Bunny Husband

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Second book in Yuan Yuan's series 老梗也是梗系列之(AKA We were supposed to have died in a plane crash, instead we transmigrated/reincarnated). The stories consist of three modern settings and three historical.


What?! When people transmigrate, they became emperors or mighty heroes. Why did he transmigrate to a Xiǎo Guān?! In modern times, he had been a superb man women chased after. In this historical time, he has become a peerless receiver! If he wasn't careful, his little red flower will be forced to 'go to sea'! No hesitation, he must run away- On his escape, he was rescued by a chivalrous woman! Immediately, he fell in love. The sad thing was his modern bully's self-esteem was totally shattered in this historical time. So he stuck to the chivalrous woman. The person to be molested was him and the person to be protected was him! No way! She was the current Lord of her sect?! But to his dismay, she already had a fiancé who was her cousin…

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  • Bunny Husband
  • Tuzi Xianggong
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