Don't Call Me a Grim Reaper!

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Since time immemorial, Grim Reapers have been guides of lost souls to eternal peace. However, from Kaiti's perspective, it's the ultimate route to happiness.

Kaiti Necros is a fledgling Grim Reaper. As the heir of her family, she must learn what it means to be a Grim Reaper, to serve this purpose, Kaiti is sent to the human world. A contrasting place to her chaotic home, completely different in every way she can think of. A place in which she can help people, a place in which she can make others happy, a place free of bloodthirst and despair!

But, to her dismay, things aren't as simple as she initially thought. Whether it is the realization of Grim Reapers being ultimately grim, or the shadow of her home following her to the human world, nothing is as she expected.

Kaiti, feeling unhappy, sets on a quest to be a different kind of Reaper ⁠— one that takes away your sadness, washes away your worries, and cheers you up unconditionally! Even if monstrous abominations get in the way, she isn't going to stop at anything to reach her goal!

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  • Don't Call Me a Grim Reaper!
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