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Noah Brown had a gift for fighting. Unfortunately punching things didn't pay the bills, at least until he died and an Eldritch god found his soul. The encounter led him to a new world, summoned by bloody cultists, with nothing but the shirt on his back, and a strange item in his system menu.

[???] : A source of infinite potential.

Perhaps he'd finally get to put his gifts to good use.


I'm a new author, and english isn't my first language. I'll appreciate feedback, but please be kind!

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  • Voidborne
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Latest release - ch. 11.0
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Voidborne 11 11 — Shards of [???] RoyalRoadL
Voidborne 10 10 — Lifeblood RoyalRoadL
Voidborne 9 9 — Flesh Grafted Horrors RoyalRoadL
Voidborne 8 8 — Blood Behind the Walls RoyalRoadL
Voidborne 7 7 — The Full HD Isekai Experience RoyalRoadL
Voidborne 6 6 — Item Upgrades RoyalRoadL
Voidborne 5 5 — Inventory ++ Now with autoloot RoyalRoadL
Voidborne 4 4 — Cultistus Exterminatus RoyalRoadL
Voidborne 3 3 — Arcade Awakening RoyalRoadL
Voidborne 2 2 — Into the Murder Den RoyalRoadL
Voidborne 1 1 — Do I get a lawyer? RoyalRoadL