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Beneath the glittering stars of another perfect night in Miami Beach, Sid, a man with a troubled past and an even more troubling future is searching for something to believe in. He never expected his salvation would come disguised as a beautiful young woman named Lacrima who takes it upon herself to show him how to truly live in the shadows of the 305. As her servant, supplicant, disciple, and friend, Sid would do almost anything to please his Mistress. But soon, Sid begins to notice cracks forming in her mystical fa├žade. Like a spoiled cat, Lacrima toys with her food, a game that Sid, who is accustomed to life on the underside of society, has no taste for. Still, while she may not be the beneficent goddess he once longed for, a part of him recognizes what she is and longs to worship her regardless.

Soon Sid must choose which god he will serve: will he bend to the will of his Mistress or stand up to Lacrima to save a gifted young doctor from falling prey to her most twisted game yet?

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