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The northernmost continent of the world known by many names of legend, but is most commonly reffered to as Athora, has, for eons, served as the land of exiles.

Human criminals, dark elves, grayskinned orcs and dwarves that preffer mining with machinery over the traditional pickaxe alike, have come to call this half-frozen hellhole their home.

It is a land of great strife, calamity and crisis, where one legendary tale ends only to begin the next, heroes fall down and villains find themselves thrown into lava.

Around seventy years ago, a legendary figure appeared out of seemingly nowhere and conquered three human nations, forming a kingdom worthy enough of being called a small empire.

However, at the eve of his heirs ascension, the legend breathed his last, leaving this same bloated, chaotic realm without the pillar that kept it together.

Already, the carrion nobility, still spiteful for being denied their "rightful" place below the sun, rise up and gather at the court, each eager to consolidate their own power in these troubled times.

Tempers flare, power is exercised without restraint and no one expects the hedonistic prince to succeed at keeping the realm together.

Alas, as is often the case with such tales, not everything seems to be as it might at first appear and the vain lords of the realm may yet come to regret their carrion will.

--- The Content Warnings are there for a good reason. ---

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Exuperius 28 26. Truth Indeed RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 27 25. Gnawing Madness RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 26 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 26 24. Just Another Man's Lie RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 25 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 25 23. Autopsy: Dwarf RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 24 22. Lady Darrowmere RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 24 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 23 21. Cherry Of The Light RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 23 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 22 20. Preliminary Provocations RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 22 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 21 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 20 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 19 19. Attractive Wounds RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 19 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 18 18. A Prelude To Chaos RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 18 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 17 17. Vulture Venture RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 17 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 16 16. Systemic Chaos RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 16 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 15 15. Imperial Granaries RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 15 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 14 14. Desired Ignorance RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 14 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 13 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 13 13. Agricultural Concern RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 12 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 12 12. Assembling Court RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 11 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 11 11. Otherworldly Technique RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 10 10. Dynastic Culling RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 10 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 9 9. Tallest Of Tales RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 9 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 8 8. Cancerous Tenebrae RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 8 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 7 7. Ineffable Contemplations RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 7 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 6 6. An Osterhart Plight RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 6 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 5 5. Memories Of A Happy Childhood RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 5 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 4 4. Introspective Obsolescence RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 4 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 4 3. Tainted Memories RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 3 3. Tainted Memories RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 3 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 3 2. Moonshine or High Quality Holy Water? RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 2 2. Moonshine or High Quality Holy Water? RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 2 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 2 1. Ritual Of Awakening RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 1 1. Ritual Of Awakening RoyalRoadL
Exuperius 1 Scribble Hub
Exuperius 1 Flavor - Map Of Terravest RoyalRoadL
Exuperius Flavor - Map Of Terravest RoyalRoadL
Exuperius Flavor - Battle for Hearkenhurst RoyalRoadL