Are Ghosts This Flirtatious? (BL)

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Xiang Chen somehow won a prize to beta test a new virtual gaming device called the Mirage VGD, made by the gaming tech giant company Techno. To properly test out the Mirage VGD, they request Xiang Chen and five other beta testers to play through the first game developed by Techno specifically for it. The virtual game called Five Tales of Terror is a horror genre first person survival-type game, catching Xiang Chen's interest.

But... How come the ghosts are so perverted ah?

. . .

Xiang Chen: Where are you putting your hands in the dark!?

Evil Ghost: I'm scared bah, I just want to hold you for comfort...

Xiang Chen: ... (•`O´•)9 Scared of what!? You're the scary one!

Everybody else: ...Why is there dog food in this horror game ah?

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  • Are Ghosts This Flirtatious? (BL)
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