Detestable fate

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A fantasy world set in the future of magic and technology. Humankind exploring space in the mids of stars colonizing it and making it their own. Acting upon what was not possible yet now is. A happy reality and even brighter future is in their grasp. But one thing you have forgotten with every story there is a bad side to everything. The planet which started it all. Home it was for many and now not. With developed speed comes sacrifise. In short span of time it quickly became deserted, dried of its recources making it too hard to live in. Some left behind stand face to face with death. Cities discarded and abounded by its creators only left with the unfortunate. Struggling against harsh conditions they live and they struggle succuming to their instincts creating a deadly enviroment. Amongst them one kid struggles in the same way with one life and death question in mind. Will he find true hapiness or will he suffocate in despair?

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  • Detestable fate
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