Throne
Hidden World
High God
High school life in a world where everyone has superpowers
Highway Crooks
Hi,I'm Everything.
Hiiro's adventure
Him? Her? I am Two, But Two am I
Hiraeth, longing for a home that never was
Hiro's Journey
Hiro's Tale
Hive Queen
HofN original
Hold the line.
Hollow Heart Journal
Hollowing Embers
Hollow Moon
Hollow of Holy Hole
Holocaust Of Saturn
Holy Emperor Satan
Homecoming | A Chronicles of Ascension Short Story
Homeward Bound
Homunculus Queen
Horror from the Depths
Horvat's World
Hound of Ériu
House Cazador: Kingdom of the Lion
House Of Omen: The Indomitable Smithersmith
House of the Dead
House of Wolves
How a lame loner's life is not like normal dudes
How Does One Become Strong?
How do you kidnap a whole school of kids to another world?!!
How Do You QA Test a Tsundere Android!?
How I became a monster
How I escaped being a hero
How I Rule The World
Howling Thunder
How (Not) to Conquer the World!
How Strange, I Seem To Be...
How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis
How to be a Good Evil Overlord
How to become an evil overlord!
How to:Become an Evil Overlord
How to Date an Android
How to Fake Your Own Death (Dropped)
How to Get A Girlfriend... and other Adventures!
How to God 101
How To Go To Another World Manual
How to protect a hero
How to Survive a Summoning 101
How To Tame Your Princess
Hui Lin: Speechlessly Cultivating
Humanity's last hope
Human Outside, Demon Inside
Human Soul
Hundred Worlds
Hunter, Adam Hunter. Electrician.
Hunter Markell
Hunters of the Night
Hunters World
Hush - The Sin of Man
Hymn of Ignis
Hysteria (hiatus?)
I am a bug
I am a genius so I don't need a strong cheat to survive
I am a Slime
I am a tree
I am but a humble Storyteller
I Am Legend
I Am Malcolm Landgraab
I am My Own Disciple
I am Not A Hero
I Am Power
I am Prometheus
I am staff
I am the Chosen One
I Am The Empress
I Am the Last
I am the Villian
I, a Water Snail, accompanying the Immortal Hero
I Became a Member of my Friend's Yandere Harem?!
I Became A MOBA Character
I Became my Granddaughter Familiar!? (ReWrite)
I came to the world to become a villain
I can cheat? So let's have fun.
Icebound Immortal
Ice Queen By Wi1dBi11
Ice Soulist
I Come From The Water
I could be in a coma
Icy Vendetta
Idea Dump
Idea Exploration
Idea/Scene Compilation
Identity Undefined
I did a good thing now What?
I Died
I Died In my Old World and Now I'm THE First Male Valkyrie In Another World
.........I DIED!!!(might be changed)
Idol By Laulau20
Idol's Road
I don't care if it's an RPG world or not!
I don't want to be a hero
I Don't Want to be a Hero! But I will fight to Protect my City! (Hiatus)(Might restart soon updated: 2-19-2016)
I Fell And Thus I Must Rise Again.
If only...
If only common sense was a bit more common...
If you're lucky and you know it summon me... Three tissues. :)
Igni Quantum Ultionis (DROPPED)
I hate being wed in a fantasy world!
I Hate You Master
I have reach boundless infinity as a good for nothing. Now I want to restart in another world being the ultimate genius.
I Just Fell Asleep and Somehow I'm on The Battleship?
I Just Want To Eat 3 Meals a Day
I just want to play alone!
I live in the dark world
I'll get you back!...Sooner or later.
Illuminated Azure Dragon
I love this world (Complete)
Imagination Is Creation
Imagine Dragons
Imagining Online: The game
I'm a God?
I'm a hero? Nope, familiar
I'm a Kitsune?
I'm a Man!
I'm A Snaaake
I May Or May Not Have Caused the Apocalypse...? Tee hee~
Im Going To Another World Even Though Im Not Asian
I'm going to do it! I'm going to reincarnate into a fantasy world and live a great life!
I'm in a different world....but I don't mind
Im in an otome game i know nothing about
Immortal Ascension Tower
Immortal Conqueror (dropped)
Immortal Emperor
Immortal in a Mysterious World(Cancelled)
Immortal Martial God
Immortal Path
Immortal's Lament [Dropped]
Immortal Soul
Immortal Souls
Immortal Sovereign
Immortal War
I'm Not Going To Let You Capture Me!
I'm on TDY from Hell
Imperator of Beasts
Impossible Devices
IMProvised combat
I'm... Skeleton A?!
I'm (Sort of) an Expert on Ghosts
I'm Sure It'll be Fine! ...right?
I'm the descendant of the Demon Lord!
I´m the Dog of a young Mageknight
I'm the Final Boss!?
In a diffirent world with One Piece system. cliche? No it's a cancer cliche
In Another World With My House
In A Parallel World With Random Skills, I Reluctantly Become A Mafia Boss?
In Association with Death
In between lives
Incomparable - (Unparalleled)
Incompatible Universe Merge
In Darkness
Indra of the Accursed Blood
Industrialising Dungeon: The Crimson Forges
I need to repair the gods of a world?!
Ineffable Events
Infected Life
Infinite Horizon
Infinite Horizons
Infinite Legend
Infinite Martial Way
Infinite Metropolis
Infinite Possibility
Infinite Realms (Working title)
Infinite roams of wandering souls...
Infinite Thera
Infinite Worlds
Infinity Hero
Infinity Loop
Infinity Online
Infinity Saga
Infinity Start
Infinity Summoner ~ Summoner Of All
Infinity Tomes - Legacy of the Ancients
Ingame 2 Homeland
Inheritance Of A Hobo
Inheritor of the two dragons
Ink Stained Eyes
In Love with Lightning
Inner Demon
In No Way...Is This My Fault....Right?
In order to create the Ultimate MC, I became Soldier A!?
In Our Image
In Our Last Moments
In Pursuit of Glory
Insania Online
Insanity Online! The Forging of A TRUE NORD
Insatiable Hunger
Insectum Chronica
Insert Coin To Continue
Inside the Box
Insignia's Story
Inspector of God
Instant Supreme God
Interactive Dungeon
Interactive Evolution
Interactive tribe
Interdimensional Traveler
Interstellar World Struggle TV
Interweaved Destiny
In That Moment of Suffering
In the City of Wisteria
In The End
In the eyes of Infinity
In the Eyes of Others
Into the Abyss
Into the Black
Into the Inferno
Into The Past.
Into the Rift: Akali
Into the Secret (name still needed)
Into The Valley Of Gods
Into the Void ((Status: Dropped))
Into the World
Intricate Soul
Invictus: Memoirs of an otherworlder on a mission
Invictus Online
Invincible in other world
Invisible Blood
Ira Tenebris
I reached Godhood by mistake
I Reached Reincarnation Limbo Too Early
I Really Am An Internet Celebrity!
I reincarnated as a baby dragon king!
I Reincarnated as a Hero's Bad End
I reincarnated... As a human!
Iron Blood Overdrive (Hiatus)
Irregular Elementalist
Irregular Entity
Irregular Wing
Irresponsible Former God of War Renox
I shall seek revenge
I Shall Stand Supreme
I Shall Tame the World!
Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! -Mature
Is it Possible to Kill a Hero?
Is it Reincarnation if I'm Still Dead?
I sort of brought Armageddon, but on the bright side, I can go to school!
(ISSTH Contest) Misadventures of Lord Fifth
I Suck At Reincarnations
I Summoned Myself, EH?
I, The Maou
I think i lost my head
I Think My Familiar is a DemonLord
It Is a Slave
It's a Gamers world after all!
It seems I reincarnated into that world, time to avoid the death flags!
It's raining goblins !? [Dropped]
I've Been Summoned as a Hero ...I'm a God Though
I've reincarnated, but I'm a Girl! Wait, am I not even Human?
I Want To Becoming A Great Summoner
I want to play this deadly game again.
I Was Randomly Thrown Into A Game Like World By A Stray Astroid
I was Reborn as a Background Character
I was reborn as a Cursed Swordman ?! [HIATUS]
I was reincarnated as a fox in a strange world
I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy!
I was reincarnated as a puddle of water...
I was summoned as a Dragon?!
I was summoned in another world
I was summoned to another world without any cheats so I became a villager
I who have Fallen
I will absolutely cultivate
I Will Always Be With You
I Will Pave My Path With Blood
I would love to know, Can you hear them?
Jack of the Devil's death forged body
Jack, The Inter-Galactic Wizard
Jade by BlueShadow
Jade General
Jade Immortal
Jake and the Dynamo
Jaune, The Strong
Jayson Agonistes: Breaking Hell !
Ji Aleksy
Jimoel the Great and Powerful
Jinsei no Hogo
Jobless Knight
Joe in medieval fantasy world
Joe– the chimpanzee cultivator
John's new life
Joie de Vivre
Joker's way of life
Jokes On You
Jonah Now Jasper
Joruney To The Starry Sky
Journals of Cultivation
Journey [Droppped]
Journey from Linchen
Journey into My New Life
Journey of 5, The birth of 1
Journey Of A Creator
Journey Of A Hawk
Journey of a Lifetime
Journey of a Mage
Journey of an Exceed
Journey of a Skeleton
Journey of a Transcending Blacksmith
Journey of Key
Journey of the cheerful assasin
Journey of the Time Mage
Journey through the Worlds
Journey to Raise a Dodge-Debuff Scarecrow
Jovan's Gaze
Judging The Creation
Judgment To Earth
Junkyard Magician
Just Another General
Just Another Story
Just Another VR Game Story
Just An Outlier
Just a passing goddess, don't mind me.
Just a Rock[DROPPED]
Just A Simple Heist
Just a Teacher
Just For Fun
Just one more level
Just your usual summoning story
Kael - Rise of the Blood Mage
Kaels Adventure
Kage no Kami
Kail's Life of Adventure
Kain's Adventures
Kairos & the Snowdrifts
Kalestra's Chosen
Kali Yuga
Kamen Rider Tenshi: By Iccirrion
Kana death god
Kanai's Alchemical Rock
[Kancolle] Diary of an Admiral
Karma and Reincarnation
Karma's curse; the demon lord of wrath
Karma - The Game
Kaylee's Journey
Kazama wa Onnaline
Kazan - The Hero No One Wanted
Kaz the infinite one
Keeper of Steeds
Keflar - A Tale of an Unusual
Kenosis of the Light Bearer
Kick and His 10 Gaurdians
Kill 10 Rats
Killed, Blessed, Reborn
Killing Game
Kindred Spirits
King Above All Others
King Chronos
King Cobra
Kingdom Come
Kingdom of Bees
Kingdom of Heaven: The Skull Throne
Kingdom of Monsters: La Guardia
Kingdom of the ANTS
Kingdom of The GhostShepard
Kingdom of the void
Kingdom Quest
Kingdom Saga
King Elementalist
King? Nooooooopeeeee
King of HOLLYWOOD (Revised)
King of the Fall: Origins
King Of The Farm
King of the undead
Kings Rite
Kings: The Fall
Kira's second life
Kismet Online: Root Alpha
Kitsune in Rockford
Kiyu's Box
Knight Endeavor: The Crimson war
Knight's Crusade: Regulus War
Know Thy Enemy
K.O.D. by Lirg123
K. O. Romance [ノ ッ ク ア ウ ト ロ マ ン ス]
Kripp's Fate
Kueng Ning
Kurogane's Collection of Oneshots
Kuromori-san's Table Tutorial!
Kuro's Days
Kusan The Death Lord
Kyle, just the normal scaly long eared Kyle
Labyrinth Of Puppets
Lady Bunny
Lamb of Misfortune
Lament of the Fallen
Lancelot Dungeon
LandFall's legacy
Land of Astria
Land of Athlora
Land Of Dragons
Land of Irith
Land of the Dogs
Land Of Zhelerez
La puerta de Maltras
La Puerta de Maltras eng.
Lasershark of The Laserocean
Last Dream
Last flames of the Old World.
Last Game
Last hope
Last Howl
Last Nova
Last Son
Last wish from Dead past ( on work title)
Laughing buddha
Law of Shadows
Laws of Defiance
Laws of Fate
Lazarus: Jove's Tale
Lazily enjoying the new world.
Lazy Ash
Lazy Cat
Lazy Magi
Lazy Man's End of the World
League of Meruem
Left Behind
Left the World as Villager A. Came Back a Mecha Pilot.
Legacy Of The Blade
Legacy of the Damned
Legacy of the forgotten
Legacy Of The Prototypes
Legacy Of Weapons
Legendary Blacksmith Mage
Legendary Continent
Legendary Cultivating Dragon Assassin VMMORPG in Another Life and Another World (with Time Travel!)
Legendary Elemental Knight
Legendary Exile
Legendary Lords
Legendary Puppeteer Master
Legend of Erina: Celestial Tamer
Legend of Eterna
Legend Of Kaiser
Legend of Lunos [Dropped]
Legend of Mammon
Legend of the Blacksmith
Legend Of The Blacksmith King
Legend of the Conqueror by CyberBeast
Legend of the Five Knights
Legend of the Liquid Blade
Legend of the Nameless Hero
Legend of the Phantom Hero
Legend of the Sage by Daedalus
Legend of the Sword God
Legend of the Undead Sovereign
Legend of the Void
Legend of Truck-san
Legend of Xeor
Legends of Auroras
Legends of Dorthar: Kato's Tale
Legends of Etheria
Legends of Gods. Tale of Vjaira.
Legends of Tarthirious, A LitRPG, Book One of Kylia's Story
Legends of Tarthirious: Book Three of Kylia's Story
Legends of The War God
Legends of The Worlds Gate
Legends of Zyantra: Immortals
Legends Online
Legends Within the Weft
Legend Tales: Fallen Hero
Lein Saviik
Lengend of the Ancient
Leonidas The WarGods Commander
Les Kerns de l'Oubli - tome 1 : L'Exil [FR]
Lesser Throne of Seventh Heaven
Let's Be Gods!
Lets Conquer!
Let's Explore The New World!
Let's Get It Started!
Let's Go Anywhere: The Journal of two Idiots
Let's play a game
Letters From Beyond
Let the games of survival begin!
Let The World Burn in Ruins
Leveling Up Is Better Than Reality
Levia Codex
Levis Magus
Lewd Slime Surpassing The Heavens With Yandere Waifu
Ley World-The Game
Liar Liar
Liberty of Chains
Library Magic
Lich. The Depressed Necromancer
Life and assumptions of Dread The Caveman
Life and Times of Mitch and Akki
Life as a mercenary (Inactive)
Life As a Servant
Life as a solo gamer
Life, Death and Other Troubles
Life in a changed world
Life in a Fantasy World
Life in another world
Life in Death
Life in Newerth
Life in New World (LNW)
Life in Nowhere
Life In Purgatory
Life in the New World
Life in the North - An Apocalyptic LitRPG
Life is Feudal
Life Is Just A Game
Life is not a game: Ice
Life is too short, let's murder to make it longer!
Life is Wilde
Life Magic, An Elemental Fantasy
Life Merchant
Life of a Hairpin
Life of a person who was transported into another world
Life of David
Life of the dark god
Life Reset
LIFE - Root
Life's Exodus
Life Sucks So Deal With It (LSSDI)
Life: The game
Life, the struggle for existence
life with Chaos
Lightning Does Strike Twice
Lightning Watt
Light of Shadows (Dropped...)
Li'Kyes the Scaled Hero [HIATUS]
Lilith, the Demon
Lily Ex Machina
Limit Break
Limited Fears
Lineage I
Lion's Heart
Liquid Magic
Lirgaid's Adventure
Little karma game
Little Legs
Little Love
Little master in a new world
Little presence and almost no shadow
Live by the Sword - A Very Serious Swordsman
Live Fast, Die Young & Leave a Beautiful Corpse
Live So That You May Live
Living Free
Living in a Fantasy Sucks
Living In A Fantasy World
Living in a Game-Like World, is a Skill (Random Schedule)
Living in an Urban Fantasy
Living in His Dreams
Living in This World
Living Legend
Living Life as a Demon
Living Life as a Plant in a Magical World, Quite Strange Right?
Living Steel
Living the Fantasy
Living Weapon by Fluflam
LMF = Legendary Midnight Farmer
Load State 01
Locked fates
Logical Labyrinth
Log of a Slime Evolutionist
Lonely Light (Complete)
Loner Boy
Lone Wolf
Long Island
Loop of the destiny
Lord Azul
Lord Fear
Lord General Throtand
Lord of Flukes
Lord of Glory
Lord of Inferna
Lord of the Branchless Path
Lord of The Heavenly Villa
Lord of the Night
Lord of the Seas
Lord of War: Pandæmonium
Lord's Domain
Lord Shadow
Lore and Legend - The Werewolf
Loser of Tarinath
Lost Archive
Lost Call
Lost Child
Lost Concord
Lost Crimson (book 1)
Lost Emperor
Lost Girl
Lost Heritage
Lost in an RPG World
Lost in Time
Lost in Time!
Lost Lands Online
Lost Leaves
Lost One
Lost Realm
Lost Shield
Lost Soul
Lotus Eater
Love Paradox
Love Rewound
<< Lucid Dream >>
Lucas Everton
Lucid Dream
Lucid World
Lucifer Dark the summoned fallen angel
Lucks Requiem
Lucky Me!
Luminate Online
Luna Daemonium
Lusarth Fauxun
Lustrous Odyssey
Lyca: Rise of Asura
Macabre Mim
Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cats
Mad House
Maestro Therapy
Mafia God!
Mage Hand
MAGES: Ascension
Mage without mana
Magic Academy
[ Magical Amputee]
Magical Fraulein and the World Euphonics
Magical Popcorn
Magical Puzzle
Magical Tournament: Rise Of The Black Swan
Magic and time
Magic Beast Eaters
Magic Conquest / A Way to Magical World? or Not
Magic Fighter
Magic is Overrated
Magic Knight Legends: The Phoenix Empire Pilgrimage
Magic Lumberjack
Magic Monsters Money
Magic Online
Magic: The Gathering
Magister Magi: Airon -
Magnus of Theta
Magune: Let The Magnet Rise
Magus Gravity
Mahouka x RoyalRoad By lolandylol
Maiden of the Line
Mai Girl
Majeera Chronicles
Make Me Wanna Die by Rock
Make No Mistakes
Maker of Souls.
Making a Mark In The World
Mana king
Mana's Champion
Mana Tank Magus
Mana Whisperer
Mana World - Convergence
Mancers Grimoire
Man from the machine
Man in Demon's Skin
Mankind's Judgement
Manmade Monsters (The Permadeath Legacy) (Book 5)
Maou Shoujo Makoto Chaos
Maou : Summoning [Hiatus]
March of the Infernal Undead
Marcus Dungeon
Marked Soul
Marred Worlds [Discontinued]
MarSide (Oneshot/Teaser)
Martial Crafter (Stopped)
Martial Diviity
Martial Family
Martial God with Naruto System in Another World
Martial Morpher
Martial path!
Martial Rebirth
Martial Road
Martial Spirit
Martial Void King
Martial World
Martial World (Assasisin)
Mask of Solitude
Master Bard
Master Healer, At Your Service!
Master of All, Jack of None
Master of combat in a Different World
Master Of Dungeon
Master of Dungeons
Master of Learning (Book 2)
Master of Learning (Color coded)
Master of Weapons
Masters of The Elements
Mathew The Mortal
Math God Plane - On Hiatus
Max And Rose: Tails Of The Lost
M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant
McShot's Crazy House: Many Stories in One Setting, It's an Anthology!
Meat Eaters
Mecha and gun in a fantasy world
Mechanoid Gear : Survivor of Trezallion
Medical Wolf
Mediocre in Another World
Meeting myself
Megane Saga
Melancholy of the 31st Demon King
Melee Warrior of Combat
Mellinnium Myths
Memoirs of an old traveler:First Rebirth
Memoirs Of A Withered Flower
Memories in Purgatory
Memories Of Alice
Memory Seal
Me, My Car, and My Dreams Girl
Mental World Online
Merchant Contract
Merchant of the End
Mercia: The Bastard Son
Merlin: The man who forged his own destiny
Meta-human: Brainstorm vs Omni
Metallic Mind (working title)
METAMORPHOSIS - devouring Its way to immortality
Metempsychosis in the Modern Age
Method Of Loci
Metsubo Chronicles: The Elites
Michael Ammers: My OP leisure life
Micro-Management: Survival Base
Midnight Brigade
Midnight Moonlight
Midnight Raven (formerly known as: LazyTrash's Book-a-ma-bob)
Mighty Sword King
Mikayla the Dungeon?
Milky Way (Wuxia/Si-Fi/Space)
Million Choices
Mind Linker
Mind Over Matter
Miracle Dungeon
Miracles happens [On Hold]
Mirror Stone
Mirror World: The Citadel by Alexey Osadchuk
Misadventure of the Goddess of Death
Mischievous Dungeon
Misery and Hope
Misfortune Night House
Misfortune Reborn
Mitosis: A Battle for Mankind
MLG Gaming
MNR Apocalypse [PAUSED]
Mob Boss of stage 1 (Haitus)
Modern Deity
Modern Warfare In The Medieval Age
Money Grubbing Demon Lord
Money Making MMO
Monition of Magic
Monkeys are Amazing Creatures , Aren't They?
Monkey's Tail
Monok's Bones: Discovery
Monster Apocalypse
Monster Brethren
Monster Dungeon
Monster island
Monster Masters
Monster Me
Monster of Elements
Monster Parade
Monster Queen
Monsters Dwell in Men
Monsters Dwell in Men - B2: Jehovah's Harmony
Monster's Embrace
Monsters invaded earth – I decided to fight without weapons! (Permanent hiatus)
Monsters Paradise
Monster Tamer
Moon Assassin
Moonlight Færie
Moonlight Prince and His Uncertainties! (HIATUS)
Moons' Shadow
Moral Complex
More luck than I expected?!
More than Human?
Mormonism in Virtual Reality
Mortalis Mortal
Mortal's Game (Gods Online)
Mortal Skill God
mortuis -The necromancer
Moskau by G. Zotov
Most Wanted
Mother Nature
Mother World
Mourning Star
(Moved) RE: Divine Laws of Mind, Body, & Soul
Mr Dungeon
Mr Mantis [Hiatus]
Mr. X
Muffins the Barbarian
Multiverse Leaper [Dropped]
Multi-verse online
Muna Miracle
Munivit Anima
Murder Online
Murderous Urges
Murphy´s Law
Mu: The Legend
Mu Xiyun: A Lonely Laugh Travelling The Lakes And Mountains
My Ability
My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World
My attempt at writing a reincarnation Manhua
My Beauty
My Bride is a Moon Rabbit
My crazy little sister (arcadiablade)
My Daoist Journey
My Demons
My Elemental Shifter Girlfriend
My Everyday Life With A "Harem"
My eyes can see
My fiance is an alien
My Fiction
My first summoning
My Girlfriend: Death
My Godly Body
My Grim adventure.
My Haiku Collection
My Hundredth Life
My job and adventure as a Technomancer
My Job is a Tailor
My kind of Eden ( hiatus - will start working on another novel )
My Lazy Days With A Fallen Angel
My life as a lesser Rock Elemental
My Life As A Superheo Slash Supervillain
My Life is a Series of Questionable Choices
My life is ruled by my character stats
My life story in different world
My Life... With a Twist
My Little Abomination
My Love to the Demon Queen
My Luck Was Used as Payment...
My never ending cycle of Life and Death
My New Life as a Crow
My New World
My Party Member is a Farmer - Literally
My Path of Justice
My Reincarnated Life in a Fantasy World
My Revenge: For a lack of a Harem
My RoyalRoad
My Second Life
My Servant Is Too Overpowered!
Mystery of the Dungeon
Mystic Love Spells Trouble: Crimson Retaliation Volume 2
Mystic Love Spells Trouble: Echo Encounter Volume 1
Mystic Nan
Mystic Reality
My Thesis Project Online
Mythical Conquest
Mythical Legends
Mythical Tyrant Ruler
Mythic Renewal
Myth: Legend
Myth Of Men
Myth Online
My Thoughts Exactly
Mythran's Master Of All - Continued
My Time to Shine
My Trans-Dimensional, Overpowered Protagonist, Harem Comedy is Wrong, as Expected. (Oregairu/Danmachi)
My Travels Through Another World: A Dragon's Tail
My travel to a new game world
My Try at a Dungeon Story
My Villainess Plans Were Ruined by my Brother!?
My world
My World Beyond the Closed Doors
NAAO: Serpent
Nadia *Dropped*
Nagol: The Skeleton King
Nailed It
Nanite Magician
Nanostar Short Stories
[NaNoWriMo] A Flower's Promise to a Reaper's Lover
[NaNoWriMo] A Simple Life of A Farmer: Farming 101
[NaNoWriMo] A Tower of Hats
[NaNoWriMo]Author's Note
[NaNoWriMo] I died and was resurrected... on Earth?!?!?!!
[NaNoWriMo] Masqueraider of Dofus: Incarnam
[NaNoWriMo] The Mortal God's Melancholy
Naruto : Another story
Naruto Fanon — Generations
Naruto Fans In Another World
Naruto The Reincarnated Narutard
Natural World
Nature Attribute
Nature is a Cruel Misstress
Nature Restart
Natures Child
Nature's Kingdom
Naulo's Corruption
Necromancer and Co.
Necromancer by Halosty
Necromancer'S Mountain
Necro-tourists: The Undead Living the Life
NEET No More
NEET of God
Nefarious Alike
Negative Man
Nekana, One in Billions, Lost.
Nemidos: Tales of a Summoner
Neo Cosmos
Neon Hunters
NeoRealm - Staring back into the Future
Neos Online
Nephilim: Beyond Good and Evil
Nephilim: Descent
New Age
New Age of Legends
New beginning
New beginnings
New chance
New chance in fantasy
New Earth, Old story.
New Earth System
New Escape
New existences
New Game Minus
New Game Plus
New hope.
New Journey
New Kingdom Come
New Life
New life for an immortal soul
New Life; New Hell
New Life Online: Battle Against The Strongest
New Origin
New Origins Online
New Reality [HIATUS]
New Reality Online(legacy)
New Realm
New Roads
New Roads!
New Skin
New Soul
New Terra
New: The Dark Inheritor
New World: Brave Hearts
New World God
New World Online
New World Online(NWO)
New World Order
New World, the battle between light and darkness
New World: The Clan
New World: The path of an avenger
New World: The Tales of Everything that is Wonderful
Nexus (Practice Writing)
Nice things
Nightmare Infinity
Nightmare Phantasm: First wave
Nightmares Game
Night Oath Online
Night Slaughter
Night Terror
Night Tremors
Nigmus Online [2nd Draft Complete]
Niko and the parade of shadows
Nine Worlds Online [REV]
NOAH Online -Global Beta Test-
Noble Dream
Noble Merc
Nocturne: Rise of the Heavy Metal Saint (Vol. 1)
Nocturne (Version 2)
No Easy Mode
No Glory For You
No Hero Here (Working Title)
NOIS: A RWBY fanfiction
NoiZ Online
Noli Me Tank in a Mall
No Longer a Game
No Longer Alone
No Longer Human
No Mercy
Non-Existing Killers
Non Human Player
Noodle Knight
No Ordinary Hero
No Respawn
Normal adventures
Normalcy is for boring people!
Norseman of the south
NoS: The Crypts in the Shadow Vol 1 (Hiatus)
No Strings Attached
Not A Hero
Not Another Fantasy Story!
Not another zombie apocalypse role playing game
Not A Princess Story
Note Red
Note the Night: Rise of Shadows
No time like tomorrow
No title ATM
Not Just Another Day
Not just Numbers
Not Quite an Author (Yet) [inactive]
Not Reincarnation?
Not your average player
Nouvelle chance dans la fantaisie.
Novam Vitam
Nova Terra: Titan
Nova Vita.
Novos Hitchhiker
Novos Hitchhiker (Defunct)
Novus Magus- Book 1 of the Immortal Sun Mist Emperor Series
Nowhere Island University
Nowhere & Nothing
NPC (First Draft)
NPC I want experience
NPCs are the strongest
Null Genesis
Number One
Number One Under Heaven
Number One Under Heavens (Tian Xia Di Yi)
Nyaadventure: The Fluffiest of all story! [DROPPED T-T]
OAO - Olympian Anarchy Online
OAO- Olympian Anarchy Online
Obilvion Gates
Observer 001's inter-multivursal log
Ocean World of Chaos
Ode to Freud
Odin, the fallen god
Of Deities and Dimensions
Of Demons and Devils
OFFLINE FANTASY: Virtual Deities
Off with the old and on with the new.
Of Gods and Men
Of Insanity and Chaos
Of Life and Light
Of Men
Of Monsters & Men
Of Second Chances and Past Regrets
Of The Nine
Of Wolves and Men
Oh for the love of....why do I have a reverse harem?[COMPLETED]
Oh good, you're sane again.
Oh My Beautiful Moonlight Goddess!
Oh no! My Master suddenly turned into ah...
OH Shit! I broke the seal!
Old King's Resurrection
Old Man Logans: Transported to another world
Oldor father of magic
Old: The Dark Inheritor
Omega Wave
Omen of The Days To Come (Title is a work in progress)
Omnia Online
Once a Hero
Once Giants
Once Human, Now a Parasite
Once there was a cat... (Haitsu)
Once upon a Night Time's Dream
Once upon a tomorrow
Once you go Wuxxia you never go back. [(A more or less serious 'Parody') More serious.]
One Adventure
One body, Seven Lives, and Thousands of deaths
One Chance
One Eyed Wanderer
One Last God
One Life
One Life (Dropped)
One Man's Journey
One Must Understand
One Of A Kind
One Of Many
One of Shadows
One Online
One piece My story
One Piece: The Elder Twin
One's Destiny
One Shot
One Sin
One who created!
One with Betrayal
One with Heaven and Earth
One with the Flow
One World Ends, Another Begins (working title)
(On Hold) Regarding my time being a God, it was fun
Only Ashes Remain
Only Human
Only Human Online
Only I am the one who was not brought to the other world
On my way to become the strongest duelist
On The Road To Her Destiny
On The Run: The Love Between Fugitives
Open Fantasy
Open World
Operation: Armored Warfare
Operation Re:Code - Project CELES
Operation Sexy Justice
Ophidian Aspect
OP-King and Goddess of Procrastination (Permanent Hiatus)
Opness Is Great For Your Health
Opus Reality
Oraculus Twinmage
Orange you glad to see this berry app(l)e-aling novel, it might even be pear-fect.
Orc Demon
Order: The Symbolic's Tale of Telekinetic and Family
Original Dungeon: Web Fiction Ruined My Reincarnation
Original Word
Origin A.R.S.
Origin of the Invincible Merchant ( On Hiatus )
Origin Online
Origin path
Origin Point
Origins of Void.
OriginStory the VRMMO: The advent of AxeBear
Origin: The End
Orphans of a Dead Nation
Other Earth (Through the Mist)
Other World Badass Minotaur or Not ?
Other World Exploitation
Otherworldly Adventures
Otherworldly Magicians Return
Otherworldly Teacher
Other world soldier
Our Blood Is Red
Our Cosplay Became Real in Another World
Our Journey to the Other World
Our new Home
Our New World: The Beta
Ouroborus Online
OutRage: Total Realism.
Out There
Over & Over
Overlord Gets Summoned
Overlord of the Spear
Overlord Spirit Martial Emperor
Overlord's Rise
Overlord - The Beast of the Apocalypse
Over-Powered Guy In Another World
Overseer (Dwarf Fortress x Worm)
Over the Horizon, and Into The Dawn
Overthrowing Fate
Pacifist - Champion of the Death [ON HIATUS]
Pacifist Run
Padding the Grade
Pair Of Loving Bird By Cyert
Pancakes and rubber dildos
PANDEMONIUM OF THE NEW WORLD ~The Tale of the Wanderer's Survival~
Pandemonium: The Harbinger (Dropped)
Pandora's box by MoJo
Pandora's Box (Draft)
Pandora's Scion.
Pangaea Online, War of the Ancients
Pan's Life
Pantheon: Online
Paradox Fighters
Paragon by Compass96
Parallel by Midnightsonata
Parallel Online
Parrain de Asesino
Party Member For Hire
Pathetic Plant
Path for freedom
Pathless Origin: Bane of the Gods
Path of Blood
Path of Damnation
Path of Evolution
Path of the Jade
Path of the Mind
Path of Transcendence
Paths of Destiny
Path to Immortality
Path to Origin
Path to the Heavens
Pathwalker: Into Darkness
Patient Zeroes
Peak of immortality
Pearl of cold
Peerless Daughter of Heaven (slow/random update)
PenDragon's PicToStory Challenge
Perdition [ Scrapped Now] ~ Hiatus?
Persona Influx
Perverted God : Second Chance
Phantasmic Light
Phantom Demon [Moved]
Phantom Guns Online By Voomhi
Phantom Lord
Phantom Solstice
Phantom Song
Philippine Lore
Phoenix Origami
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising v2
Photon shift
Piece: Pawn
Pierce Through the Heavens and Slaughter Gods
Pillars of Creation Online
Ping Pong King
Pink Sugar Apocalypse
Pinnacle [Dropped]
Pins or Die!
Pioneer 0: Rise of the machine in a world of sword and magic.
P.I.R.A.T.E.S. (Profiteering by Instigating Random Accidents To Embezzle Shipment)
Pitch Black Dreams
Pixelation: World Most Wanted
Pixie wife
Plane of Darkness
Plane of Darkness: The Battle Against Time
Plane of Darkness: The Beasts before Time
Planet #3
Planet Animax of a god
Planetary Update
Planet X: Chronicles of the Untiring
Player Glitch *paused*
Player's Fall: NPC Takeover
Playground of Fantasy
Playing with Opness!
Please Call Me Teacher!!
Plot Armor
Plunder - Power Stealer
Pokemon Animus
Pokemon (The Kipy Life)
Pokemon - Vastia (Slow Update)
Polaris Dark
Polymath Redux
Polymath Redux Annex
Potter of Life Ariabel [Dropped until further notice]
Powerless Villain [DROPPED]
Power Surge
Practically, I am weak because "I AM A WEED!"
Preaching a Lie
Premiere End
Press Start to Play
Pretty girl stranded in another world
Prey No More *Dropped* (Probably)
Prides & Familiars - A Novel Series
Pride X Kämpfer ReVamp
Pride X Princess ReVamp
Primal Beast
Primal Gaming: The Murder of Timothy Smithton: Part One
Primal Gaming: The Murder of Timothy Smithton: Part Two
Primordial Apocalypse
Primordial Kingdom
Primordial Law
Primordial Majesty (原始神)
Primordial Origins
Prince Of the Abyss
Princess Aria and the Gem of immortality
Princess Aurora - The hero villainess of another reality
Princess Royale - A Novel Series.
Prismatic: Tuscan Serpent
Prisoners of Earth
Private Eye: The beginning of the adventure
Profit Margin
Project Daily Grind (Mirror World Book #1) by Alexey Osadchuk
'Project Desperia'
Project Dream
Project Exonaut
Project Felia
Project: Gate to new dawn
Project OMEGA
Project T
Project X
Prometheus Code
Prophecy of Magic
Prophet of civilization
Protector of the Realm
Prototype for another world
Psionic World
Psychic Hunter
Psychics In Another World
Psycho In A Fantasy World
Psycho in an Unfortunate Apocalypse
Psycho Space
Psychotic Death Online
Pun-ished Till the end
Pure Soul
Pyro. Hero? I'm assassin, but that's the same right?
Queen Of Blades
Queen of thieves
Quentin Marcus but you can call me '?'
Quest Eternal
Questioning the Basic
Quests of Silence
Quiet Tales of a Forgotten Reaper
R1: "John's worries about his Harem" and R3: "The Magical girls!"
R3:Monochrome ~An Interactive Story
Rage against Divine
Rage and rebellion
Ragnarok Cycle
Ragnarök : Guardians
Rainbow Sovereign
Rain Colored Memories
Rain's Revenge.
Rain Wanderer
Ramblings of a Bored man
Random One Shots
Random Story
Random Survival - An experiment into humanity
Random Wanderer
Ranger of the North
Rapture Resurrection: The Manifestation of Sin
Rapture: The Bloodstained Chronicles
Raven Knight
Raven Squad > The Outbreak
Raven's Tale
Ray's Redemption
Re: Accel Rush
Reaching for Heaven
Reaching for Immortality
Reaching for the stars
Reader: A Tale of Magic
Reader's Catalyst
Realithia Collection
Reality Crash
Reality Grants One Chance
Reality Meets Myth
Reality or Game
Realize: Fact and Fiction.
Real life in a Virtual World.
Real life offline
Real Life RPG Sucks...
Realm Eternal
Realm of Exaltia
Realm of Infinity
Realm of Learning: Adventures of Eternium
Realms End
Realm Walker
Re: Answer
Reaper Ex Magus: Highborn Herald
Reaper Ex Magus: Messenger Rising
Reaper's Game
Reapers of Eden
Reaping Pendant
Re:Arbiter of Power
Re: Arms and Magic
Re: Ascension Rebirth
Reasons to Stay
RE: Awesome (Oppai Sensei)
Re: Beast
Rebel - An Uni Online Tale
Rebirth and Second Chance [Dropped]
Rebirth: Hero!
Rebirth in a corrupt world
Rebirth into a Magical World
Rebirth Missions
Rebirth: New World
Rebirth of an Accidental Demon Queen
Rebirth of Assassin
Rebirth of Chaos by Lazyanona
Rebirth Of The Commando
Rebirth Of The Elder Lich As A Devine Being In The Mortal World
Rebirth of the Fallen
Rebirth of the Mind
Rebirth Online
Rebirth To a New World with Nothing but One Magical Slime
RE: Books
Reborn as a GOD
Reborn As A Hero...... But Why Did I Freaking Turn Into A Girl?!
Reborn as a Mana-beast, but……why am I a panda?
Reborn as a nine-tailed fox
Reborn as a nine-tailed fox [Rewrite]
Reborn as villainess girl....
Reborn Dwarf
Reborn in a Fantasy World... as a girl
Reborn In A Fire: The Nyxe Legacy
Reborn in another world, as a male?!
Reborn in The Marvel World
Reborn into a RPG?
Reborn into a Xianxia World
Reborn into Starwars! Summoned into Fantasy
Reborn:The First Berserk destroyer (Dropped)
Reborn-----the unexpected tales
Reborn to become the boss of the Strongest Mafia
Reborn to purity
Reborn----unexpected opportunity
Reborn with a Spotted Back
Reborn with the All-Seeing-Eyes
Reborn: Wolf Man
Re: Bow
Re: Branch member
Re: Breakthrough
Re: Butler - Otaku Butler meets his Master in Another World?
RE: Choice
Recollections: A Guardian forgotten by time
RE: Cooking knife
Record of a Sovereign
Records of The Last Land
Re: Corruption
[Re] Cultivating the Universe
Recursive Mirror, Hidden Shadows
Red and White's little conversation corner (Side-story)
Re Darknym
Re: Death's Melancholy
Re: Demon
Re:Demon Hunter
Re:Demon Lord
Redemption For The Evil
Redemption or Revenge
Red Eyes
Re: Divine
Red Moon
Red Moon Cafe
Re: D.O.A
Re:Dragon Princess
Re:Dragon,Reincarnated to Another world As a Dragon
Red Road
Red Scarf
Red Skies: Worlds End
RE:Dungeon Cult
Redwood Crossing (Fantasy/Yuri)
Re: Dystopia (Completed)
Re: Eagle
Re: Elemental God
Re:elemental The Greatest Spark [Hiatus]
Reencarnacion: Zorro
Re: Ent
Re: Evolution Rise of the Codex
RE:Exiled Royalty
Re: Fire
Reforging theBroken Warrior
Regalia Online
Re:Game of Thrones: Play The Cards You Are Dealt
RE: Gamer
Regarding a Certain A.I.
Regarding my Reincarnation as an Incubus
Regarding My Reincarnation into the body of an Automaton Girl!?!
Regarding The Life of A Certain Fallen Noble
Regarding the Reincarnation as a Demigod
RE: Gargoyle
Regis Spem ( a.k.a. King of Hope)
REGIS the Forgotten
Re: Globus Online
Re:Golden Age (Inactive)
Re:Grave [Dropped]
Re:Guardian (dropped)
Re: Harpy
Re;Hell Gate
Re: Hero and the Demon King
Re: Heroes' Mount
Re:Hero King
Re:Holy Conqueror
Re: Human
Re: Hunted
Reicarnated: Dragon-kin
Reign of Darkness
Reign of the first Dynasty
Reincarated Into A Anime World
Reincarnaction Is strange
Reincarnate: Avolved (ABANDONED)
Reincarnated as a Cursed Armor
Reincarnated: As a love doll
Reincarnated As A Mob!?!Rise of the Demon
Reincarnated as a Soul Mage?
Reincarnated as a Tree
Reincarnated as The Main Character Little Sister and....I Just Don't Wanna Die Again
Reincarnated by the God of Creation
Reincarnated Corpse
Reincarnated : He's my WHAT?!
Reincarnated in a new world with a new life
Reincarnated in Another World, the Adventure of the Pyromaniac Prince
Reincarnated in Naruto
Reincarnated into a Lovey Dovey Otome Game World-Who gives a bleeper?
Reincarnated Into Another World With Fairy Tail System
Reincarnated into What?
Reincarnated to immortality
Reincarnated White Beastie
Reincarnated with the same world just like Nar***'s?! meh...
Reincarnated Wolf
Reincarnating in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world with the Terror Infinity system!
Reincarnation as ???
Reincarnation as a demon: Path to Demon Lord
Reincarnation: EVOLUTION.
Reincarnation: First Monster
Reincarnation Flower
Reincarnation Games:Dark Wisp
Reincarnation Giver (Editing in Process)
Reincarnation: Immortal Path
Reincarnation Legend(Dropped)
Reincarnation Luna (On Hiatus)
Reincarnation: Mage Lord
Reincarnation Monster
Reincarnation of Napoleon: World of Cards
Reincarnation: Rise of the Rodent
Reincarnation Royale
Reincarnation, Slime, and The world
Reincarnations of a Hero
Reincarnation, the beginning.
Re:Interference- Did something go wrong with my Rebirth?
Re: Killer Rabbit
Relics of the past.
Re: Lightning and Iron.
Re:Lives [HIATUS]
Remake is out. (New Name is Masked Hero: The First)
Re:Mana Spirit
Re: Member [HIATUS]
Remember Me Fondly
Re: Merlin In Different World
Re: Mess Up Angel by Vincent84
Re: Mimic (Currently on Hiatus)
Remnant of Shadow(Dropped)
Remnant Redemption
Remnants of Scientific Mankind
Re: Mountain God
Re: Naruto.
RE: Necromicy! The Mouse Necromancer!
Renewal Eternal
Re:No Target
Re:NPC in a doomed world
Re: O.I.
Re: Orbis
RE: Orc
Re:Otaku God Reborn As A-What-the-hell-Is-This Randomizer
Re:Otaku Prince life in another world
Re: Pessimist
Re:prince Otaku's life in another world
Re: Progenitor
Requiem of Souls
Require: Cookie - Book #1 - Mirrorfall
RE: Rebirth Online
RE: Rebirth online.
Re: Reincarnation: EVOLUTION (Completed)
RE: Revenge! Heavens Crushing, Merciless Divine God Dragon
Re: Rise of a Side Character
Re:Savior Or ærdéaþ
Re:Serpent, the Struggles of a 'Snake' to Survive and Evolve...
Re: Shapeshifter
Resident of a New World
Resist The Blackness
RE skeleton
Re: Slave
Resound and Shatter
RE: Space Shoujo
RESPAWNED: New Game Plus
RESPAWNED: Original Timeline
Re: Spiderling
Respite of a Fallen World
Restart! [Dropped for now]
Re: Summoner
RE:Taming a Fantasy
Re:Terra ignota
RE: The Art Of Power- Volume 1
Re: The Ultimate Divine Reborn Unbound Cultivating Emperor Dragon Assassin Summoned to Another World : Online
Retiring to the Boundless Realm
RE: Trump! Make This Fantasy World Great Again
Re: Trump: Online
Return From the Astral Meadows
Returning to Legacy
Return of the Demon Lord
Return of the Fallen Angel: Book 1
Return Of The Martial God
Return To Godhood
Re: Turtle
Re: Undead ghoul
Revenge of The Disturbed
Revenge of the Shadow God
Rêves d'Utica [FR]
Revival of Undead King
Revive, Reincarnation, Return
Revive Unlimited: War of the Paladins
RE: Void
Revolution's Path
Re: White Slime Knight
Ria Rises in Another World
Rica Wants Him Dead
Richard Anderson and Grand Survival Games
Riddick/ Against the Heavens
Rifle Girls in Monaco - a Rica Reyes Adventure~
Rift Emperor
Rift of the Oculus
Rift of Worlds
Rigel: The Savage World
Righteous Bestowal: Emperor of All
Righteous Prosperous Malicious
Riley's second chance
Ring of Promise
Rise of Agze'sCanvas
Rise of an Adventurer
Rise of an Emperor
Rise of Avalon
Rise of demons
Rise of Mystic Dungeon
Rise of the Beast King
Rise of the Cursed
Rise Of The Dark Queen
Rise of the Death Lord
Rise of the Demon God
Rise of the Dungeon
Rise of the Emperor
Rise of the Eternal Huntress
Rise of the Evil God
Rise of the Fallen
Rise of the Goblin Dungeon
Rise of the Gods
Rise of the Henchman
Rise Of The Kind Demon Lord
Rise of the Lich!
Rise of the Magic Emperor
Rise of the Mortal Deity.
Rise Of The Rabbit Empire
Rise of the skeleton king
Rise Of The Spider Queen
Rise of the Vampires
Rise Of The World Eater
Rise of the Young Immortal
Rise To Glory
Rise to Greatness
Rising from Despair
Rising Replicator
Rising World
Ritz Aven : Can I live normally?[Hiatus]
Rivalry I Live for
Rivers of Niflheim Online
Riviera Chronicles
Rize of the Undead
Road of live with magic and something pointy or smashing , maybe a little death and some Dwarven bears and beer.
Road of the Dragon
Road to Babylon
Road to Courage
Road to Freedom by Moskatero
Road To Immortality! Again!
Road to Legend by Verelios
Road to Power by Kephrenh
Road to Ruin
Road To S
Road to the Heavens
Roar of Conquest
Rockstar Romance
Rogue Deca
Rogue Gangsta
Rogue Hero
Roleplaying Genocide
Roll for Initiative
Rooted Ally Dragon (RAD)
ROOT Online
Rough Beginnings: Quest For the Resurrection Stone Book 1
Rough Waters
Royal Blood Online
Royal Path to Justice
Royal Rebirth
Royal Road for Retiree By v4lkyr13
Royal Rock
Royal Scales
Royal Sinner
Royal Sinner (Version 2)
RPG High School
RPG Nightmare
RPG World: Journey To Zenith Through Breathing?
Rr:Eos 1.0
RTS Gamer In a Cultivators Universe
Rue of freedom
Rule Breaker
Ruler of All
Rules-Free VRMMO Life
Run Boy Run!
Rune Masters
Rune Universe
Running Across the World
Run to the Sky
Ruthless practionar
RWBY: World Beyond
RWO - Dreams of another world
Rylavia: My New World
Ryu the smartest man in human history
Sacred Brother
Sacred Grounds - Chambers of Wishes
Sage Fall
Sage of the Soul Kingdom
Saiyan in an another world: Magic and Swords
Salt in the Water- A Lesser Dark: Book I (Complete)
Samsara The Game
Sam: The Journey Home
Samuel's Tale
Samurai NOT
Sanct Diez
Sands of Elstirr
Sandstorm Story
Sanity Online
Santa's realm
Sarah - Master of Time and Space
Satou's Unfortunate High School Life
Savage Divinity
Savage Planet
Savage Worlds
Saviour of the World
Say Cheese!
Scale Dungeon
Scarlet Blood
-Scarlet Surge-
Scattered Islands Online
Scholar of sin
Scholar of the Fog
Science or magic or both?
Screaming Whisper, Ballad of Rebirth.
Scruffy's Adventure
SC to MC
Scum in Another World
Scum in another world|Remake
'S Demise
Sealed by Heaven
Sealed Mage
Sealed Memories
Sea of Stars Online: The Legacy of An Aegis
Searching for Impetus
Searching for Salvation
Searful - Rise of The Alaba
Second Awakening
Second Chance
Second Dream
Second Echo
Second Horizon
Second Life
[Second Saga]
Second Shot
Second Terra
Secretary To A Lazy Goddess!
Secret of the Old Ones
Secret of the world
Secrets In The Intersection
Secrets of the Legion
Sector Eight (Perimeter Defense: Book #1) by Michael Atamanov
Seeds of Doubt (Book #1- Soviet Angels)
Seeds of the Divine
Seeker of Knowledge
Seeker of Memory
Seeker of Myths
Seeking Clarity
Seeking Heaven: The True Royal
See You Again in Spring
Seikatsu ONLINE
Seize the Sky
Self-Imposed Curse
Self-insert Madness
Selfishness can be so rewarding
Sent to a New World
Seoyoon's Journey By lin4t
Separate Isles
Sera Avi
Serendipity Chronicles
Serifa-The Goddess of light
Seriously a Space Dungeon how odd?
Serpent girl Lily.
Serpent's rise
Seth daily life
Set In Stone: Follower
Set in Stones
Seven's One Shots
Seventh reincarnation is as a dungeon
Seventh Street Suckers
Seven Worlds
Severer of Fates
Severing The Heavens
SEVR-tech Aftermath
Sfera Online
Shadow and Silver
Shadow by Nimmu
Shadow Contour
Shadow (Hiatus)
Shadow of a great man
Shadow of Serenity
Shadow Queen
Shadows and Embers
Shadow's Reach
Shadow- the solo sword master
Shadow Time/ Sumgineun
Shadow Walker
Shadow Weaver
Shaking The Heaven
Shallow City
Shameless Hero
Shard's of Destiny By Renshiku
Shattered Kingdoms
Shattered Masks
Shattered Reality
Shattered ~ Reincarnated Into A Parasite
Shattered Soul
Shattered Views
Shattering The Sky
Shepherd Moon, 2nd Edition
She, the one
Shield Titan
Shifting Forces
Shimmering Star
Shin Life
Shi no Uta
Shit Hit's the Fan RPG Style (Rewrite
Shiv-The Child Of Oberon
Shiv - The Child of Oberon - Reloaded
Shocking Miscalculations
Short stories and One shots
Short Stories by Vielfras
Shoulders Of Giants
Shut-in Another World
Side Character: A Journey.
Side Quest
Side Story:Son of Cerberus
Sigil Online: Hellions
Silent Cultivation
Silent guardian
Silent Lullaby
Silently We Dream
Silent Waves
Silent wrath
Silicon World (Inactive)
Silks and Ash
Silva's Diary - Zero no Tsukaima
Silver Death
Silver Dragon Syndicate
Silver stream
Silver Vengeance
Silver Wings
Since When did a Magical World Need Superpowers
Sin Devouring Immortal
Sing Crier
Singer Wannabe
Singing life Book one - Hatchling
Sinner No More
Sins, Magic, and Virtue
Sins of the Heavens
Sinuous Destiny
Sired - reader interactive dungeon story
Sister Mage (medical hiatus - sorry)
Siva and The Legend of the Destroyer
Si vis pacem para bellum
Six Days Tale
Skeletal Night
Skeletal Rebirth
Skilled Riser
Skullhead - Scribbling's in the bones
Sky: A New Beginning
Sky Dungeon
Skyfire Magus
Sky Frontier
Sky Prince
Sky World (TG.Greed)
Slam No Basuke
Slaughtering God's Legacy Inheritor
Slaughter System [Hiatus]
Slave Ascension
Slave Hero
Slaves have no names, (hiatus)
Slaves of Destiny
Slave to Play
Slave Tyrant
Slayer of Men, Bane of Empires, Connoisseur of Fluff (UNDER REVISION)
Sleeping Beauty: A Darker Fairy Tail Novel (Hiatus)
Slime Hero Saga
Slime migration
Slime Puppeteer
Slime's Journey:Tales of Looper[Discontinued]
Slimes live freely
Slimes: The Weakest Monster
Slime Tamer's Chronicles
Slip Hero
Small Hopes (Short Story)
Smite The Deities (STD)
Softly They Fall
Sohure (Sorainella Book Two)
So I guess this is a Video Game World.
So I'm an NPC now?
Solar Frontier
soldiers cost (Transfered)
Sole Survivor
Sol - Lord of Fire
Someone more bored than me.
Something inappropriate
Some Things Never Change
Someway or another; gonna be a god
Song of Change (Cancelled)
Song of Rapture
Song of Time
Song of Void &Lightning
Songs From Areth
Songs of Legacies: Cavaron [Complete Draft]
Songs of Legacies: Ties
Sonny Samhain
Son of the Wind
Soon to be World Fever
Sorcery in Boston
So, Reincarnation Didn't Work Like I Thought
Sorsier: The planes of Power
So....Turns out imma fallen.
Souladonis: Monster Hunter
Souladonis: Ouroboros
Souladonis: The Full LitRPG Novel
Soul & Blade
SoulBinder: A Tale of a Conqueror
Soul CLash
Soul Clash: A Legend Arises
Soul Conflict
Soul Cultivator Journey
SoulDive into Soulistra
Soul Duelist
Soul Eater: New Beginnings
Soul Exchange Program
Soul For Gaia
Soul Forger
Soul-Link by Zapper
Soul Master
Soul Mender
Soul of the Academy.exe
Soul of the Apocalypse
Soul Of The Fallen
Soul Quest Online
Soul's Choice
Soul Singularity
Soul Siphon: The Beast Land Chronicles
Soul Split
Soulstone: Awakening
Soulstone: The Skeleton King
Soul theory
Soul Trapped
Soul Vessel Psyche
Sovereign Immortal
So what if I was reincarnated as a fairy? Why does this emperor, handsome overlord Zhen Wang, have to help the hero save
So You Want to Be a Farmer
So, you want to be an adventurer?
Space Age
Spaced Out
Space Dragon
Space Explorers (Dropped)
Space Games: Training Phase
Spacer's Dream
Spartan (Re)
Spatium a Deo Factus Est
Spawn Summoner
Spearheading the Path to Glory
Spectral Regalia
Spectre of the Dunes
Spectres & Skin: Exodus
Spell Analyst
Spellsword: I Summoned Hope
Spider Dungeon
Spider gurl
Spinning The Wheels
Spire: Clan of the Holy Fortress
Spirit Box
Spirit contractor
Spirit [Dropped]
Spirit Game-Working Title
Spirit God Shura
Spirit Master
Spirit memories
Spirit of Darkness
Spirit Of The Forest
Spirit Sagas
Spirit's Ascent
Spirit (WhySoSerious)
Splintered Destiny
Split: A world divided
Spoiled (Temporary)
Spores Controller
Spore, Stories of Lords
Squire of War
Stained Red
Stalker #1: The Maiden
Standing on Top
Star Buster
Star Crazy
Stardom: Most Talented Prince
Star Dragon
Starflys Galaxy
Starlight Online
Star Lord
Star Ocean
Start The Game (Galactogon: Book #1) by Vasily Mahanenko
Starvation March
Star Warrior
Star Wars: Galaxy at War
Star Wars: Silverlight Rising
Stats Overlord
Status Control: Carefree life ahead?
Staying Human
Steampunk Pirates
Steam's Shadow
Steel Cities
Stellar Bliss One: Peace In The Forgotten Dream
Sticks And Stones
Still Here.
Stitches: A Journey Of Insanity
Stonequiet: A Proficiomancer in Another World
Stone Swords
Stop Calling Me A Demon King
Stories From a Dark Place
Stories of the Wide World
Story: Forever After
Story: Forever After - Elf
Story: Forever After - Short stories compilation
StoryMania !
Story of a legend
Story Of Beginnings
Story of how god became a high school student.
Story of the twilights
Stranded In Naruto like world
Strange New World
Stray In The Multiverse
Streams of Mithril
Street Hawks
Strength and Power
Strength From Sacrifice
Strength in Silence
Strimména Chronicles
Strings of Fate
Strong Arm Tactics
Strongest Demon Vanquisher
Strongest Soul Engineer
Strong Ones
Struggle for Survival
Struggle of the Future Emperor
Stuck in a game world with an OP shop
Stuck in another world with a starship
Stuck in a zombie world with an OP shop
Stupid Love! I Don'T Want You!!!!
Subconscious Ghost
Subject 0001
Sublime Electricity: The Illustrious by Pavel Kornev
Sui Generis
Summoned Hero
Summoned Hero...But I'm Just an MTL'er?!
Summoned Heroes
Summoned: Looking for Fragments
Summoner Hero
Summoners Tale by Kolarthecool
Summoning Evil
Sundered World Online
Sunken Sailor
Super Critical
Superficial Story
Superhumans from the Past
Super Sale on Supers (Working Title)
Supposedly misplaced
Supreme Demon King - By Kaidus
Surge Abinitio
Surging Power
Surpassed the Gods
Survival in the New World
Survival of a healer
Survival of the Fittest
Survival Online 3
Survival Quest (The Way of the Shaman: Book #1) by Vasily Mahanenko
Survival World RPG
Survive! - Interactive story
Survive The Chaos
Survive The Zombie Apocalypse
Surviving this world with a broken meta! (Will continue in May)
Survivor #00071984
Survivors of the Wild
(Suspended) The Helix; The Arc,
Svartur Nova
Swamp Boy
Sword Fate
Sword King of the Abyss
Swordless Martial God
Swords and Blood
Swords of Eres
Swords of Light
Swordverse Infinity
Sylph: ivy's escape
Symbols of Magic
Symbols of the Past
Synergy (World Seed)
Tabula Rasa - The blank slate
Tabula Venatus
Tainted Reverie
Taken : New Beginnings
Talbot is bored dropped
Tale of Adventure by Rulpra
Tale of an OtherWorlder
Tale of Kaerus - Dropped
Tale of Pathetic Prince
Tale of Rumage
Tale of Serrin
Tale Of The Sixth One
Tale of the Spirit King
Tale of the War God
Tale of Zero
Tale on a Shattered World
Tales from Aevolia; The Bladeheart chronicles.
Tales from The Secret King
Tales of abyss
Tales of A Colossus
Tales of a Dark Gamer
Tales of Adventure
Tales of a Modern Day Primordial
Tales of an Exile
Tales of a Power Armor Apocalypse
Tales of Argos
Tales of Astora: Legacy
Tales of a Traveler
Tales of Crimson Blood: Heritage of Old
Tales of Eterna
Tales of Games and Life
Tales of Giants and Men
Tales of Mana
Tales Of Martial Path
Tales of Raze Holocaust
Tales of Rhia
Tales of Solitude
Tales of Taliesin by Volesprite
Tales of the Blood Princess (expired version)
Tales of the Gold Immortal
Tales of the Legendary Hero
Tales of the Old World Demon Lord
Tales of the Rageborn
Tales of the Void Traveler (A Frozen Soul story) (Completed)
Tang Pao The Thug Returns
Tanks Through Time
Taotuz's Melody
Taupe AFK Assassin For Killing
Teacher : Deliquent
Teaching as a NPC (Dropped)
Teaching Heroes of Might and Magic
Tearing Sky
Tea-Thricea : Anathema
Techno Cultivator
Tec Mage
Teenager in a Changing World
Temp Agent Wanted
Temporary Activity
Tenebris Anima
Tentacle Lord
Ten Tailed: A Unique Creature
Tera: Still Untitled
Terra: A Tale of Rediscovery [Mostly Dead]
terra viventium By TrinitySMQA
Terror Infinity- Absolute
Terror Infinity-A new terror
Terror Infinity- Contamination
Terror Infinity Countdown
Terror Infinity - New Phase
Terror Infinity - Side B
Terror Infinity: Side C
Terror Infinity Side Zero
Terror Infinity: The Tale of Jack P. Hardwood
Terror Infinity - The Third Side
Tethered Souls
Tharos Online
That Girl Who's Always Alone At The Back
That One Story
That which cannot be forgiven
That which does not kill me, makes me stronger
The 1,000,001st Reincarnation
The 300 - Rebirth and Retribution.
The 7th Hero
The 7th Lord
The 8th Day
The Abandoned
The Aberrant Magician
The Abnormal
The Abnormal Existence Called The Creator
The Abyss Gazer
The Accidental Tamer
The Achieving Dungeon
The Adamant Overlord
[The Administrator]
The Advent of Gods
The Adventure of a certain Guy!
The Adventure of a Wounded Soul (Dropped, sorry.)
The Adventure of Blaze the Saiyan
The adventure of mana
The Adventure of the Demon Lord's Daughter
The Adventure of the Unknown Wanderer
The Adventurer
The Adventurers!
The Adventures of a Black Genderbending Vampire
The Adventures of a Reincarnated Rat!
The Adventures of a Skyrim Modder in Another World
The Adventures of a Unique Snowflake
The Adventures of a Wayward Spy
The Adventures of CH4D
The Adventures of Galus
The Adventures of Knox
The Adventures of Nick Cage
The Adventures of Nori
The Adventures of the Mask Maker
The Adventures of Valgrim
The Advisor *paused*
The Afturlife
The Age of Immortality
The age of Liorenth
The Aggresive Cheater
The Ala of Alius
The Alchemist: Rewind
The Alliance with Rosenhein Kingdom by nooborto
The all invincible arrogant bastard
The Almighty Boulder
The Alpha
The Alpha Male Initiative
The Alpha Tester's Journal
The Alternate Earth
The Anarchist
The Ancient
The Ancient Relic (Axed)
The Ancient's Son
The Android Project: Legacy of Souls
The Angelic Knight by Silverhip
The Angel's Love
The Animal God's Joke
The Anomalous Symbiosis
The Anomaly
The Anomaly: The Elemental Saga
The ant
The antagonist's daughter
The Anthology
The Apex
The Apocalypse
The apocalypse that saved the world
The Apostle of Chaos
The Arach King
The Arcane Archives
The Arcane Emperor
The Arcanist
The Archer of a new world
The Archivist
The Arduous Life of Argent
The Armoura Chronicles
The Arrayist
The Arrogant Young Master tramples the Heroes
The Artifactor of Life by Zeth
The Artificer
The Ascendancy of Humanity
The Ascendant: Endless Reincarnation
The Ascension Chronicle
The Ascension Games
TheAssassin&TheKnight By SkyCain
The assassin in the other world
The Assassin's Creed
The Assassin's Journey to Become the Strongest
The Automaton
The Avenger
The Azure Dragon
The Back Room
The Bad Guy Always Wins
The Balance
The Bane of Heaven and Earth
The Bard: A LitRPG Short Story
The Battlemage [FINISHED]
The Battle of Two hearts
The Beast
The Beast By Halosty
The Beast Gamer
The Beast Master
The Beast of Kulain
The Beast Tamer and His Harem
The Beauty Of A Tragic Path
The Beginner (Reader-Interactive Project) by Geosiege
The Beginner Village
The Beginning
The Beginning After the End
The Beginning Of A Legend
The beginning of the end of the gods
The Beginning of the Sentinal (Stopped)
The Beginning, The End, And Everything In Between
The Being From Beyond Creation
The Berserk Destroyer Volume 1
The Berserker Knight
The Bet (dropped)
The Better Side Of Evil
The Big Red Button
The Binding of the Dragoon
The Biomes
The birth of the Destroyer
The Birth of the God of Mana
The Black Citadel
The Black Company: Epic of Hannibal
The Black Knight and The Little Keeper (Dropped)
The black knight Rising
The Black Ninja
The Black Reaper
The Black Retreat
The Black Sheep Prince(complete)
The Black Slime Saga: The Classic Reincarnation Story
The Blazing Boy
The Blood Champion
The Blood Debt Chronicles
The Blood Emperor [Dropped]
The Blood God
The Blood Goddess
The Blood Mage
The blood of sovereign
The Blood Sovereign
The Bloody Legion
The Bloody Titan
The Blue City- A Summoned 'Hero' (Slow Update)
The Blue Emperor
The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons
The Blue Rose
The Book Jumper
The Book Keeper & The Wolf
The Book of Heresy
The Book of Mors: Summoned
The Book of Rune
The boring yet exciting life of Green Johnson
The Botched Summoning
The Bound Dungeon
The Bounty Hunter
The Boy and His Hunger(Discontinued)
The Boy and the Dragon's Vengeance
The Boy and The Void
The Boy Named Billy
The Boy Slain By Coffee
The boy with demonic roots
The Branding of Fate [Hiatus]
The brave saint
The Bread Maker By Zed019
The Breath of Creation
The Bridge, A Science Fiction Survival Story
The Bringer
The broken links
The B-Team
The Bucket List
The Butler of Night
The Calm Death God
The Card Dealer
The Casual Player Killer
The Cats and the Elves
The Celestial (on hiatus)
The Chain
The Chains of Time
The change apocalypse
The Channeller
The Chaos Immortal
The Cheater
The childish Immortal
The Child of Ebon
The Child of Obsidian
The child of the heroine and demon king
The children of Gods
The child who defied the heavens
The Chimera Liberation Front
The Chosen: Colossus of Evil
The Chosen One
The Chosen Ones.
The Chosen Stars - A Transformers Original Continuity
The Chosen Tatas
The Chronicle of Karl: Industrialization of Rohrkadia
The Chronicles of Allen Walker
The Chronicles of Daniel Nonamov
The Chronicles Of Mystery Land Part 1: The Quest For The Golden Sword
The Chronicles of the Beast Master
The Chronicles of the Insect tamer (post pone)
The Chronicles of the Rift and Abyss: The Odyssey of Lucarius Trinity
The Chronicles of the Watcher(Dropped)
The chronicles of Tinker
the City
The Cleansing
The Cloaked Fallen
The Clockwork Raven
The Clone Saga
The Codex
The Cog in the Machine
The Collapsing Dimensions
The Collector
The coming of the Angel
The Compassionate Killer and his travels in a new world
The Complete Box And The Lost Child
The Conductor of Apollo
The Conduit
The Conquering Couple
The Conqueror
The Contorted Gift
The Cooking Master
The Corrupted One
The Cosplay Illuminati Abduction
The Couple
The Court of Souls?
The Cradle of The Lonely Crown
The Crafter
The Crafting Hero
The Cranium Chronicles
The Crash
The creation of Death
The Creator
The Creature from the Dark
The Creep of Fate - Dropped
The Crest of the Emperor
The Crimson Chronicler series: Dead Dusk (pre_ side-story)
The crimson chronicler - Volume 1: Descent of desolation
The Crimson Demon king - Scarlet D Lucifer
The Crimson Legion
The Crimson Void
The Crossing
The Crow
The Crowns of Dalmarck
The Cruel and Arrogant Bastard
The Crux of Human Suffering
The Crystal Dungeon
The Crystal Sage
The Cube - Discontinued
The Cultivating Slime
The curse
The Cursed Adventurer
The Cursed Dragon
The Cursed One
The curse of eternity
The Cycle
The Cyneweard
The Daily Diary of a Mushroom
The Daily Life of a Supporting Character
The Daily Lives of Ordinary High Schoolers
The Damaged Druid
The Damned
The Dao of Eros
The Dao of Magic
The Dared Damian
The Dark Elto Du Yu Lin
The Dark King's Older Brother
The Dark Moon
The Darkness
The Darkness's Return
The Darkness's Truth
The Darkness Within
The Dark One
The Dark Side
The Dark Side by Vielfras
The Dark Soul Chronicles: Soul Warlock
The Darkstar Prophecy
The Dark Swordsman
The Dark Veil
The Dark Wish Maker
The Data [Abandoned]
The Day We Left [DROPPED]
The Deadliest Blade of Grass
The Dead Walking
The Deal
The Deal was beginning
The Deal was just beginning
The Death God
The Deeds of Amber Rose
The Defective Hermit
The Definition of Defiant
The Deific Wordsmith
The Demon and The Angel (complete)
The Demon and the Princess
The Demon And The Sword​
The Demoniac Hero
The Demon King and his Seven Queens
The Demon King's Seventeenth Wife is Scary
The Demon Lord Among Heroes
The Demon Lord and I
The Demon Lord and Me
The Demon Lord becomes the hero? DROPPED
The Demon Lord is Bored
The Demon Lord who wished to be a Hero
The Demon Lord will have his revenge
The demon of the past
The Demon Prince
The Demon Prince: Avatha Magic World [KDL]
The Demon Prince: Magic World
The Demon Within
The Depths of a Soul
The Descendant
The Descent of Gods and Demons [Dropped]
The Destiny of a Mortal God
The Destroyer
The Destroying Protector
The Destruction God
The Devil King
The Devil Reborn
The Devil's Chronicle
The Devil that None Knows
The Dicer
The Die Electric Wars: Book 1
The Dimension Ripper
The Distant Stars of my Dream
The Divide
The Divine Works
The Divining
The Doll That Fell to Earth
The Draconic Lord Rises (Book 1)
The Dragon clan
The Dragon Clan Revived
The Dragon Fiend
The Dragon God
The Dragon King
The dragons roar
The Dragon's Wrath: A Virtual Dream
The Drifter
The Drop Sinister (DROPPED)
The Drow Empire saga
The Drowning City
The Duesphage
The Dungeon Era
The Dungeon Gods
The Dungeon Hive
The Dungeon King
The dungeon masters
The Dungeon Master : Void
The Dungeon of the Ascended
The Duo
The Eagle's Flight
The Earth after the Reset.
The Egotistical Ruler [DROPPED]
The Elder Vampire
The elemental brawler
The Elementals
The Elements of Terra
The Element's Plane
The Eleventh Hour
The Elven God (Hiatus)
The Elven Paladin
The Emblem of Love and Hate
The embodiment of pain, sadness, and hatred
The Empath [hidden]
The Emperor
The Emperor's Weird Little Trick
The Empyrean Overlord
The Encroaching Rift [Dropped]
The Encroaching World
The End And New Beginning For A God
The Endings Epilogue
The End (LitRPG)
The End of the Princess
The Enthusiastic Rise of The Barrier Hero.
The Epic of Galia: She Watches
The Era Before
The Era of Wulin
The Eternal
The Eternal Dragon
The Eternal King of Darkness
The Eternal Vagabond
The Eternity Acts
The Ethereal Expanse
The Everlasting.
The Everyday Life of A Pathfinder
The everyday life of James Moriarty
The evil General Midboss of the Hero Legend
The Evolution Games
The Evolution of a Snake
The Exalted
The Exiled Prince
THE EXODUS (RE:Noah's Ark)
The Fairy-Tale Hero
The (Fake) Valentine's of the Shield Hero
The Fall
The fall and resurrection of Draconia of deathninja
The Fallen
The Fallen Ascending
The Fallen Legion: Accidental Renegade
The Fallen Magus
The Fallen Nobles
The Fallen Order
The Fallen Prince
The Fallen Star
The False Warlock
The Famed Expert
The Family Fellowship
The Fantasy tropes Encyclopedia
The Fantasy World of Raizel
The Fate of Light
The Fate of The Summoned
The Feline Faction
The Female Halfbreed
The Fiasco
The fight for freedom
The Fight for the Mirkwood Kingdom
The Final Frontier
The Fine and Wholesome Activity of Chasing Shadows
The First Boss
The first enchanter
The First Encounter[Closed]
The First Heroic Saga
The First Life's The Hardest
The First Mage
The First Outsider
The First Rabbit Dungeon
The First Testament: Rebirth
The fisher and the beast
The Fleet
The float of a life
The Forbidden Arts
The Forbidden Class
The forbidden cultivator
The Forerunner's Odyssey
The Forest Dreams (Formerly Magic Research Journal)
The Forest emperor
The Forgotten God
The Forgotten Lands
The Forgotten Light
The Forgotten Prince
The Forgotten Race
The Forsaken
The Forsaken Ones
The Four Corners
The Fourth Faction
The Fourth Prince
The Fox With No Tails- REVAMPED!
The Foxy Dungeon
The Fragile Monster Lord
The fragile Saint
The Fragile World
The Frost Dragon's Disciple
The Fujoshi Who Was Reborn As A Male Siren
The funny murder Carnival
The Galactic Salt Road: Albert's Kitchen
The Gam3
The Gam3: Origin
The Game
The Game of Dark and Light
The Game of Gaia
The Game Of Life - A new age apocalypse
The Game of Spirit
The Gamer
The Gamer by Araret
The Gamer's core
The Games That Bind Us
The Games we used to Play
The Game World: Fight For Survival
The Garden
The garden of Eden
The Gates of Yggdrasil
The Gate to Chrono
The Gate to Etheria
The Gate : War of The Worlds
The Gatriel Decebal Chronicles
The Gaze of One's Desire[Discontinued]
The G.E.M God
The Gemstone Chronicles (Dropped/My First Fic/Leaving up for posterity)
The Genetically Enhanced
The Gentle Dragon and the Cruel Fairy (an O.W.S novel)
The Girl and Her Whale
The Girl's Return
The Glitch Fiends (rough draft)
The Glory of Life
The Godborn Chronicles (dropped)
The God Cheese Chase
The GOD Chronicles
The Goddess of Void & Space
The Goddess Wanted a Japanese, But Got Me Instead
The God eaters' adventure in a new world
The GOD Eating Dungeon
The Godfather Of Time
The Godking's Legacy
The Godly Lawyer
The God of Balance
The God of Beastgirls.... and other stuff to.
The God of Lyn
The God of Versailles
The gods chessboard
The Gods Game
The God's Hero
The God Spirit
The God's Play
The Gods' Play [dropped]
The God's Revenge
The Gods Summons
The Gods we created.
The Golden Age Of Pirates
The Golem Mancer
The Good Samaritan
The Good Student
The Grand eGress
The Grandmaster of Magic and Alchemy
The Grand Ritual
The Graveyard of the Dungeon God
The Great Barrier Master
The Great Conqueror
The great Cycle of Life
The Great Demon King AI
The greatest enchanter
The Great Hero
The Great legend of Fafnir: The Beginning
The Great Nok Ma
The Great Realm
The Great Sage of Versailless By mb4h
The Great Summoner
The Great Sword Tamer
The Great Tower
The Great War
The Green
The Green Traveler
The Grey Imperium
The Gta Vrmmo
The Guilty Grunts (Completed)
The gunman's dungeons
The guy with only one good stat...
The Half-Blood
The Half Interesting Life of A Blood Angel.
The Harbinger of Death (Temporary Hiatus)
The Hardships of a Demonic Monarchy
The Heart of a Fool
The Heart Of Mana
The Heavens Shall Fall
The Henders Conflict
The Herald
The Hermit
The hero and demon king getting married!?
The Hero Died and was Revived
The heroes' familiar
The Hero of Aerda
The Hero of Imps
The Hero's Doppelganger [ONESHOT?]
The Hero Within
The Hidden Blade
The Hidden Game
The High School Girl And The Vampires
The History of The Spirit Knight
The Holy Dark Dragon King's Resting Place
The Homemade Immortal
The hopeless student in another world
The Horde
The horseman, death
The Horseman's Culling
The Human God
The Humanity Initiative
The Human Soul
The Human Traitor
The humming swordsman
The Hundreds
The hungriest little monster
The Hunter and his Companion
The Hybrid
The Ice Empress's Husband is The Third Lord a Stubborn Hot blooded Gardner
The Ice Fairy
The Idle Masters of the World
The Immortal Chimera
The Immortal Curse
The Immortal Dream
The Immortal King
The Immortal Magus
The Immortal Mercenary King (Proof of Concept only/Not Full Story)
The Immortals.
The Immortal's Dice
The immortal that ran away from home
The Immortal Witness
The Impossibility
The Impossible Realms
The Incipient Path to Demesne
The Incursion - Rise of a Magus
The Independent Existence By Ligius
The Infamous Creation
The Inheritor
The Innovator
The introduction of magic
The Inventor of Magic
The Iron Teeth: A Goblin's Tale
The Irregular Esper Knight
The Island of Hope by A. Livadny
The Jeweler, Dawn
The Jianghu
The JJ Chronicles
The Journal of a Slime Researcher
The Journey of an Apprentice
The Journey of a Scarecrow
The Journey of a Serpent
The Journey Of The Fool
The Journey of The Three Immortals
The Keepers
The Kerberusian
The Key: Nakiami
The Key of the Ancient
The Kindest Human
The kind of God I'll become
The Kind Sect Master
The Kingdom
The Kingdom of the Dead
The Kingly Leader
The King of Avarice
The King Of Crime.
The king of demonic beasts
The King of the Jungle: Rise of the Basin Fortress
The King's Brother
The Kings play a Game?
The Kitten Who Conquered an Empire
The Knights of Z
The Kraeton Chronicles
The L10Ns
The Lag (The Game Master: Book #1)
The Land: Founding
The Last Death Mage
The Last Descendant Of The Dragon Clan
The Last Druid
The Last Dungeon
The Last Earthling
The Last Force Master
The Last God (Excerpt)
The Last God (Online)
The Last Golem
The Last Guild
The Last Guild: Remastered
The Last Horcrux
The Last Ki Master: The New World
The Last King
The Last Noble
The Last Online
The Last Soul
The Last True Demon
The Last Walker
The Laughing Dungeon
The Lazy Demon
The Lazy Edgy Protagonist Is Lazy and Edgy Today As Well
The Legacy of Atlantis' (On hiatus until Summer '16)
The Legacy of Starlight
The Legacy of the Assassin
The Legacy of the Monkey King
The Legacy Of The White Dragon
The Legendary Aegis
The Legendary Alchemist
The Legendary Bard
The Legendary Dragon Master
The legendary dungeons history(dropped)
The Legendary duo
The Legendary Gamer
The Legendary Gamer (LegendaryFictionist)
The Legendary Knights(Discontinued)
The Legendary Moonlight Serial-Killer
The Legendary Path
The Legendary Tamer
The legend of Aila (dropped fiction)
The Legend of JaWal by WarWalker
The Legend Of Lin Ti
The legend of Navy Queen
The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound
The Legend Of Rave [ Hiatus ]
The Legend of Rei
The Legend of Sagen Vent
The Legend of Someone by Dyncharoth
The Legend of the Dark Chronomancer
The Legend of The Demon Prince
The Legend Of The Kobolt
The Legend of the Legendary Xu Xian
The Legend of the Overlord
The Legend of the Shadow Wooper
The Legion of Nothing
The Lethargic Man Full of Energy
The Leveling Cultivator
The Liar Face Demon (Legendary Wizard Saint)
The Lich beneath the city
The Lich's Dungeon
The Lies of an Elfin Queen
The Lie You Told Me Back When Were Kids
The Life After Death
The Life And Death Of Me Autobiography
The life in Asgard.
The life of a bandit.
The life of a butler in another world
The Life of a Dragon
The Life of a Lost Lamb
The life of a merchant in vrmmo
The life of an arrow that turned into a boy
The Life of a SLAVE
The life of a Soldier
The Life of Demon Empress Siamara
The life of fantasy
The life of Jeyvan Avorian
The life of Leo a Mecha Pilot
The life of the undying Empress
The Life of Yue
The Light and Ages Saga: Reference Books
The Lightning Emperor
The Lightning Warrior
The Light We Saw That Day
The Lineage Saga
The line between heroism and tyranny
The Lion Chooses
The Little Girl on The Bike- Mystery Contest Short Story WINNER
The Living Cheat In A Unknown World
The Lone Devil
The lone (In)Sane Person amidst a sea of (in)sanity
The Lonely Adventurer by Iskritor
The Lonely Apocalypse
The lonely black hole
The Lonely End ( Abandoned)
The Loner
The Loner?
The Loner Otaku NEET Girl Becomes a Hero!(?)
The Lone Wanderer (Old version)
The Long Song
The Lord of All Things.
The Lord of the void
The Lord of War [Dropped]
The Lost Chthonian
The Lost Day
The Lost Knight and The Wandering Goddess
The Lost Legacy
The Lost Magician
The Lost Ones
The lost Seraph.
The Lost Soul
The Lost Sun by Grisia
The love of Life and Death
The Luckiest Knight
The Lucky Clover
The Lucky One
The Machine Saga Vol. 1 Ral'mus
The Machine Saga Vol. 2
The Maddest Scientist
The Mad Hatter
The Madman's Clock
The Mad One
The Mad Prince
The Mad Scientist's Wife
The Mage Hero
The Mage's Crown
The Magical Textbooks of Eliya
The Magical Workman
The Magician's Diary
The Magic of Madness
The Main Character Parody: A Fight Ready Anthology
The Maker of Heroes
The Making of a God Slayer
The Mana Programmer
The Man Behind The Curtains
The Man-Eating Man
The Man Forsaken By God
The Man Kicked By the God
The Man Who Can Slay The Gods
The man who escaped hell
The Man Who Fell From the Sky
The Man Who Got Dragged Into Another World
The Man Who Met God
The man who wasnt human to begin with....
The Maou Walks Among Us
The Marionette: Noblesse Oblige
The Mask
The Masked Nobody
The Masked Twins
The Mask of Volesprit By Volesprit
The Master and his Bird
The Master of Knowledge & Magic
The Master of the Grimoire
The Master Of The Phoenix
The Maxim
The Meaning of Life
The Mechanist
The Menagerie
The Mercenary King
The Mercenary King II - Chaos Reign
The Mercenary Pokemon Trainer
The Merchant and The Neutral Inn
The Merge
The Merge - Frisks Impact
The Messenger of Darkness and Light [Unrefined Sample Ver.]
The Middle Child of the Fire
The Mighty Mage Warrior
The Mighty Pen [Writer's Block]
The Mimic
The (mis)adventure of robin
The Misadventures of an Esper
The Mis Adventures Of Me,Jack
The Misadventures of Penguin Peril by Everyone
The Misadventures of Ray in an Alternate Universe
The Mischievous Use of Portal Rings
The Misr Effect: Key of Life
The Mission By Vsinity
The Monster and the Rifle Girl
The Monster Of The Swamp
The Monsters Inside Me
The Monsters We Become (SUPER HIATUS/ DROPPED)
The Monster with no Magic
The Mortal Seven Sins
The Most Hated Thief
The Mountain Lord
The Mountains Of Versailles
The Musketeers
The Mystic
The Mystic Emperor
The Mythical Realm
Then Again: Liberation
The Naked Demon
The Nameless King
Then And Now.
The Nebula
The Nebula (dropped)
The Necromancer
The necromancer and his toys
The Necromancer King
The Necromancer Life
The Necromancer of Justice By Fishy
The NEET Plays a Game
The Neterna
The Neuro: The Crystall Sphere by Andrei Livadny
The New Agent
The New Archdevil Conquest
The new dark sovereign
The New Dawn
The New Destiny ( New Game +)
The New Devil King
The New Earth
The New God
The new Hope: Carnage and Extermination (Droped )
The New Journey of an Old Soul
The NewLight (Canceled due to story issues)
The New Start By Sudar
The New (True) World
The Next Life
The Night Hunter
The Nightmare Raider
The Nine Circles of Hell (Dropped)
The Nine Stars
The noob who started as a mob and was eaten
The Not Supposedly King
The Novel that Writes Itself
The 'npc' Time Mage
The Oaf, The Lady, and The Puppy
The Oblivion Walker
The Observer's Notebook: The Dungeon Gods Edition
The Ocean Flame Palace Host
The Ocean of Time: Endless Nights
The Oddity: The One Who Does Not Belong
The Oevrumines
The Ogre Girl Won't Be Wooed By Men! [But Has A Soft Spot For Girls?!]
The Omega Protocol
The Omnimage
The Omnipotent's boredom
The Once Simple Life of a Dungeon Skeleton
The one above all
The one always Forgotten
The One and Many
The One Competition
The One even Gods will fear
The One that Got Away [DROPPED]
The One Who Ascended
The One Who Seeks Power.
The One Who Shall Survive
The One Who Stands at the Top
The one who wield the darkness
The One You Cannot Escape ( On Hold Until Further Notice)
The Oni King Legends: From goblin to White Night Oni
The OP Adventures of Joe
The Open Road
Theophilus Finnegan Jones III - Space Vampire
The Opportunist
The Oracle's Task
The Ordinary Adventure
The Origin of Gravity - Dominion's End: The birth of an Origin
The Orphan Fox
The otaku witch
The Other Life Of Acp
The Other Side
The Other Side of Paradise
The Other World by Haitham
The Otherworld Journey As A Fox
The outcast
The Outlandish Occurrences of Octo-Lad
The Outlaw Sisters- Bad Tara and Kitty
The OverGod
The OverGod Chronicles I: A Broken World
The Overlord
The Overlord of the Void
The Overlord's Elite is now a Human?!
The overpowering dragon's tale
The Oxion Librarian
The Painter
The Paladin of Avalon
The Pale Dragon
The pale dungeon
The Paradoxical Dungeon
The Parasite of knowledge
The park master.
The Path
The path He chose
The Path of Darkness
The Path of Revenge Through A Second Life
The Path of the Cookie Seeker
The path of the Emperor
The Path of the Neverborn
The Path of The Sinners
The Path of Trials
The PATHS By Zebiri
The path that I shall follow
The path to an Overlord
The path to ascension
The Pentilians
The phantom assassin
The Phantom Eclipse
The Phantom Within
The Phoenix: A Tale of Rebirth
The Phoenix Hero
The PictoStory Short Stories
The Plains Rider By PantsuShot
The Point Game
The Poisoner
The Pokémon Entity Force
The Polyglot's Rune
The Polymathic Warrior
The Power of a Dream
The Power to Control Time (And Various Others)
The Power to Destroy
The Price of a Crown
The Price of a Smile
The price of wonder[hinatus]
The Pride Fool
The Pride that Prevails Destiny
The Priest Who Went Against God
The Primer's Vacation : Royal Road Universe
The Primordial God Slayer
The Primordial Memory
The Prince Of Niflheim
The Principles of Magic
The Prodigal Son
The Prodigy Rosie
The Prodigy's Fairytale
The Progenitor
The Progenitor (iHakua)
The Progress of Perfection
The Prometheus Child
The Prophecy : Pathway of Evil
The Protagonist: Deus
The Puppeteer (Completed)
The Puppeteer (dropped)
The Purple Flame
The Qi Dungeon
The Queen of School
The Queen's Rogue
The Rabbit Knight
The Race I Belong
The Raiser of Queens
Thera of Rose Manor
The Rare KInd
Thera: The Next Generation
The ravings of a lunatic
The Reader's World
The Real Life Manga
The Realm of Aethis
The Reaper
The Reaper: Consumer of Souls
The Reaper Does Not Blink
The Reaper of Versailles
The Reaper's Hand & Scythe
The Reaper, the Hero and the Crow
The Reaver (hiatus)
The Reawakening: A Legend Begins
The Rebellion: Awakening
The Rebirth of Gaea
There can be Darkness without Light
The Red Soul
The Regrets of Time
The Reincarnated Greek God
The Reincarnated Heroine
The reincarnated heroine.
The Reincarnated Hunter
The Reincarnation ~ The Hero Of The Damned
There is always more to learn
The Reluctant Manager
The Remembrancer
The Remnant: Metempsychosis
There's another world?!?
There's Supernatural in my Room
The Restart
The Retired Assassin!? (Dropped)
The Return Of An Expert Diviny To Her Homeplanet
The Return of Mr. Nobody
The Revenge of Rhys Brighton
The Revival: New Reality
The Rift
The Right Hand Job
The Right Hand Of God by Chimeara18
The Rig Mechanist's Maintenance Report
The Ring of the Devil
The Rise
The rise of a Lichqueen
The Rise of an Armament Emperor
The Rise of Black Regalia
The Rise of Certona
The Rise of Lightning God
The rise of the Dragon Age!
The Rise of The Empire
The rise of the legendary ninja
The Rise of the Lightning God
The rise of the neutral demon lord
The Rise of the Radiant Rooster
The Rise of the Red Ruler
The Rise of the Soul Stealer
The Rise of the Thunder God
The Rising
The Rising of the Shield Hero!? Plus
The Rising Towers
The Road of a Wizard
The romance of two worlds
The Rude Time Stopper
The Ruins of El Dorado
The ruins of Gorlark
The Ruler of A Kingdom
The Rulers Game
The Rules of Fate
The Runesmith
The Runner and The Machines
The Saga Of Fenrir
The Saga of Two Kings
The Saint's Endeavor
The Samsara Cycle
The Scholar of Hulea
The science of magic universe - The saint
The science of magic(volume 1 the heretic )
The Science of Qi
The scroll
The Second Chance
The second cycle of life
The Second King's
The Second Life of the Battle Maniac
The Secret Chronicler
These days,
The Self-Proclaimed God of Fiction
The Self Proclaimed Philosopher
The Sengoku Era
The Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Dragon Swords
The Seven Judges
The shackles of destiny (Permanent hiatus)
The Shadow Dungeon (Dungeon Alon Saga)
The Shadow King
The Shadow of Another World
The Shadow's Blade
The Shadows Orphan
The Shapeshifter That Will Shape The Plane'S (Droped Reason In Description)
The Shattered Magician
The Shattered Realms: Rise of Zulguarde
The Shattered Sword
The Shifting Sands of Sanity (Volume 1: Reality Unknown)
The Shortcomings of the Strongest Demon General
The Shura Path: An Asura's Truth
The Sieve
The Silver Exile
The Silver Sabertooth
The Simple Life Of An Archmage
The Simulations
The Single Lightning Elemental Magus
The Skeleton God
The Skeleton King
The Skeleton Warrior & The Young Priestess
The Skill Creator
The Sky
The Sky at Dawn (indefinite hiatus)
The Slayer and the Sphinx
The Slime and the Bounded Starsails
The Slime Anomaly
The Slime Dungeon
The Snake Immortal
The Snake of the Fan
The Snow that Falls in the Spring
The Solace we never had, the Salvation that didn't come.
The Soldier From Another World
The Solitary Sword Sovereign
The Song of Sorrow (Finished)
The Song of Swords by InsaneMoonCake
The Son Of Chaos
The son who I never gave birth to is a legendary hero in this fantasy world?!
The Soul Finder
The Soul Fire
The Soul King
The Soul of MorningStar
The Soul Onboard [Discontinued]
The Soul Princess
The soul will tell
The Source
The Spectator
The Spellblade of Jure
The Sphere By exorcist
The Spiders
The Spire
The Spirits Blessing (Slow Update)
The Spirit's Golden Era
The Splintered Luck
The Standpoint of An Abnormal Antagonist [HIATUS]
The Star People (Reincarnation)
The start of a rookie summoner
The Start of a Unusual Life in an Alternate Reality(Soul-AR. You know like solar)
The Steel Harvest
The Stoner Chronicles: S.S. and VoA
The Storm is Coming. We are The Storm
The Story || Draft 1
The Story of a COOK who travels in a FANTASY WORLD *DROPPED*
The Story Of Ash
The Story of My Life
The Story Writer
The Stowaway
The Strongest Job... Gardener?
The Strongest Magical Beast
The Strongest of Them All
The Strongest Slime
The Strongest Soul
The struggles of a boy
The Subject
The Summoned
the summoned class and the OP outsider
The Summoned Esper
The Summoned Giant
The Summoned Prince
The Summoned Queen[Revamp]
The summoned sorceress [rewriting]
The Summoner
The Summoner: Remastered
The summoner (ruler121)
The Summoner's Call
The Sum Of Nothing Is Zero And That Is Exactly What Everything Becomes
The Sun King
The Survivors of Loktus
The Swarm
The Sword God
The Sword Maiden
The Sword Princess's Tale (Frozen)
The Sword Princess' Tale
The Swordsman Of Winter
The Synergistic Effect
The System: Book 1-[Initiation]
The Tale of Amisit
The Tale of an Entity
The Tale of a Slave.
The Tale of a Slayer
The tale of a young man
The Tale of Roland
The Tale of the 13th Battalion
The tale of the Emperor and His knight(wife)
The Tale of The Silver Souls
The Tale of the Tiger and the Prince
The Tales of Jan Faust: The Rebirth
The tales of the Arch-necromancer
The Taleweaver
The ' tamed ' beast
The Tattoo
The Telling Of The Damned Hero
The Tempered
The Templar's Return
The Thalisean legacy
The Thief with Thousand Faces
The things that carry over. Over and over
The Third Fleet
The Third Life
The Third Netherworld[On Hold]
The Third Prince
The Third Threnody
The Thousands Sons - First Cycle -
The Tides Of Suffering : Dark Days Of The Beginning
The Time King
The Tinies
The Toadstool War
The Todd Chronicles
The Top of the World
The Top Six
The Tortured Hero
The Tower of the Magi
The Toys of the Fool
The Tragic Tale of a Zombie Survivalist
The trainer.
The Transcender of Death
The Transported Wanderer.
The Traveler and the Shade
The Traveler: Final Frontier
The Traveller
The Tree-Man and His Wife
The Trickster Priest
The Trip to the Other World was Just for Training!?
The Troubled Teacher
The True Meaning of a Hero
The True Unlimited Powers
The Truth Beyond Evil
The Turtle King
The Twelve Devas and I
The Two Mind World
The Two Stories of Frontier Online: A Tale of A Boy and A Beast (Dropped)
The Ultimate Combo
The Ultimate Supporter
The Ultimate Weapon: First Launch
The Uncanny Mage
The Undead Cultivator
The undead who yearned for life
The Undeniable Labyrinth
The Undying Cultivator
The Unending Road
The Unexpected Heroes
The Unexpected Journey
The Unfeeling
The Unforgiving World
The unfortunate adventure of an unfortunate potato farmer
The Unfortunate Fool
The Unheralded Hero
The Unholy Crusades
The Union of Breaths (Dropped)
The Universe Games
The Unknown Hero
The Unleashed
The Unlocked
The Unorthodox Tale of Sky
The Unseen War
The Unsorcerer
The Unspoken Truth
The Untold Case Of Jayzarr
The Uprising
The Urge
The Vampire King
The Vast World
The Verge of Ascension
The Vespidian
The Villain
The Villainous Hero
The Void: Ravager
The Void Tower
The Void Wolf
The Vorrgistadt Saga - Arc One: In Places Dark & Terrible
The Wanderer
The Wanderer's Beginnings (Book 1: A Dark Tale.).
The Wandering Being
The Wandering God
The Wandering Inn
The Wandering Swordsman
The Warden
The Wargs
The Warlock's Buffet
The War of Destiny (A Story from Vandaria)
The War Of Succession
The Warrens
The watcher of universe and stuff.
The Wayfarer
The Way of Ambitions
The Way The World Ends
The Weakest Admiral
The weak gamer
The Weaver's Wrath
The Wedding of Eithne
The Whisper of the Nightingale
The Whispers In This Dark, Cruel, And Ghostly World
The White Dragon (Inactive)
The Wielder Of Two Abilities
The Wild Card (Place holder)
The Wild Hunt: a Story of Justice
The Will of the Dead
The Will of the Strong
The Winged Knight
The Wise
The wisher
The Wish to have Power
The Witchs' Night
The Wizard's Tower
The Wolf's Will
The wolf will [Dropped]
The World
The world before: The Abysmal Elven Lord
The World Emperor
The World Ended: Abnormal Magic
The Worlder
The World Evolution
The World for a Byte Defeat
The World I Always Longed For
The World In My Palm
The World Inside a Dream
The World I Rule (R18)
The World is My Playground
The world is my playground!
The World of Aerion: Leon
The World of Amron
The World of Araven
The World of Argos
The WORLD of Dungeons
The World of Epidemics in a Fantasy Universe!
The World Of Homintaktos
The World of Idiots
The World of Thera!
The World of Tyre
The Worlds Greatest Dungeon/War against the Humans
The world's strongest level one
The World That Ends With You
The World Traveller
The World Walker
The World We Left Behind
The Worst
The Worst Ending
The Worst Was Approved!?
The Worthless and Forgotten
The worth of a life
The Wraith King
The Wrathic: Transcendence Series Book 1
They came by the dozen (Dropped)
They Lie Forgotten
The Youngest Among the Rest
The Young Wise Man
They said I could become anything so I became a _____!!!
They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter
They Shall Burn
The Zombie Knight
The Zombie Knight Saga by George M. Frost
Third Call is the Charm
This Game We Call Life
This is no game!
This isn't the type the type of paradise I expected! v2
This is the Wrong World!
This Is Where It Begins...
This new Life of mine, isn't it too much of a Change!!!?
This New World of Magic
This Onii-chan got Summoned to a Diffferent World
This world... I will rebuild this mad world!
This World Makes No Sense
Thog: The barbarian
Those Born From Flames
Those Who Aspired to Become Gods : A darker fairy tale novel ©
Those Who Rise
Those You Don't Notice
Three Destiny
Three Friends And A New World
Three gods
Three Guardian Kings
Three Lifetimes [completed]
Three Wish's
Throne of All: Tournament of the Gods
Throne Quest Online: Pixel Courage
Through a Barren Garden
Through a series of misunderstandings, my life become interesting
Throughout the Ages
Through the Ages
Through the eyes of the world!
Through Their Eyes
Through the Waves
Thundering Dragon
Tidal Lock
Time Altered
Time & Tied
Time keeper
Time Realm Traveler
Titans Online: Immersion
Titan's Throne
To Aru Virtual no Game
To be a Legend
To be Alone
To become Hadsome, i'm willing to be a girl
To be lucky
To Be, Or Not To Be
To Break the Heavens and Shake the Earth
To Break The World
To Conquer, To Rule, To Change The Heavens!
Today, I Cultivated
To Deify a Deity
To dungeon, or not to dungeon?
To Get the Whole Sky
To Kill Eternity
To Kill the Emperor
Tokyo Rising
To Live Again
To Make Way
Tomorrow's Legend
Too Picky
To Overcome Hate
To Protect
To Reap A Day Of Red
Toric the Soulless
Torn Asunder
To Siphon a Mind
To the Moon and Back
Touched By a Dwarf
Touhou - Journey to the East
Tourism Record of the Origin Dragon
Towards the Light
Tower Of Destiny
Tower Of Dreams
Tower of Gilgamesh
Towers' Chosen
Towers' Chosen (Revamped)
Tower to Heaven
Tower Trial
Tragedy of Worlds
Trails of the Forgotten
Trampler of the sky
[Trance Revival]
Transcendance: Beyond Humanity
Transcending Worlds ( 1)
Transcending Worlds - Samuel
Transcend Online
Transcend: Online
Transformers Revisited
TransForm Online
Transient Fire Works
Transition and Restart, book five: Spring of youth
Transition and Restart, book four: Fallout
Transition and Restart, book one: Arrivals
Transition and Restart, book three: Wingman Blues
Transition and Restart, book two: The Billion Dollar Empress
Translucent Harmony
Transmigrated Dragon
Transported Into Another World As A Slime
Transported To A Different World While In A VR Game?
Trapped: Online
Trapped: The GM
Trash Story
Traveler's Standing
Traveller of Eldaran
Travel the World
Travel Through The Lands
Traversing Worlds | Making Worlds Anew
Trek Into The Woods
Trending News (According to Narrator)
Trial of The Immortals
Trials and Tribulations
Trials of a Magic Core
Tribrid World
Tricked into another world!
Trifling Tales
Trikora (On hold for time being)
Trilight (Discontinued)
Trimentality [Hiatus]
Trinity Mage
Trinity Online: The Farside Chronicles
Trinity Z
Triple Orb Academy
True Death
True Emperor
True Fantasy Online
True Identity
True Insanity
True Nephilim
True Path
True Survival World
True World
True World Online
Trust Is Venom
Trust me, I'm an Engineer
Truth and Myths - Awakening
Try Reincarnation, They Said. It Would Be Fun, They Said.
Tsukiko-chan & Taiyou-kun
TTSDK-The Twisted Swordsman And Demon King Got Caught In A Twist
Twilight of the Gods
Twin Swords
Twin Tales
Twisted and Intertwined
Twisted Cogs
Twisted Creation – Wicked World
Twisted Nerves
[Twisted Paths] Dropped until further notice
Twisting Fate
Two Dragons
Two Gods Battled, I Dealt the Finishing Blow, Profit?
Two Lives
Two Minds Are Better Than One
Two Sides of the Same Coin
Two Students Adventures In Arixar
Two Students in the New World(Dropped, will be rewritten entirely)
Two Worlds
Tyizor's Shorts (and Poems)
Type: Hybrid.
Tyrion's Revenge - The Untold Beginning
Tyr Online
Ula (read description.)
Ulnaris 7
Ultima Deus - The Last God
Ulzreg's Tower
Unbound Deathlord: Challenge & Warmonger
Uncommon Reincarnated Slime
Uncovering The World!
Undead Girls: A different change
Undead Lord
Undead Soldier
Undead Sovereign
Undeath: Kingdom
Under a Boundless Sky
Underground Company
Underpowered? (Dropped)
Under the Veil
Underworld - Level Up or Die!
Undying Loyalty
Unfaltering Hero, Book 1: Magic and the Rules of a New World
Unfortunate Hero
Unhappy Company
Unheartly Eating the Hell Fruit
Uninvited Hero
Unique Fusion Magic Hex
Universal Strength: Power is Everything
Universal Transformation
Universe Online
UNKNOWN LINK : To Zeldea World
Unknown Son
Unknown Stars
Unknown World
Unleash the beast
Unlimited: Shattered World
Unlimited Wishes.
(Un)Luckiest Person On Earth?
Unparalleled Master
Unprecedented Power
Unrelenting Martial Heart
Unsanity is Relative
Unsealing Demon
Until death?
Unto Dark
Untraveled Road
Unwanted journey
Unwilling Second Prince's lazy daily life
Unwritten Rules
Unwritten Tales of Another World
Up for debate
Upheaval - The Gentle Apocalypse
Upon Blazing Wings
Uprising birth of a god (hiatus)
Ushinawareta Tori no Monogatari
Using My Ability I Will Create a Nice Town
Utopia Unchained
Vacuous Void
Valeria'S Gaurdian
Valheim Chronicles
Valkyria: The One Who Chooses
Valkyrie's Lament
Valley of Titans' Tales
Vampire Hunter
Vapid Recourse
Vast Martial World
Vengeance: The Path That Lies Ahead
Vengeful Martial God
Verbundener Geist
Verlorene Seele(dropped)
Vermilion Dreams
Vermillion heart
Verse of the Spirit
Vesryn Pulse
Video Game Plotline Tester (The Dark Herbalist, Book 1) by Michael Atamanov
Vigil Until Dawn
Village of Beasts: Light's Champion
Villain To Be
Vincent the Undying
Violet Fear
Violet Fear: Diary of a Demon Lord
Viridian Gate Online: Crimson Alliance
Virilia: The Untold Tales
Virtual Demon
Virtual God Zu
Virtual Knight
Virtual Prison
V̶i̶r̶t̶u̶a̶l̶ Reality
Virtual Reality: Two Worlds Collapse (Slow Update)
Virtual Reality World : N O V A
Virtual Revolution
Virtual Shooting Online
Visual Master
Vivex's Idea Dump
Voices from the Distance
Voices of the Strong
Void God Emperor
Void Legends
Void Martial God
Void Master
Void Walker
Void Wars
Volatile Evolution
Volatile Traveller
Vol Orcson: Mage, Shaman, Human, and Orc.
Vozes da Escuridão
VR: Ascension
VRMMO: Martial Cultivation World.
VRMMORPG: Heart of the Phantom Thief
VR, or is it?
Vulk's Fang
Wait am I going to be reincarnated!?
Waiting for Death
walking the New Road
Walking through a Forest
Wall Destroyer: Against All Odds
Wanderer: Life in a New World
Wanderer of The Five Kingdoms
Wanderer (Proof of Concept only, not full story)
Wanderers of The Lost Garden [On Hiatus]
Wandering Immortals
Wandering Soul
Wanderlust: A Virtual Adventure
Wannabe Gamer - A Royal Road Story
Wanna play the game of your life?
Wanted: Dead Or Alive
War: A LitRPG Story
Wargod Ares
War God Eric
War in the Greenwood
Warlock Overlord
War of Change
War of Genesis
War Of Mortal Gods
War of the gods
War of The Gods By ArkkenBB
War of Worlds: A Tale of Power
War Orphan
War Over Creation
Warped Logic
Warrior God
Warware Damudo
Wasting Time
Watching Grass Grow
Water Regalia
Watery Death
Wave form
Wayward Soul
Weakest class "Enchanter"
(Web Novel) Betrayed in a Blessed World
[Webtoon] Prophecy Online : Odyssey of Potato
We dream of Worlds
Weeds and Immortals
Weeping Rhapsody: A Side's Tale
Welcome Mortals, It's Been A While…
Welcome to a New Life
Welcome to Global Conflict
Welcome to Maoujanai High
Welcome To My World
Welcome to the System
Welcome to the Universal Body Exchange Program
We Never Use Our Powers for Anything Important
W.E. World Evolovers
What about this is normal?
What can a Wisp do?
What Did You Say? I Am The Chosen One?!!
What Divides us Bring us Closer (Haitus/Revise)
"What do you mean, 'You're an ex-familiar'?!"
What if world is in TACTIC RPG mode
What is it like to be Eternal?
What It Means to Rule
What I would actually do if I had three wishes...
What Lurks Within The Dead Forest
What makes a hero
What makes your zombie apocalypse special.
What Money Can Buy In A Fantasy Game
What's good being a Hero, I'm just a Kid.
What'S Next By Eldersign
What the Hell !?!
What the luck!
What was Lost I have Gained.
What Would You Do For Revenge?
What would you do with omni-everything
What would you do with omni-everything (REWRITE)
When Desires aren't Realised
When Game becomes 'Real'
When Good Men Turn Bad
When Idols became your family
When it Hurts
When I was old
When Plush comes to Shove
When The Gods Sleep, I Wake Them Up
When the Heavens Fell
When The Sword Falls
When We Met
Where am I?
Where Muses Go To Die
Where the Roads Go
Whims and Rolls of Gods
Whispers of Chaos
Whispers of the Immortal
White Death
Who Am I?
Who Call A Vampire?
Who is Biannca? - The Thirteen Middle School Reunion Member
Who said God couldn't level up!?
Who Says A Lich Can't Be An Adventurer?
Why always me?!?!
Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan?
Why does the world looks like some fanfiction?
Why Five?
Why I Wear Socks to Bed
Why me I want my TV?
Why They Sleep (hiatus)
Wicked Enigma
WICKED GOD: Heaven is Bitch
Wild Life
Wild Road
William Stuart
Willow the wisp
Willst du das Spiel deines Lebens spielen?
Wind Conqueror (?????)
Winds Of Change
Winged Unicorn Tf (Not going to continue)
Wings of Freedom [Completed]
Wing's to Tomorrow
Winning Death's Lottery
Winter's Bite (The Mortal Game Series)
Winter's Tale
Wish Granted
Wish of the End
Witch of Andania
Witch of Terra (Inactive)
Withered Rose
Within the endless forest
Within The Jaws
Within the light and dark
with Novel system in XIANXIAN
Wizard Master, Apprentice Warrior
Wizard with the flower blades
Wolf and Lamb [NaNoWriMo] Volume 1
Wolf Continues On
Wolfie's Rather Spectacular Adventure (In Space!)
Wolf of the Wasteland
Wolfram Grey
Wolf's Cry
Wonder Baby
Wonder Worlds
Work in progress
World Advancement
World AdventureGuild Creator
World apocalypse
World Circle
World Conqueror
World Destroyer
World Devour Overlord [Dropped]
World Edit! [Hiatus]
World End My Life Start WEMLS
World: Evolution
World Executor
World filled with Magic
Worldforge Genesis
World fusion: Chaos
World Game
World Gate Online
World Genesis
World Keeper
World Keeper AU
World Labyrinth
World Merge
World Monster
World of Astella
World of Astrum
World of Black and White
World of Conquest
World of Dungeons
World of Entities
World Of Fantasy
World of Gamey
-World of Infinite Possibility-
World of Legends: True Magic
World of Magic
World of Mana
World of Monsters
World of mutants and cockroaches [Spanish]
World of Realms
World of Refiners
World of Savagery and Magic
World Of Souls
World of Tala
World of Veale'thun: Gahi'jed
World of Veale'thun: This world of mine?
World of Warcraft: The Beholder
World Revolution
World Seed
World Seed (karami92)
World's End Pandemonium
World Servers - Dawn
Worlds Gate
World's Gatekeeper
World Shift
World tag#001
World tag#001 (Revised)
World Transcending Dragon Paragon
World under the heavens
World Update: The Era of Monsters
World View
World Walkers
World War, The Beginning
World War Veteran
World Without Sound
Wrath: The Controversial Astral God
Wrench Prince
Wretched Gods
Wretches and Kings
Write Way Magazine
Writing Experiment(Working Title Wolf Pack)
Writing: The Litrpg
Wrong Guy
WTF : Welcome To Fantasy
Wudao Achievement Gone Wrong
Wuxia fanboy reincarnated to a wuxia world
Xarjurn's adventure
Xeno on Planet Erde
Xenosaber: Fury of the Stars
Xerazon The Immortal (DROPPED)
Xiang Yao
Xyrus human or ???
YAOS - Yet Another OP Story
Year 1 A. E. (After End): [The Master's] Chronicles
Years After War
Yggdrasil: Off The Beaten Path
Yggdrasil Online
Yggdrasil online: Path to Villainy (Mature)
Yin And Yang
Yin-Yang Child
Yokai Academy
Yore and Olds
Yosou Oujo
Youko Advent
Young Magic Knight
Your Choice
You're Never Too Far From Home
Yours truly,Lotus
You will pay tomorrow
You World
Yuan of the Black Lightning
Yuiitsu and Sei
Zadia The Crimson Hero?
Zaephin (dropped)
Za Lorgan
Zanaria Online
Zarif's Story
Zed's Assorted Stories by Zed019
Zed Squad
Zenith Abyss The Path Of Vengeance
Zenith of the Nation
Zerith Mors
Zero One
Zero Percent Remaining
Zero Road
Zero Stigma
Zero Visible
Zombie Xianxia
Zoren the Wizard
Zorn: the Last Minotaur
最も強い -- ( Strongest in existence ~)
神眼(God's Eye)
神々遊び When the gods game (the most cliched isekai story ever)

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