Honestly! I'm A Good Vampire

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Year 2021, in a modernized Earth where money stands at the pinnacle of power, there was a miserable ugly teen girl in a poor settlement area named Hanaka Griego. Her family was the poorest of the poor within the place. Living with heartless, abusive and selfless parents considering her was the most unfortunate child.

No matter what is the situation, she's always in worst scenarios inside and outside to think. Though she unlucky in any aspects but in a while, she befriend by a son of new neighborhood despite of her sickly condition.

However, her friend's parents once want to adopt her in past days, but due to her parents' warnings through violence, nothing happens. Cutting all ties to her friend in a way, causing worst depression and anxiety in her everyday while being abused. Physically, verbally, emotionally, mentally and psychologically attacks her very own soul and mental state leads her in thinking one way – is to kill herself by hanging and eventually dead.

After sleeping in eons, she reincarnated in other world as new individual.

What awaits to Hanaka in her new life, living in a new world lead by egoistic nobles and strong ones? This is the tale of young girl pursuing happiness, having unique skills –makes herself one among all powerful. What her future and decisions? What mysteries await? Well no one knows.

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  • Honestly! I'm A Good Vampire
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