Along for the Ride

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Every child born on the continent of West Cartia is taught about the Great Goblin War but what the annals of history fail to mention is that the entirety of the conflict could be traced back to a group of four friends who stumbled into the currents of fate in search of a fantasy novel. This is the story of how a band of bookworms realized that when destiny pulled hard enough, struggling was futile; it was best to relax and go along for the ride.

"A breezy, good time with all the trappings of high fantasy fun." - someone eventually (hopefully)

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  • Along for the Ride
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Along for the Ride 1 Chapter One - Apples for Books Qidian International
Along for the Ride VII - Behind the Scenes of 'The Prophecy' RoyalRoadL
Along for the Ride VI - Peace for All! RoyalRoadL
Along for the Ride V - The Terrible Return of Gwerk! RoyalRoadL
Along for the Ride IV - The Death of Frank Trueheart RoyalRoadL
Along for the Ride III - A Girl and a Promise of Adventure RoyalRoadL
Along for the Ride II - Pinkys Attack! RoyalRoadL
Along for the Ride I - Apples for Books RoyalRoadL