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Year 2152, 6 years after the revolution that met a violent end. Couple of rebels have gone underground and are trying to prepare for a new attack on the tyrannical government. A disillusioned hacker accidentally finds out about a big conspiracy and has to work with the rebels to give the world another chance.

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File Not Found 7 Email Nr. 7: Happy birthday to me RoyalRoadL
File Not Found 6 Email Nr. 6: They're pissing me off RoyalRoadL
File Not Found 5 Email Nr. 5: I'm getting the hell out of here RoyalRoadL
File Not Found 4 Email Nr. 4: It's hopeless RoyalRoadL
File Not Found 3 Email Nr. 3: I can't trust him RoyalRoadL
File Not Found 2 Email Nr. 2: I am anxious RoyalRoadL
File Not Found 1 Email Nr. 1: Help me RoyalRoadL