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Waking up the middle of nowhere, Lilly finds herself stumbling from one precarious situation to the next as she tries to find her way back to her lovely bed that she worked so hard for.

A teen girl finds herself stranded in a world of monsters and dragons, with no way of going back home. Join her on her journey of eating new foods and exploring new realms! At least the world isn't in need of saving... unless?

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[Eastern Standard Time] Mon-Wed-Fri.

This is my first attempt at writing a proper story so bear with me and please provide feedback as that would be incredibly helpful for the development of my writing! Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy!

This story draws inspiration from some of my most favorite WNs, namely Azarinth Healer, He Who Fights With Monsters, Worth The Candle, and Whisper of the Nightingale. Be sure to check all of them out :D

Cover Background Credit: Noah Bradley

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  • Azalea
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Latest release - ch. 16.0
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Azalea 16 CH16: Dungeoneering RoyalRoadL
Azalea 15 CH15: Dilemma of Secrecy RoyalRoadL
Azalea 14 CH14: Sentres RoyalRoadL
Azalea 13 CH13: Sentres RoyalRoadL
Azalea 12 CH12: More Exposition RoyalRoadL
Azalea 11 CH11: Bandits (Continued) RoyalRoadL
Azalea 10 CH10: Bandits RoyalRoadL
Azalea 9 CH9: Exposition RoyalRoadL
Azalea 8 CH8: Departure (Again) RoyalRoadL
Azalea 7 CH7: Shock RoyalRoadL
Azalea 6 CH6: The Society RoyalRoadL
Azalea 5 CH5: Fressia, City of Merchants RoyalRoadL
Azalea 4 CH4: Departure RoyalRoadL
Azalea 3 CH3: Train, Eat, Train Some More RoyalRoadL
Azalea 2 Tuesday Interlude: Sarah 2 RoyalRoadL
Azalea 2 CH2: Arkon RoyalRoadL
Azalea 1 Thursday Interlude: Sarah 1 RoyalRoadL
Azalea 1 CH1: Clear Skies RoyalRoadL