Hazy Hindered Hearts

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In the Omegaverse of Reamsah, there is a problem that becomes more and more clear as the years go by. With the population of each country, on each continent, steadily decreasing, there are a number of Royalties that came to a decision to take the small amount of freedom away from the Omega's that are left in the world. …To have power to decide the Omega's fate is the royalties only answer to stop what they think of the Omega's knowing of their advantages over this problem and stopping them from wanting to take domination over them all…

Caught in these affairs are an Alpha, Derek, and an Omega, Xander, where they became that close that a father felt like he had to intervene! Lies and schemes break them apart first, then the new laws take them even further apart…Yet, fate leads them to meet up once again! But…One has had a work slave upbringing and had even had been a male sex slave…While the other has not received much love at all from others and is led by lies to think that Xander, the one who had treated him the best besides his mother, is someone that he has not gotten revenge against yet! What will their fate hold when a certain Omega is taken by a certain Alpha and that it has to be kept a secret?

(Warning: There is underage sexual interaction for the Omega's! R 18+)

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  • Hazy Hindered Hearts
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