Cave Quid Volunt – Route F

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Our idiotic, I mean intrepid, protagonist makes a wish after summoning a genie and transforms the entire world into a monster girl paradise. Now a monster girl we follow our main character as she struggles to deal with her new gender and a growing need that all monster girls seem to share. Due to the close poll result's I will be doing two novels based in the same universe following two different Route's. One will be Fairy and one Arachne. This is the Fairy Route or main Route.

This is my second novel ever and I'm mostly writing it as a way to practice fluff scene's but also because I like the premise of instead of transporting to another world you bring the fantasy world to you. WARNING! LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX SCENE'S WITHIN! ALL CHARACTER'S DEPICTED IN SUCH SCENE'S ARE 18 OR OLDER EVEN THOUGH SOME MAY BE YOUNG LOOKING BECAUSE OF RACE DIFFERENCES! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Ahem now that that's out of the way:

-Follow this link to find my Deviantart Page which will be where I post various drawings for this novel: -Follow this link to find my Discord:

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  • Cave Quid Volunt – Route F
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