Ash Risen

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A nameless, empty shell of a man rises from a field of ash. He must relearn everything and find meaning in a new world at its end plagued by horror and paranoia. A young woman with an umbrella, Lilith, saves him from the cold rain. She dedicates herself to helping him recover from what she figures is trauma-based amnesia.

Now a new man with a new name, Rainer is pushed to his physical and mental limits to preserve the few things warm and familiar to him in the ash ridden fallen Kingdom of Ethela; a desolate place stained by blood and stagnance ever since the beginning of the end, many years ago.

Ash Risen will update twice a week on Sundays and Thursdays.______________Author Notes:

I'm a big fan of the darker side of fiction. This passion project is inspired by many of my greatest influences and enjoyments. Stuff like Berserk, Vinland Saga, Re: Zero, Dark Souls, Attack on Titan, Resident Evil, and Lovecraft. If you enjoy these types of stories, then you may like Ash Risen. There will be familiar concepts in my writing. But I am putting great effort into creating something that stands out as unique.

I am also a musician, and I have composed a fifteen-song OST album of mostly ambient music based on the story to be listened to while reading. It can be found on YouTube and SoundCloud for free.

The artist I commissioned for this story's cover is @starry_Diow7 on Twitter. They were amazing to work with.

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