Reincarnated as a White Stone of Legends

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Follow the new life of an old man who wasted all his money on a meta deck to compete in the Grand Championship just so he could retire a champion. Everything was going acourding to plan when his last opponent who had a perculiar hair style manage to draw the card he needed to turn the tables and win. Taking the second place prize I left dissappointed. "Wish I could be the king at something... damn youngsters and their crazy ideas... next I know they are dueling while ridding a motored vehicle... That news was just ridiculous but apparently the first prototype is complete... us old timers will not be able to make any money in the future."

After selling my deck and the second place price I depposited all the cash I had on the bank for safe keeping. My only valuable possesion is this Original Print Blue-eyes that my uncle gave me after I graduated from Duel Academy if only I could be like him...

Not a yugioh Story but does have some of the monsters, the original world was a normal yugioh world were everything was solved by a children's card game. Bassically near the end of the Gx era but outside the Duel Academy.

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  • Reincarnated as a White Stone of Legends
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