Glory to the Knights!

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Alexandre Thunder, an orphan who rose to fame as a running athlete, bringing many gold medals to his country in Greece. Being raised in an ancient pagan Olympian temple, he chose Athena, the Greek goddess of war as the one to whom he should pray. Being a fan of knights of the zodiac, he based his ideas of life on the code of knights, idolizing more the lion gold knight as his model. He also liked to see DC series, from time to time being mainly the Flash series. Without him knowing it, the goddess Athena of the DC world heard his prayers, and when he died in a plane crash, the goddess brought him to the DC world, and chose him as her knight. How will Alexander live in a world that is constantly being threatened by evil?

PS: I am not proficient in the English language, because I am Brazilian and I am using the google translator to post the story. So, forgive my mistakes.

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  • Glory to the Knights!
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