An Odd Rose, Love Critical Failure

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A beautiful girl? Exceedingly so. A rich girl? Filthy. A powerful girl? Obviously.

All systems are go, but but but there appears to be a catch.

He held his beautiful head and screamed, "How did this happen to me?!"

After waking up to an unfamiliar ceiling a former man found himself sporting long black hair, fierce red eyes, fair skin, and a rather incredible figure. "This resting b*tch face ..." he contemplated momentarily, "It's totally my preference! But it's totally my face! Totally bad news!"

The only option was to buy time until he could figure out what was going on and very soon he realized, "Aren't I screwed?" He was a duke's daughter engaged to the crown prince of the kingdom and was currently attending a magical academy with a cast of overly hot men happening to be the same age. This was clearly an otome game setting, and with his elegant, flower of evil, villainess face he inwardly broke out in a cold sweat.

The major problem was his total lack of information for he had never heard of the otome game he was currently in. Ergo, he had no idea how to avoid a bad end. However, the true problem was even more profound. "Marrying a man is impossible: I'm only into girls!"


For a full definition and explanation of otome games visit my glossary section.

Reviews, criticisms, compliments, and suggestions for improvement are welcome anywhere and everywhere at any time. By combining our powers let's turn this into a "Critical Success"! Yay!

I poured my heart and soul into the illustration (my first digital drawing) and using a mouse with Gimp makes me never want to do it again! I'll try again next week.

P.S. This is my attempt to join the supreme race known as authors, whom I hold the greatest respect for. And let me tell all the fine people of culture that otome game novels are my element and noble villainess girls are the blood coursing through my veins. Ohoho.

The harsh truth. But how I feel.

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