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*NOTE: As the story progess, you'll likely have to read Gore, disturbing moments. So if your not up to that thing then I highly suggest you to read other Novels, and thank you for coming by ;)

This story takes place after 5000 years from now on. A world where Elves, Dwarfs and many other species were alive, A world where most of time many races fight for lands.

As for the story protagonist, who doesn't have any emotion at all. He was searching answer for his never ageing problem and his lost memories.

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  • Yōd'dhāharu
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Yōd'dhāharu 9 CHAPTER 9: Encounter RoyalRoadL
Yōd'dhāharu 8 CHAPTER 8: Chance RoyalRoadL
Yōd'dhāharu 7 CHAPTER 7: Can You Do It? RoyalRoadL
Yōd'dhāharu 6 CHAPTER 6: Evacuation Chamber RoyalRoadL
Yōd'dhāharu 5 CHAPTER 5: Unexpected③ RoyalRoadL
Yōd'dhāharu 4 CHAPTER 4: Unexpected② RoyalRoadL
Yōd'dhāharu 3 CHAPTER 3: Unexpected① RoyalRoadL
Yōd'dhāharu 2 Chapter 2.1: I'M..... RoyalRoadL
Yōd'dhāharu 2 Chapter 2.2: I'M..... RoyalRoadL
Yōd'dhāharu 1 CHAPTER 1: Humans & Monsters RoyalRoadL
Yōd'dhāharu CHAPTER: Prologue RoyalRoadL