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I am dead. Or at least, that's what this god-like being is telling me. He's offering me a chance to reincarnate in another world, because of... the circumstances surrounding my death?

How did I die anyways?

"Um, do you maybe know how I died?"

"Yes I do."

"So... how did I die?"

"I killed you."

"Oh you killed me... wait WHAT?!"

And thus begins the story of a girl who died, and was given the chance to reincarnate in another world. But because the god who gave her this chance was also the same god who killed her, he promised to grant her one request.

And in a world with magic and monsters, to protect herself and live an easy life, she asked to be the most powerful mage in the world. Little did she know what her request entailed.

Join Melas in her journey, as she struggles to survive in another world!

Wait, MELAS?! As in the Salem witch trials ?

Oh my God, I am so going to be burned at the stake.

Disclaimer: Cover art is not mine. It's "Cosette" from Les Miserables.

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  • Melas
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Melas 21 Chapter 21: Abomination RoyalRoadL
Melas 20 Chapter 20: Shaken RoyalRoadL
Melas 19 Chapter 19: Choice RoyalRoadL
Melas 18 Chapter 18: Bys, the Free City of Slaves RoyalRoadL
Melas 17 Chapter 17: The Wait RoyalRoadL
Melas 16 Chapter 16: Dream RoyalRoadL
Melas 15 Chapter 15: Gentlemen RoyalRoadL
Melas 14 Chapter 14: Hungry RoyalRoadL
Melas 13 Chapter 13: Hustle and Bustle RoyalRoadL
Melas 11 Chapter 11: Slave RoyalRoadL
Melas 10 Chapter 10: Free Lands RoyalRoadL
Melas 9 Chapter 9: Interlude - Villamcreek RoyalRoadL
Melas 8 Chapter 8: Destiny's Child RoyalRoadL
Melas 7 Chapter 7: Fall RoyalRoadL
Melas 6 Chapter 6: Standing Prayer RoyalRoadL
Melas 5 Chapter 5: Leaving RoyalRoadL
Melas 4 Chapter 4: Monster Attack RoyalRoadL
Melas 3 Chapter 3: Stranger Danger RoyalRoadL
Melas 2 Chapter 2: First Step RoyalRoadL
Melas 1 Chapter 1: Magic RoyalRoadL
Melas Chapter 0: Prologue RoyalRoadL