Fate, Not Destiny

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Darren Lee was an ordinary college student studying history and engineering at his local university when he suddenly found himself in a completely foreign environment.

Within the first several minutes of arriving in the new world, Darren witnessed an event that was somewhat familiar to him: a brown-haired girl being attacked by a number of shady looking men led by a man with an eyepatch (seriously? what is with villians and eye patches?).

The scene is straight out of an anime Darren watched back on Earth, an anime set around a magical world on the verge of an industrial revolution. Bewildered at first, the college student watched the scene unfold like it did in the anime. When the girl is isolated and on the verge of being captured by her attackers, Darren decided to intervene for the sake of the girl.

This one action changes the "destiny" of the world and Darren now faces the consequences of his actions. Unfortunately for him, he is not the only "Earthling" of this world. Darren must fight to protect himself and the ones around him from various threats, both from this world and from his world.

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