She became sweet and flirty

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The night before, Lin Qingqing had been discussing with her friends about participating in a singing competition. However, when she woke up the next day, she found herself in a situation straight out of a melodramatic storyline. Not only had she married an overbearing CEO she had never known before, but she had also apparently had a child with him? What kind of absurd plot was this?

Rumors had it that she didn't even like her husband and child. Her most frequent thought was about getting a divorce. As she looked at the pitiful little bundle in front of her, seeking attention and affection, and her handsome and wealthy, yet cautiously loving, overbearing husband who wanted to get close but didn't dare to, Lin Qingqing's heart softened. Well, she might as well accept it.

At first, Lin Qingqing only wanted to be a good mother. But later, she found her husband too charming, to the point where she just wanted to cuddle with him every day.

From the very beginning, Yize Yan knew that she didn't love him. No matter how good he was to her, she remained unappreciative. Even after marrying him, she refused to look at him directly. Eventually, she conveniently lost her memory and completely forgot about him.

However, he didn't expect that after losing her memory, she would change. Not only did she not push him away, but she also smiled at him and even occasionally clung to him and acted cute. She had become so sweet, and he just couldn't resist...

*This is an extremely sweet and heartwarming story.

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  • She became sweet and flirty
  • 她變得又撩又甜
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