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A tale of friendship, betrayal, revenge and ultimately redemption. The story of three young girls who are about to play a role in the very fate of their world.

Will they find what they are looking for at the end of their journey, or is it ruin that awaits them?

Come let us join in this adventure and together let us discover the mysteries of the world of Jineveh and the legacy of the battle of Godsbane.

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  • Godsbane
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Godsbane 4 Chapter 4: The Summoning RoyalRoadL
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Godsbane 3 Chapter 3: Claire and Chitose RoyalRoadL
Godsbane 2 Chapter 2: Lyn RoyalRoadL
Godsbane 2 Scribble Hub
Godsbane 1 Chapter 1: The New Student RoyalRoadL
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