Fall of Sapon duchy

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The old world was destroyed in the event known as the Extinction, an event that was responsible for killing countless people, ruining cities, poisoning land, and forever reshaping the world. However, life did not disappear from the world, and, from the ruins of the old world, new regions appeared. One such region is known as the Living Lands, a land of everlasting green.

The Living Lands , strange and unusual region, a place where modern technology no longer works. And yet, even here, humans managed to establish their own kingdom. For many centuries, they were safe from the outside world. But everything is about to change for the locals.

The Reclamation Army , founded by a man named Dynast. Their goal is to reclaim ruined lands for themselves and forcibly unite humanity. By forcing everyone under a single banner, the Reclamation Army hopes to avoid the mistakes of the old , forever preventing any chance that extinction will happen ever again. When locals refused to bend the knee, one of the warlords of the Reclamation Army invaded the Living Lands. His current goal is the duchy of Sapon, home of the elementalists of the Living Lands.

Yet other forces also keep their eyes on conflict. Envoys from Iterna, the only country that survived the destruction of the old world, arrived, hoping to resolve the conflict between the two forces without violence. Other forces move as well in the shadows, aiming to claim their own prize in the upcoming conflict. The Living Land is at war, and the fate of the duchy is at stake , but who is truly pulling the strings behind this conflict? And what are their true goals?

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