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In a world many years ahead of ours, a technology which moves a person's soul is introduced. Then, using their technology, Xyvarc Corporation creates a game called 'Tethralin', moving players' souls into this game.

Zeryn Felix finally makes it to the 20th floor, but gets betrayed by his teammates. He started with five lives, yet now only has one. Due to frustration and a sudden realization, he places his difficulty on 'Hardcore', but then throws all his attributes into Luck—just to find out it may be more than he could afford to handle.

Can someone truly rely on luck to survive on their last life—or will his impulsive decision lead to his downfall? Why does Hardcore seem so different than Easy and Normal? What does Luck really even do? Zeryn sets out to find answers while trying to survive—to see what completing this game offers.



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Book cover commissioned by https://matokunewa.artstation.com

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