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In the Multiverse there are many universes, many are full of heroes there are two that have the greatest heroes known to us these are the Marvel universe and the DC universe. For decades these two have been divided except for that one time in the '80s. Each world has had its own heroes, their own villains their own stories. But what would happen if both Marvel characters and DC characters existed on the same earth the same universe? What friends, what enemies, what stories will be made or changed? Welcome to Marvel+DC where all these questions will be answered. Quick Disclaimer this is a fan-created series. All characters are owned by their respective owners, Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Disney. Whoever owns whatever. This series is meant for pure speculative fun and takes inspiration from the comics and movies. I hope you enjoy!

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Marvel+DC 13 Chapter 13: Age of Brainiac RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 12 Chapter 12: West Coast RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 11 Chapter 11: A Galaxy of Guardians RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 10 Chapter 10: The Super Phoenix Saga RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 9 Chapter 9: League of Avengers RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 8 Chapter 8: Return of a Hero RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 7 Chapter 7: Brothers of Billions RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 6 Chapter 6: Strongest There Is RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 5 Chapter 5: The New Titans RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 4 Chapter 4: Symbols of Vengeance RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 3 Chapter 3: Of Planets and Bugles RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 2 Chapter 2: A Fantastic shade of Green RoyalRoadL
Marvel+DC 1 Chapter 1: It Started with a Crash RoyalRoadL