Magical Cosmic

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Victor Petard Asterisk was just an explorer, like many others.

Roaming the unknown part of the galaxy and seeking the answer to Humanity's loneliness among the stars.

One day, he chanced upon an unnatural wormhole that brings him to another Universe.

A Universe, full of magic and wonders.

"Hah!! With my advanced technology, who could challenge me?"

"You there, savages! Still using bows and swords? Better go back to farming in the countryside!"

"And you! What's with that backward magic staff? Change with mine instead."

With determination and experience as an explorer, Victor will once more explore the world while discovering the deeper mystery of the Universe.

Follow Victor's journey, as he makes changes across the world and had his name rang throughout the Multiverse.


This is a Science Fantasy story where technology will eventually change the civilization.

The early part of the story is a bit sci-fi but it will had Kingdom Building soon.

Although there is Comedy and Romance here and there, it wasn't the main focus of the story.


New chapter will be released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

For anyone that want to join me on Discord:

Magical Cosmic

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Magical Cosmic 25 Chapter 25: Saving Butler Brown with Science RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 24 Chapter 24: Warden Orlan The Steaming Pork RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 23 Chapter 23: The Camp and Teleporter RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 22 Chapter 22: Information About the World RoyalRoadL
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Magical Cosmic 18 Chapter 18: Massacring the Knights RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 17 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 17 Chapter 17: The Content of The Technology Cube RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 16 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 16 Chapter 16: Stay with Me Then RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 15 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 15 Chapter 15: Your Name is Lillie? RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 14 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 14 Chapter 14: Saving A Pure Girl RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 13 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 13 Chapter 13: Signs of Humans RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 12 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 12 Chapter 12: Repairing the Generator and Devices RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 11 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 11 Chapter 11: Finding A Food and Water Source RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 10 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 10 Chapter 10: A Horde of Invisible Beetles RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 9 Chapter 9: Objectives and Exploration RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 8 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 8 Chapter 8: Mysterious Place and Different Universe? RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 7 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 7 Chapter 7: Being Forced into The Wormhole RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 6 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 6 Chapter 6: Getting Ambushed Part II RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 5 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 5 Chapter 5: Getting Ambushed Part I RoyalRoadL
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Magical Cosmic 4 Chapter 4: The One-Eyed Space Pirate Graham RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 3 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 3 Chapter 3: The Spring and Autumn Company RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 2 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 2 Chapter 2: Old Man Hussein And the Cube RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic 1 Scribble Hub
Magical Cosmic 1 Chapter 1: Blue Moon Station RoyalRoadL
Magical Cosmic Prologue: Victor the Explorer RoyalRoadL