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Jay Thomas was your typical high school boy obsessed with sports, video games, and girls. He has his whole life planned out ahead of him after graduating from high school, or at least he did until having a fateful encounter with God.

During the summer between his junior and senior year Jay was confronted by a strange voice in his head that asked him to become the first ever "Cosmic Entity." At first Jay thought he was going crazy, but soon he learned just how real the voice in his head was.

Overnight Jay's world was flipped inside out after being turned into an immortal and becoming the Infinity Plane's first Cosmic Entity. Now he's tasked with creating entire universes and managing over existence itself!

Cosmic entities!

The Infinity Plane!

World Games!

A world where imagination and creativity are the only limits! Kind of...

Join Jay as he enters an entirely new world of...well, world creation! What are World Games? Will Jay become the most powerful Cosmic Entity of all? And is it okay to make it rain dogs on Sundays? Honestly? Only time will tell.


Important things to know for this series:

This story is told through our main character's perspective, however, the setting and lens of the story changes frequently to see what's going on throughout his universes.

You will experience various adventures, cultures, civilizations, wars, and story-lines throughout the entire book.

I'm always willing to take new ideas or answer questions about the book, so feel free to leave a comment and let me hear your thoughts!

It's important to note that this book is inspired by karami92's World Keeper.

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