Connie's Isekai Bucket List

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For over 20 years, Connie had made offerings to an unmarked shrine in the backyard of her childhood home, unaware that it was a shrine belonging to a deity who decided to bring Connie into his world after she was shot and killed by a crazed gunman. He gave her blessings, cheats, and gifts to start her new life in this epic, high fantasy world, but what exactly is she supposed to do there?

Then he handed her something. "Here's a list that you can follow, and don't worry, there isn't a deadline, so it's okay for you to take your time on it."

"What is this? My Isekai Bucket List?"

He smiled. "Interesting, isn't it? Each time you complete one, I will reward you appropriately."

And that's why Connie has an isekai bucket list.

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  • Connie's Isekai Bucket List
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