Hom Factory : My Monster Girl Tower

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Ever since Ren Lightfoot was a child, all he ever wanted was to be surrounded by beautiful women. In order to accomplish this feat he decided to become an adventurer, but his dreams were dashed due to his teen like stature, even as a man of 22!!

Despite this, Ren moved on to the next best thing-- learning Alchemy. With the power to craft items of immense power he finally obtained the power to gain the harem of his dreams. There's just one problem, he has to make it first!

My Monster Girl Tower focuses on the adventures of Ren and each of the monster girls in his care as he carves out a life for himself and those he comes to adore. Oh, and along the way he just might save the world, or at least his slice of it..

*** Content Warning***

This story features explicit descriptions of all sorts of sexual acts.

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  • Hom Factory : My Monster Girl Tower
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