Eternal Dragon

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Winning the sweepstakes for a new cultivation game wasn't just what he thought it was going to be... Wei Feng is Jack's new identity after being transmigrated into the body of a wandering cultivator. Sought after by the Winter Rat Sect and the thieving Spiraling Wolf Sect, the dream of freedom is becoming muddled.

The prophecy foretold the Empire of the Mist's Empress is being puppeteered by her own Ministers. Having fallen into corruption the mortals of the land suffer from poverty, whilst immortals stand unaffected. All the while wrapped up in conflict, Wei Feng must avoid being bound by the Eternal Dragon Sect's machinations.

Will Wei Feng be free? Or will he be forced to fight to the top?

[ I will be posting this story on Webnovel, Wattpad, and RoyalRoad. ]

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