The Phantom Eclipse

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TROKC present: A Dark Fantasy.

The story takes place after the sudden released of Ruin's Newest expansion, a popular online game where a massive siege event occurred and thousands of players participated in order to conquer the very 1st Mythical Sovereign class tower "Avernus".

Then one of the surviving players named "Ken" discovered and accidentally triggered a mysterious and unknown new spell that resulted in not only him but also several others being swallowed up by a strange blinding light and the next thing they knew they found themselves along with their own avatars transferred to far more twisted and deadly world than their own.

As it is no longer a game but a harsh new reality.

This is their perilous journey as they try to survive in an unforgiving world while trying not to get themselves eaten, enslaved, killed or something far more worst.

Will they ever return home? Is that even possible? As the risk become ever so higher.

They are forced to play a new kind of deadly game.

For this is their tale is their journey, their quest, gift, and their curse.

A question has been asked to each and every one of them.

"How would you play your life to survive and live long enough to become something more than a legend?"


Arc 1: Phantoms Descent

Arc 2: Fiends Paradise.

Arc 3: Bloodseeker's Lament

Author's note: This is a multi-perspective point of view.

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  • The Phantom Eclipse
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