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They say that a mirror can only partially reflect what's in front of it, only roughly 80% is reflected. The remaining 20% are also reflected but in a distorted way. So a mirror would never truly represent what's in front of it, it will show something different, something new! So what would happen if our world would be reflected in a mirror, our history, the laws of physics, our reality... WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BONETRIAL!

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  • BoneTrial
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BoneTrial 3 Scribble Hub
BoneTrial 3 At The Castle Of King Nothing part#3: If.....tHeRe...Is.....a...GoD.....PlEaSe.....kIlL...mE..... RoyalRoadL
BoneTrial 2 At The Castle Of King Nothing part#2: Me? RoyalRoadL
BoneTrial 2 Scribble Hub
BoneTrial 1 At The Castle Of King Nothing part#1: Oh Oh, Game Over Raphael, You Closed Your Eyes RoyalRoadL
BoneTrial 1 Scribble Hub
BoneTrial 3 Prologue Part #3: With a single red bullet RoyalRoadL
BoneTrial 2 Prologue part #2: Count your steps RoyalRoadL
BoneTrial 1 Prologue part #1: Red RoyalRoadL
BoneTrial 1 [Secret Story] Genesis Part #1: I Am Who I Am; The Entity Of Everything RoyalRoadL