Cold Reign

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Kaya Yusha is an ordinary student who struggles to perceive life in a positive light. Living near the heart of Tokyo, all seems normal until one day a mysterious link and a plea for help is sent to her in an E-mail.

Gathering her friends to show them the odd message, they click the link in the hope to learn more but soon find themselves suddenly stuck in a fantasy world full of monsters, elves, magic, and war.

As they adjust to the drastic changes and their new lives, they search for a way back to the real world and for the one responsible for sending the E-mail.How was it possible in a world without technology?

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  • Cold Reign
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Cold Reign 7 Scribble Hub
Cold Reign 7 7. Fleeting Nights & City Lights RoyalRoadL
Cold Reign 6 Scribble Hub
Cold Reign 6 6: Meira RoyalRoadL
Cold Reign 5 Scribble Hub
Cold Reign 5 5: Days Past RoyalRoadL
Cold Reign 4 Scribble Hub
Cold Reign 4 4: A Star Like Clockwork RoyalRoadL
Cold Reign 3 Scribble Hub
Cold Reign 3 3: The Crimson Forest RoyalRoadL
Cold Reign 2 Scribble Hub
Cold Reign 2 2: Transcending Worlds RoyalRoadL
Cold Reign 1 Scribble Hub
Cold Reign 1 1: Another Day RoyalRoadL