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Prime was once a mechanic, until his death changed that completely. Stumbling across the opportunity to rescue a small child, he met his untimely end. His fate changed in that moment forever, drawn to the Black Will.

Carried through dimension by a force older than forever, the hope of the damned and savior of the demented, he was ferried into a world of much larger possibility.

Having bid farewell to his home, Prime finds himself only a prison to replace it.

Trapped in a cage of time, watching the world around him guttering and fading away. Can he fight off insanity long enough to find freedom, or will he fall forever to madness and lose himself in the halls of hell?

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  • Neverstar
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Neverstar 7 07 - Bowls of the Manquad RoyalRoadL
Neverstar 6 CH6 - A Slow Cooker RoyalRoadL
Neverstar 5 CH5 - The Lippy Librarian RoyalRoadL
Neverstar 4 CH4 - Aquarian Pools and Magical Rules RoyalRoadL
Neverstar 3 CH3 - When I Was I Am Again RoyalRoadL
Neverstar 2 CH2 - Whereabout Where I am RoyalRoadL
Neverstar 1 CH1 - Whereabout When I Was RoyalRoadL