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Who sets fire to the official residence of Chief Akilapa the Executive Chairman of Lagos Island Local Government, the richest local goverment in the country? Sergeant Slaughter is conviced that Pastor Job, Chief Akilapa's political rival is responsible for the crime. All evidence and witnesses also point to this fact. Yet, Pastor Job vehemently protests his innocence. He had mounted a campaign against the corruption in his church, a campaign that culminated in the de-robing of Chief Akilapa as the Seriki of Christ Touch Cathedral. He is also contesting the chairmanship of the local government with the deposed chief. A few days to the election, several people, including his protege, allegedly see the man of God committing the crime. To Sergeant Slaughter, it is an open-and-close case!

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  • Serpents
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Serpents 12 Chapter 12: Endgame RoyalRoadL
Serpents 11 Chapter 11: Beickbats and Mud RoyalRoadL
Serpents 10 Chapter 10: Reluctant Candidate RoyalRoadL
Serpents 9 Chapter 9: Dangerous Verdicts RoyalRoadL
Serpents 8 Chapter 8: The Committee RoyalRoadL
Serpents 7 Chapter 7: Accord's Discord RoyalRoadL
Serpents 6 Chapter 6: The New Old Broom RoyalRoadL
Serpents 5 Chapter 5: His Lordship Majesty RoyalRoadL
Serpents 4 Chapter 4: Underground RoyalRoadL
Serpents 3 Chapter 3: The Revellers RoyalRoadL
Serpents 2 Chapter 2: The Counsel RoyalRoadL
Serpents 1 Chapter 1: The Arrest RoyalRoadL
Serpents Postscript RoyalRoadL