Strawberry Kiss Mark

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This novel is a diary of how childish and immature man pursuing wife.

The day of turning eighteen years old, Lu Xing Yan and Chen Xing Ruo celebrate their birthday together. The next day they would have their examination. At night, Chen Xing Ruo stays up late to give extra lessons for Lu Xing Yan.

Lu Xing Yan plays with his pen sloppily. "Hey." He asks: "Before what wish you made? You made a wish for three minutes. Tell me, maybe I could help you to achieve it."

Chen Xing Ruo doesn't look at him and underlines the main point: "I made a wish that this semester Lu Xing Yan could Lu Xingyan can solve a mathematics book five three, five books of intensive practice, ten sets of real exam papers, memorize four levels of words, the final exam can be up to four hundred points, do not do any 'rat shit' that lowers the average of the class.

The rat turns silent for three seconds: "Forget it, I didn't say anything."

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  • Strawberry Kiss Mark
  • 草莓印
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