Demonic Journal

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Let me tell you a story.

It is a story about power higher than sky and darker than darkest night.

This power can be found on top of the highest mountain, in heart of magic itself or in breath of the newborn child.

It was everywhere and in everyone, but one vile Demon desired all of this power for himself.

Upon almost succeeding, other demons out of fear framed him and send him to the darkest part of the abyss.

But, after many long winters his resurrection was imminent and the only thing that demons could do is cover in fear at a sight of his shadow.

Will someone stop him or will the Demon reign supreme once more.

This story tells a journey of a young man that followed this vile Demon to the very end.

He was a part of his legacy and now he extends his hand back to you

'Join me and be part of something greater, be part of a legacy of the strong'

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  • Demonic Journal
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