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Watch the lads fer me, Ren, Love...Ah come now, Love! Don't give me that face...The whole worlds goin' piss right now so... Look! Ye life, me Sun! Ye're all me Suns. So trust me when I swear t' ye 'n both the livin' 'n dead gods that I will return. Wit' gifts! It's only goin' t' be a month...jus' a month...

Magic disappeared a long time ago on Nexus. Pale Stones that kept the planet bathed in magical blue light faded away and mages stopped being born. The Mythic Age descended into the Lost Age and the world eventually moved on. Magic only existed in stories up until twenty years ago. All magic returned stronger and more mysterious then ever before! With its' return, so did the mages. Now Renle Blackwind, the daughter of a famous explorer, must protect her siblings from a world that doesn't understand them yet. Magical and fallen kingdoms are beginning to rise with renewed hope. Powerful kingdoms risen from the ashes of a lost age start to seek ways to remain powerful. Will Renle be able to keep her family together and safe, or will this new world swallow them whole?

a/n: I hope you have fun reading this.

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